June 22 – Morning Headlines


June 22 – Morning Headlines

  • Tim Chuey Weather
    Tim Chuey Weather Summer may have officially started, but we’re going back to Spring-like temperatures and a slight chance of sprinkles once again. A mix of clouds and sun and cooler, mostly cloudy tonight, mostly cloudy Thursday AM with a slight …
  • Judge rules suspect fit to stand trial in Eugene murder case
    A 24-year-old Eugene man accused of killing his landlord and burying her body in the backyard of her west Eugene home has returned from the Oregon State Hospital mentally fit to stand trial, a judge ruled Tuesday. Miguel Angel Chavez faces a murder cha…
  • Offender programs under the budget ax
    A divided public safety advisory council will recommend today that Lane County slash by more than half the community corrections dollars it spends on drug and alcohol treatment, on mental health and sex offender treatment, and on housing and other tran…
  • Vigil Planned for Jet Ski Crash Victim
    The community will gather Tuesday night to remember a 20-year-old man killed in a jet ski crash this weekend. Family and friends of Shea Slayton say it’s only fitting to hold the …
  • Man robs downtown Eugene bank
    Authorities are investigating a Monday afternoon bank robbery that occurred at a Wells Fargo branch in downtown Eugene. The robbery was reported at 3:09 pm at a bank located at 99 E. …


  • USA Track & Field: Eugene’s Erin Gray walks her way onto national stage
    That plea might seem needless for the USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships this week, except that Gray’s event, the 20-kilometer race walk, is…
  • U.S. mayors adopt Piercy’s resolution
    Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy was a no-show this week when the U.S. Conference of Mayors gathered in Baltimore to vote on an anti-war resolution — in which the lead sponsor was Mayor Kitty Piercy. But, in a way, that was the point. “Our city has had to…
  • Springfield streets to close for sealant work
    Several Springfield streets will be temporarily closed today and Thursday as part of maintenance road work. A slurry seal will be applied to the street surfaces for preservation and protection. Once the slurry seal is applied, no traffic will be allowe…
  • Education package approved
    SALEM — After a one-day stall, the state Legislature got rolling again Tuesday on a 14-bill package that contains a wide variety of reforms for the state’s public education system. All the reforms — which include Gov. John Kitzhaber’s plan to c…
  • UO No. 7 Among Top 10 Sexually Healthy Schools
    The University of Oregon receives top marks in many things, and the latest is for their sexual health. The UO ranks seventh out of 141 colleges in a study put out by Trojan Condoms an…
  • Report Forecasts Oregon’s Road to Recovery
    If you think the Eugene-Springfield area is close to recovering from the recession, forget it. It’s years away, according to a new report. The economic forecasting firm IHS Glob…
  • Eugene Clinic Offers New Cancer Treatment
    New cancer detection technology arriving in Lane County means faster, more precise treatment for cancer patients. The Willamette Valley Cancer Institute acquired a so-called SmartAr…


  • Blackhawk steals the show at police camp for kids
    What can one up the Eugene Police Department’s crisis intervention team roaring onto the scene with lights flashing in the eyes of a Eugene Police Activities League camper? How about Sluggo and …
Piercy War resolution adopted by US Mayors

Senate OKs school energy retrofits bill

SALEM — Gov. John Kitzhaber now has control of a bill he requested offering low-cost loans to retro­fit schools with energy efficient technology. The Senate approved the measure on Monday, sending it to Kitzhaber, who says he will sign it. The Cool Schools measure is aimed at helping school districts …

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April 8 – Morning Headlines


It is said that into every life a little rain must fall. Today, a little sunshine with the headlines:

Teachers returning their Stone Soup
Syndicated cartoonist Jan Eliot of Eugene has been hearing from readers this week from Eugene and Ohio and Boston — but it hasn’t exactly been fan mail.
Bottle deposit debate returns
Oregon’s bottle bill is in the hands of the legislature once again, proposals include an increase in both the number of containers that carry a deposit requirement, and the amount of deposits – double the current deposit tab.
Political business as usual strains the House Education Committee
It appears that nine GOP-sponsored education bills will die at the end of the day today because the committee hasn’t slated them for a work session by April 21. The list included two bills favoring charter schools, a bill granting tax credits for individuals or businesses who fund academic scholarships for students to use at a school of their choice, and a bill that would let a teacher accredited in other states teach in Oregon without an Oregon license.
Ex-patient files suit against hospital
A former emergency room patient at McKenzie-­Willamette Medical Center has filed a $5.7 million medical negligence lawsuit against the hospital and its emergency physicians’ group.
Synthetic ‘bath salts’ outlawed in Oregon
Beginning Monday, Oregon will join a growing number of states that have outlawed synthetic chemicals sold as “bath salts” that when snorted, swallowed or smoked can produce a high similar to that of cocaine or methamphetamine. – brings a whole new meaning to Calgon…take me away.
School closures result in job shifts for principals
As part of its school closure and consolidation process, the Eugene School District on Thursday announced school administrator changes for the 2011-12 school year.
Hazmat Clears out Eugene Homeless Camp
HazMat and ODOT crews cleared out a homeless camp underneath the I-5 overpass near Franklin Boulevard Thursday

April 7 – Morning Headlines


Thursday morning headlines:

Mayor’s e-mail riles potential Fred Meyer developer
Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy last month showed her preference for two of the three suitors for Civic Stadium, suggesting that they join forces to eliminate the proposal to build a Fred Meyer store on the property.
RV company fire damage estimated at $400,000
A fire at The RV Corral on Highway 99 just after 5 p.m. Wednesday caused an estimated $400,000 in damage to the business’ detail shop, but firefighters were able to save a dozen RVs parked as close as 10 feet away
Lawmakers toss out cigarette-butt litter bill
Sen. Floyd Prozanski’s effort to reduce cigarette-butt littering has been stubbed out by lack of support. The bill would have made the act of cigarette-butt littering a Class D violation for unlawful disposal of a tobacco product, punishable by a $90 fine.
Derek Ean Jackson sentenced to 18-years
Jackson was sentenced Wednesday to 18 years in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter for recklessly and fatally abusing his baby son last June.
Panel airs abortion regulation bill
For the first time since 2005, anti-abortion legislation received a brief airing Wednesday in the Oregon Legislature. The House Judiciary Committee held an informational session on House Bill 3512, which would prohibit abortions once a pregnancy is in its 20th week, barring a medical emergency threatening the mother’s life.
Roseburg man pleads guilty to child sex abuse
Spencer Blackketter, 40, of Roseburg, has pleaded guilty to child sex abuse charges after making a plea deal with prosecutors.
Oregon FOX Auditions
Registration ends today at 11:59 pm for live vocal music auditions to be held Saturday at Oregon FOX studios, 2940 Chad Drive; check-in is from 9 am to 11 am; each contestant given up to 30 seconds to sing.
Picking up the paddle: there’s a new store in town!
A new sports retail store will pick up the paddle this weekend to celebrate their grand opening. Oregon Paddle Sports opens on Saturday, April 9 on Commercial Street in West Eugene.
Eugene-Springfield Foreclosure Rates Up in January
Foreclosure rates in the Eugene-Springfield increased for the month of January compared to last year.

early morning somewhere it isn't raining...

April 6 – Evening Update


EDN’s Headline Roundup:

‘Dear Stephanie, I want to apologize for letting you down’
A Douglas County Detective is apologizing in a letter sent to Stephanie Condon’s family. Last week a jury found Dale Hill not guilty of kidnapping and murdering Condon.
Suspect demands drugs and claims to have a bomb
A scary situation at a Roseburg drug store this morning when a man threatened to detonate a bomb and demanded drugs.
Oregon Senate to vote on banning BPA in baby bottles
The Oregon Senate is scheduled to vote Wednesday on a measure that would ban the use of a potentially harmful chemical from baby bottles, children’s sippy cups and reusable water bottles. – should the science be in before regulation is applied? –ed.
Oregon farmer encourages switch to grain from grass
An Oregon farmer is encouraging other farmers in the Willamette Valley to switch from their grass seed crop to growing grains. – when I was younger there were huge wheat fields in and around Eugene. I for one would welcome the return. –ed.
Oregon Senate votes to take schools chief decision away from voters
The Oregon Senate has voted to take the superintendent of public instruction off the ballot. – considering the responsibility and power this position will carry, is this an informed plan? –ed.
Kitzhaber to ask lawmakers to roll back kicker
Governor Kitzhaber is scheduled to testify Wednesday in support of changing Oregon’s unique kicker law in order to save for economic downturns. – isn’t the kicker for surplus tax collections? –ed.

I'll take that kicker check...

March 29 – Morning Headlines


Tuesday’s local headlines:

Tim Chuey Weather
Cloudy with rain today (0.25 in. of rain possible), rain tonight (0.25 in. of rain possible), mostly cloudy with a good (50%) chance of rain Wednesday (0.10 in. of rain possible)
Florence fire agency offers $100 reward for stolen radios
Two found, 10 to go. And a $100 cash reward for anyone who brings in any of the other hand-held radios that were stolen earlier this month from the Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue Department’s Sutton Fire Station north of town.
Shoot straight, everyone
Harking back to Oregon’s identity as a former frontier state and to its history of intrepid settlers and rugged cowboys, lawmakers voted Monday to adopt the “Code of the West” as the state’s model of conduct. – yes folks, we pay these guys to do this. –ed.
Scientist predicts when tsunami debris could reach NW beaches
Air crews are spotting debris from the tsunami, including entire houses, that have already been carried miles out to sea.

Its been 25 years since “Stand By Me”, the Blu-Ray DVD was released for the first time this last week.

March 24 – Morning Headlines


The headline round-up as of Thursday morning early:

Tim Chuey Weather
The jet stream shows a trough of low pressure ( “U” shaped area) swinging through the Pacific Northwest. This frontal system pushed in Wednesday spreading showers and some thunderstorms ahead of it. Saturday we’ll see another frontal system move through, but this time it will be a little farther to the North. Some showers today with a chance of thunderstorms.
Bill in Legislature would set $90 fine for tossing cigarette
Oregon smokers may soon think twice before casually flicking their cigarette butts to the ground. That’s because that act of littering could cost them up to a $90 fine under a new legislative proposal that would create a Class D violation for unlawful disposal of a tobacco product. – isn’t this already called littering? — ed.
Fern Ridge fee hike
Lane County is raising the cost of seasonal moorage at three marinas:
Formerly: Boats between 10 feet and 34 feet paid $300 to $415 per season. Now: Boat length up to 10 feet: $368 to $380 per season with similar increases for larger craft. It is estimated that the rate increase averages between 25% and 35%.

Eugene City Council Passes 4J’s Income Tax Hike to Voters Amid Questions

EUGENE- City Council members have voted to place income tax increases on this May’s ballot in order to make up for a huge budget shortfall in the Eugene 4J/Bethel school districts this year. Council members had asked an education subcommittee to gather consensus on whether raising local income taxes gradually over 6 years to help fix the gap.

Similar initiatives with a “make it temporary, a reasonable cost, and make sure money can only be used for intended purposes” formula have passed in recent years such as the progressive income tax and street repair bonds. Supporters of the 4J tax increase are hopeful that this will do the same.

The council voted 7-1, the dissenting vote raising the question of whether a local tax hike is like putting a Band-Aid on a severed limb, and whether trying to maneuver the bill into the legislature for state funding would be a better idea.

Legislators weigh business tax rollback

Last year’s tax hike has been one of the most hotly debated topics in Oregon. Opponents contend it has stifled job growth. Supporters say the money protects education and health care.

Read the full story here: Scaling back the voter-approved tax on companies is a top priority for Republicans in Salem.

2011 Legislature Faces a Full Slate

The 2011 Oregon legislature faces 1,600+ pieces of legislation.   KVAL news takes a sampling of the bills and gives their look into whats kind of issues the legislature is tackling this session.

Three of 1,600: Snapshot of health in the state legislature | KVAL CBS 13 – News, Weather and Sports – Eugene, OR – Eugene, Oregon | Local & Regional News.