BJ’s : Where, When, What’s Happening!


Hello, BJ here with this weekend’s When, Where, What’s Happening.

Lets start right off with saying hello to this weekend’s local musician : Mark Nash.

Hello Mark.


Mark Nash
Mark Nash | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

How old were you when you starting playing music and what was it you first played?

I was 12 years old when i first started playing the tuba and my first teacher was band teachers for horns. Other then that I was self taught. I’ve been involved in music in one form or another since then, so… 36 years now.

What band are you in and what do you play in it?

I play Bass and sing with local party band Code Red.

What made you choose the bass?

I’m lazy and only want one note at a time so the bass fits my personality.

What other Instruments do/can you play?

I was a professional tuba player in the marines. Besides bass and tuba, I can also play piano, French horn, bass trombone, euphonium, bass drum and bass cowbell.

What other bands have you been a part of?

Code Red is my second band. Before that, it was a band (mostly) garage band called Saint Krampus. We had one gig… and broke up.

Mark Nash 1
Mark Nash playing with Code Red | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Who were your biggest influences?

All over the place. Rock, blues, classical, jazz, swing, symphonic, etc. Since I’m currently in a rock band. I’ll talk about those. There are so many great artists out there… Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Dream Theater, Rage Against The Machine, Rush, Kiss, Motley Crue, Stevie Ray Vaughan… way to many to list, but definately more in the hard rock/metal arena.

What do you think about the local musicians?

Of the musicians I am aware of, I know that there is a ton of talent out there and I feel very fortunate to be mixed into the thick of it. There are so many local musicians that we don’t ever hear or see, for one reason or another. I’d love to be able to spend the time to check them all out. Doing so helps me become better doing what I do.

Mark Nash | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

If you could sit in with any other local band who would it be?

Definately Satin Love Orchestra playing bass or trombone.

What do you love most about what you do?

Easy! All the people. Fans, dancers, other musicans.

Mark Nash at The Mohawk | photo by Billir-Jo Miller

Is there anything else you would like to say about yourself or your music?

I’m a nerd through and through. I get involved in the technical aspect of sound and light way more then my own instrument. I love hearing what other bands are doing… love going to catch other band’s shows and support the music scene beyond my own band when I can.

The music scene is thriving in the region and I’m so happy and feel very fortunate to be a part of it!

Thank you Mark Nash!

Unfortunately due to a scheduling mishap Mark Nash and Code Red won’t be playing this weekend but will be back in our 3 W schedule next weekend.

Code Red
Code Red band | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Now onto this weekend’s When, Where, What’s happening.

Bugsy’s 559 Ivy St. Junction City : Sat. Country Rock with Most Wanted.

The Cooler : Sat. Classic Rock by Heavy Chevy.

Cozmic: Sat. Soul with Monophonics.

Mac’s Restaurant & Night Club: Both Fri. & Sat. its Blues with Hank Shreve Band.

The Riverstop Restaurant and Sports Bar 39297 McKenzie HWY :  Country music with Haywire.

Piksix | photo by Bille-Jo Miller

The Mohawk 1501 Mohawk Blvd : Friday come on out for some Rockin Rollin with Piksix and help them in celebrating their drummers birthday(happy birthday Brandon Pinnell!) Meet the Fireball girls,get your $4 Fireball shots and swag! Piksix will be donating their tips to Relay for Life. If you didn’t get enough of Piksix on Friday night then you just got lucky because they will be back on Saturday!

Fireball Girls
Fireball Girls | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

The Mill Casino’s Warehouse 101: Frown Squad.

Saturday night at the Mcdonald Theatre its Grateful Dead tribute Dark Star Orchestra. Ticket price $30 at door, $25 advanced.


Spring Flower | photo by Billie-JO Miller

April fools day just passed and I was reminded about the time that my oldest daughter then about 13, now a mother of 7 herself decided to try the old sugar in the salt shaker April fools trick on me.  It worked of course better then she would have thought. The salt shaker was untouched until about a week later when I used it on a cup~o~noodle, by then she had totally forgotten about April fools day and when I took that first sugary bite and looked at her and said wow my noodles taste so sweet, she all of a sudden remembered why and started to laugh, then realized she had just shook the same salt shaker onto her own noodles ha ha ha April Fools!

Have a wonderful weekend and as always please don’t drink and drive.

Happy Easter!

See ya next time, BJ












Here Comes The Weekend


Hi there, BJ here.

Welcome to Where, When and Whats Happening for this Weekend.

Many years ago when I was a teenager my whole family (even my 2 year old baby sister (Melissa) had these cards with numbers on them that you could pick up at the local AM radio station, the radio station would randomly call numbers and if you had the matching numbers you would win some random prize. I came home from school one day to find out my 2 year old sister’s number got called for Cheap Trick concert tickets. She was obviously not interested in Cheap Trick so I became the proud owner of my very first concert tickets ever. Yahoo! I went to that Cheap trick concert and I was hooked! Over the years I have seen so many Rock and Roll shows that i couldnt even start to remember them all. Thank you  Missy for winning those tickets when you were just a baby.

“Mommys alright,daddys alright, they just seem a little weird”…

Leaving the past behind, now on with present, lets meet another local musician.

Kevin White
Kevin White | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Kevin White, guitar player for the band Alien Boy.

Kevin who was always fascinated with the guitar and can remember wandering the neighborhood with a stick or tennis racquet air guitaring it, started playing when he got his first real guitar for his 18th birthday and has been playing now for 36 years with a 16 year break to raise his son.  Never a lesson, completely self taught and plays strictly by ear, Kevin says some of his biggest influences were George Lynch, Ronny Montrose and Jimmy Page.

Kevin White
Kevin White playing with Alien Boy | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Kevin says there must have been a reason for those air guitar antics as a boy, he is having the time of his life musically ,

“I have my Dream Team around me and have just started recording our first studio album.”

He is also working on his original, solo project called “Pulse”

He  likes to know that everyone is on the same page if performing for an audience and not just winging it and says we are very lucky to have such incredibly talented musicians locally and would love to Jam with any of them.

Thank you Kevin for being a part of my column this week.

Kevin White | photo by Billie-Jo Miller


If you want to see Kevin in action along with the other members of Alien Boy, Roger McConnell, Mike Trathen and John Troute, they are playing tonight at The Gridiron on Main street in Springfield.

Dragstrip Superstar
Dragstrip Superstar | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Tonight(Friday) Dragstrip Superstar will be playing at the Upper McKenzie community center. There will be a  spaghetti dinner starting at 5pm ($10 per plate) to help recoup the cost of thier new stage.  Music during dinner by John Gray and Mark Stuart. Dragstrip Superstar starts after dinner.

Scott Johansen
Scott Johansen drummer for Dragstrip Superstar | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Gridiron: Alien Boy, Friday.

Bugsys: Jen and the Generators, Friday.

Jen and the Generators
Jen and the Generators | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

The Riverstop in Walterville: Piksix, Friday.

The Mohawk: Code Red, Friday and Saturday.

Mark Nash
Code Reds, Mark Nash | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

The Mill Casino: Saturday Night Orphans, Friday and Saturday

Again thank you so much Kevin White!

See you all next week and please don’t drink and drive.




BJ’s 3 W’s


Hey there everyone! It’s BJ here with this weekend’s 3 “W”s! (Who Where & When)

In the coming weeks, I’m going to be telling you a little about some of our local & very talented musicians here in the Eugene/Springfield area.

First up: Mr. Greg Montgomery from CODE RED

Mr Montgomery
Greg | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Greg is a guitarist who has been playing for 45 years. He started out wanting to play drums, but his mom thought they would “be too loud” so guitar it was! He says he outsmarted her,tho, because he can get much louder than a drummer!

Greg and Breana
Greg Montgomery and Breana Cahoon of Code Red playing together at The Mohawk | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Greg has had several great teachers including THE Joe Satriani, Jimmy Lyons of Eddie “2 Tickets to Paradise” Money band, Greg Douglass who played with Steve Miller, Mark Bonilla (Keith Emerson band) and John Cipollina of the Quicksilver Messenger Service. Greg grew up in the Bay area and many of these guys were playing in the same clubs as he was. Joe Satriani used to play in a band called The Squares, who Greg often played with.

Greg Montgomery at Whiskey River | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Greg,who in the past has played with Star Struck, Stormin’The Shirelles and local band Hard Drive,is now with CODE RED as lead guitarist/vocals and been with them for a year and 1/2 and “loves it!”

“Playing with these guys has been great. We work really hard and have nothing but fun…and love supporting other local bands. Dragstrip Superstar, Bulls on Parade, The Koz, Alien Boy, PikSix…. All great bands and great guys!” Greg says.

He “really loves the people he meets and the places he plays and feels very blessed to be a part of the local music community.

Code Red
Code Red | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

I asked Greg which of the local bands he would like to sit in with for a song or two:

“There are so many great musicians that I would like to play with! The guys in Mr. Wizard are phenomenal. Dave Bock, Tim Donohue and Dave Nelson are fantastic. The bands locally are so good that you would have a great time sitting in with most of them. Derek Zane of Dragstrip Superstar is really good and has a great sense of humor…and thats what I like! The McConnell brothers are scary good,too! The most important people are the people that support the music. Without supporters, we are nothing” Greg said.

Greg Montgomery on Guitar! | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

If you want to see Greg Montgomery and Code Red (Rocky Smith-keyboards/ guitar**Breanna Cahoon-Guitar/Vocals**Mark Nash -Bass/Vocals**Maynard Hull-Drums) in action, you can do that both tonight (Fri 27th) at The Grid-Iron 2816 Main Street, Springfield and tomorrow night (Sat 28th) at Bugsys 550 Ivy Street, Junction City. Saturday at Bugsys will also be the FireBall Party with the FireBall Girls, free stuff & swag and FireBall specials!

Greg Montgomery
Greg Montgomery | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Thanks to Greg Montgomery for being the first local music hero to introduce himself to all of us here on the interwebs!

Now here’s what else is goin’ on in these parts!

Tonight you can come on over and get your rock & roll on at Happy Hours on River Road in Eugene with Dragstrip Superstar (Derek Zane, Scott Johansen, Jeff Blaser and newest member Pete Norman)! Playing songs a little left of center with energy & humor… start around 8:30.

Dragstrip Superstar
Dragstrip Superstar | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Piksix will be Rockin’ the Hawk (The Mohawk tavern) on Mohawk Bld. in Springfield on Fri. and Sat.

PikSix | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Embers: Red Thunder both Fri. and Sat. Classic Rock.

Time Out tavern: Fri. E-Z Money. Rock, country and blues.

Mill Casino’s Warehouse 101: Fri. and Sat. its Rock and Roll with Toyz.

Three Rivers casino: Amy Clawson and Coltrane both Fri. and Sat.

Thats it for this episode of BJ’s 3 W’s

Have fun be safe and as always Don’t drink and drive.



Kenjon Barner’s historic night caps Oregon’s barn-burning win over USC

LOS ANGELES — Kenjon Barner had barely left the locker room when the cameras caught sight of his mohawk. Media surged around him, hot lights from the cameras drawing fresh beads of sweat on his brow. Barner took a step back from the glare and hit the concrete wall behind him.

For the first time all night, Oregon’s senior running back was corralled.

On Saturday night, No. 4 Oregon cruised past No. 17 USC on the sturdy legs of Barner, who broke the school’s single-game rushing record with 321 yards and five touchdowns on 38 carries. And the Riverside, Calif., native did it all near his hometown in front of his best friend and the record’s former holder, LaMichael James. Just don’t ask Barner about it.

“We know we have an exceptional offense, but this was a great test for us to have to play four quarters and fight to the end,” Barner said after the game, characteristically deflecting the praise. “We’re going to benefit from this in the long run. As a competitor, you want to be in a great game if you can.”

Barner’s touchdown bonanza began in the second quarter, with a surgical 27-yard dissection of USC’s linebackers and secondary. Scoring runs of five, five, nine and 22 would soon follow.

“I think he deserves the Heisman,” James said after the game. “Anytime your best friend can break your record, it means more … If (the Ducks) weren’t beating teams so bad, I don’t know what would happen, he’d probably have 2,000 yards right now.”

The unbeaten Ducks (9-0, 6-0 Pac-12) exploded even more than usual on offense. Barner’s 300-plus effort didn’t even cover half of Oregon’s school-record 730 yards of total offense. Freshman quarterback Marcus Mariota was nearly flawless in the most hostile road environment he’s ever played in, going 20-for-23 for 304 yards and four touchdowns. And on the other side of the ball, USC also had a prolific offensive day. Sophomore sensation Marqise Lee again torched the Ducks, this time for 157 yards and a score on 12 catches, and All-American Trojans quarterback Matt Barkley threw for five touchdowns and nearly 500 yards.
But it was Barner who made this game memorable. The three-year backup who running backs coach Gary Campbell called “reluctant to lead” last year has ignited a campaign for the Heisman Trophy and proved he has all the durability of his former teammate James, and then some. Not to mention, he did it after the national spotlight turned his way following a profile with the New York Times.

“He’s a warrior. He’s had an unbelievable impact on this team,” head coach Chip Kelly said after the game. “I’m just really glad he came back for his senior year.”

Even Barner’s defensive teammates were impressed by his output.

“It’s an art to see an athlete do that,” Oregon linebacker Michael Clay said after the game. “To go down in his hometown and put up three bills and five touchdowns … that’s unheard of.”

Barner and the rest of the Oregon offense now face a Cal defense giving up 165 yards on average on the ground.

May 16 – Evening Update


The Evening Update for May 16th:

Tim Chuey: Slight (20%) chance of afternoon and evening thunderstorms, mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of showers late at night (under 0.10 in. of rain possible, more in thunderstorms), a slight (20%) chance of showers in the AM, a good (50%) chance of showers Tuesday afternoon (under 0.10 in. of rain possible).

Who is funding campaigns for and against city income tax?
The groups campaign for and against Eugene’s proposed city income tax for schools raised over $170,000 combined.

Oregon House approves child prostitution crackdown
A proposal to impose harsh fines on people who pay to have sex with minors is on its way to Oregon’s governor.

Ballot deadline nears on dozens of Oregon measures
Oregon voters are deciding whether to pay higher taxes to keep teachers in classrooms and inmates in jails.

Lane County Agencies Receive Homeless Grants
Two Lane County programs will share more than $150000 in funding to combat homelessness. The Department of Housing and Urban Development is handing out the grants.

Mohawk, Springfield crews recognized for saving woman’s life
The windstorms that swept across the southern Willamette Valley on March 13 left tens of thousands of people without power – and trapped a women under a 130-foot tall Douglas-fir tree that came crashing down across her home.

Springfield Superintendent Requests 5% Pay Cut
Springfield School Superintendent Nancy Golden has asked to a five percent pay cut to help with the district’s ailing budget, despite receiving high marks from the Springfield School Board. – thats called stepping up. –ed.

Do criminals know the police schedule for Veneta?