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Saturday Night on the Town


Night on the Town – SATURDAY –

Game day Saturday!  Hooray!  And welcome ESPN and their crew!  Lots of new folks to our Emerald City tonight!  With tonight’s game a home game and the betting line favoring the Ducks by 15 points,  you will want to party tonight afterwards.

If you don’t have a ticket you can still catch the game at Goodtimes, Quakers, Sam’s Place, The SideBar,  Prime Time, or even Whiskey River Ranch just to name a few.  At the Whiskey River Ranch,” if on a kick-off Oregon returns for a TD somebody wins $1000. They give out tickets to everyone in the bar!” Could be kinda cool winning an easy $1000 tonight!  I’d make sure to get there early to get a good seat.

The Dead Americans   photo courtesy Dead Americans FB page
The Dead Americans photo courtesy Dead Americans

Thankfully, like usual, we have some pretty entertaining music to hear tonight.  The female fronted band, The Dead Americans  are headlining at Luckey’s tonight.  Fronted by Kyra Kelly with guitarist Zach Johnson this five piece create unique punk, metal, rock songs rich in social commentaries and haunting harmonies.  They are playing with Hot Drama!.  Hot Drama! is a riot.  I love this trio with their rich flavor of raunch-rock-n-roll.  Their songs Boyfriend and No Brainer sound so much like early Blondie.  Besides, defining themselves as gossip rock … well, that’s simply brilliant.

Diva Simone Slaughter   photo courtesy SS FB page
Diva Simone Slaughter photo courtesy SS

If you’re in the mood for some entertainment of a completely different ilk, than, make your way over to John Henry’s.  Tonight  kicks off their G.L.A.M’s first bi-monthly dance party.  Now, each first and third Saturday you can shake your groove thang.  This should be a ball!  If you feel like dressing up then, come dressed to impress.   Scheduled performances tonight are by Diva Simone Slaughter, Karress Ann Slaughter, and Vegas Platinum who all have some “pretty amazing” things in store for tonight… hmmm… wonder what THAT could be???  It will be terrific to get some good make-up hints from these gals as well as maybe the hook up on a good pair of boots!  These gals put me to shame in the make-up department!  Shazam!

Where else in town can you  check out “The G.L.A.M. Squad” on the stage shaking their backside for your viewing pleasure?

And in case you are one of the few folks who’ve not heard about the new WILL CALL feature on Eugene Daily News, we’ve got your hook up to free shows.  This week we’ve got tickets the Thursday night show at the WOW Hall with The Head and the Heart, Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, and Lemolo.  Also a free pair of tickets to the Sunday night show Passafire with Tatanka.  Check it out here.

Well, supposed I better get to reading the hate blog that’s going around about me that I was just notified of this morning.   Now, THAT is some gut-busting entertainment!  Where the hell is my shot glass?  I’m sure it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

I will see you out there! GO DUCKS!



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Original Music

Sick Ass Saturday, metal   Goodfella’s   9pm
Pairabowls   Diablos   10pm
Jesse Meade   June    9pm
The Longshots, Flapper Dan   Maize Lounge   10pm
Kemosabe, Ape Machine, Witch Mountain  metal, rock   Oak St. Speakeasy  10pm
Taken by Tigers, Hero Explains the Ghost, alternative,   Quackers  11pm
Monitor, Joe Savage, Autumn Rose, rock   Sam Bond’s   6pm
Eddie Bodine & the Drifting Pines, folk, blues   Tiny Tavern    9pm
Devil Apes, Love Lightning, acoustic    Wandering Goat   9pm
$5   IlGato, Mood Area 52, acoustic   Sam Bond’s   9:30
$3  Bryan Minus, Great Hiatum, Renaissance Raven, indie rock
Agate Alley Bistro   10pm
$5  Whispering Pines, Rogue Valley, bluegrass, Axe & Fiddle   9pm
$5  The Acorn Project, The Koozies, rock   Cozmic Pizza   9pm
$5  Tribal Spectrum   Granary   10pm
$5   The Dead Americans, Hot Drama, Radion   rock, grunge,  Luckey’s  10pm

Cover & Tribute Bands

UB9   Happy Hours   9pm
The Valley Boys, rock and roll,   Mohawk Pub   9pm
Joybox   Spirits   9pm

Blues, Jazz & Country

$8  The Strangetones,  blues, Mac’s at the Vet   9pm
$5  Bump in the Road, rock, country   Whiskey River Ranch   9pm
$10 – $25  Hot Club Eugene   benefit, acoustic swing, Jazz Station 8pm

Dance, DJ, Hip Hop, Other

Ladies Night, Conways   9pm
“Sup!” w/Sassy Mouff, Michael Human & Guests, top 40   Cowfish   9:30pm
DJ J-Will, dance mix, Doc’s Pad   8pm
Retro    Embers   9pm
DJ Crown, hip hop, dance   Taylor’s Bar & Grille   10pm

Friday Night on the Town


Night on the Town  – FRIDAY –

Tonight there is plenty of opportunity for you to be livin’ large getting your groove on.  Bundle up, as it’s going to be a chilly one, but layers are fun!  I was so happy I found myself a nice red cashmere sweater last weekend during my inspirational shopping trip.  Nothing like a nice large warm cashmere sweater to keep a gal warm on these cold fall nights!

Some layers and good boots would be perfect for checking out The Lone Pine’s Haunted Maze tonight.  It’s going to still be dry for a bit… and tonight would be a great night to avoid the long lines and crowds.  With the Halloween celebration two weeks out, this is one of those fun things to do NOW.   With spooky trails the large HAUNTED CORN MAZE is complete with live spooks and lots of surprises lurking in the corn.  Heck!  I’m always up for a good scare.  Giving one, that is!  Will be fun to see how many spooks I can scare!  Ha!

There is so much music to see tonight!  There is everything from metal, to rock to pop to acoustic Americana.  All just depends on what you’re in the mood for. Out in Springfield at Goodfella’s is the band We Have Guns.  With their self-titled debut CD released less than a month ago, the boys in the metal band We Have Guns will be shredding it up tonight at Goodfella’s along with Explod-a-tron and Reason to Rock.  If you’re up for some in-your-face metal, than this is your ticket.

The Sugar Beets   photo courtesy Daniel Soule
The Sugar Beets photo courtesy Daniel Soule

But if metal ain’t your bag baby, well, there’s plenty of other kinds of music out there to help you get your groove on.  My friend Marty Chilla (Loveseat Concrete) is playing tonight at Territorial Winery, with the Side of Beets Trio, a post-modern nordic soul band.  Matt Keenan on stand up bass with Megan Bassett on vocals, and Chilla on guitar and vocals. Chilla tells me “Tonight we rage again!!!”   Early show at 7pm which is free.   Woo Hoo!  Who couldn’t use some good wine, and some good music to get the evening off to a good start?  Of course if you’re in the mood for a little bit of psychedelic, jam rock n’ roll, you’ll want to head over to Sam Bond’s tonight to catch Blue Lotus.

As for me?  I will be joining the WILL CALL winner at the WOW Hall tonight for a pretty cool show.  Not sure what WILL CALL is?  Check it out here.  The Eugene-based electronica band, Jultopia, will be performing along with Adventure Galley, White Arrows and AND AND AND.

White Arrows  photo courtesy WA Reverb Nation
White Arrows photo courtesy White Arrows Reverb Nation page

I’m really looking forward to hearing the band White Arrows.  Touted as “not just another White band,” this garage rock synth pop band is from L.A. and has been touring with such well-knowns as Those Darlins, Portugal the Man, Cults and White Denim.  Their genre can only be described best as (they say) Alternative / Tropical Crunk / Equatorial Soul. Their latest single Get Gone is a catchy tune that makes me want to hear more.

Adventure Galley is a great accompanying band for tonight’s line up.  With strong guitar riffs and punchy drums this band reminds me a lot of the band The Cars in that Adventure Galley is edgy and poppy and very kick-ass with their music.  It’s going to be GREAT watching these guys.

The AND AND AND band, from Portland formed in 2009 and is a 6 piece ” band of thieves and gypsies that play rock music that could possibly be compared to The Kinks and Pavement thrown into a blender and left for several days in the sun.”  They must be doing something right as they made their way into last year’s PDX Pop Now! Festival.

I had best get on with it already and get myself put together.  I have a very large lunch that I still need to finish up, head over to my massage appointment and then meet my new driver… Well, I’ll be out there tonight.  Hope to see YOU (yes… I’m talking to YOU!) out there too!


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Original Music

$5  Barefoot Leroy, Satori Bob, Americana   Axe & Fiddle  8:30pm
Klezmonauts   Cornucopia   10pm
$10   Russell Batiste & Friends   Diablos  10pm
Keaton Simons & Michael Tolcher   Granary   7pm    Brimstone Sound w/DJ Crown   10pm
We Have Guns, Explodatron, Reason to Rebel, rock   Goodfellas   9pm
$5  Sam Hahn, Craig Chee, Jesse Meade,Americana, acoustic, uke    Luckey’s   10pm
Mudpuppy   Maize Lounge   10pm
The Essentials, Thumptown   soul/funk   Oak St. Speakeasy   9pm
$5  Blue Lotus, Lewi Longmire   Sam Bond’s   9:30pm
Christie & McCallum   americana   Tiny Tavern   9:30pm
Ferns, Purple Sparrows   indie   Wandering Goat   9pm
Jason Cowsill   alt-country rock   Sam’s Place   8pm
$10 AND AND AND, White Arrows, Adventure Galley, Jultopia, rock   WOW Hall  9pm

Cover & Tribute Bands

The Valley Boys   Mohawk Pub   9pm   rock ‘n’ roll
Rock ‘n’ Roll Jam   Quackers   8pm
Joybox   Spirits   9pm

Blues, Jazz, Country

$5  Paul Biondi, Skip Jones, Rick Cobain, Sax   Creswell Coffee & Wine   7pm
$10  The Kandinsky Effect   Jazz Station   7pm
Olem Alves, jazz/funk   The Loft   7:30pm
$5  Ted Vaughn Blues Band   blues   Mac’s at the Vet   9pm
Marty Chilla   Territorial Winery   7pm
Taylor’s Crossing   new country   Village Green   9pm
Piano Bar w/Rhianna   West End Tavern   8pm
$5  Rock ‘n’ Roll Cowboys   country rock   Whiskey River Ranch   9pm

DJ, Dance, Hip Hop, Other

“Freek-Nite” Dance Party w/Audio Schizophrenic   Cowfish   9pm
$10  Total Hip   Rock Favorites and Dance   benefit   Cozmic Pizza   8pm
Retro   Embers   9pm
Trivia Night   Rogue Public House   8pm

Saturday Night on the Town


Night on the Town – SATURDAY –

If you ended up staying home last night…TOO BAD for you!  There was some pretty incredible music last night to check out.  Fortunately my shopping spree went over well in that I found some nice cashmere to keep me warm; am still on the prowl for some comfy boots.  But alas, what is a girl to do? I think today is the day to head out and pick out my pumpkin day… gotta take advantage of the dry weather!

Last night was fabulous!  Had a blast at the First Friday Art Walk.  Caught just the tail end, as well, I was still on my cashmere mission.  But despite the drizzle, there were folks checking out the storefronts.  And you know that Occupy Eugene crowd?  Well, not sure what happened to that?  There was supposed to be a pub crawl… but then the participants were discussing the value in doing the crawl without drinking?!  Fortunately for me, the “masses” couldn’t be found much of anywhere, where I was, at least.

Poli High did a great set at the Goat.  Intimate evening with just under 30 people there, the band sounded good and Matt LeShay sounded happy to be there.

The Eager Beavers put on a great show as well.  It’s always a treat to see the girls perform and watch all the boys swarm around them.  While listening to the girls sing Touched by an Uncle (as song about just that) I sat back and watched the reaction of the people in the room.  I saw a few jaws drop (both girls and guys) and I also saw people dancing.  The ladies did a good job last night and the song Squirt Alert went over surprisingly well.

I did sneak over to Spirits later in the evening to hear my long time friend’s Roger McConnell and Mike Trathen perform with the house band (Luuse Cannons) under the name Phreaky Phaces.  Both Roger and Mike were both original members of the Eugene band Phamous Phaces. Amazing musicians.  It was worth the trip out to see them.  They’re playing there again tonight.  Just a tip though.  Get there early so you don’t have to deal with the drunk obnoxious folks… oh, and bring your taser.  Just sayin’….

Astronautalis    Photo Courtsey Astronautalis' FB page
Astronautalis Photo courtesy Astronautalis' FB page

Tonight, well, not too sure on who to go see?  Astronautilus (aka Andy Bothwell) from Seattle is playing the WOW Hall. I think that will be a good show.  He’s a bit hip-hop, a bit rap but his songs are good.  His onstage persona is pretty entertaining too.  His Facebook page says “Having started in music over 15 years ago as a battle rapper, Astronautalis’ roots are planted firmly in hip-hop. However, the sounds and styles on his albums are an animal not so easily caged, and his latest release, “This Is Our Science” is no exception to that tradition of wild genre bending.  “This is Our Science” is pure autobiography. While there are flash references to scientists from the Age of Enlightenment and old dead French mountaineers, these ghosts serve merely as parallels, rest stops in the story of the last 7 years of Bothwell’s romance with the road.”   This could be a very fun show actually!

Concrete Loveseat   Photo courtsey CL FB page
Concrete Loveseat Photo courtesy CL FB page

Then, there’s  Concrete Loveseat who is also playing tonight. Cynthia Valentine has some chops on her.  If you’ve not heard her voice or this band make it a point to see them live. They’re playing tonight at Cozmic Pizza.  Then, just because I’m really interested in seeing this band, I might just check out The Underlings with Baitball at Maize Lounge.

So check this out!  Next Thursday, October 13th, Petunia and the Vipers are playing along with The Red Raven Follies… and guess whose got free tickets to give away?  If you’d like to be entered to win these click HERE (WILL CALL).

Better get myself together to get on with the day.  Very late night for me last night while at the Church of Shari’s listening to the confessional I heard. C’mon!  It’s good for the soul!  But tonight, will be low-key… at least I won’t be frequenting any establishments where I feel like I’m dinner.

I will see you out there!


Original Music

Security in Numbers, Pirate Radio, 40 Ways From Sunday, Machine Gun Vendetta~ punk~
Black Forest~10pm
Lea Jones~ Mulligan’s~ 9pm
Elizabeth Yandel~ acoustic~ Wandering Goat 9pm
Black Delany, Explodatron~ punk, rock~ Oak St. Speakeasy~9pm
The Underlings, BaitBall~ Maize Lounge~10pm
$3 Rock and Roll Damnation, The Upbeat DJ~ Luckey’s~10pm
$5 Aeon Now, The Harmed Brothers, Barleywine Review~Sam Bond’s~ acoustic~9:30pm
$5 Ego Machine~ indie, experimental~ Axe & Fiddle Garage Voice~ 8:30pm
$10  Wild Hog in the Woods~ americana, bluegrass~ 7pm
Baby Gramps~Old Time Salty Vaudevillian~10pm Granary
$18 Astronautalis~ hip-hop~ WOW Hall~9pm

Cover & Tribute Bands

Phreaky Phaces~classic rock~ Spirits~9pm
Cadillac Jack~rock~ Mohawk Tavern~9pm
Mr. Wizard~classic rock~Goodfella’s~9pm
Joybox~ rock~ Yukon Jack’s~9pm
Razor Road~ rock~ Village Green~9pm


Blues, Jazz & Country

Gerry Rempel Trio w/Gus Russell & Mark Schneider~ Soul, jazz~ B2 Wine Bar~ 8pm
Jessie Marquez Quartet~ Brazilian jazz, Cuban Davis’~ 8pm
$5  Concrete Loveseat, Mynt Eclyptic~ jazz fusion/belly dance~ all ages~ Cozmic Pizza~ 9pm
$5 Calango~ brazilian,samba~ Jazz Station~ 8pm
$5 Taylor’s Crossing~ country~ Whiskey River Ranch~ 9pm
$5 the Love Sisters with Barb Healy and Deb Cleveland~ blues~ Mac’s at the Vet~ 9pm


Dance, DJ, Hip Hop Other

Ladies Night~ Conways~9pm
“Sup!” w/Sassy Mouff, Michael Human~ top 40, electronica~ Cowfish~ 9:30pm
DJ J-Will~ dance~Doc’s Pad ~ 8pm
Small Arms, DJ Philly~ Downtown Lounge~ 10pm
Retro~ Embers~ 9pm
DJ Crown~ hip hop, dance~Taylor’s Bar &amp Grille~ 10pm

Friday Night on the Town


Night on the Town – FRIDAYMust be October with the cold and rain already!  I do like the rain.  And well, some might think it’s too cold, or too wet; I think it’s perfect time to go shopping!  A nice new pair of boots would do wonders for this gal’s disposition!

Holly GoSlugly   photo courtsey of Holly GoSlugly FB page
Holly GoSlugly photo courtsey of Holly GoSlugly FB page

What better way to show of new threads than at the First Friday Art Walk?  It’s perfect!  With trusted attire one can still enjoy the store-front art displays and check out such cool venues as The Jazz Station and Cowfish. The guest host tonight is the 29th Slug Queen, Holly GoSlugly, and is happening from 5:30pm to 8pm today.  Perfect opportunity to check out Happy Hours too  Woo Hoo!  Almost makes this insufferable week worth it.  Doc’s has Long Island’s all day for a mere $4.  Sounds good to me!

There is also a pub crawl going on downtown with the Occupy Eugene folks. But that’s not getting going till around 8pm and so far only 59 folks have said they’ll be there.  Might be crowded tonight.  Be sure you avoid any awkward moments and smell clean at least!

Tonight has a LOT to hear!  Couple of ‘headliner’ acts in town tonight… The WOW Hall has The Ska-licious sounds of The Cherry Poppin Daddies with  Sawyer Family and acoustic folk music artist Greg Brown play the SHEDD with Jason Wilber opening.  We hear The Daddies are in the studio laying down tracks for a new release.  It’s quite possible tonight’s set list will include new songs.  Celebrating 20 years in the music business, some could argue the best thing that band could do now is change their name and get on with it already.  The jury will have to wait and hear their next CD to make a determination on that notion.  Brown, a living legend in the folk circles, has had his songs performed by Willie Nelson, Carlos Santana, Shawn Colvin and Mary Chapin Carpenter. His unique voice can be heard here, introducing his latest CD Freak Flag.

Casey Neill & The Norway Rats    Photo courtsey
Casey Neill & The Norway Rats Photo courtsey

Local headliners are out in full force as well tonight.  The Goat has got the band, Poli High.  I think listening to the song Potholes & Porcupines will sound great in that room.  Then, I gotta check out the Portland group Casey Neill & The Norway Rats, with local band Stagger and Sway at Luckey’s. I know that show will start late, so I’m good chillin’ at the Goat for a bit before making my way downtown.  Next I will slide by The Oak Street.  Should be a good crowd tonight for the The Eager Beavers along with The Whopner County All-Stars.  I’m not in the mood for country or bluegrass right yet… but it will be nice to get my estrogen fix with the gals tonight.

By this time, I may be too wound up to sleep!  So I may, depending upon the hour, head over to see my friends Roger McConnell and Mike Trathen perform with Jim Tuckey, Michele Thompson and Ritchie as  Phreaky Phaces at Spirits Bar. Pretty certain I’ll be way overdressed… so I might have to go incognito… on the down low.  Shhhhhh!

Well, I best get myself out shopping.  I hear Macy’s is having a sale on their cashmere.  Might as well take advantage of this fine Friday to have a great time before heading out!  Tonight’s going to be a great time!  I wonder if leather pants would be appropriate?

I’ll see you out there!

Original Music

Falkenberg~ Beanery~ 7pm
Christie & McCallum~ Americana~ Billy Mac’s~ 7:30pm
Try Redemption, Exfixia, Big Hammer Theory, New World Sinner~Metal~ Black Forest~ 10pm
She’s Not Dead~Downtown Lounge~10pm
Girls Rock CD Fundraiser~ Granary~7pm
Behind the Mind, Upstate Trio~ Maize Lounge~10pm
The Eager Beavers, Colin Gilmore, The Whopner County Country All-Stars~ Bluegrass, rock~ Oak St. Speakeasy~9pm
Peter Giri~ Acoustic~ Sam’s Place ~8pm
Poli High, Bright Brown~ rock~ Wandering Goat~9pm
$5 Stellarondo~ acoustic~ Axe & Fiddle ~ 8:30pm
$10 June & Jean Millington~ Rock~ Cozmic Pizza~ 8pm
$5 The Golden Motors, Casey Neil & the Norway Rats, The Stagger & Sway~Rock~ Luckey’s
$5 Bad Mitten Orchestre, Wayward Vessel, Opal Creek~country, blues~Sam Bond’s~9pm
$19 Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, The Sawyer Family~ WOW Hall~ funk,rock, swing~ 8pm $19

Cover & Tribute Bands

Mr. Wizard~ Goodfellas~ rock~ 9pm
Riffle~ Happy Hours~ country, rock~ 8pm
Rock ‘n’ Roll Jam~ Quackers~ 9pm
Grover Drive~ Village Green~ rock~ 9pm
Joybox~ Yukon Jack’s~9pm

Blues, Jazz & Country

$6 Zulu Dragon~ Mac’s At The Vet~ Tribute to J.C. Rico~ 9pm
$5 Torrey Newhart Quintet~ jazz~ Jazz Station~ 8pm
$5 Bump in the Road~ country~ Whiskey River Ranch~ 9pm
Rhianna~ WestEnd Tavern Piano Bar~ 8pm

DJ, Dance, Hip Hop, Other

“Freek-Nite” Dance Party w/Audio Schizophrenic~ Cowfish~ 9pm
Retro~ Embers~ 9pm
Trivia Night~ Rogue Public House~ 8pm

Friday Night on the Town


Night on the Town – FRIDAY

After spending most of this day in the Gorge at Bonneville Hot Springs, soaking in a very hot mineral bath, I do believe I’m ready to get myself together for an evening in Eugene to hear some amazing music.  This time of the year, with the leaves turning is such a stunning sight!

Since it’s the last Friday of September, what better way to start tonight off than at the Wandering Goat for the Last Friday Art Walk.  The art of Jeff Mason goes on display tonight as he’s the new house artist for October. The evening kicks off around 6pm.  Why would I not stop by to enjoy the free snacks and wine? Seriously?

Blue Lotus Photo Courtesy TheClubCircuit
Blue Lotus photo courtesy The Club Circuit

Then we’re heading over to Ninkasi Brewery Tasting Room to hear the band, Blue Lotus. Relatively new to the music scene this group has some amazing songs with memorable vocal by Brandelyn Rose. I’m looking forward to hearing them perform one of my new favorite songs, The Train. That song has some good rhythms and really makes me want to shake my groove thang.  My colleague Laurel Hayles absolutely loves this band. In her review of the band, Laurel says, “first, you have to know that Brandelyn reminds me of Janis Joplin in looks and sounds completely like Chrissie Hynde from the Pretenders. Put that together with music that sounds like the Dead, and you have a party wherever they are playing. Couple that with Felix Blades, a 15-year phenomenon on lead guitar, and that just starts the outline of the picture of this group.” This sounds like a lot fun!

Stephanie Schneiderman photo courtesy of Stephanie Schneiderman

Next we’ll head over to Cozmic Pizza to hear my Portland friend Stephanie Schneiderman with Laura Kemp. Stephanie is quite an accomplished woman actually. The Talent Buyer for the House of Blues, Adam Zacks, says “her honest, earthy presence and rich, serene vocals separate Stephanie from the hordes of “girls with guitars.” She’s completed six solo albums, has two collaborative albums completed, three music production credits, many film and stage roles as well as a wildly successful concert series to benefit refugees in Uganda since 1999.  She certainly knows how to keep herself busy and amazingly productive!  I’m quite certain, tonight will be an amazing show!

With the rumors floating around that rain is on the way, head out and enjoy the dry roads, and the perfect temperatures for that coat you’ve not worn in months.  I’ll be the one wearing knee-length boots with the bright red mini and matching lipstick.

I will see you out there!
–Nancy Glass, EDN

Original Music

FREE: Black Forest VX-36, Dead Horizon, Explode-a-thon, Cold Blood Ceremony—10; Metal
FREE: Downtown Lounge 12 Dirty Bullets—10
FREE: The Loft Jim Liberato—8; Acoustic
FREE: Ninkasi Brewing Tasting Room: Blue Lotus 7pm
FREE: Wandering Goat: Jeff Mason art opening 6pm
$5.00 Axe & Fiddle Howlin’ Houndog—8:30; Blues, Honky tonk
$8.00 Cozmic Pizza Stephanie Schneiderman, Laura Kemp—8:30; Americana
$6.00 Luckey’s Jamalia, Mar Retrieval Unit—10; Jam, funk
$3.00 Maize Lounge World’s Finest—11
$10.00 Sam Bond’s Hillstomp, McDougal—9:30; Country, blues
$5.00 Whiskey River Ranch Hookah Stew—9; Rock, soul, punk
$15.00 WOW Hall Crossfade, Emphatic, Adakain—8; Rock

Cover & Tribute Bands

FREE: Good Fellas: No Way Out 10pm
FREE: Happy Hours Blazin’ Eddie—8:30; Rock
FREE: Mulligan’s The Devil Apes, Milepost—9:30
FREE: Quackers Rock ‘n’ Roll Jam—9
FREE: Village Green Satellite Jack—9; Rock

Blues, Jazz & Country

Free: Eugene Hilton Aftermath—7; Jazz
Free: West End Tavern Piano Bar w/Rhianna—8
Free: Pizza Research Institute Olem Alves Duo—6:30; Jazz, blues
$3.00 Creswell Coffee & Wine NattyBone—7; Delta blues
$5.00 Granary Marty Chilla & Friends—10
$5.00 Jazz Station Chord Four Quartet—8; Jazz
$5.00 Mac’s Kelly Thibodeaux & The Etouffee Band—9; Swamp rock

Dance, DJ, HipHop, Other

FREE: Embers Retro—9
FREE: Rogue Public House Trivia Night—8
FREE: Two Friends Pub Flashback Friday—9

This weeks listings provided with the help of the eugene weekly

Greenlander: Flash in the Pan?


Greenlander:  Flash in the Pan?

by: Nancy Glass – EDN

The bonds of friendship made in high school typically serve their immediate emotional purpose and generally tend to fade after graduation.   Sometimes those bonds never fade. Such was the case in 2004, four sophomore friends in a band class at Cottage Grove High School started jamming one day and slowly began to sow the seeds of longevity into their future.

I had a chance to chat with Trevor Helt, lead guitarist from the Eugene band Greenlander, and picked his brain about his life, the band and music. An Oregon native, Helt grew up in Creswell and moved to Eugene where he attended the U of O majoring in Business Marketing and Music.

“We were all in the same jazz band and shared a lot of musical similarities. We started playing outside of school and picking up gigs and it slowly became official.” explained Helt.

Greenlander is: Wilson Parks on lead vocals and guitar, Thomas Heritage on bass, Merlin Showalter on drums and Trevor Helt on lead guitar;  Showalter is a classical percussion major, Heritage is a Jazz Studies major, Helt a guitar performance major, and Parks a Music Tech major; all at the U of O.

Not to be confused with the band out of Ohio with the same name, this Greenlander is a power-pop alt-rock band. Helt said “Some of us were fans of a band called Pavement and they wrote a song called “Greenlander.” We needed a band name. So we took it.”

The best thing this band has got going for them is their creativity and talent. Showing a higher level of musicianship than most up and coming bands, their sound, largely influenced by 90’s alternative rock, features strong melodies with catchy musical and lyrical hooks. The song Where’d the Music Go is an example of the band’s collective, if under produced, abilities. Seemingly an attempt to be this generation’s answer to Don McLean’s “American Pie”, the song has some very good lead and bass work, with interesting Vetter like vocals.  Their song, Eugene (The Weather Man) has some very nice piano hooks along with some well placed trumpet solos and is catchy.  I could hear this song in the background of some Portland filmed TV show. Their strongest song, Wasted Moment, epitomizes the band skill and inherent talent as musicians.  Offering heavy guitars, good vocals with harmonies and strong song dynamics; this song illuminates the true talent of this quartet.

Trevor Helt - William Lead Photography

Initially listening to legends such as Stevie Ray Vaughan as well as a lot of 90’s alternative, such as Porcupine Tree, Dream Theatre, Mutemath and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Helt has found his musical flavor of late to swing more towards Chet Atkins style country and Folk music.  Expanding on both his technical and stylistic talents, this has proven helpful when collaborating on new songs with his band mates.

Wilson Parks - William Lead Photography

Collaborating can be an art in and of itself, especially among friends, and particularly when writing songs.  Like most bands there is a process to getting a song created.  “We all collaborate on the songwriting process, but Wilson carries a lot of the weight. He has a lot of talent when it comes to that” explains Helt.  “Most of the time we’ll start with a jam session, and sometimes it turns into a potential song. In some cases someone will come to rehearsal with a riff that we’ll build upon. The song Eugene(The Weatherman) was written in high school in the band room. I had a guitar part that Wilson added a sweet keyboard part to, than Thomas and Merlin laid down the rhythm parts. Nothing sounded great by itself, but together it grooved.”

“As a band the most challenging aspect is making it work amongst ourselves in regards to schedules, compromising with songwriting, and sharing the same goals. But there are always rough patches here and there.” Helt said.

One such rough patch happened when the band played a gig on the UO campus.  The sprinklers turned on during their second song of the set. But then on the other end of the spectrum, one of the band’s best live experience was headlining the 4th of July show at Dexter Lake and performing in front of 3000 people.  As an artist or a band, you have to learn to deal with such good and band times and hope that there are more good than bad moments. It’s during those times, Helt tells me when his stage fright kicks in. “I don’t get stage fright unless we’re unprepared or if there are technical issues with gear or the PA.”

Thomas Heritage - William Lead Photography

“Some of the band’s most proud moments were playing with the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and then for The Marshal Tucker Band.  Those shows were all a blast” Helt says.  Specifically he goes on to say “the most fun element for us,  is sharing our finished product with other people and watching them enjoy it. That makes all of us very happy.”

Artistically, writing songs from personal experiences typically resonate with the listener, usually resulting in a connection between the band and the audience.  With that in mind, the band wrote a song about a close friend who recently had passed away entitled, Live Without Dreaming.  Helt says “It’s my favorite because it has the most meaning  compared to our other songs.”

When asked what Helt finds the most challenging about being a musician, he answers candidly “as a musician the most difficult thing for me to overcome is lack of motivation. When I look at other musicians who have “made it,” they have all worked hard and are constantly on the go. Maintaining my motivation and keeping it fun is the most challenging aspect for me.

Merlin Showalter - William Lead Photography

Balancing school, life and a band can be difficult at best. Thankfully there are those in Helt’s life who have helped fuel his motivation.  “I have had a pretty cushion life.  I have nothing to complain about.” Helt said. In addition to his parents, there was his high school music director, James Phillips. “He was a huge influence” Helt says. Now that the band is in Eugene, James Book, of Ninkasi Brewery has also been supportive of the band and has proven helpful with booking as well as production.

When we aren’t performing Helt confesses “we’re all pretty busy with school, practicing and… you know, girlfriends!” Four very different people each with their various lives can get in the way of a band’s life, but overcoming distraction is often what helps to define a band.  Not to draw a musical comparison, but what would our worlds be like if Plant and Page were more focused on anything other than their music in their time?

Another element that is difficult to overcome for this band is that they aren’t all together creating their music. Parks is in Portland with his barista day job, Showalter just returned from his day job as drummer on Royal Caribbean Cruise line, Heritage is in Eugene along with Helt. Merlin Showalter is the original drummer, but due to his day job schedule, stand in’s Dustin Riddle and Harrison Moser have also sat in with the band.  Again, think of Led Zeppelin having a stand-in drummer for Bonham.

Much like one’s bucket list, it could seem this band was merely something for these four people to experience together, but now has run its course.  They have established they can create good quality music together when they get together; which was how they originally started out.    But it’s actually getting everyone together that seems to be the most challenging element for this band’s future success.

Thankfully, Helt tells me, right now our main goal is to finish our CD and we’re gonna wait to see what happens after that. It should be released by the end of this year. We feel good about it.”


Photos courtesy of William Lead Photography
Interesting tidbit: Helt, for reasons unknown, has a Facebook page group called “Trevor Helt Sucks”. 




Eclectic Groove Rock

Heather Davis – lead vocals, winds
Adam Tamarkin – bass, vocals
Aaron Malsch – keys, vocals
Dave Wenda – drums,
Tre Larsen – guitars



This Eugene-based groove funk band has been in the spotlight for a number of years as local favorites. Dubious were finalists with the 2009 KNRQ Last Band Standing competition, with their song Aileen Aileen, which also appears on the 2010 Next Big Thing Music Compilation CD.  With seasoned musicians who have been involved with various musical projects in as many different genres their sound includes pop rock, jazz and blues danceable grooves.  The lead singer, Davis, has a voice much like The Motel’s lead vocalist, Martha Davis and Patty Smyth of Scandal.   Their CD Blinded was recently released early 2011.



Standing Room Only for J.C. Rico Memorial


JC Rico Celebration of Life Memorial

By:  Nancy Glass

On Sunday, September 18th, 2011, it was standing room only for the celebration of life memorial for Joseph Charles Rico, aka JC Rico.  Rico passed away in his sleep on September 4th, 2011 from heart failure.

JC Rico Celebration of Life Memorial @ Mac's at the Vets Culb - Photo courtesy of Anthony Proveaux

Over 300 people converged at Max’s at the Vet including such well knowns as Eddie Clark with wife Lenet Galloway, Vicki Stevens and Ken Cofieldk, Chris Kleink, Mike Brewer, Johnny Etheredge, Bill Vaughn – Capt of the Patriot Guard Riders, Deb Cleveland, Barbara Healy, Biran Chevalier, Lynda Duffy, T-Bone Stone, John Bryson, Terry Taylor, “Sarge” from Arizona, Charly Snellings, and Stephanie Detwiler.

As JC loved riding motorcycles, his friends and fans lined the block outside of Max’s with their Harley’s and other motorcycles to pay homage to a truly gifted man.

This celebration was hosted by Payne D. Herbst, JC’s friend and business manager of only 18 months.  JC’s wife, Robin Goss presented Mac’s an autographed guitar and photo to be on display at one of the singer’s all-time favorite venue’s.  Followed by the song Walk on Water, off of the Paul Jones’ CD, All My Friends Can Sing… A Tribute— featuring Clair Bruce on piano (who also recently passed away) you could have heard a pin drop as this beautiful, poignant song played.

Afterwards a brief slide show was displayed of JC’s life, narrated by Payne. In a touching moment, JC’s daughter Joei-Lin Moore sang the song Angel Band, backed by JC’s band with Steve Ibach on stage.  Other musicians also performed including, Earl Hugill, Darcy Lee Gribble and Rick Markstrom.  Joel-Lin performed another song, I’m am Weary, Let Me Rest” before Goss took the stage for personal acknowledgements before the recessional song Smile by JC Rico played.

Out of respect for one of his favorite artist, Mac’s owner, Pat McCallum, catered the event at no charge.

At the young age of 64, on July 21st, 2011 Rico celebrated the 3rd anniversary with his wife, Robin Goss.  The date also marks JC’s birthday, making his anniversaries easier to remember.  He is survived by his daughter, Joei-Lin Moore; and two brothers: Vincent Moore of Chicago, IL, and Richard Moore of Springfield, Oregon.

On October 7th, 2011 JC Rico band, Zulu Dragon, was scheduled to perform at Max’s.  In light of recent events, the show is still scheduled to go on with special guest performers including: Chris Kain, Darcy Lee Gribble with Rick Markstrom.  At press time, Curtis Salgado’s previous drummer, Brian Foxworthy also confirmed to perform at this fundraiser to help the family.

When asked if Rico’s band will stay together, Kim Almasie, who books the venue, told me “I don’t know?  I think the band wants to take a break out of respect for JC… which, who could blame them?  He was an amazing man, who certainly was loved by a lot of people and will be missed.”

Contributions to the memorial account at all Pacific Continental Bank locations will help pay for a gravestone on his burial plot, located at Lane Memorial Gardens.

You can check out the posted Facebook page for JC Rico here.

video – Scott Zeppa, EDN



Night on the Town



Waking up in an unfamiliar place must be a lot like reincarnation… if you believe in that kinda stuff.  Trying to get your bearings… desperately searching out anything remotely familiar in sight, sound or touch. Anything that will help explain how it is you are where you are when you wake up.  Waking up from after a car accident is like this feeling. So is waking up after a surgery.  But truth be told… waking up after too much to drink in a house that isn’t yours… well, that’s just plain exciting and a story for another time!

I’m blaming it all on the excessive drinking!  But sometimes the hands of fate have a strange way of making things happen that work out for the best.  What do I say to all this?  BRING IT ON.

Crimson Guardian

Tonight will find me a little outside my comfort level and listening to some unbelievably loud bands tonight at The Black Forest. Crimson Guardian is headlining tonight.  Fresh from the band’s Facebook page: “Crimson Guardian is bringing in NEW and OLD friends to give the Black Forest a heavy dose of old and NEW school meta!l  Unfortunately, CG lead walked away from the band a little less than 24 hrs ago, the band’s rhythm player is out-of-town, but the band still goes on. Alex, Dave, and Flames will be ripping CG up all over the Black Forest with versions of some of their more lively tunes. This will be their “I’m not Fken Dead Yet” Show, and will kick off their pre 2012 I’m Not Fken Dead yet Tour!!!!!!  The show must go on. This will be Caducus first BF show, and Brudos ALWAYS brings it, so Eugene come on out and give them a huge HELL YA!!!!! w/ special guest Sons of Confusion opening the night.”

Thankfully I have some good “metal” friends who will help me enjoy the evening and make sure tonight I,at least, eat something before I begin drinking!

Since we’ll be near The Cluster, or what one of my Facebook friends affectionately calls the “BARmuda triangle” (thanks Marty!) will :-)stop in and see the band Strange Dichotomy… just have to check something that me and another writer are arguing about.

Oddly enough, however, with the metal going on there is also punk going on tonight. The Wandering Goat has the Elected Officials and Quackers has the band Highwater. Good night to hear some loud music. Bring the earplugs!

JC Rico

Gotta make certain I get to bed sometime tonight as tomorrow is a big day. One of Eugene’s great musicians passed away Sunday, September 4, 2011, JC Rico. There will be a celebration of his life tomorrow, September 18th, from 4:00 – 7:00 pm. Steve Ibach is putting together a jam. Pat is opening up Mac’s Restaurant and Nightclub (Mac’s at the Vet’s) at 1626 Willamette St, Eugene. If you have any other questions please contact Kim Almasie by email [email protected]

I hope, JC, wherever he now may be, gets his attention focused on familiar surrounding and things he recognizes soon!

I will see you out THERE!


Original Music

FREE: Cornucopia: The Same Old Used to Be’s—10pm
FREE: Downtown Lounge: Trailer Trash Ball—9pm
FREE: Oak Street Speakeasy: Hi-Fi Ramblers—9pm; rockabilly
FREE: Quackers: Highwater—9pm; rockabilly
FREE: Wandering Goat: The Elected Officials—9pm; punk
$3 Axe & Fiddle: Mick Croon—8:30, R&B, soul
$8 Cozmic Pizza: SambaDa—9; World Beat, $8
$5 Luckey’s: John Craig & the Weekend, Strange Dichotomy—10pm; indie, pop
$6 Sam Bond’s: Jackstraw—9:30pm; bluegrass
$5 WOW Hall: The Athiarchists, Better Left Unsaid, Don’t Ask Alice, Zebrana Bastard—9pm; hard rock

Cover & Tribute Bands

FREE: Happy Hours: The Valley Boys—9pm; classic rock
FREE: O’Donnells: Malice Cooper—9pm; rock
FREE: Porky’s Palace: Earnest Borg9s—9pm; classic rock
FREE: Tiny Tavern: WindRider—10pm; classic rock

Blues, Jazz, Country

FREE: Mulligan’s: Eddie Bodine & the Drifting Pines—9; folk, blues
FREE: The Loft: Inner Limits—7:30pm; Jazz, funk
$6 Mac’s: Michael Tracey & The Hi-Tones—9pm; blues, rock, soul
$5 Whiskey River Ranch Jonathan Harris—9pm; country

DJ – Dance – HipHop- Other

$5 Astoria: The Koozies—9; Country, variety, fundraiser
FREE: The Bridge: DJ Crown—10pm; Hip hop, funk, soul
FREE: Conways: Ladies Night—9pm
FREE: Cowfish: “Sup!” w/Sassy Mouff, Michael Human & Guests—9:30pm; Top 40, electro
FREE: Doc’s Pad: DJ J-Will—8pm; Dance mix
FREE: Embers: Retro—9pm
FREE: Two Friends Pub Ladies Night—9pm
FREE: Village Green DJ Nick—9pm; Requests

Crooked River

Crooked River

Roots Folk Country

Rob Jacobs – guitar, vocals
Teri Jacobs – guitar, vocals, harmonica
Lana Dishner – guitar, vocals
Lane Fricke  – washtub Bass

Label: Crooked River

Crooked River

Crooked River is a quartet from Springfield, OR that formed several years ago with members who all share a love of traditional country music. Fricke is the newest member joining the band adding a washtub bass. Rob and Teri have both played in bands such as The Crop Circles, Dicky Mo and Jentzu as well as the Alter Egos.  The band’s debut album My Troubled Heart was released in 2010. With three strong songwriters rendering original material (Rob, Lana & Teri) in such songs as My Troubled Heart, this band sounds a lot like The Judds meet the Dixie Chicks.

Crooked River




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