Nick Foles

The weirdest Super Bowl ever

Sunday’s Super Bowl game between the Eagles and Patriots wasn’t the best ever (Rams-Titans, 49ers-Bengals II, Giants-Patriots I, Seahawks-Patriots … all are in the running). Nor, as wild as it was, was it even the highest-scoring NFL championship game (the 49ers’ 49-26 1995 win vs. the Chargers holds the mark).

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Sam Bradford the Next Drew Brees? Chip Kelly Thinks So

The NFL off-season was filled with talk about Chip Kelly and Marcus Mariota, the match made in heaven that was so good it couldn’t possibly happen — and it didn’t. Now they’ve moved on to talking about Kelly and Sam Bradford....

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Chip Kelly Update: The Dead Zone Lives!

Some people call this “the Dead Zone,” the part of the NFL season where everyone is on vacation, training camp rosters have been filled to 90 and the draft, OTAs and minicamp are over. It’s the boring time when nothing...

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One Odd Duck, Chip Kelly — the New Bill Walsh?

Everybody has an opinion on Chip Kelly. Some people see him as the mad genius who will lead the Philadelphia Eagles to greatness by using unconventional means that no one else has thought of to give his team an advantage….

Shorts, Passes, and Screens — The New Read Option?

Needless to say, the Philadelphia Eagles have had an interesting offseason. With a flurry of moves that had (and still have) many Eagles fans questioning Chip Kelly‘s sanity, Philadelphia has set themselves up to have the strongest run game in...

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Chip Kelly Update: The Mystery Coach Explains It All For You

For the second year in a row, Chip Kelly has tortured the Philadelphia press by not saying a word more than he has to during the off-season. Not surprisingly, this just makes reporters even more desperate to find out what...

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Will Redskins select Marcus Mariota in the NFL Draft?

Remember when Duck fans were clamoring at the idea of their Heisman winner Marcus Mariota playing for Chip Kelly and his up-tempo offense in Philadelphia? Well, there’s no question that the Eagles would be fun to watch if Kelly and...

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Chip Kelly Update: Playing for Pride Now

The Philadelphia Eagles were openly discussed as a Super Bowl contender and ranked in the NFL’s top 4 after thrashing Dallas on Thanksgiving Day. The 9-3 overachievers were led by backup QB Mark Sanchez, an NFL laughingstock since his infamous...

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Chip Kelly Update: Sanchez is Redeemed as Eagles Crush Dallas

Two years ago on Thanksgiving Day, in front of 20 million TV viewers nationwide, Mark Sanchez had a game, in fact a single play so humiliating that it has its own Wikipedia article: The Butt Fumble. This Thanksgiving, he carved…

Chip Kelly Update: The Quarterback Whisperer?

Mark Sanchez started his first game in two years Monday night, leading the Philadelphia Eagles to a 45-21 win that was far more dominating than the score suggests. This is the same Mark Sanchez...

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