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TRAIN LIKE YOU MEAN IT! Reality-Based Self Defense

Kaz & Colin Rhoads -Instructors
Kaz & Colin Rhoads -Instructors

I think it’s safe to say the world is a pretty scary place sometimes.  People can be unruly and unpredictable, and disasters are often unexpected.  Let’s just say…STUFF HAPPENS! It’s important to honestly and objectively ask yourself “If something major happened, or If I or a loved one were attacked, would I know how to properly react?” It’s easy to respond with a confident ‘yes’, but is that really an honest answer?

Of course in an ideal world, there would be no need for self-defense.  People would be peaceful and kind towards each other and everyone would get along.  This may happen one day, and hopefully that day will come soon, but until then the knowledge of self-defense is absolutely necessary and can come in handy when you least expect it.


Imagine you’re jogging along one morning, minding your own business and listening to your favorite music when all of a sudden someone decides you’re going to be their next victim. They attack you, catching you completely off guard and leaving you totally vulnerable.  What do you do?  Do you smack them as hard as you can?  Maybe add a call for help, hoping there is someone around who not only hears you, but is willing to come to your aid?  That sounds like a decent plan, but you have to remember that, as unfortunate as it is, bystanders very rarely help out someone in need and a good swift kick to a sensitive area isn’t guaranteed to stop someone from attacking you.

Perhaps NOW is a great time to acquire some self preparedness skills and TRAIN LIKE YOU MEAN IT! is a viable option. TRAIN LIKE YOU MEAN IT! is not your ordinary self defense program. They will not give you a quick lecture to teach you about the basics of self defense, or show you a few moves then simply give you a whistle and send you on your way.  They are there to give you in-depth training for common “real life” self defense situations…involving both armed and unarmed attackers.  Sure, taking a quick class or going to a one day self defense seminar seems like it would help (and they’re great for “awareness”) but, in the end, truly useful self defense techniques simply cannot be learned properly in a day.  You have to put in the time & the practice to learn the skills.  The Instructors at TRAIN LIKE YOU MEAN IT! are passionate about what they teach and they refuse to give you a false sense of security.

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The classes at TRAIN LIKE YOU MEAN IT! are truly unique. The Israeli Reality-Based Self Defense system taught is called the F.I.G.H.T. System which stands for Fierce Israeli Guerrilla Hand to Hand Combat, otherwise known as HAGANAH (or “defense” in Hebrew).  It is not a traditional martial arts system, despite the integration of various martial arts styles.  Haganah draws from Krav Maga & Hisardut (Israeli close combat arts), KAPAP & LOTAR (Israeli militarized close combat systems). It also utilizes many aspects of Muay Thai, jiu jitsu & combat wrestling. The F.I.G.H.T. System, was designed by Mike Lee Kanarek, who actively teaches various branches of the U.S. military, law enforcement, coast guard and more.  As a result, the system is constantly evolving to meet it’s mandate of being “reality-based”.

There are a few different training options to choose from at TRAIN LIKE YOU MEAN IT! — all of which focus on self defense & personal preparedness.

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F.I.G.H.T. Classes — the Reality-Based Self Defense classes that focus on the most common self defense scenarios, against both unarmed & armed attackers.  The regular class trains to incapacitate the attacker, while the advanced classes address restraint and beyond.

Fit2Fight ClassesFunctional fitness classes with the purpose of building your endurance, core strength, flexibility, coordination & power.  Utilization of TRX Suspension Training, Skogg Kettle Bell System, sandbags, medicine balls, battle ropes, pad work & more.  An active warm-up, followed by 30 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and finishing with 15-20 minutes of yoga-based stretching to cool down.  Whatever your physical goals, this class gives you the opportunity to meet them.

ACTIVE SHOOTER & SELF DEFENSE GROUP SEMINAR TRAINING — Unlike the two classes listed above, these ONE DAY seminars are designed for groups (work place or otherwise).  The Active Shooter Seminars address realistically defending a room & the people in it from an ARMED attacker when you are unarmed & unable to escape.  Follow-up training templates are provided for the team leader to drill with their group post-seminar.  The Self Defense Seminars are a means of introducing your group to what is involved in effective reality-based self defense training.  Both are effective as “CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING EVENTS”, as they take individuals out of their usual workplace context & comfort zones, while providing positive group interaction.

imagesNRA HOME FIREARM SAFETY COURSE — The subject of guns can be a touchy one, but whether or not you decide to personally use one, it’s still a good idea to know how one works just in case of an emergency. This class doesn’t provide actual guns to shoot, but there are a WIDE variety of firearms to handle safely (no ammunition on premises) which provides you basic gun knowledge so you can handle one safely if need be.  Some topics taught in this class are how to safely store both firearms and ammunition in your home, the various parts of a gun, how to load and unload a weapon, the main causes for firearm accidents and how to properly clean your gun, among others. TRAIN LIKE YOU MEAN IT! also offers information on how to obtain a concealed weapons license.

CPR & FIRST AID TRAINING — Knowledge of CPR and First Aid is invaluable.  You never know when you may need it and you just might end up saving a life including your own.  Taking this class will transform you from an every day, average person to a potential hero. Instead of being like everyone else in an emergency situation, looking around trying to find someone who can actually help, you could quickly step in and take over the situation.  Everyone would be impressed, you will feel good about yourself and, most importantly, someone will continue living… all thanks to you.  Do yourself and those around you, loved ones or not, a favor and learn the basics of CPR and First Aid Training.>

The great thing about TRAIN LIKE YOU MEAN IT! is, not only are they focused on helping you become the absolute best version of yourself and meet your full potential, but they’re also incredibly charitable community driven.  They help out as much as they possibly can, holding fundraisers and donating to local charities such as Hope Ranch Ministries and The Arc Lane County Clothing Drive.  They will also gladly act as guest speakers at your workplace, school, or just about anywhere you’d like them to educate others on the importance of self-defense.

TRAIN LIKE YOU MEAN IT! is a business with heart!  They truly believe that personal responsibility and preparedness begins with the INDIVIDUAL and extends from there to the family, neighborhood and into the community.  THEY HOPE YOU NEVER HAVE NEED OF ANY OF THEM, BUT SHOULD YOU FIND YOURSELF OR YOUR LOVED ONES IN HARM’S WAY, THEY WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT YOU CAN REALISTICALLY DO…AND HOW TO DO IT!

Stop by for a ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL and see for yourself what it means to TRAIN LIKE YOU MEAN IT!Refuse To Be

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