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Talk About Rock


Hey all, BJ here.

Another week zipped right past and its time for your fave column, BJ’s 3 W’s.

A couple weeks ago I got a chance to see a very young and very awesome band perform and by young I mean the oldest band member is 17 and the youngest of them 13. I wrote a little about them in the column a few weeks back and now was given the opportunity to do a little talking to the singer of the band for the youngest band signed to Roadrunner Records.

When they came out on stage I thought the same thing probably any one would have seeing them for the first time… they are just babies. Those babies Rocked!!

Francheska Pastor 17 (18 on Aug. 1st) vocals/guitar (the oldest member) along with the 16 year old bass player Louey Peraza, 14 year old guitar player Mason Gainer and 13 year old drummer Aiden Marceron, the band Bad Seed Rising.

Hey, this is Francheska!


Francheska…Bad SeedRising | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: How long have you been singing?

Francheska Pastor: I have been singing pretty much all my life just for fun and just started taking vocal lessons only about 3 months ago.

EDN: Have you known the boys for long?

Francheska Pastor: I’ve known Mason and Aiden for about 2-3 years and met Louey on the first day of band practice.

Bad Seed Rising | photoby Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: Where are you from?

Francheska Pastor: I’m from Frederick, MD. the boys live closer to Baltimore, Aiden is about to move like really close to me.

Bad seed Rising | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: How does your education fit in?

Francheska Pastor: I left school after my sophomore year and graduated a few months ago so I could focus on the band. The boys all do their schooling through online classes.

Bad Seed Rising | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: Francheska how does it feels to be on stage in front of all those people(the fans) and to be on tour with Adelitas Way and Red?

Francheska Pastor: It feels abosolutely surreal to be on stage with my boys playing for the people! It feels even greater to get a reaction out of a brand new crowd we have never played in front of before! It was great to tour with Adelitas Way and Red they are all great guys and crew members were great too. It was really awesome chillin’ with everyone before and after the sets.

As a matter of fact in a week we head back out to tour once again with Adelitas way.

Bad Seed Rising | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: Tell us something about your songs.

Francheska Pastor: We all write them together and they are mostly relationship/emotion based themes, not just lover relationship but platonic or people we have met before. Over time and maybe on the next album, I’m hoping for the themes to become more about personal struggles, I want people to be able to relate to my lyrics and realize there is someone out there that knows what they are going through. I would also love to write about more worldly things such as humanity and life itself.

END: Talking about relationships… do you have a significant other?

Francheska Pastor: I myself do not have a significant other at this time, when Im in a relationship I find myself to be too emotionally invested and become distracted with stress and the relationship itself that I can’t even focus on the band. I’d rather live in the moment with my friends and family, make memories, focus on my career, rather than spend time on my phone making meaningless conversations with someone I’m only infatuated with.

Louey of Bad Seed Rising pounding the bass at Wow Hall | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: How do all of your parents fit in and feel about the band and your touring?

Francheska Pastor: The are all extremely supportive, there isn’t a day I take it for granted. We wouldn’t be where we are without them. We actually have 2 dads on tour with us, Mason’s and Aiden’s dads. They tour manage and get us from city to city and all that.

END: What bands have you been inspired by?

Francheska Pastor: On a personal level Dance Gavin Dance, Being as an Ocean, Issues and our local mates Marmozets. So rad to see other women tearing it up out there! Suprisingly I also take and interest in the Rap and R&B genre like Kendrick Lamar, Tyler, The Creator and J. Cole.

Mason on Guitar with Bad Seed Rising at Wow Hall | photo by Billie-Jo miller

EDN: As a band what has been your biggest challenge?

Francheska Pastor: The “biggest” challenge we face and on a regular basis, I use the word biggest loosely is having people take us seriously with our young ages.

I hope we get back to Eugene real soon. We had a great time!

EDN: Eugene looks forward to seeing Bad Seed Rising again!

Thank you Francheska! You Rock!

Now it’s time to see what’s happening this weekend… here come the 3 W’s, Where, When, What’s Happening!

Rock out with Dragstrip Superstar at Bugsy’s on Sat. the 11th. (Guest drummer John Troute)

Embers Supper Club: Fri. and Sat. Coupe de Ville.

Hi-Fi Music Hall: Fri. Foreverland, tribute to Michael Jackson.

Old Nicks pub: Fri. Full Lush, Skemata and X Boyfriends.

Sat. The Haymarket Squares, Small Leaks Sink Ships and The Crossroads Exchange.

The River Stop Restaurant and Sports Bar: Sat. Helmet Pony.

The Mohawk: Fri. Jet Harris and The Hotrod Hellcats and Sat. Rad Rangers.

Three Rivers Casino: Rock-n-roll with Frown Squad.

Wow Hall: Shellac, Shannon Wright; 8:30pm $13 & $15.

Happy Hours: Fri. Party with Johnny Wilde Band, featuring Scott Johansen beating on drums.

In Cottage Grove at the Village Green: on Fri. Tonewood Trio, Jazz. Sat. Gumbo Groove; – Fungrass.

The Axe and Fiddle: Fri. Farmhouse Odyssey, Maw Band. Psychedelic, pro-rock. Sat. Krystine Kills, Ismay -9pm ; alt-rock, $5

The Black Forest: Fri. King Ghidora-10pm and Sat. Bent Knee and Era Coda-9pm.

Mac’s: The Tommy Hagan band. Blues/funk. $7 starts at 8pm

Have a great and rocking weekend, ta ta for now!

As always please don’t drink and drive.




Let’s Rock the Weekend


Hey there it’s BJ.

Here’s “Where, When, Whats Happening(3 W’s) this 4th of July weekend!”

photo by Billie-Jo Miller
photo by Billie-Jo Miller

July 4th

Light of Liberty Celebration at Springfield’s Island Park, gates open at 4, kid zone, food, drink, music and fireworks… performances by Jimmy Bobby Band/4:30, Charley Snelling & Voodoo Chili /6pm and  headlining for the night is Chubby Checker at 8pm. Fireworks at 10pm.  Tickets $5at SUB’s Main office and Jerry’sHome Improvement Center(Eugene andSpringfield locations) $7 at the gate, kid’s 5 and under free and immediate familyof active Springfield military are free(spouse and children up to 4 free tickets). ID required.

July 4th

July 4th 2014 | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Dexter Lake Annual 4th of July celebration at Dexter Lake State park.

$10 donation per car/$2 walk in.

A day of music…Band list and time.

2-2:45pm Pleasant Hill Jazz.

3-3:45pm Koriolis Effect.

4-4:45pm Axis Salvation.

Axis Salvation
Axis Salvation Dexter Park 2014 | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

5-5:45pm Living The Dream.

6-6:30pm Peter Almeida (Missing Mass).

6:45-7:30pm Unaltered.

7:45-8:45pm Steel Wool.

photo by Billie-Jo Miller

9pm Fireworks and The Procrastinators.

The Procrastinators July 4th 2014, Dexter Lake | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Three Rivers Casino both Friday and Saturday: Code Red.

Mark Nash/Code Red at Dexter lake 4th of July 2014 | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Happy Hours:Fri. Justin Case and Sat. Rocktopia.

The River Stop Restaurant and Sports Bar: Fri. Haywire.

The Mohawk: Friday…BBQ Bash with Bulls On Parade.

Derek Zane | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Upper Mckenzie Community Center: Sat. the 4th of July: Dragstrip Superstar 8:30pm.

photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July weekend and please don’t drink and drive.












BJ’s 3 W’s


Hey there,

BJ here with this weekends 3 W’s.

What it is, where it is, when it is happening?

Rock~N Roll baby!

First up, Frown Squad! Join them for Rica’s B-Day BASH at the Mohawk 1501 Mohawk Blvd. in Springfield tonight(Fri.) starting at 9pm. Happy Birthday Rica!!

Tomorrow night(Sat.) at the Mohawk it’s the Rhythm Pimps. Rock, Funk, Punk, Reggae.

Cheap Truck
Cheap Truck note on Breana Cahoon’s shoes | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Next we have a very rare event happening… Derek, Jeff and Duke together for 2 nights! Thats right ladies and gents you heard here its Cheap Truck tonight(Fri.)at Happy Hours on River Rd. in Eugene and tomorrow(Sat.) night at the River Stop Restaurant and Sports Bar in Walterville. Good times!

Tonight(Fri) Bugsy’s in Junction city will be a Rock~n~Roll dance party with Piksix from 9pm to 1am! Join them and the Vender girls from Strolli’s Vodka and Hornetos Tequila for some great music and free merch! See ya there!

Tonight at Mac’s Restaurant and Night Club It’s Mark, Greg, Breana and Maynard… Yes it’s that awesome party band Code Red!  Dance, Dance, Dance!!  Staring at 8pm. Cover $5

Maynard, Greg, Breana and Mark. It’s Code Red! | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Tomorrow night at Mac’s its Blues, soul and rock with Heavy Chevy. Starts at 8pm. Cover $5

Embers both Fri and Sat. its Coupe de Ville. Rock.

The Black Forrest: Fri. Thom Simon, San Lorenzo, VCR at 9, Indie/pop. and Sat. Necryptic, Cruciation, Septic Burial, 9pm, Death Metal.

Sunday at the Cuthbert Ampitheater its Gordon Lightfoot tickets are $35-$55 starts at 7pm.

A little heads up to next Friday’s (the 19th) Wow Hall event… local band Black Powder County is in the line-up along with RED, Adelitas Way, Bad Seed Rising and McClinton!!! Purchase your tickets now for this show…they are going fast and its going to be a show you don’t want to miss! More on this next Week.

Have a great sunny weekend and talk to next Friday!















What’s up this Weekend?


BJ, with this weekend’s 3 W’s.

Where, When, What is Happening?

Our local music community has some of the most talented, devoted and fun musicians I have ever met. Music is the very center of what I do and even though I have seen most of the local musicians perform more then once, everytime I do I’m just as  amazed at the talent as the first time. You guys & girls ROCK!

Our friend and local music fan Cliff Cook says he really likes the comeradery, how they support each other and making their fans happy by involving them and listening to them, joining the crowds and also having guests sing or play with them. They do their best to give the fans what they want!

Cliff Cook and Kevin White | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Another fan Danelle Ralston who I have seen out at almost every show tells us she has known alot of them for 25-30 years, they have stayed here even though the places to play are getting fewer and fewer. They love the people, love to entertain and are very talented!

On with the Shows!!

Saturday at 7pm Spingfield Elks, 1701 Centenial Blvd. we hope you will join us for the Rockin’ Relay benefit concert for Eugene/Springfield Relay for Life. Featuring the rockin’ bands Bulls on Parade, Code Red and Piksix!!!  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at area Dairy Marts.

Breana Cahoon and Maynard Hull | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Mark Nash of Code Red says Code Reds involvement in Relay for Life is very personally rewarding for them and they feel honored to be a part of it. Either directly or indirectly, no one currently escapes cancer and the ACS just plain needs dollars to finish the fight!

Please join us in this fight in anyway you can. Lets’s Rock the Relay!

Mark Nash | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
Mike and Roger
Mike Trathen and Roger McConnell | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Friday the 15th.

Happy Hours: Rock with Alien Boy.

The Mohawk: Saturday dancing with Sattelite Jack.

Embers Supper Club: Red Thunder.

The Brewstation in Cottage Grove: Jazz with Don’t Feed the Zoona.

Three Rivers Casino: Live music from  Mr. Wizard.

Saturday the16th.

Happy Hours: Jen and the Generators.

Ember Supper Club: Red Thunder.

Mac’s Restaurant and Night Club: Blues with Hank Shreve Band.

The Mohawk: It’s night #2 with Sattelite Jack.

The Brewstation in Cottage Grove: Americana with Perfect Flavor.

Three Rivers Casino: 2nd night of live music with Mr. Wizard.

Riverstop Restaurant and Sports: Rock-n-Roll with Dragstrip Superstar.

Jeff Blaser | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Bass player for Dragstrip Superstar Jeff Blaser has this to say to you.

I (We) deeply appreciate all the support of our friends at the shows!! It’s my (our) honor and pleasure to add some entertainment to your lives, and at the end of the night, hope you’ve been satisfied, rewarded and  musically fulfilled. Thank you very much for your patronage! We need you as much or more then you need us!

Thank you Jeff!

Also thank you to Cliff Cook,  Danelle Ralston and MarkNash for being a part of this weeks 3W’s!!


Stefan McConnell | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
Derek and Jeff
Derek Zane and Jeff Blaser | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Hope you all have a great weekend and remember please don’t drink and drive.

Hugs, BJ




Where, When, What’s Happening?


BJ here with this weeks 3W’s

Here we are, another week has passed us by and the weekend looking us in the face. I bet your wanting some awesome R&R! (R&R = ROCK-N-ROLL)

Lets find something to do!

Friday and Saturday Rev up your engines and race over to the Dragstrip Superstar show at the Mohawk 1501 Mohawk Bvd. in Springfield for a Rock-n-Roll party with Superstars Derek Zane, Jeff Blaser, Scott Johansen and newest Superstar, non other then  Stefan McConnell himself. Ready…Set…GO!!!  Hope to see ya all there!

Scott Johansen / DragstripSuperstar | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
Derek and Jeff / Dragstrip Superstar | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Friday at Happy Hours 645 River Rd. in Eugene, Its your fave party band CODE RED!! Join Breana Cahoon and the boys, Mark Nash, Greg Montgomery, Maynard Hull for a dancing good time!

Code Red | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
Code Red | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Saturday once again join Code Red at the Three Rivers Casino in Florence for the Code Red Fundraiser concert benefitting the Florence Relay for Life. There will be a silent auction with local gift certificates, baskets, concert tickets and more! Donations for Relay for life will be accepted at the door in lieu of cover charge. Silent Auction 7:30 til 10pm and concert 8-10pm

Jennifer Brazil of Jen and the Generators | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
Kelly Asay
Kelly Asay of Jen and the Genertors | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
Jonathan Light of Jen and The Generators | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

At Bugsy’s 559 Ivy St. in Junction City Friday come rock out with The Amazing Jennifer Brazil, incredible Jonathan Light, unbelievable Ian Priestman and stupendous Kelly Asay, yes people its  Jen and the Generators!!! Come on and lets party! 9-1.

Saturday night at Bugsy’s its classic rock with The Valley Boys. 9-1

Embers Supper Club Friday and Sat. its Coupe de Ville.

Saturday at The Riverstop Restaurant and Sports Bar 39297 Mckenzie Highway its Variety rock with Thunder Road. 8pm-12am

David Nelson of Mr. Wizard | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

The Mill Casino’s Warehouse 101 : Its the rock-n-roll magic of Mr. Wizard!  Come on in and join the Mr. Wizard boys, Dave Bock, David Nelson, Tim Donahue and Jess Copeland for a rocking rolling party!

I hope you all have a great weekend and please remember don’t drink and drive.

hugs, BJ











BJ’s Where, When, Whats Happening!


Hey BJ here!

Hope you all had a great week.

Where, When, Whats Happening? Lots!

If your looking for something to do you will probably find it somewhere out there this weekend!

Starting with Friday at Happy Hours on River Rd. in Eugene we have 60’s & 70’s rock-n-roll with Beau Teak.

The Alien Boy… Roger, Kevin, Mike and John will be  Rocking your World from 8pm-12am The Riverstop Restaraunt and Sports bar 39297 McKenzie Highway. Get ready to have a Blast!

Alien Boys
Alien Boy | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
Roger McConnell of Alien Boy in action, Kevin White in the background | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

At Bugsy’s 559 Ivy St. in Junction city Friday its Country music and dancing fun with Haywire, Steve Benavides, Kurt Catlin, Chad Jensen, Michael Milosevich and Eddie Clark.

Saturday come Rock out with the AWEsomeness of Derek, Jeff, Scott, Pete and DRAGSTRIP SUPERSTAR! The Rock-n-Roll party begins at 9pm! Be there or be square!

Dragstrip Superstar
Dragstrip Superstar | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
Derek Zane
Derek Zane on fire | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
Pete Norman
Pete Norman of Dragstrip Superstar  | photo by Billie-Jo Miller


Embers Supper Club both Friday and Saturday its Classic Rock with Coupe de Ville!

This Friday at the Mohawk Tavern, 1501 Mohawk Blvd. in Springfield, guess the mystery beer and win the Mystery prize! A mysterious night of fun and music…with The KOZ!  Yes they are back both Friday and Saturday. So come on down and try your hand at guessing the Mystery beer and rock and roll with the KOZ!!!!

The Koz
The KOZ | photo by Billie-Jo Miller



Roy Eggleston
Roy Eggleston, The Koz | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
Mike Harrison, the Koz | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Mac’s Restaraunt and Nightclub: Daddy Rabbit’s CD release party 50’s & 60’s rock/originals starting at 8pm.

Lucky’s: Friday, Steel Toed Slippers and The Elena Leona Project and Saturday Sean Vegas and The Great Hiatum, starting at 10pm both nights.

At the Village Green in Cottage Grove its Heavy Chevy lite, acoustic blues, soul and rock-n-roll.

And that’s this weekend”s Where, When What’s Happening.

More interesting and fun local musician to talk to coming soon.

Hope you all have a fun Rock-n-Rolling weekend!!!!

Remember to be safe and please don’t drink and drive.










BJ’s : Where, When, What’s Happening!


Hello, BJ here with this weekend’s When, Where, What’s Happening.

Lets start right off with saying hello to this weekend’s local musician : Mark Nash.

Hello Mark.


Mark Nash
Mark Nash | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

How old were you when you starting playing music and what was it you first played?

I was 12 years old when i first started playing the tuba and my first teacher was band teachers for horns. Other then that I was self taught. I’ve been involved in music in one form or another since then, so… 36 years now.

What band are you in and what do you play in it?

I play Bass and sing with local party band Code Red.

What made you choose the bass?

I’m lazy and only want one note at a time so the bass fits my personality.

What other Instruments do/can you play?

I was a professional tuba player in the marines. Besides bass and tuba, I can also play piano, French horn, bass trombone, euphonium, bass drum and bass cowbell.

What other bands have you been a part of?

Code Red is my second band. Before that, it was a band (mostly) garage band called Saint Krampus. We had one gig… and broke up.

Mark Nash 1
Mark Nash playing with Code Red | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Who were your biggest influences?

All over the place. Rock, blues, classical, jazz, swing, symphonic, etc. Since I’m currently in a rock band. I’ll talk about those. There are so many great artists out there… Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Dream Theater, Rage Against The Machine, Rush, Kiss, Motley Crue, Stevie Ray Vaughan… way to many to list, but definately more in the hard rock/metal arena.

What do you think about the local musicians?

Of the musicians I am aware of, I know that there is a ton of talent out there and I feel very fortunate to be mixed into the thick of it. There are so many local musicians that we don’t ever hear or see, for one reason or another. I’d love to be able to spend the time to check them all out. Doing so helps me become better doing what I do.

Mark Nash | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

If you could sit in with any other local band who would it be?

Definately Satin Love Orchestra playing bass or trombone.

What do you love most about what you do?

Easy! All the people. Fans, dancers, other musicans.

Mark Nash at The Mohawk | photo by Billir-Jo Miller

Is there anything else you would like to say about yourself or your music?

I’m a nerd through and through. I get involved in the technical aspect of sound and light way more then my own instrument. I love hearing what other bands are doing… love going to catch other band’s shows and support the music scene beyond my own band when I can.

The music scene is thriving in the region and I’m so happy and feel very fortunate to be a part of it!

Thank you Mark Nash!

Unfortunately due to a scheduling mishap Mark Nash and Code Red won’t be playing this weekend but will be back in our 3 W schedule next weekend.

Code Red
Code Red band | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Now onto this weekend’s When, Where, What’s happening.

Bugsy’s 559 Ivy St. Junction City : Sat. Country Rock with Most Wanted.

The Cooler : Sat. Classic Rock by Heavy Chevy.

Cozmic: Sat. Soul with Monophonics.

Mac’s Restaurant & Night Club: Both Fri. & Sat. its Blues with Hank Shreve Band.

The Riverstop Restaurant and Sports Bar 39297 McKenzie HWY :  Country music with Haywire.

Piksix | photo by Bille-Jo Miller

The Mohawk 1501 Mohawk Blvd : Friday come on out for some Rockin Rollin with Piksix and help them in celebrating their drummers birthday(happy birthday Brandon Pinnell!) Meet the Fireball girls,get your $4 Fireball shots and swag! Piksix will be donating their tips to Relay for Life. If you didn’t get enough of Piksix on Friday night then you just got lucky because they will be back on Saturday!

Fireball Girls
Fireball Girls | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

The Mill Casino’s Warehouse 101: Frown Squad.

Saturday night at the Mcdonald Theatre its Grateful Dead tribute Dark Star Orchestra. Ticket price $30 at door, $25 advanced.


Spring Flower | photo by Billie-JO Miller

April fools day just passed and I was reminded about the time that my oldest daughter then about 13, now a mother of 7 herself decided to try the old sugar in the salt shaker April fools trick on me.  It worked of course better then she would have thought. The salt shaker was untouched until about a week later when I used it on a cup~o~noodle, by then she had totally forgotten about April fools day and when I took that first sugary bite and looked at her and said wow my noodles taste so sweet, she all of a sudden remembered why and started to laugh, then realized she had just shook the same salt shaker onto her own noodles ha ha ha April Fools!

Have a wonderful weekend and as always please don’t drink and drive.

Happy Easter!

See ya next time, BJ












BJ’s 3 W’s


Hey there everyone! It’s BJ here with this weekend’s 3 “W”s! (Who Where & When)

In the coming weeks, I’m going to be telling you a little about some of our local & very talented musicians here in the Eugene/Springfield area.

First up: Mr. Greg Montgomery from CODE RED

Mr Montgomery
Greg | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Greg is a guitarist who has been playing for 45 years. He started out wanting to play drums, but his mom thought they would “be too loud” so guitar it was! He says he outsmarted her,tho, because he can get much louder than a drummer!

Greg and Breana
Greg Montgomery and Breana Cahoon of Code Red playing together at The Mohawk | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Greg has had several great teachers including THE Joe Satriani, Jimmy Lyons of Eddie “2 Tickets to Paradise” Money band, Greg Douglass who played with Steve Miller, Mark Bonilla (Keith Emerson band) and John Cipollina of the Quicksilver Messenger Service. Greg grew up in the Bay area and many of these guys were playing in the same clubs as he was. Joe Satriani used to play in a band called The Squares, who Greg often played with.

Greg Montgomery at Whiskey River | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Greg,who in the past has played with Star Struck, Stormin’The Shirelles and local band Hard Drive,is now with CODE RED as lead guitarist/vocals and been with them for a year and 1/2 and “loves it!”

“Playing with these guys has been great. We work really hard and have nothing but fun…and love supporting other local bands. Dragstrip Superstar, Bulls on Parade, The Koz, Alien Boy, PikSix…. All great bands and great guys!” Greg says.

He “really loves the people he meets and the places he plays and feels very blessed to be a part of the local music community.

Code Red
Code Red | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

I asked Greg which of the local bands he would like to sit in with for a song or two:

“There are so many great musicians that I would like to play with! The guys in Mr. Wizard are phenomenal. Dave Bock, Tim Donohue and Dave Nelson are fantastic. The bands locally are so good that you would have a great time sitting in with most of them. Derek Zane of Dragstrip Superstar is really good and has a great sense of humor…and thats what I like! The McConnell brothers are scary good,too! The most important people are the people that support the music. Without supporters, we are nothing” Greg said.

Greg Montgomery on Guitar! | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

If you want to see Greg Montgomery and Code Red (Rocky Smith-keyboards/ guitar**Breanna Cahoon-Guitar/Vocals**Mark Nash -Bass/Vocals**Maynard Hull-Drums) in action, you can do that both tonight (Fri 27th) at The Grid-Iron 2816 Main Street, Springfield and tomorrow night (Sat 28th) at Bugsys 550 Ivy Street, Junction City. Saturday at Bugsys will also be the FireBall Party with the FireBall Girls, free stuff & swag and FireBall specials!

Greg Montgomery
Greg Montgomery | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Thanks to Greg Montgomery for being the first local music hero to introduce himself to all of us here on the interwebs!

Now here’s what else is goin’ on in these parts!

Tonight you can come on over and get your rock & roll on at Happy Hours on River Road in Eugene with Dragstrip Superstar (Derek Zane, Scott Johansen, Jeff Blaser and newest member Pete Norman)! Playing songs a little left of center with energy & humor… start around 8:30.

Dragstrip Superstar
Dragstrip Superstar | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Piksix will be Rockin’ the Hawk (The Mohawk tavern) on Mohawk Bld. in Springfield on Fri. and Sat.

PikSix | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Embers: Red Thunder both Fri. and Sat. Classic Rock.

Time Out tavern: Fri. E-Z Money. Rock, country and blues.

Mill Casino’s Warehouse 101: Fri. and Sat. its Rock and Roll with Toyz.

Three Rivers casino: Amy Clawson and Coltrane both Fri. and Sat.

Thats it for this episode of BJ’s 3 W’s

Have fun be safe and as always Don’t drink and drive.



BJ’s Weekend Report


Hello again, BJ here:

It’s Friday and time for your “Where, When and What’s Happening” for this weekend.

Erik House
Erik House of IB6-UB9 | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

I want to start this week’s 3 Ws with this: When you go out to see live music, what kind of music are you looking for: something different than usual or the same familiar/comfortable songs? The question asked by our own local artist Derek Zane was

“Why does a band play the same songs over and over and over… month after month…year after year?”

There were comments like this one from Roger McConnell of Alien Boy:

“It really doesn’t matter…what matters is to play with feeling” or this from IB6-UB9 bassist Erik House “Adding a few and dropping a few once in while can help keep you out of that ‘rut’…”

People like to dance to what they know, right? Of course but,what if, out of the blue, that well known local band did not play ANY of the same songs they did the last time they played?Would the fans that came in that night to see them stay or leave?  Well, most likely they would stay and continue to drink and dance and have a great time, but would they come back the next time?

Roger McConell
Roger McConell of Alien Boy | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

So the question here is… should the local bands keep playing only the songs they have been playing for years, should they change all their songs… or just some of them?

As a fan, I like to hear my favorite songs and would be a little disappointed if I did not hear that particular song I like so much, but if there are new songs thrown in randomly, I get excited. When a band starts playing a song that we all know, the dance floor fills up and thats what we want, right? The happier the dancers, the happier the band members, the more money the venue makes. And, of course, the more the venue makes, the better the chance of seeing that band return.

Personally, I like when bands add a couple new songs every couple shows by slowly replacing the songs that don’t get a great reaction with new stuff; see what gets fans on that dance floor. Problem solved, band and fans happy again!  So now everyone’s happy. Dancing enchantedly thru the forest with the wood elves and unicorns. Solved!

Mike Trathen
Mike Trathen of Alien Boy | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Learning a new song can be time consuming for the band members and yes, it seems a lot of extra work to learn something new just to find out the fans don’t really like that one just played…but isn’t learning the songs part of doing what you love to do?

Kevin White
Kevin White of Alien Boy | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

My opinion, and I am no expert – just a fan of many of the local bands here in Eugene/Sprinfield, is that change is good; it keeps things exciting, but keep the stuff that puts people on the dance floor. What do you think?

Thanks for the great topic for my column this week Derek Zane and I’ll see you and your band Dragstrip Superstar this weekend at Woody’s Cantina in Salem.

Derek Zane
Derek Zane of Dragstrip Superstar | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

With that said onto this weekends rockin’ n rollin’ and what nots:

If you missed them last weekend at the Mohawk or loved them so much that just 2 nights in a row wasn’t enough heres your chance to see that out of this world, stellar rock band again. Alien Boy will be invading Happy Hours on River rd. in Eugene on Friday the 24th. The invasion starts at 8:30 pm. On saturday the 25th also at Happy Hours at 8:30 pm its Rock and Roll from Rocktopia

Alien Boy
Alien Boy | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

If your headed out to the Mohawk this weekend, Piksix will be Rocking the place both Fri and Sat. starting at 9pm. Come on in watch the game (GO DUCKS!) and stay for the show!

Piksix | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

At Whiskey River Ranch its Colt Ford/Demun Jones on the Fri. the  24th ticket prices $15-$50. Bump in the road on Sat. the 25th.  $7 at the door.  Doors open at 7pm shows start at 9pm.

Embers Fri and Sat. night at 9pm both nights with classic rock from Coupe de Ville.

Saturday night at the Dexter lake club in Dexter is Sonic Bent with rock/jam and southern music.

At Luckeys this weekend its The Stagger and Sway, Taste and Beef Bottom on Fri. night and Sat. night Channel 3, The Soothsayers and and the Goggins. Starting at 10pm and  3 dollar drink specials from 9:30pm-10:30pm both nights.

If you drive a little North and find yourself oh i don’t know maybe anywhere near Salem this weekend you could always come join ME at Woodys in Salem  where both Fri. the 24th and Sat. the 25th you can have a rockin good time with  Dragstrip Superstar.

Jeff and Scott
Jeff Blaser and Scott Johansen of Dragstrip Superstar

If the coast is what your doing this weekend on Fri. and Sat. Oct. 24th and 25th you can get your Rock and Roll on with the Koz at the Mill Casino’ss Warehouse 101 in North Bend Or.

Zombies for the Thrill the World Eugene | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Remember also this Saturday the 25th at the Washington Jefferson park in Eugene at 3pm exactly the Thrill the World Eugene flashmod zombies will dance simultaneusly with other dancers all over the world to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Come on out and help us cheer on this years zombies!

Zombie Child
Mathew Sannes child zombie waiting to perform in last weeks zombie flashmob | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

And thats it from me and this weekends 3 W’s!

Have a great weekend be safe and remember don’t drink and Drive

— BJ