Lawrence Aguayo

More than Social Media


Seeing a fundraiser or benefit going on for a charity or struggling public entity is almost commonplace. Seeing a fundraiser for someone from your community that you will likely never meet or come in contact with is not. Ever heard of the I-5 Band Coalition? Chances are that’s a no. Recently this local facebook group of “outside the mainstream” musicians and their supporters decided to do something about helping one of their own. In a gesture reminiscent of the barn raisings and harvest parties our grand parents and great grandparents would tell stories about, local promoter Tina Hicks sent out the call to the “neighbors” about the need.

Lawrence Aguayo, a promoter form Myrtle Creek, Oregon, a husband of 22 years, and a father of four, was diagnosed with hepatitis C eight years ago, and is currently battling cancer. Lawrence and his family are similar to a lot of families these days, in that they have no medical insurance. His treatments are estimated to cost somewhere around $9k, all depending on how his body reacts.

After being diagnosed Lawrence was told he would need radiation treatments. Upon arriving at his first appointment he found that he could not receive treatment due to lack of insurance or the ability to make a cash payment. Once the word was out about his needs, his facebook family and freinds began pulling together to help him out. Several fundraiser benefits have been arranged so that we can get Lawrence his treatments as soon as possible. If you would like to help Lawrence and his family out please attend a fundraiser Event. Then next one is scheduled for:

April 29th: Dixie Creek Saloon, 32994 Oregon 99E, Tangent, OR 97389.
Audiophobia, Full Circle, & Kevin Woodring.

Local musicians have come out of the woodwork so to speak to lend their time and abilities to the cause – on their own dimes. Many of the individuals in these bands are only a little bad luck away from being in the same situation as the people they are reaching out to help, yet they don’t think twice about stepping up. This is the kind of thing that gives you a little hope for the world, and the community. We thought this was worth sharing.

If you’d like to help out, you can reach Tina Hicks on Facebook via the I-5 Band Coalition page. EDN is glad to be a part.