Krysta Albert

So Long Celebration, Hello Festival Of Eugene?


You just can’t keep Eugene down.

Downtown is growing. Gone is much of the blight, the open pits, the vacant lots, and the remnants of the appallingly bad idea to turn it into a vehicle less mall.  Now beautiful new developments like LCC’s amazing new structure occupies what once used to be the main stage area for the Eugene Celebration.  It seems downtown growth has managed to displace the long running annual event.

Originally created in 1983 by the City of Eugene, it was handed over to external management in 1998. Kesey Enterprises, originally contracted by the now defunct Downtown Events Management, Inc., and now the owners of the Eugene Celebration brand, announced the cancellation of this years events with a promise to return in 2015.

This was such a disappointment to Krysta Albert, local wedding event planner (Imagine! Events) and entrepreneur, that she decided to propose an alternative: Festival Of Eugene.

FOEWithin a day of revealing her idea, “Festival Of Eugene” began to gain not only tremendous momentum, but an array of skilled local professionals intent on helping bring it to reality.

EDN asked Krysta to explain the vision for Festival Of Eugene:

“There’s a new fun, funky and free festival in town and it’s called the Festival of Eugene! This kid and family-friendly event is all about celebrating the cultural diversity and the varied talents of Eugene.

There will be live music on theatrical performances, dance performances, juggling, balloon dresses and more. This event is being produced by Imagine! Events in coalition with Baker Entertainment owned by Jaime Baker.

The biggest news is, It is a totally free event. This is a not-for profit, grass roots event. Aside from hard dollar costs for permits, etc., all the stages, equipment, staffing, performances, etc are being donated by those individuals and businesses wanting to have a festival to really celebrate Eugeneans, and to create a community event for the community and by the community! In effort to support businesses in the area of the event the beer and food sales be primarily provided by the restaurants and bars in the footprint of the festival. The Large Event permit is under review by the city.”

One of the growing complaints about the Eugene Celebration was the high cost of gaining access to the event.  Albert believes that being more inclusive will be a key to Festival Eugene’s success.

If all goes according to plan, Festival of Eugene will take place August 22, 23 and 24th.  Event coordinators are looking at one block of Pearl Street along 5th. Avenue to Willamette and one block north of 5th Avenue on Willamette and one block south of 5th Avenue on Willamette for the events location.

Festival Of Eugene is running a GoFundMe fundraiser to pay for the permit and startup costs for the event. |

Yesterday Kesey Enterprises announced that there will still be a Eugene Celebration Parade, and a concert at the Cuthbert Amphitheater on August 23. The concert is scheduled to feature Hell’s Bells, Zepparella and Foreverland. Organizers will also award the winners of the parade at the concert. Tickets will be $5.

According to Kesey Enterprises, the event was made possible through generous support from Lane Community College, the city of Eugene and a volunteer committee.

This combined with Festival of Eugene should make for quite a weekend.


Bellage’ Day Spa Salon & Women’s Wellness


IMG_8908When you walk into Bellage’ Day Spa, Salon & Wellness, a sense of serenity over takes you.  You are greeted by soothing music and welcoming staff, promising a warm and relaxing stay. Krysta Albert, owner of Bellage’ has created a place of relaxation and comfort coupled with familiarity in a warm and inviting space.

The meaning behind the name Bellage’  “Now is her time” or the Italian translation is “strong and beautiful woman”.

Krysta Albert of Belllage' Day Spa, Salon & Women's Wellness
Krysta Albert of Belllage’ Day Spa, Salon & Women’s Wellness

Amenities offered at Bellage’ Spa’ 2700 square foot facility are skin care, anti-aging treatments, hand and nail care, an intimate 3 station full service hair salon, waxing services, massage therapy, reiki, reflexology, naturopathic services, chiropractic care and acupuncture, with plans to offer body wraps in the near future. You can even enjoy complimentary appetizers and sip champagne or wine while you relax as your feet soak in their custom Japanese Foot Spa.

“The primary focus of Bellage’ is relationships – it is our goal and desire to hold each client with familiarity of their likes, preferences and needs and to anticipate what those needs may be.”   Albert states.

But Bellage’ is not only a place to be pampered, it also provides free women’s health screenings under the Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (BCCP).

IMG_8922The BCCP was created to help low-income, uninsured and medically under-served women, as well as patients that have a high medical deductible, gain access to life saving screenings for early detection of breast and cervical cancers.  As hard as it is to believe, some insurance companies still do not cover preventive medicines or women’s health check’s.  BCCP provides services to women ages 40 to 65.

BCCP has been in around for approximately 20 years and is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Oregon, SW Washington Affiliate and the American Cancer Society.  Each year, approximately 7000 eligible individuals receive screening services, who may not have otherwise been able to afford these screenings.

Christina Whitaker, Physicians Assistant at Bellage’ has helped diagnose 13 women with cancer over the last two years.

“We teach women how to do self breast exams. You don’t need to know what to look for, you only need to know what is normal”.

IMG_8934According to Whitaker, funds are allocated to facilities based on the number of patients that are treated quarterly. There are always available slots and funds for patients to be seen.

“I always tell my patients, seeing you today, ensures another sister will be seen tomorrow” Whitaker states.

Bellage’ and BCCP will help many woman, who without this service may not seek medical treatment or could go undiagnosed because they lack financial ability or insurance coverage.

“Women drive two hours to come and see us for this program, some as far away as Portland, Bend or Coos Bay, as there are fewer clinics offering BCCP, or the wait list is simply too long”  Whitaker points out.

Bellage’ works with Peace Health Labs, Oregon Imaging, physicians offices and hospitals in their screenings. If there is a diagnosis of cancer, treatment is covered 100%, allowing patients to focus on getting well and not medical bills.

IMG_8905After completing BCCP, which include the woman’s check up and mammogram, the woman are referred internally to the the New Leaf Program lead by Carrie Janes, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner of Bellage’, providing cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure checks, along with nutrition and exercise counseling. Bellage’ accepts insurance, which sometimes covers other services at the spa such as therapeutic massage.

Bellage’ Day Spa, Salon & Women’s Wellness is located at 2868 Willamette St. Eugene, OR. Located at the Market of Choice shopping center. Hours of operation are Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., with plans to open on Saturdays.  For more information please call (541) 684-3988.

To find out more information regarding BCCP please call Bellage’ today or visit