Mr. Wizard

What’s Up This Weekend?


Hey all, BJ here, with “Where, When, Whats Happening this weekend.

One hand out to the side palm up fingers bent a little, the other hand down in front about waist high bent at the elbow, ready… set… bend forward a little aaand GO! “Weeeee! Widdly widdly widdly waaaahhh weeee waaaahhhh widdle widdle widdle widdly waaahhh!”

Cliff Cook | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Bring on the weekend!

Lets start  it out with 5 killer bands, yes 5 of them all at one place all on the same night, RED, Adelitas Way, Bad Seed Rising, McClinton and our own local band Black Powder County!  WOW Hall, 291 W. 8th ave. in Eugene. Doors open at 7pm… advanced tickets $16, $20 at the door.

I listened in on Black Powder County live and acoustic on FM 101.5 KFLY. You ROCK!!! See you tonight at WOW Hall tonight.

Friday and Saturday Red Thunder at Embers Supper Club.

Hi-Fi Music Hall: Friday Grieves with Greyskul(hip hop). In the Hi-Fi lounge its The Donkeys(indie rock).

Saturday: Melvin Seals and JGB and in the lounge The Expanders(Raggae,soul,funk).

The River stop Restaraunt and Sports Bar: Sat. Big Mountain Country.


Piksix returns to Happy Hours Fri. Fun times will happen there!

Bugsy’s: Sat. Mister Wizard will rock the house!

Mohawk : Alien Boy, 2 nights of rock-n-roll good times!!  Fri. and Sat.

Alien Boy | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Back at the Westside Station in Salem: Dragstrip Superstar both fri. and Sat. night. AWEsomeness will happen!

Dragstrip Superstar | Photo byy Billie-Jo Miller

At the Black Forrest: Fri. The Real Smoothies, Sun Pillar, Oblio-9pm Indie/pop.

Sat. Hyper Sloth,Big Bad, Electric Funeral-9pm; prog-rock

Sun. Spiderwold, Deathhorse, Number Station, The Shifts-8:30; Post,prog,punk.

At the Village Green in Cottage Grove: Fri. Nariah Hart, Sat, AMPT/Neriah Hart. and Sunday, Dave Bach.

Saturday afternoon(tomorrow, 6/20) 12:30-4:30 Mister Wizard at Alton Baker Park for the Epic Oregon Relay. Kids welcome.

Also Sat. …Robert Blair and the All-Stars, Soul Deception, Code Red, The Blue Shades, Middle Eastern dance by Raks Souzana : Play to Pay benefit at the Masonic lodge 2777 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Back next week … Rock On!


Scott Johansen | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Have a fun this weekend and remember please don’t drink and drive.







BJ’s “Meet the Musicians”


Hello BJ here…

This week lets get to know the beautiful and very talented Breana Cahoon singer for Code Red.

Breana Cahoon
Breana Cahoon | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Breana grew up in the little town of Seeley Montana and moved here to the Eugene/Sprinfield area two years ago.

Breana | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

When did you first start singing?

I don’t know the exact age, I pretty much grew up singing the songs in my head since I can remember, started lessons at 9 and it was game over, I was hooked!

Why did you want to be a singer?

If you know me then you know I’m not quiet, it just came natural to me at a young age.

Breana downtown Eugene photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Do you play any instruments?

I play some piano and I wanted to learn to play guitar for a long time, finally I put my time into it when my husband who has been very supportive of me and my music bought my Epiphone for Christmas a few years back, I had no reason not to learn at that point. With the help of a few friends and lots of You Tube videos later I can now say I play a little guitar!

Did you take lessons or are you self taught?

Both realIy,  I started plucking away at the piano we had in our house and singing along with the radio when I was really young. My grandpa heard me playing around one day and decided I should take lessons. Piano lessons for a year, vocal lessons of all sorts for 10 years. All of which were in Montana where I grew up.

Singing is my #1. I was lucky enough to have amazing parents who put up with my many lessons as a kid, from Jazz, to country, to Opera, I studied and sang it all.

Bre again
Breana Cahoon | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Who were your biggest influences?

I have several influences!

I grew up listening mostly to the radio when my mom dropped me off at school. She was the start of my musical influences. Her favorites were anywhere from Matchbox Twenty to Collective Soul, from Tom Jones to Shania Twain, from The Beatles to The Beach boys, from Fleetwood Mac to Heart. I love and still love a variety of music. Personally I have too many influences to just pick one.  Eden Atwood was probably the most influentual teacher I had.

Tell us how you feel about being a part of the band Code Red and are there other bands you have been in?

The guys are crazy awesome! I have so much fun being a part of the band and  so thankful for Mark, Greg and Maynard for letting me join them, they put alot of faith in me and I cannot thank them enough. Mark and his wife came into the store where I work one day to buy a pair of jeans, we got to talking, I told him how I used to sing back home and missed it. He told me to come see his band play that night and sing a song with them and I did. Thats how Code Red began for me.  Before Code Red it was mostly solo gigs and a couple of small town bands back in Montana where I lived.

Breana 1
Breana | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

What do you think about our local musicians?

I have not had a chance to see too many of the local bands yet, of those I have all are very inviting and so talented,  my plans are to see as many as I can whenever I get a free night.  I have seen The Koz band play and it was awesome and can’t wait to see more. Looking forward to seeing Zeperella and Hells Bells, I love watching kickass woman rock out! I’m all about that!

On stage
Breana Cahoon perfoming at the Emerald Valley events center | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

What do you love most about what you do?

Everything! I love Music plain and simple. I got lucky running into the right people here to get me going and now get to do what I love all the time.

Breana with Code Red
Breana Cahoon with Mark Nash & Greg Montgomery. (Code Red) | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Do you have anything else you want to add about yourself and music?

Wow, so much. To keep it simple… Music is what keeps me sane in this crazy world we all live in. It’s my stress reliever, my vice, my hobby, and so much more.

There you have it… Breana Cahoon!

Thank you very much Breana for letting us get to know you!

If you want to see Breana and the boys of Code Red in action they will be at the Mohawk Tavern 1501 Mohawk Blvd. both Fri. and Sat. nights!  Fireball Party Friday with the Fireball Girls!  Lyman’s Birthday Bash on Saturday!

Code Red
Code Red at The Emerald Valley events center | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

So what else is going on this weekend you ask?  Lets find out right now.

This weekends Where, When, Whats Happening!

Happy Hours 645 River Rd. in Eugene. On Friday It’s Rock and Roll time with the boys of Drastrip Superstar (Derek Zane, Scott Johansen, Jeff Blazer, Pete Norman). Saturday night its Leon, Doug and Jeff with the “Splat!” (formerly, Justin Case). Starting at 8:30 both nights.

Embers Supper Club: Fri. & Sat. dancing with Red Thunder.

Mac’s Restaurant & Night club: Fr. Ty Curtis (Rockin blues). Sat. Lilla D’mone(Soul, R&B, Pop).

Yukon Jacks, 4th and Broadway, Veneta : for  boot scootin’ fun its Most Wanted both Fri. and Sat.

Bugsys Bar 559 Ivy St. in Junction City: Fun times with Mr Wizard on Sat.(rock & roll).

There you have it… some fun things to do!

Remember be safe and please don’t drink and drive.














Night on the Town


FRIDAY – Night On The Town


Trying to find GOOD quality music in this town is a lot like trying to find a straight guy/gal in San Fransisco.  You know they exist… but WHERE?!

Mr. Wizard

Accepting an invitation of a friend, I went see MR. WIZARD at the Mohawk Tavern last night. This tavern seemed like it ought to to have peanut shells on the floor. Reminded me of a dive bar in L.A. I played at once. I’ve known many musicians who have sat in with this band over the years, but never heard the band.  I’m glad I finally heard these guys.  The band made up for the horrible server affectionately known by my friends as “Ms. I SUCK,” (I don’t ask, she doesn’t tell), I listened while the band played some Alice in Chains, Led Zepplin, even Loverboy.  The band was tight, and played well.  The crowd there seemed to enjoy dancing to the band instead of simply playing pool. The Tavern was a good place to hear live music and hang with friends.  Given the chance, go see Mr. Wizard.  You won’t be disappointed.

Sol Riot

Tonight will find me taking advantage of the $2 Jameson and Crater Lake Vodka shots starting at 10pm over at Luckey’s.  Sol Riot, while they’re not bad musicians, lead singer sounds like Phillip Oakey (lead singer for the band Human League) on morphine with a nail driven deep into his foot.  He does it well, if you like that kind of sound. I will buy a shot to the first person who posts otherwise here, who is not in the band that is.  Strum Theory will also be playing at Luckey’s.  I’m anxious to hear this band who has been touted as sounding like a sprinkle of Dave Matthews with a dash of Led Zeppelin.

Was going to stop by Happy Hours also since I’m out that way to hear the band Lost Highway.  Cool thing about this band is that I will know all the words to the songs they play!  They are a feel good band and do well.  Besides, I want to size up the room to see how Stephan McConnell’s band, FUNGI, will do there next Saturday night. Later my driver will take me over to Goodfella’s to listen to Monolith; hopefully they will be able to excite me.  If not who’s buying the shots?