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Playing with Fire: The History of the Boozy Café Brulot


The relationship between coffee and liquor is one that has flourished for centuries. Long before the coffee and booze staple the espresso martini — a creation widely attributed to London…

Oregon to Tie The Knott Because of Nike?

Oregon Ducks recruit Nigel Knott, a CB from Mississippi, was named the MVP of the New Orleans Nike Opening Regional. For those of you who don’t know, The Opening is a combine-like event that is hosted by Nike for high...

Next Year’s Playoff: Ducks, Bucks, And The SEC

Let me give you a fair warning here, I am from New Orleans, Louisiana; I live outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Outside of Oregon, the LSU Tigers are my favorite college team. I give you that qualifying statement so you’ll...

Where Did The Week Go…


With that certain big football game happening today, I’ve decided to write an all “Super Bowl” edition for my column. Instead of analyzing the game itself, here’s a numbers breakdown of everything surrounding the game. 

Money (Numbers are in Millions unless otherwise indicated.)

3.8 – As in the number of millions of dollars it costs for a 30 second commercial during the game. Is it really worth it? In 1970, the same 30 seconds would have cost you $42,000.

111.3 – The record number of viewers during last year’s Super Bowl. It’s the one time of the year when your girlfriends, wives, even grandmothers watch football.

1,500 – The cheapest seat currently available on StubHub.

Super Bowl 47
The most expensive sporting event of the year.

6 – The price of a ticket for Super Bowl I in 1967.

8.2 – Billions being wagered on everything Super Bowl — the coin toss, how many times Mr. and Mrs. Harbaugh will be shown on television, to the total number of penalties by both teams. The list goes on and on.


1.23 – This number gets a billion after it. As in the number of chicken wings Americans will consume on Super Bowl Sunday. BILLION! With a B!

15 – Estimated number of pizzas sold on the big day, according to Pizza Today. So much for losing weight as a New Year’s Resolution.

49.2 – cases of beer purchased during last year’s game. What’s a football game without beer.

2 – Super Bowl Sunday ranks as the second highest day for food consumption in the U.S. behind Thanksgiving.

27 – Billion calories’ worth of chips consumed during the game. You can never eat just one.


10,000 – As of Friday, nearly this many people have petitioned to turn the Monday after the Super Bowl into a national holiday. If the petition reaches 100,000 signatures by Feb. 23, it will warrant an official response from the Obama administration. I have to imagine that Monday is very unproductive considering all of the hangovers and lost money. Now this is a petition that makes sense.

700,000 – Until it becomes a national holiday, the Monday after the game will see this many people call in sick with a case of the “Super Bowl Flu.”

150,000 – The number of football fans expected to pack the city for the game.

22 – The percentage of people who bought their HDTVs specifically to watch the Super Bowl.

15 – The percent of people who would be willing to skip the birth of their child to go to the Super Bowl.

Media day in New Orleans.


5,205 – Number of media personnel from 24 countries who have credentials for the game. This includes clowns, super heroes and Katherine Webb.

25 – The price in dollars fans could pay to attend Super Bowl media day. Apparently, 5,479 people paid to watch players and coaches get interviewed instead of enjoying the city of New Orleans.

12.2 – Millions of social media comments made during last year’s Super Bowl. That number should go up this year.

60 – Miles of cable for NBC’s cameras and microphones used during last year’s game.

New Orleans 

432 – The estimated number of millions of dollars in revenue the city expects to make from hosting the game.

17,000 – Volunteers from the area that signed up to help with the massive preparation and clean-up. That’s a lot of vomit and empty beer bottles.

10 – The number of times New Orleans has hosted the Super Bowl. Only Miami has hosted as many games.

73,000 – The reported seating capacity of the Superdome.

The Game

1,971 – The year when the NFL started using Roman numerals to identify each game. Commissioner Pete Rozzelle made the move believing it would help add to the hype of the game. The numerals look cool, but what about in 2016 when it will look like Super Bowl L?

St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers November 11, 2012 Photos - Peter Brouillet
Kaepernick is set to get a significant raise.

9-10.5 – Expected annual salary in millions for Joe Flacco when he re-signs with the Baltimore Ravens following the season.

3-6 – Millions of dollars in annual endorsement earnings expected for Colin Kaepernick should the 49ers win the game, and whether he wins game MVP.

5-0 – The 49ers’ record in Super Bowls. When you have Joe Montana and Steve Young at quarterback, that stat makes sense.

1 – The number of times brothers have coached against each other in any NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL postseason game.

Mardi Gras in Wine Country


There’s no need to board a plane to Louisiana to celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans when LaVelle Vineyards is just a quick 15 minute drive out of the city of Eugene. The LaVelle family knows how to throw a Fat Tuesday shin dig with all the benefits you’d get in New Orleans. From elaborate costumes and masks to jambalaya and king cake, the winery was packed with Mardi Gras party-goers.

Join me on to read about the wine, food, music and costumes that made me feel like I was in the heart of the French Quarter.