Larry Scott

I Now Pronounce You Big 12 & Pac-12; You May Kiss the Bride

Dear Reader, the following was my response to a suggestion that all teams including Florida International, play in a postseason bowl game and a criticism of the ridiculously bloated post season. Florida International University, Bowls for everyone? All 128 schools play a...

Larry Scott: Either Lead or Get Out of the Way

Mr. Lawrence Scott Commissioner, Pacific 12 Conference 360 3rd Street, 3rd Floor San Francisco, CA 94107 Dear Mr. Commissioner, As a graduate of John Harvard’s University, I am reasonably certain that somewhere along your educational path you studied the 2nd...

America’s Team, Its Dream, and the Commissioner’s Failed Scheme

America’s Team Last week, I wrote that Oregon’s likeliest path (if the Ducks kept playing) was a dream scenario of games against Arizona, Florida State, and Alabama. Then the Selection Committee decided to jump TCU up to three last Tuesday,...

Raw video: Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott advocate of compensating full cost of attendance, nothing more

Pac-12 Commisioner Larry Scott had a brief moment to speak with the media during halftime of the matchup between No. 12 Oregon and No. 18 UCLA. In addition to discussing the recent issues with Pac-12 officiating, Scott spoke about player compensation and reaching a deal with DirecTV.

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