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August 15 – Eugene, Springfield and Lane County Headlines


Eugene, Springfield and Lane County Headlines

Gov. Kitzhaber has  signed the medical marijuana dispensaries bill. | image marijuana.com
Gov. Kitzhaber has signed the medical marijuana dispensaries bill. | image marijuana.com


  • #16 – Daryle Hawkins
    August 15, 2013

    Oregon Ducks wide receiver Daryle Hawkins, a redshirt senior from Omaha Central High School (Omaha, Nebraska), enters his fifth season in the Oregon program.
  • Hunnicutt competes at junior national
    Springfield High’s Carlos Hunnicutt competed at the 2013 Speedo Junior National Championships last week in Irvine, Calif. The three-time OSAA Class 5A state swimming champion qualified for his first Junior Nationals in three events, the 400-and 2
  • Symmonds makes splash at Worlds
    Youth bested experience on Tuesday at the IAAF World Championships in Moscow. Five-time U.S. champion, two-time Olympian and Springfield resident Nick Symmonds ran a stellar race in the men’s 800-meter final and appeared to have his first interna 
  • Emeralds routed for second night in a row, fall 13-2 to Boise
    The Eugene Emeralds can’t wait to leave Boise, Idaho. After two games against the Hawks, the Emeralds have allowed 25 runs, 30 hits and have only managed to scratch across 3 runs of their own. Leading the offensive explosion for the Hawks has bee 
  • Governor signs medical marijuana dispensaries bill
    Critics pushed Kitzhaber to veto the dispensaries measure saying it could lead to abuses. 
  • Man accused of impersonating a police officer at mall
    A man faces a charge of Impersonating an Officer after he displayed a badge and gun at Gateway Mall last month, claiming to be an undercover police officer, Springfield Police said.
  • Dry July Forces Owners of Loon Lake to Close Camping Season
    Oregon recently had its driest July on record and it is having some unforeseen consequences on the Oregon summer, including the closing of overnight camping at Loon Lake.
  • Oregon Ducks Soccer Picked 11th in Pac-12 Conference
    Oregon Ducks soccer team was picked to finish 11th in the Pac-12 Conference Preseason Coaches’ Poll released this week. Oregon finished in 10th last season.
  • Former Oregon Ducks Golfer Robbie Ziegler Hired by University of Wisconsin
    Former Oregon Ducks golfer Robbie Ziegler has been hired on in a similar role by the University of Wisconsin. Badgers head coach Michael Burcin confirmed it.
  • George Walcott Named Head Track & Field Coach
    The Northwest Christian University athletic department announced on Wednesday that George Walcott has been named the new Head Coach for the NCU men’s and women’s Track & Field program.
  • Court offers youths a jury of their peers
    Before the start of official business at Cottage Grove’s Youth Peer Court, Judge Buck Kelty brought five fresh-faced defendants up to his bench. “In essence, you are being given a second chance,” Kelty said. “Had you been cited by a different agency, you might have wound up in a municipal or a circuit court. You’re getting a second
  • Case against city employee delivered to D.A.
    The Cottage Grove Police Department delivered evidence to District Attorney Bill Warnisher last week that police expect will lead to criminal charges for a former city employee. Police Commander Scott Shepherd said he’s confident that the results of an eight-month investigation into allegations of the embezzlement of funds from the City’s utility accounts will lead to charges

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LCGG: Middlefield Golf Course


The Middlefield Golf Course opened in 1991 as a challenging executive course on the front and a reasonable regulation course on the back. The City of Cottage Grove purchased Middlefield in 2006, but not because they wanted to run a golf course.

Steve Zeek, General Manager at Middlefield and a City of Cottage Grove employee explained. “The City needed the water, the course has access to lots of effluent water. It was cheaper for the City to purchase the course than it would have been to get it from somewhere else.” The City purchased the course for $850,000 and Steve estimated that accessing the water from another location would have cost the City between $1 million and $1.2 million. “So, it just made sense for the City to buy the course.”

After purchasing Middlefield, Cottage Grove was delighted to have access to the water from the course. Suddenly however, the City found itself in the golf business. I asked Steve if Middlefield was self-sustaining or if it was subsidized by City funds. “Usually the course runs a profit, the last few years were pretty bad with the economy, but running the course isn’t a liability for the City.”


Because Middlefield provides water to the City it doesn’t have to make a profit to be useful, it only needs to cover its expenses. The lack of pressure on Middlefield to be a profit center allows the course to keep its greens fees low. The low fees and good conditions make Middlefield an excellent value. This allows the course to attract a wide range of players. Steve believed the player makeup at Middlefield was mostly blue-collar guys, construction workers and mill workers, and he sees Middlefield as a working-man’s course. The perception seems right because of the price, conditions and difficulty. The course is challenging, but when the par is only 32 on the front it’s relatively easy for even the occasional golfer to “break 50.”

Middlefield also gets a lot of RV’s. The course is right off the freeway (or left if you’re traveling south). The sirens call of golf snags many freeway-goers during their I-5 drive. When traveling through Cottage Grove drivers see golf on both sides of the road. Golfers actually walk under the freeway to access the 3rd and 13th holes going out, and walk back under the freeway for the 9th and 18th coming in. Middlefield is unique, if for no other reason than players get to walk through a legitimate tunnel to finish their round.


The City of Cottage Grove purchased Middlefield for its riparian rights, so you’d expect to see quite a bit of water, right? The course doesn’t disappoint. The Row River borders the course on its north and the views from the 13th fairway are excellent. Several large ponds are prominently featured and small streambeds weave throughout. The City even maintains a water facility located just off the 10th fairway. There is a chance that your ball could end up in water on nearly every hole. However, it’s a small chance. The only holes where water felt like a real concern during my round were 4 and 17, which both border the large pond on the west side of the freeway, 15, which crosses several small streambeds, and 18, which borders the large pond on the east side of the freeway. Finding water on any other hole will require a very errant shot.


For a course with lots of water, a housing community and a freeway running right through the middle, I expected it to feel a little cramped: it didn’t. Middlefield felt very open, which made my round feel relaxing.

Middlefield has strong ties to the community. The City allows access to several of the paths for non-golfers to take a walk through the woods or by the river. It was fun and refreshing to see people on bikes or couples taking a walk with their dog.


The course holds a tournament nearly every weekend during the summer for some local group. The Creswell sports programs are hosting their annual “big dawg” tournament on August 24th, the Pleasant Hill boosters are holding a charity tournament on September 8th, and several other tournaments will be occurring throughout the summer. Check Middlefield’s website for a full listing of tournaments if you’re in the mood for some charity golf or a good old-fashioned shotgun start.


Middlefield does everything well. The fees are reasonable, the fairways, greens and rough are all well maintained, the course plays fairly, the community has a home for charity golf tournaments and the City has access to essential water. All of this makes the course a great value, very accessible to the lay golfer and an excellent investment for the City of Cottage Grove.

2013 Southern Oregon Cal Ripken State Championship Kicks Off


It’s a big day for about 165 youth baseball players. Tonight the first pitch will be thrown in the 2013 Southern Oregon Cal Ripken State Championships. While three games will be played in Roseburg to accommodate teams from the Umpqua Valley, the majority of the games will be at the Willamette Valley Babe Ruth Complex in west Eugene.

Six of the teams vying for a state title are made up of all-stars from 10 local areas: Churchill, Elmira, Junction City, North Eugene, Pleasant Hill, Sheldon, South Eugene, Springfield, Thurston and Willamette. Teams from the Umpqua Valley and Upper Rogue will make their way up Thursday to the local complex at 5700 Babe Ruth Lane off of Legacy Street in the Bethel community.

There will actually be three tournaments occurring at once for three age groups: 10-and-under (10U), 11-and-under (11U) and 12-and-under (12U). The Willamette Valley Babe Ruth League will have two teams represented in each of the three age-groups. The 10U and 12U tournaments are comprised of five teams each, and four teams will play for the 11U title. The first three days teams will compete in pool play. They will each play the other teams once and the four teams with the best records will move on to Saturday’s single-game elimination contests. The championship games will be at 5 p.m. on Saturday.

Southern Oregon Cal Ripken State Tournament kicks off today at the Willamette Valley Babe Ruth Complex in Eugene. (Lea Elliott / WV 12B team photo)
Southern Oregon Cal Ripken State Tournament kicks off today at the Willamette Valley Babe Ruth Complex in Eugene. (Lea Elliott / WV 12B team photo)

The following is a brief report on the six local teams competing. We were unable to gather detailed information for the Willamette Valley 10B team.

Willamette Valley 10A Team

Coach Bert Harrison’s 10A team enters the state championships having won its last tournament and three since beginning the all-star season the week after Father’s Day. The 10A team is 17-1, it’s only loss came to a team from Black Hills, Wash. in a tournament semifinal. The four runs they surrendered to Black Hills was the most opponents have scored. The 10A pitching staff has thrown one perfect game and three no-hitters. Of its 12 players, seven are pitchers. Dawson Muggy and Kevin Pierson are the teams two main starting pitchers. A left-hander, Muggy combined with Isaiah Burke to throw a perfect game. Pierson threw a complete game no-hitter and finished with 14 strikeouts. In terms of hitting, Burke and Tanner Windom bat third and fourth in the order. “They hit the ball more than they don’t,” Harrison said. “Both of them have been on fire.” The 10A team is able to hit with power and play the small-ball-bunting game, too.

10A Roster (Player name and number in parenthesis): Dawson Muggy (00), Jayden Casarez (3), Dane Woodcook (6), Trent Bynum (7), Bert Harrison (9), Cardin Haffner (10), Kyle Fuller (11), Isaiah Burke (16), Xavier Little (24), Jake Martines (25), Tanner Windom (26), Kevin Pierson (33). Assistant coaches: Wes Woodcook, Eric Fuller. Bat boy: Sawyer Casarez.

10A Tournament Schedule: Play Willamette Valley B today at 6 p.m.; Umpqua Valley B at 1:30 p.m. and Umpqua Valley A at 6:30 Thursday; and Upper Rogue at 1:30 p.m. Friday.

Willamette Valley 10A player Tanner Windom slides into home. (Courtesy of WV 10A team)
Willamette Valley 10A player Tanner Windom slides into home. (Courtesy of WV 10A team)

Willamette Valley 10B Team

10B Roster: Callan Vreim (1), Garrett Pratt (3), Lucas Patterson (6), Ian Noonan (8), Nicholas Salazar (11), Calvin Lavassaur (14), Dylan Irwin (15), David Codington (20), Olias Laughlin (21), Ty Weiskind (22), Kai Kanealii (28), C.J. Smith (41). Head coach: Tony Salazar. Assistant coaches: John Patterson, Mark Codington 

10B Tournament Schedule: Play Willamette Valley A today at 6 p.m.; Upper Rogue at 1:30 p.m. Thursday; Umpqua Valley A at 1:30 p.m. and Umpqua Valley B at 4 p.m. Friday.

Willamette Valley 10A first baseman Dawson Muggy stretches for an out. (Courtesy of WV 10A team)
Willamette Valley 10A first baseman Dawson Muggy stretches for an out. (Courtesy of WV 10A team)

Willamette Valley 11A Team

Coach Jody Allard’s team is made up of the same players finished in second place at the Cal Ripken World Series as 10-year-old all-stars. Of the team’s 14 players, 13 played on the World Series team. Four players were named to the All-World Series team last season: Bryce Boettcher, Cade Crist, Kaden Miller, and Walker Wonham. This season, 11A team is 19-4 and won its last four games to bring home the championship trophy in the Happy Valley Tournament. The 11A team’s pitchers only allowed three runs in the entire tournament. “It’s a group that is very hard working, coachable and like to have fun during games,” Allard said. “They are known for dancing and singing during games to stay loose.”

When hitting, the 11A team is led by C.J. Townsend and Drew Williams. Townsend has a .611 batting average and Williams is second on the team at .564. Wonham is the only other player batting over .500 with a .538 average. The team has nine players hitting over .400 and 12 over .300.

11A Roster: Dawson Prickel (1), Kade McDaniel (3), C.J. Townsend (4), Nathan Duke (7), Jake Riley (8), Drew Williams (9), Gavin Parker (10), Kaden Miller (12), Bryce Boettcher (15), Jonathon Prescott (21), Dylan Edwards (23), Walker Wonham (24), Cade Crist (25), Ty Bailey (32), Cameron Parks (92). Assistant coaches: Jacky Allard, Gary Miller. Bat boy: Eli Crist.

Six Willamette Valley teams will participate in the Southern Oregon Cal Ripken State Championships this week. (Rea Elliott / WV 12B team photo)
Six Willamette Valley teams will participate in the Southern Oregon Cal Ripken State Championships this week. (Rea Elliott / WV 12B team photo)

11A Tournament Schedule: Play Willamette Valley B at 6 p.m. today; Umpqua Valley B at 4 p.m. Thursday; Umpqua Valley A at 6:30 Friday.

Willamette Valley 11B Team

Coach Jeff Brown’s team has come off a tough tournament performance last weekend with the goal of beating the Willamette Valley 11A team. “They are really focused and really serious,” Brown said. His team has finished as high as second place in tournaments this season. The 11B team has played two of the three other teams in the tournament with the exception of the Umpqua Valley 11A team. Earlier this season, the Willamette Valley 11B team dropped the Umpqua Valley 11B team by a score of 18-1. The leading hitters on the Willamette Valley 11B team is Hunter Brown, who has a .565 batting average. Trey Nelson is averaging .380 as a hitter and Spencer Misfeldt is at .370. Key to the pitching will be closing pitcher Peyton Bracy, who throws 60 mph.

11B Roster: Peyton Bracy (3), Hunter Brown (5), Jackson Bushnell (20), Kyle Casley (4), Kyle Davis (13), Trevor Dilley (2), Carson Dolbin (12), Spencer Misfeldt (9), Trey Nelson (00), Kai Schindler (7), Kensen Smith (54), Nate Tavakolian (1). Assistant coaches: Kurt Nelson, Ryan Smith.

11B Tournament Schedule: Play Willamette Valley A at 6 p.m. today; Umpqua Valley A at 4 p.m. Thursday; Umpqua Valley B at 6:30 p.m. Friday.

Area youth baseball players swinging for Southern Oregon Cal Ripken State Championship this week. (Rea Elliott / WV 12B Team Photo)
Area youth baseball players swinging for Southern Oregon Cal Ripken State Championship this week. (Rea Elliott / WV 12B Team Photo)

Willamette Valley 12A Team

Coach Mitchell Morgan’s team has played in four tournaments during this all-star season and finished first in two and second place in a third. The team’s record is 17-4. Of the 11 players on the roster, seven played in the World Series as 10 year olds. This past weekend, the 12A team finished second in the Nations NW Summer Championship Tournament after losing  one-run game in extra innings. In the semifinals of that tournament, pitcher Samuel Lerch threw a no-hitter. Lerch is 8-0 and has given up an average of 0.63 earned runs a game. Trevor Duran has seven wins and a 1.80 ERA.

The 12A team has two batters hitting over .500, Patrick Herbert and Dylan Hansen and two others hitting in the mid-to-high .400, Duran and Trevor Groves. “We’re very balanced,” Morgan said. “Even though we have guys with high averages, we don’t have a hole in the lineup. We got guys that can hit up and down the lineup.”

12A Roster: Micah Burke (6), Beau Burnett (7), Decker (D.J.) Stedman (13), Patrick Herbert (14), Calin Morgan (15), Trevor Groves (17), Noah Francis (18), Samuel Lerch (21), Stephen Parmenter (27), Trevor Duran (28), Dylan Hansen (32). Assistant coaches: Randy Groves, Kelly Stedman.

12A Tournament Schedule: Play Willamette Valley B at 6 p.m. today; Umpqua Valley B at 4 p.m. and Umpqua Valley A at 6:30 p.m. Thursday; Upper Rogue at 4 p.m. Friday.

Willamette Valley 12B team faces WV 12A in first game of state tournament. (Rea Elliott / WV 12B team photos)
Willamette Valley 12B team faces WV 12A in first game of state tournament. (Rea Elliott / WV 12B team photo)

Willamette Valley 12B Team

Coach Shawn Spaht’s team is coming off a tough weekend tournament in which it lost its last three games. Not many of the players pitched during the regular season, so lack of pitching experience is something the team is working to overcome. The team has played the toughest competition in preparation for the state tournament and has a 6-9 record. The leading hitter for the team is Caleb Spaht, who had a .448 batting average and .688 on base percentage going into last weekend’s tournament. The top pitcher for the 12B team is Caden Blum. “He’s a big, strong power pitcher, and we lean on him quite a bit,” coach Shawn Spaht said. “He is the guy we want out there in a big game.” Spaht says his players are developing into leaders on the field. “What I like about my team is that they are just a really nice group of kids who are all on the brink of being more than just supporting players,” he said. “Hopefully through this experience they are developing some of the skills to be guys who will be future leaders on their teams as they go on to the next level and into high school.”

12B Roster: Joseph Barr (1), Joshua Hatten (2), Mikeal Lane (6), Rys Maks (7), Jackson Chalmers (11), Blake Hayes (15), Gordon Brunson (18), Caden Blum (19), Mason Crowson (23), Jack Weiskind (26), Caleb Spaht (58). Assistant coaches: Brian Barr, Mike Chalmers.

12B Tournament Schedule: Play Willamette Valley A at 6 p.m. today; Upper Rogue at 4 p.m. Thursday; Umpqua Valley A at 4 p.m. and Umpqua Valley B at 6:30 Friday.

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LCGG: Fiddler’s Green


Fiddler’s Green is a golf destination, even if it is an atypical one.

When I arrived at Fiddler’s the first thing I noticed was the gigantic rectangular building jutting out from the course. To be fair, it was pretty hard to miss. Though, I guess it would have to be to have earned the title “Largest on course Pro Shop in America.”

When I first spoke with Al Whalen, Owner and General Manager at Fiddler’s Green, I had to ask him what made the Pro Shop so special that it could thrive in a relatively remote location? Al pointed to several factors which he believed gave the Pro Shop at Fiddler’s an advantage over their competition.


He was very proud of his staff and the environment they had created at Fiddler’s for people to try out clubs.

Al said “Fiddler’s is a great place for rookie as well as more experienced golfers, because our staff knows how to steer you. They are not pressure salespersons who’s aim it is to get you to purchase the hottest equipment regardless of how it fits your game.” There is no fitting fee at Fiddler’s, and their staff act as neutral arbiters guiding you to your ideal equipment.

The building and land at Fiddler’s are owned outright, so Fiddler’s has relatively low overhead, which translates to lower prices.

The vastness of the Pro Shop at Fiddler’s allows them to carry unique clubs and gear. They have built a reputation as the place to go if you happen to be nearly seven feet tall and want a typical golf club outfitting experience.

Al said “We were able to outfit Clyde Drexler when he was with the Trailblazers because we have clubs for tall people in stock. We carry more of the fringe clubs and apparel; we have size 18 shoes in stock.”


As Fiddler’s reputation has grown, so has their client base. Al explained that Fiddler’s has a number of unique clients. He told of uber rich (and uber tall) tycoons who will fly their private planes to Eugene from cities around the country, and hop a quick cab to purchase equipment in their sizes and on the shelves. Fiddler’s attracts a number of serious golfers picking equipment up on their way to rounds at Bandon Dunes and other Oregon golf destinations. There are also the people who travel up and down I-5 for business and take the quick detour to Fiddler’s Green because golf is their passion, a way to unwind.

“Men don’t buy much, but they buy their passion” Al explained. And for many golf is a passion, and Fiddler’s makes an effort to cater to all golfers from the experienced to “the rookie.”

I asked Al if there were any other advantages the Pro Shop at Fiddler’s has?

“We have a full driving range and golf course attached, that’s a huge advantage. Rather than hitting into nets which tell you your drive just went 320 yards you are able to go out to the range and see that it’s really only going 260. You get to see how the ball is actually responding to the club.”

After Al’s explanation it became pretty obvious that having a course attached to the shop was indeed a huge advantage. Personally, I would love to try new clubs out in a real environment before I purchased, and what better way than to hit actual shots into real greens? And, although it’s primarily an executive track, the course at Fiddler’s Green is not simply an afterthought.

When I spoke with Al about the role the course at Fiddler’s Green plays in the wider golf spectrum he gave me three reasons for people to drive up Highway 99 just to play the course. He said, “the course is great for beginners, people with time restrictions, and individuals who want to work on their short game.”


On the day of my visit the course was in impeccable shape; a credit to Ian Daniels, the young but experienced Superintendent. Every shot I hit felt fair. There where no surprises lurking under the surface of the grass. Everything was smooth and well manicured. The grass around the greens was closely mown and easy to chip from and the greens themselves were moderately paced and consistent. Which, considering this is a course that invites people to leave the driver at home and focus more on clubs which can really improve scoring, is exactly what it should be.

Being neither a beginner nor having serious time restrictions I decided to focus on my short game at Fiddler’s. Although the course is primarily par 3’s I was impressed at the intervals of distance from tee to green. Playing, it felt like every hole was 10-15 yards different in length from the hole previous. So, if I hit a 7-iron to the green at the fifth hole, and the sixth was 15 yards shorter, I pulled my 8-iron and made a confident stroke.


A course that builds confidence is a perfect place to bring less experienced golfers. The rates are reasonable; adults play 9 holes for $9 and 18 holes for $15, juniors and seniors play 9 for $7 and 18 for $12, and range balls are only $1.50/token.

Confidence. It’s such an important word when playing a game as intricate as golf, and I felt like the course at Fiddler’s Green was honest with me and helped build my confidence with each successive shot.

Fiddler’s Green has the tools to make you a better golfer and prepare you for your next big golf outing. It has the Pro Shop to outfit you properly, the course and range to help you work on your shots, and you’ll be building confidence in your game which will carry over to longer and more challenging courses.

LCGG: The Circle Bar Golf Club


Circle Bar Golf Club in Oakridge is a unique experience. The people who play there regularly take course ownership literally, and in more ways than one. You see, Circle Bar Golf Club is a non-profit organization.

I asked Sharon Lose, clubhouse manager and one of only three paid employees at the course, how being a golf course that operates as a non-profit works. She explained that the course is built on land that was sold to the Circle Bar Golf Corporation for $90,000 in 1954. Shareholders, mostly members of the community who have purchased shares in the course, own the Corporation. Individual shares cost $1,000.


The Corporation is governed by an elected board. The board is responsible for the disposition of funds as it deems necessary to maintain the land. An added benefit of being a member of the board? $45 per month buys you unlimited golf!

The Corporation leases the land the course is built on to the Circle Bar Golf Club for $2,000 annually. The Golf Club is a not-for-profit organization and it quickly became clear that it took this designation seriously as I overheard conversations with the early morning patrons.

“Coffee?” One course member asked.

“Twenty-five cents.” Was Sharon’s quick reply.


“Same cup? Free.”

And it’s not just the coffee that’s cheap. On the morning I arrived at Circle Bar a few members of the Women’s Club were preparing to play their round. Before one of the members began I watched her pay her “yearly dues” to the Women’s Club: three dollars. The surprises didn’t end there.

Members enjoy a number of benefits. Members of the Women’s Club golf for only $1 per round and their yearly dues are paid back to them in the form of vouchers for snacks and drinks from the clubhouse. Men’s Club members play for $6. The general public benefits from low greens fees as well. Everyone is welcome to play 9-holes for $15 or 18-holes for $20.

“So, membership is basically free?” I asked.

“No, our members work.” Sharon said.

Members of the Women’s Club undertake a variety of course beautification projects throughout the year. They tend flowerbeds and maintain areas of the course where they feel a “woman’s touch” is needed. Likewise, the Men’s Club is responsible for undertaking projects like building a new deck off the clubhouse or a bridge over the creek running through the course. Men’s Club members also take turns volunteering with the paid staff mowing fairways and assisting with course maintenance.

I was astounded by the goings-on at Circle Bar and I couldn’t help chuckling at the notion of communal golf.  Communal Golf? I had never heard of such a thing, but it seemed fantastic, and I hadn’t even stepped out to the first tee!


The work of the Men’s and Women’s Clubs shows. The course has a very open feel that can only be accomplished with a significant amount of mowing; much more than only two staff could manage. There are mature trees, but not so many that they really challenge you unless you hit a very errant shot. The grass is closely mown past the out-of-bounds markers. The lack of really deep rough made the course forgiving to play, which was good, because most of the holes required significant length to your game.


The signature holes of the course were undoubtedly the two par 5’s. Both measure over 500 yards, which is a challenge for most players. But yardage doesn’t tell the whole story here. Both par 5’s work uphill towards the clubhouse, making them play significantly longer than their yardage. Average players will need to hit three solid shots to reach and experienced players are likely to miss the green even after hitting two excellent shots. 


Speaking of missing greens, the size of the greens is another theme at the course. The theme is they’re small. Every approach shot requires accuracy. Although the greens were small they weren’t too difficult to read, and the closely mown grass made getting up-and-down a reasonable proposition. 


From the “self-pay” box located just off the first tee, where golfers can put their green’s fees in an envelope and play using the honor system, to the quirky way the course operates, Circle Bar may have been the most unique course I visited during my research.

If you find yourself traveling over Highway 58, or if you just want to take a quick trip to the mountains, I recommend a stop at Circle Bar Golf Club in Oakridge to experience communal golf.


April 30 – Morning Headlines


Morning Headlines


Sunny and warm in the forecast.  Check out Tim Chuey's Weather or Not column yet?  Click the picture.
Sunny and warm in the forecast. Check out Tim Chuey’s Weather or Not column yet? Click the picture.
  • Oregon lawmakers OK bill cracking down on protests against logging
    A pair of bills aimed at curtailing protests by environmental activists that disrupt logging projects in state-owned forests was comfortably approved today by the Oregon House. House Bill 2595 would create a new “interference” crime which w 
  • Arson suspect released
    A man accused of trying to torch an apartment and then crashing his car while fleeing the scene drunk was released from jail Sunday due to lack of space. Matthew Scott Devinney, 28, of Eugene was being held on charges of attempted first-degree arson, m
  • Plastic bag ban takes effect Wednesday
    Paper or plastic? Soon, you won’t have that option. The bag ban officially goes into effect Wednesday, May 1.
  • Eugene police officer earns statewide kudos for DUII enforcement
    Eugene Police Officer Ryan Stone has been named 2012 DUII enforcement officer of the year at the DUII Multi-Disciplinary Impaired Driving Training Conference held this past weekend in Bend, the Eugene Police Department announced today. In 2012, Stone a 
  • Springfield School Board offers top job to Minnesota educator
    The Springfield School Board is in negotiations with Minnesota educator Hertica Martin to replace retiring Superintendent Nancy Golden. The board hopes Martin, currently the executive director for elementary education in Rochester Public Schools, will
  • Suspicious object closes rest area
    A container used for the game of geocaching caused the closure of a freeway rest area Sunday when it was reported as a suspicious object. The container, an ammo can, was in a tree at the Gettings Creek Rest Area 14 miles south of Eugene. A person conce
  • Students ‘crowdfund’ bike racks for school
    Students at Sheldon High School turned to the Internet in an attempt to raise money to replace the school’s bicycle racks

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April 29 – Morning Headlines


Morning Headlines


An invasive South American creeping water primrose is wreaking havoc in the Delta Ponds.  How did it get there?
An invasive South American creeping water primrose is wreaking havoc in the Delta Ponds. How did it get there?
  • Lawsuit alleges wrongful death
    The mother of a Veneta woman who died from drug toxicity is seeking almost $2 million in damages from a Eugene doctor she accuses of prescribing her daughter too many painkillers. The suit names Dr. Roy M. Blackburn and the Oregon TLC Pain Management c
  • Invasive plant threatens Delta Ponds
    An invasive South American creeping water primrose is wreaking havoc at a Eugene park that the city and other government agencies have spent $9 million trying to turn into a showcase of native-species ecological restoration. Known as Ludwigia hexapetal
  • House votes to make brewer’s yeast state microbe
    The state Legislature is considering honoring brewer’s yeast as the state microbe
  • The Dining Room celebrates 10 successful years
    Celebrating Food For Lane County’s downtown meal site, The Dining Room turns 10 years old, and to praise it’s success, they had an open house
  • Jordan Hasay smashes Pac-12, Oregon records in 10,000 meters

    Oregon senior Jordan Hasay broke the Pac-12 and long-standing UO school record at 10,000 meters Sunday at the Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational, running 32 minutes, 6.64 seconds to finish sixth overall and second among colleg
  • Four-run rally lifts Ducks past UCLA in Pac-12 softball

    Samantha Pappas hit a three-run home run in the top of the seventh inning to cap a four-run rally and give fourth-ranked Oregon a 7-5 victory over No. 16 UCLA on Sunday at Easton Stadium. The victory gave the Ducks (40-7, 15-3 Pac-1
  • Marty pulls away to win women’s Eugene Marathon
    The Boston Marathon tragedy weighed heavily on Jaymee Marty the past couple of weeks as she finished her training for the seventh annual Eugene Marathon. It was in the exact spot where the first bomb exploded on April 15 that Marty’s mom had watc
  • Laney shows plenty of heart in winning Eugene Marathon
    Approximately 7,800 runners registered for Sunday’s Eugene Marathon and Half-Marathon, and early on, first-time marathoner David Laney was sardined among them, waiting for the pack to thin out so he could get a look at the leader. But when the co

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April 28 – Sunday Headlines


Morning Headlines


Salpino!  Eugene Marathon
Salpino! Eugene Marathon
  • Spring Game: What You Missed on the Field
    When you watch a game on TV or observe in the stands, there’s going to be pieces of the game you miss out on. Here I’ll dive into the key parts of the game you may have missed.
  • Soccer Spring Exhibition Ends in 0-0 Draw
    The Oregon Ducks women’s soccer team tied Oregon State 0-0 in an exhibition game after what was a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Pape’s Field in Eugene, Oregon.
  • Photos: Oregon Spring Game
    The Oregon Ducks put the exclamation point on spring ball with a high-scoring 65-10 game in front of 36,000+ Ducks fans. The Spring Game saw huge performances from wide receiver Bralon Addison, DE/OLB Christian French and RB Byron Marshall. All photos
  • Barner and Boyett Drafted in Sixth Round
    Oregon’s Kenjon Barner and John Boyett were selected in the 6th round of the 2013 NFL Draft, with Barner going to Carolina and Boyett to Indianapolis. Barner and Boyett round out an Oregon draft class that saw five former standouts drafted, with Dion J
  • Two-homer Day for Ryon Healy Lifts Oregon Past Stanford, 6-4
    It was a great day at the plate for Ryon Healy who blasted two home runs to give the Ducks a 6-4 win over Stanford and the series victory.
  • Photos: Baseball vs Stanford
    The Oregon Ducks took care of business on Saturday to the tune of a 6-4 win at home over Stanford. The win gives the Ducks the series clincher and keeps them strong in the hunt for first place in the Pac-12 conference and a chance at hosting a regional
  • Ducks’ Offense Plows Through Spring Game
    Oregon’s football team finished out its spring football practices with an explosive offensive performance during its Spring Game on Saturday at Autzen Stadium. The Ducks offense roared to a 65-10 win over the Oregon defense.
  • LeGarrette Blount Finds New Home in New England 
    Legarrette Blount, a former Oregon Ducks running back, has been traded by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the New England Patriots in exchange for speedster Jeff Demps and an NFL Draft pick. Blount was extremely productive in his 2010 campaign but has sinc

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April 17 – Morning Headlines


Morning Headlines

Are Oregon rivers too hot for Salmon? The EPA is being tasked with finding out. (image cascwild.org)
Are Oregon rivers too hot for Salmon? The EPA is being tasked with finding out. (image cascwild.org)
  • Leadership of Lane Metro Partnership is focus of dispute
    Lane Metro Partnership, the nonprofit agency that spearheads business recruitment in Lane County, is in turmoil amid efforts to oust the agency’s longtime executive director, Jack Roberts, and temporarily replace him with a Lane County government
  • Oregon unemployment at 8.2%
    State officials say Oregon’s unemployment rate inched downward to  8.2 percent last month.
  • Creswell shed fire under investigation

    Fire investigators are working to determine the cause of a Monday night blaze that destroyed a shed attached to a Creswell home. South Lane County Fire and Rescue crews responded to the fire at 33878 Walnut Lane at 9:50 p.m. Firefighte
  • Versatility will help Marist boys at state meet
    Liam Henshaw has proved himself to be one of the naton’s top decathletes in his high school class. Twin brothers Coleman and Kaelen Byrum will soon move on to that event as well. The versatility of those three, along with senior sprinter Colton B
  • Jessica Moore Named NFCA Division I Player of the Week
    Oregon softball’s Jessica Moore has earned quite the honors this week, being selected as the NFCA Player of the Week after her impressive efforts in the circle this past weekend. Aside from a perfect 2-0 record against the Wildcats, Moore closed out th
  • Propst Earns Player of the Week Honors
    Shannon Propst has been named the MPSF Offensive Player of the Week after her weekend efforts against Fresno State and St. Mary’s helped lead the Ducks to their first conference victories of the season. Propst tallied 14 points over the weekend on eigh

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January 26 – Morning Headlines


Morning Headlines

Nathan Asman of Hamilton Beach at the Sundance Film Festival
Nathan Asman of Hamilton Beach at the Sundance Film Festival


  • Proposed city fee put on hold
    The city of Eugene’s politically floundering proposal to charge residents and businesses up to $120 a year to help fund city government has been put on indefinite hold. Originally scheduled to be voted on by the City Council on Monday night, the
  • Lane County executives decline pay boost
    Lane County administrator Liane Richardson and county counsel Stephen Dingle said Friday evening that they will be declining for now the big raises that the county’s human resources department said were needed to make their pay competitive. With
  • OSP arrest man for DUI crash near train tracks
    Driver and passenger both ran off after the crash, but were later tracked down by troopers
  • Barred from owning animals
    A longtime breeder of Persian cats is now banned from owning any domestic animals for the next 15 years — the main provision of a plea bargain that led her to be convicted of trying to kill two felines by tossing them into the 
  • Sex offender accused of masturbating in front of mother and child
    A sex offender faces charges of public indecency after police say he masturbated in front of a mother and daughter in a laundromat in Springfield in December 2012
  • Corban edges NCU men
    Andrew Evans scored 23 points and Dustin Moore added 20 to lead Corban University to a 67-60 men’s basketball victory over Northwest Christian on Friday night. The advantage came at the three-point (8-for-15) and free-throw (11-for-
  • Ducks’ DMR teams sweep races

    Oregon’s women’s distance medley relay team set a national season best, and Jeramy Elkaim won the men’s 5,000 meters to lead the Ducks at the UW Invitational indoor track and field meet on Friday night at the Dempsey I more…
  • Oregon breaks into Pac-12 women’s basketball win column

    The Pac-12 dry spell for the Oregon women’s basketball team is finally over. Ariel Thomas narrowly missed a triple-double, scoring 20 points, grabbing 11 rebounds and dishing out eight assists and hit the clinching free thr 
  • Reserves help Churchill stay perfect in MWL boys hoops
    Churchill found its leading scorer and more off the bench. Andrew Bennion scored 12 points to spark the Lancers to a 57-43 win over Willamette Friday night in Midwestern League boys basketball at Willamette High School. “It is always great to com
  • Report: Artis out indefinitely with foot injury
    The Register Guard is reporting that freshman guard Dominic Artis will be sidelined indefinitely  with a foot injury. Artis has averaged just over ten points per game for the Ducks in his 19 starts.  Jonathan Loyd is

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Tim Chuey Weather:


[gn_note color=#eee][Accuweather][/gn_note]

Showers will be the watchword for today and the rest of the weekend into next week.

An upper level low (shaded “U” shape) has moved in along the coast. A frontal system has pushed its way through the Pacific Northwest and is being  followed by another front. The upper level trough of low pressure will then move eastward across the Pacific Northwest pushing clouds and showers our way.

[gn_spoiler title=”ADVISORIES” open=”0″ style=”1″]NONE AT THIS TIME.[/gn_spoiler]

High: 44
Low: 34
Forecast: Mostly cloudy with showers today (0.10 in. of rain possible), cloudy with showers likely (70%) this evening, showers likely (60%) late tonight (under 0.10 in. of rain possible) and Sunday AM, a good (50%) chance of rain Sunday afternoon, rain likely (60%) Sunday night and Monday AM, a good (50%) chance of showers in the afternoon, then mostly cloudy with a good (50%) chance of showers Monday night highs 44-42 lows 34-39. Mostly cloudy with a (40%) chance of showers Tuesday and Tuesday night, a mix of clouds and sun with a (30%) chance of showers Wednesday, mostly cloudy with a (30%) chance of showers Wednesday night through Thursday night, then mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of rain Friday highs 44-50 lows 35-32. (seasonal averages high 49 low 35)

Because weather forecasting is a combination of science, intuition, and timing there can be no absolute guarantees that individual forecasts will be 100% accurate. Nature is in a constant state of flux and sudden unexpected weather events can happen.

Keep Current on the Weather: timchueyweather4u.com

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