Our One Chance?


The world is changing, in profound ways. We all feel it but none of us are quite sure what is happening. This video is from a new Independent News Channel: United Network News. They put their content up for free for 24 hours, then there is a paywall model in place, rate is around $5 per month.

We found this interesting enough to look a little deeper. Stay tuned, well share what we find.

Pedestrian struck and killed by train on Wednesday


A pedestrian in downtown Corvallis was struck and killed by a passing train on Wednesday night, the Corvallis Police Department has confirmed. The investigation is ongoing and there are few details at this time.

A piece of paradise that’s perfect for pinot noir


ALPINE – Neil and Sue Shay’s property in the foothills of the Coast Range seems straight out of a pastoral painting. The spread sits on a ridge, with views almost all around, and bluebirds and other feathered critters frequent the area.

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