night on the town

Night on the Town – Friday

High School football playoffs are officially in full swing and those of us into football (that’s everyone yes?) we are ready to celebrate the kickoff with a great night out.  That’s after watching the squad from Sheldon High School take on David Douglas that is.

What, you don’t particularly care about Sheldon High School’s football team (they are, after all, just one high school in the Eugene area)?  Well, if you like football, you should start.  They are the statewide poll favorites for the State Championship this year. Besides, one of them may just be the next De’Anthony Thomas, Colt Lyerla, or even Marcus Mariota; can you say Connor Strahm?

For those of you not going to the game, you can join the rest of us; we have decided we are in the social mood and will be hitting up the Barmuda Triangle. Last time we were there was on Halloween and we found no excuse to leave the area all night.

Members of the Dropkick Murphys

Though we wouldn’t mind spending the rest of the night in this area, there is way to much action elsewhere tonight. That action will take place at one of two venues:

First is the WOW Hall.  Can you say “The Dropkick Murphy’s”? Admittedly this will be a tough ticket to get if you don’t already have one. These guys are a nationally renowned band and tickets went fast. For those of us who will be fortunate enough to check these guys out, this concert is going to kick some butt. If you’re unfamiliar with TDMs, they have a unique Irish sound melded with modern rock. The WOW Hall will be packed.

If you didn’t score a ticket for the Dropkick Murphy’s, then you’ll want to find your way to the Granary on 5th Street. Here you will get the opportunity to check out GRRRLZ Rock. Don’t worry, they’re not some hip-hop, pop, teenage band who classify themselves as Bieber believers. Now you have two choices for the set you would like to watch. While there will be plenty of great artists performing before 9pm, the 21 and over showcase starts at 9pm and is the reason we will be heading over to 5th. At this time we’ll kick out all the young kids and be able to listen to the music of Engraved and The Great Hiatum while checking out what the women of Eugene have to offer.

See you out there.

Original Music

Timothy Patrick: Acoustic: Amici Restaurant 5pm
Surviving Lillian: Rock: Goodfellas 9:30pm
(Sold Out) Dropkick Murphys w/Teenage Bottlerockets & The Mahones: McDonald Theatre 8pm
Forget One Thing, The Barger Boys, Mike Surber & the Long Con: Rock: Oak St. Speakeasy 9pm
Crag Sorseth & Tom West: Saginaw Vineyard 6pm
Peter Giri & Lloyd Tolbert: Acoustinc: Sam’s Place 8pm
(Donation) Ananya & The Big Small: Electric Rock: Tiny Taverrn 9pm
Monolith Unplugged: Village Green 9pm
$5-$7 donation GRRRLZ Rock: Multiple artists: Granary 6pm
$5 James Apollo, Murzik, The Horde & the Harem: Folk/indie: Axe & Fiddle 8:30pm
$5 Poor Man’s Poison, Sockeye Sawtooth: Americana: Luckey’s 10pm
$12 The Shook Twins, Daniel Rodriguez of Elephant Revival: Americana: Sam Bond’s 9:30pm
$12 Advance ($15 door) Jolie Holland w/Old Light: Americana: WOW Hall 9pm


DLC Roadhouse Band: Rock/Blues: Dexter Lake Club 9pm
Lost Highway: Country/Rock & Roll: Happy Hours 8pm
McKenzie Express: Springfield VFW 7pm
$10 Blue Skies Band w/ Jewel Tones: Swing: Springfield Elks Club 6:30pm

Blues, Jazz, and Country

Aftermath: Jazz: Hilton Hotel 7pm
Breakers Yard: Blues/Jazz: Meridian 5pm
$5 Country Backroads: Country: Whiskey River Ranch 9pm
$5 ($4 members) Chris Orsinger: Soul Jazz: Jazz Station 8pm
$6 Soulicious: Fuck/R&B/Soul: Mac’s 9pm
$15 ($10 Students) Little Black Train: Jazz/Folk: House Concert 7:30pm

Dance, DJ, Hip-hop, & Other

Audio Schizophrenic: Electro: Cowfish 9pm
DJ Food Stamp: Level Up 9pm
DJ Scoot & DJ Pheonix: Dance party hits: The Rok 10pm
Karaoke: El Dorado 9pm
Karaoke: Harleys & Horses 9pm
Karaoke: The Keg 9pm
Karaoke: The O Bar 9:30pm
Karaoke: O’Donnell’s 9pm
Karaoke: Porky’s Palace 8pm
Karaoke: Raven A Pub 9pm
Karaoke: Red Lion Inn 9pm
Karaoke: Side Bar 9pm
Karaoke: Strike City 8pm
Karaoke: Tapatio 9pm

Night on the Town – Saturday


Wednesday it was Halloween. Thursday was a cruiser. Yesterday we got out there with Chuck Palahniuk. Today it’s Oregon vs. USC. Trying to decide what the highlight of the weekend will end up being is harder than trying to decide what candy from your kid’s Halloween stash to eat.

Though all the other nights on this extended weekend have been memorable, at least for us, tonight’s events may be the cream of the crop. For those of us who circled this day just under a year ago as the day of the Duck revenge, today could not have come fast enough.

How do we do that while being 857 miles away (yeah, we googled it) and in no way physically ready to contribute on the football field? We get out to The Cooler and participate in a Duck road game the right way. It’s close to Autzen Stadium so that’s at least reasonably symbolic; plus it’s got a huge projection screen so the game will literally be in your face. They’ve also got drinks and good food. While there is nothing compared to watching an Oregon drubbing of USC in person, we’ll take this as the second best option.

eager beavers - the band
Here’s a shot of the EB’s at Oak Street. That’s where we’ll be tonight.

Victory Celebration: This is an easy call – The Eager Beavers. All innuendo from this point on are purely your own issue. Here’s a link to some EB videos to give you an idea why We’d pick the Beavers after a Duck game. Oak Street Speakeasy is one Eugene’s downtown underground spots, lots of standing room, but the sound down there is usually excellent.

In the remote case of a loss: See above…and see you out there.

Original Music

Confidant: Indie/Folk: 5th St. Cornucopia 9:30pm
Chico Schwall’s Mr. Chico’s Weird Guitars: Atrium Building Courtyard 2pm
Mike Denny Trio: Rock: Ax Billy Grill 8pm
The Native Sibling: Indie/folk: Wandering Goat 9pm
Paul Quillen: Alternative/Acoustic: Rye 9:30pm
Eager Beavers: Sassy Smart Rock:Oak St. Speakeasy9pm (Grrrlz Rock Concert Series)
$5 Garden Goat, Jacuzzi, Harvey Girls: Indie rock/Funk/Pop: Luckey’s 10pm
$7 Laura Kemp, T.R. Kelly: Americana: Sam Bond’s 9pm
$20 Advance ($22 door) David Wilcox w/ Cassandra Robertson: Singer-songwriter: WOW Hall 8pm


Red Thunder: Classic Rock: Yukon Jack’s 9pm
Christie & McCallum: Americana: Happy Hours 8pm
DJ Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation: ’70s & 80s rock: Level Up 9pm

Blues, Jazz, and Country

Wayne Drury Project: Alternative country: Axe & Fiddle 8pm
DLC Roadhouse Band: Rock/Blues: Dexter Lake Club 9pm
Bruce Henry & Brian DeLeon: Country rock: West End Tavern 8pm
$5 Skip Jones & the Spirit of New Orleans: Blues: Mac’s 9pm
$5 ($4 members) Tom Bergeron Brasil Band: Jazz Station 8pm

Dance, DJ, Hip-hop, & Other

“Sup!” w/ Sassy Mouff, Michael Human & Guests: Electro: Cowfish 9:30pm
DJ J-Will: Dance mix: Doc’s Pad 8pm
DJ Scoot & DJ Pheonix: The Rok 10pm
DJ Crown: Hip-hop: Taylor’s Bar & Grill 10pm
$3 DIPPED w/ DJs Billy & Food Stamp: Davis 3pm
G.L.A.M. (drag and dancing): John Henry’s 10pm
Karaoke: Tapatio 9pm
Karaoke: Strike City 8pm
Karaoke: Sonny’s Tavern 9pm
Karaoke: Red Lion Inn 9pm
Karaoke: Raven A Pub 9pm
Karaoke: Quackers 9pm
Karaoke: Pour House 9pm
Karaoke: Porky’s Palace 8pm
Karaoke: Harleys & Horses 9pm
Karaoke: El Dorado 9pm
Karaoke: Duck Inn 10pm

Night on the Town – Thursday


Sitting here wishing we had remembered to pre-mix that bloody mary we mentioned you should do last night, but all in all it was worth it.  One more Halloween in the books.

Every night on the town starts somewhere, tonight calls for a time machine.

This is one of those rare 5 day weekends, started with a bang yesterday, going to dial it back a little tonight in preparation for a “must not be missed” Friday night event.

Tonight needs to begin over at Level Up Arcade. If you haven’t been there, this isn’t geek heaven, it’s a time machine. Level Up features classic arcade games from the pre-console era combined with quality bar food and affordable beverages; whats not to like. Get some hair of the dog and play that silver ball.

The main event will be at Sam Bonds where they are featuring 3 distinct bands: Undermind, Orion and Small Joys.  Undermind is electronic mashup “It will be a fun combo and I will be playing an electro swing set with some old timey raps thown in there.”  Orion sports a familiar Psychedelic rock/funky sound.  Small Joys are distinctly indie, and against type, they are our pick for tonight.

Possibly the Bloody Mary thing, but seriously, while all 3 bands are going to be worth seeing, Small Joys has something that grows on you, keeps you listening. Small Joys is an indie band out of the Eugene that will take your night down to a relaxing “bliss” simmer before you head back home and call it a night. If you don’t plan to simmer, then Undermind and Orion will take care of you.

NOTE:  in case you are thinking of missing it, it’s a benefit. It is HIV Alliance night at Sam Bonds and part of the proceeds from the concert will go to HIV research. Yup, you have to go.

Friday Night on the Town is very special this week, don’t miss it and don’t forget the first rule…

See you out there.

Original Music

Monolith: Rock n’ Roll: Mohawk Pub 9pm
$3 Becky Alter: Indie: Axe & Fiddle 8:30pm
$3 The 73, The Unstable Atmospheres: Indie/experimental: Luckey’s 10pm
$12 advance ($15 door) Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Zach Deputy: Americana: WOW Hall 8:30pm
$22.50 advance ($24 door) Steve Forbert: Tsunami Books 9pm


Neriah Hart: Karaoke: El Dorado 8pm
Lonesome Randall: Rock n’ Roll: Mac’s 6pm

Blues, Jazz, & Country

$5 ($4 members) Ron Bertucci & Dave Bender: Jazz Alive Series: Jazz Station 7:30pm
Skip Jones: piano: Lavelles 6pm

Dance, DJ, Hip-Hop, & Other

Golden: hip-hop: Jameson’s 10pm
DJ Scoot & Simon Says: The Rok 10pm
$3 Chris, Dr. Ake & John: ’80s Night: John Henry’s 10pm
$1-$5 Undermind, Orion, Small Joys: Electronic/Funk/Indie: Sam Bond’s 9pm

Night on the Town – Halloween


It’s Halloween and since we are looking for a good time on the town we decided it was time for a special edition of Night on the Town; Halloween style.

Luckey’s will be the final destination on Halloween night, a place to let the rest of your Halloween spirits expose themselves. Photo courtesy of

Sure it’s a Wednesday and we all have to work tomorrow,  but when has that prevented a mid-week good time…the Bloody Mary exists for a reason.

Tonights soggy pre-show festivities will be found within the Barmuda Triangle, that special area of Eugene where things actually happen at night. Featuring more than five bars in just a small area of downtown, The Barmuda Triangle (BMT) will be lively tonight.  To select your flavor of pre-game festivity drop by EOTC (Eugene on the Cheap) and check out the options, then proceed to get your freak on.

Once the BMT has helped our collective insides match our re-decorated exteriors it’s off to Luckey’s, one of the live music clubs in the BMT for Eugene’s  Rare Monk…and plenty of affordable beverage options. Before Rare Monk takes the stage be sure to check out a $2 microwbrew or two, or so.  Note: after “so” comes “fah” which is the beginning of a word you may utter if you don’t arrange for a designated driver or cab if you venture beyond the “so” line.  We like Oregon Taxi (that’s a freebie OT –ed).

If you haven’t checked the micro-profile we linked to Rare Monk, here’s a rundown: think The Shins meets Modest Mouse with some original thought mixed in; deep and expansive melodies like The Shins, then abrupt and masculine like Modest Mouse.  Put your costume to use and consider an extensive photobombing campaign – be sure to post your Halloween pix on our FB page.

So, ignore the rain, get up, get out, oh and pre-mix your Bloody Mary before you head out.  You’ll thank us in the morning.

Original Music

The Entity, Aeolus, The Purpose of Silence, Septic Burial: Metal: Black Forest 10pm

Ghost House:goth: Oak St. Speakeasy 9pm

$5 – Rare Monk: Indie/Alternative: Luckey’s 10pm


Joybox: Eldorado 9pm

Normal Bean Band: Porky’s Palace 9pm

Mike Brewer and the Brewketts: Red Lion Hotel 6pm

Patrick & Giri: WestEnd Tavern 7:30pm

$2 – Star Struck: Live band karaoke: Whiskey River Ranch 9pm

Blues, Jazz, and Country

Gerry Rempel & Bruce Cole: The Granary 8pm

Gus Russell & Paul Biondi: Mac’s 6:pm

Astrobender: Rye 9pm

Dance, DJ, Hip-Hop & Other

Connor J: Dubstep: Cowfish 9pm

Neriah Hart: Karaoke: Happy Hours 8pm

UO Trombone Choir, Tuba-Euphonium, & Apocalyptic Brass: Frohnmayer Music Building 7:30pm

$3 – C.R.E.A.M: John Henry’s 10pm

$5 – DJ Smuve, DJ redd Fox: Downtown Lounge 9pm

$10 advance ($12 door) – ZZ Medium Troy, Lafa Taylor, Acorn Project, & Hamilton Beach: WOW Hall 9pm


Night on the Town – Friday


Yes, Eugene’s favorite entertainment guide to what’s happening at night is back – Night on the Town.  Enough reminiscing, lets get right to it:

Say yes to the peaches. The Twangshifters

Friday nights need a kickoff besides the local Friday Night Lights football games.  Tonight its happening at Oakshire Brewery because there’s more than great beer there tonight – they’ve got Dirty Spoon, the band. Think dockside pirate meets hipster folk chick and they have a laid back unshaven child. Sounds nasty, but it’s good pre-festivities mood music.  We’d link you to more than a weak video if they actually had a website – but they translate better live anyways.

Rock & Roll – Rockabilly – Roots – Blues: Once you’ve put the weeks stress out of it’s misery it’s off to The Twangshifters. With a slinky 50’s sounding,  guitar slinging, often barefoot chanteuse singing about Peaches & Lungs how do you say no?  If you are a self-respecting rockabilly fan, the shifters are already on your “go see” list.  If not, then check out:

We have to give the nod to Rob Cullivan from the Portland Tribune:

[gn_quote style=”1″]The Twangshifters are one of those bands you stumble across one night on a bender and never forget. Playing stripped down, no-nonsense rockabilly, blues and rock ’n’ roll, they’re the love children of Carl Perkins and Patsy Cline…bring a pack of filterless ciggies for the breaks in between.[/gn_quote]

For those who still haven’t adapted to the return of rain, or you just want to take the kids along, you should be over to Cirque du Soleil’s production, “Quidam”, at Matthew Knight Arena. Though it isn’t cheap, the experience is more than worth what you pay for it.  Check out our review.  “There come times in every life when they witness something so powerful, so beautiful, and so intoxicating that they immediately understand that they are in the presence of the world’s greatest.”

You might have more fun in Los Angeles or New York, but you’d have to get there first.  See you out there.  Yes, it’s good to be back.

Original Music

Timothy Patrick (Acoustic humorist) – Amici Restaurant – 5:00pm

Candace Kreitlow (Folk) – Aquila & Priscilla’s – 6:00pm

PaperTrain, Surviving Lillian (rock) – Goodfellas – 9:00pm

NineDice & guests (Rock) – Oak St. Speakeasy – 9:00pm

Christie & McCallum (Americana) – Tiny Tavern – 9:30pm

The Most Terrible Mountains (Indie) – Wandering Goat – 9:00pm (21+)

$5 The Twangshifters (Rock/Americana/Rockabilly) – Mac’s – 9:00pm

$5-$10 donations A Benefit for WomenSpace w/Ferns & Lauren Walter-Rozells (Rock/Indie) – Luckey’s – 10:00pm

$10 Tony Furtado (Americana) – Axe & Fiddle – 8:30pm

Blues, Jazz & Country

Hank Shreve Band (Blues) – Dexter Lake Club – 9:oopm

Aftermath (Jazz) – Hilton Hotel – 7:00pm

Adam Harris Trio (Jazz) – West End Tavern – 9:00pm

$5 The Fiddlin’ Big Sue Band (Newgrass/Blues) – Sam Bond’s – 9:30pm

$5 Joe Manis Trio – Jazz Station – 8:00pm

Dance, DJ, Hip-hop, Other

DJ Food Stamp – Level Up – 9:00pm

Dance party hits w/ DJ Scoot & DJ Pheonix – The Rok – 10:00pm

Sci-fi Party – Cowfish – 9:00pm – No cover before 10:30pm

Any fraternity/sorority party

Friday Night On the Town


Night on the Town brought to you by:

This has to be the busiest Friday night ever, what with the Pack 12 Championship and Chris Robinson Brotherhood in town.  There’s plenty of other choices as well in our little hamlet; something for every taste in music and venue.  Let’s get out into the night and find the hot spots, no excuses.

Last year, I needed to find a good place to watch the Pac-12 Championship game.  I ended up at the Wetlands where the crowd is big and enthusiastic, the brew and bar food served with a smile and the screens are everywhere.  I had my trusty laptop with me and put on Sebastian Bach singing the Duck POWER BALLAD.  We all joined in, complete with waving lighters and rolling on the floor laughter.  Even when the Ducks fell short, the crowd was loyal and supportive.  I’m headed back tonight because some experiences just have to be shared.

I suppose one or two citizens would rather avoid the football action.  Luckily, there are few good options for Friday date night.  Top of my recommendations would be Saginaw Vineyard’s Friday Night Live in the Barn.  Petri Dish is providing the musical back drop for wine tasting and simple hors d’oeuvres.  The owners encourage folks to “bring your own dinner basket if you want”, kind of a novel idea that could turn into a romantic picnic in a 100 year-old barn with great bluesy jazz floating in the rafters.  A scene like that would definitely melt this cougar’s heart.  Event starts at 6:00, $10.

The Granary is a good choice tonight for a simple dinner date.  I’m talking about pizza and folk rock with Robert Meade.  Meade puts me in mind of Neil Young only fuzzier in the face.  His harmonica interludes make me feel frisky and nostalgic at the same time.  Nice prelude for the rest of the evening. No cover, show starts at 7:00.

Jazz lovers have a couple of picks tonight. Part of the First Friday Art Walk, early at the Jazz Station is Lotus Jazz, a local quartet that comes out with a melodic, smooth sound that can help ease away the tension of a busy day.  Really, quite a treat for a no cover show at 5:30.  Stick around for the South Eugene Jazz Sextet at 8:00.  I am extraordinarily curious about this group of young musicians, all teenagers.  This could be a real treat and I love to support developing musicians.  Something tells me that the Jazz Station is featuring them for a reason.  Only $5.

South Eugene Jazz Sextex at the Jazz Station tonight.

Mac’s is hosting Franco Paletta & The Stingers, down from Portland, at the club tonight.  Polished comes to mind about this blues band.  I’m a total pushover for blues harmonica and Frank blows some of the best in the country.  Along with his hearty vocals that have to be described as flat out sexy, this will be a dynamic show.  He sings “I’m crazy about you baby, it just don’t mean a thing” and I want to jump him.  Show starts at 9:00, $5.

Now it’s time to come clean.  All of these truly great recommendations for a wonderful evening aside, I’m headed to the WOW Hall for Chris Robinson Brotherhood.  Definitely a throw back to my youthful tastes, I wouldn’t miss an opportunity for a little Southern rock that of course has its roots in blues.  Once at the front of the Black Crows with his brother Rich, Chris will no doubt play some of the favorites from their work.  However, Chris is making his own mark with a more folksy, bluesy sound. I sincerely hopes he plays “Sunday Sound”, a song that will no doubt run through my head for the next few days.  When he sings “Well, I’d like to dance with you …as the band plays on,” I intend to grab my guy and make a spectacle of myself on the dance floor. Neil Casal and Chris Robinson both on guitar makes for some great licks that get the hips a-swaying.   Always a romantic, his lyrics are often about love, including the heady good times along with the excruciating challenges.  He also covers blues favorites like Otis Redding’s  “That’s How Strong My Love Is”.  Still a hirsute, barefoot hippie after all these years, I’m looking forward to an evening of awesome, nostalgic southern rock.  I will so be there, no excuses.  Show starts at 9:00; $17 at the door.

The Robinson Brotherhood

LA Thompson, EDN

LISTINGS Return Tomorrow!

Saturday Night on the Town


The Ducks must have a direct line to the Weather Goddess to order up a day like this for the Civil War.  Fans will be gathered in every sports bar in town to watch the action and the beer will flow like the McKenzie after all the recent rain.  After last week’s upset, we all need to show our Ducks a little extra love, just like the Weather Goddess.  When it’s all over, get out and share the glory or the grief, which ever way it goes.  There’s music out there to soothe the soul, so no excuses people.

Jazz at its best with Gerry Rempel and Gus Russell at Ax Billy

If you happened to watch the game at Ax Billy’s in the Downtown Athletic Club (public welcome), stick around afterwards for dinner and the jazz show.  Otherwise, jazz enthusiasts might want to drop on by.  Their menu is over the top wonderful and tonight, they’re offering Gerry Rempel’s Trio.  Pianist Gus Russell is playing with them tonight.  He’s composed for movies including “The Independent” and “PreFontaine: Fire on the Track.”  Gerry Rempel’s masterful guitar playing with Gus Russell on piano and supported by Byron Case on the bass will add up to tight musicianship, original improvisation and jazz at its very best.  Quite a treat for a no cover show in a posh, intimate venue.

Rock fans, specifically punk rock, can rejoice with like minded souls at Luckey’s.  Full Lush serve’s up gutsy lyrics with a heavy dose of grunge bass.  Their little tune “monkey eyes”* feels like a good song for the Duck’s defensive linebackers or a man angry at his woman, take your pick.  Either way, I like the primal bass line and heavy beat.  They claim to play “loud and hard”; I hear no reason to doubt that.  Also on the bill is Wetsock, always good for rearranging my attitude;  no wimping out with this band.  They have a horn player that just plain pleases me to no end.  Show starts at 10:00; $5 cover.

Grrrlz Rock continues on tonight at the WOW Hall with perhaps the best line up of the whole series featuring female performers.  Rejoice men, the gorgeous and talented Anna Gilbert will bless you with her sweet voice, lyrics and breathless sound.  I first found Anna playing at a local church, of all things, dishing out salvation with rocking Christian ballads.  However, do not pigeon hole this woman because her pop music is sublime.  She sings “sometimes the truth is something you can’t see” encouraging lovers not to rush it and give each other “Room to Breathe”*, an original tune that shows off her exquisite voice.  I’ve seen her play piano and sing and trust me, she makes it look easy.  Anna plays at 9:15; don’t miss it.


Playing earlier for Grrrlz Rock is the all-girl teen rock band She’s Not Dead coming in for the show from Portland.  Think sleepover party on steroids with rock instruments.  They are having a blast, writing their own material and rocking out with enthusiasm. Sure, they need more experience and polish, but Grrrlz Rock is all about getting a band like this out in front to gain that extra special something that comes from audience appreciation.  “Don’t Stay”* has real potential with solid guitar riffs and lot’s of punch.  I find them appealing and refreshing.  The line up also includes Bajuana Tea, Betty and the Boy and several others.  $10 at the door, show starts early at 6:00 and goes through to 11:00.


Finally, Sam Bond’s is featuring Mood Area 52 along with Birdie Jo and the Ferns for a $5 cover.  This will be solid good music with the neighborhood feel of this iconic venue and plenty of Black Butte Porter.   The musicians in Mood Area 52 and Birdie Jo swap out and morph back and forth.  There’s no predicting exactly how it will all work out, but that just makes it fun.  Be assured that you cannot do better musically; whoever decides to show and play will give a great performance.  The show as billed rockabilly and post rock so I guess Mood Area may be less tango and more rock for this one.

I see no reason to stick to the safety and comfort of the couch after the game.  The music calls and I must answer.  See you out there my friends.

LA Thompson, EDN

Night on the Town sponsored by:

Original Music

Mile Post, Trip Wire Project : Rock : black Forest – 10:00pm
Robert Meade : Acoustic : Granary – 7:00pm
Forgotten Works : Acoustic : Wandering Goat – 9:00pm
$5 – Strange Vine, Guitar Recovery Project, Poli High : Variety : Axe & Fiddle – 8:00pm
$6 – “Occupy Cozmic” w/David Rovicks & Co. : folk activism : Cozmic Pizza – 8:30pm
$5 – Just People : Indie rock : Granary – 10:00pm
$5 – Full Lush, Wetsock : Ska rock : Luckey’s – 10:00pm
$5 – Mood Area 52, Birdie Jo, Ferns : Rockabilly, post rock : Sam Bond’s – 9:30pm
$10 – GRRRLZ Rock: Anna Gilbert, Bajuana Tea, fivebyfive, Betty & the Boy, She’s Not Dead, Olivia Langley : WOW Hall – 5:30pm

Cover & Tribute Bands

The Valley Boys : Rock : Happy Hours – 8:00pm
The M80’s : Rock : Mohawk Tavern – 9:00pm
No Way Out : Rock : O’Donnell’s – 9:00pm
Caught in the Act Dance Party : Rock : Village Green – 9:00pm
The Survivors : rock : Yukon Jack’s – 9:00pm

Blues, Jazz & Country

Gerry Rempel Trio, Gus Russell, Byron Case : Jazz : Downtown Athletic Club – 8:00pm
Molly Nord : Piano improv : Hidden Valley – 6:00pm
Eddie & the Drifting Pines : Folk blues : Mulligan’s – 9:00pm
$6 – Michael Tracey, The Hi-Tones : Blues, rock soul : Mac’s – 9:00pm

Dance, DJ, Hip Hop, Other

“Sup!” w/Sassy Mouff, Michael Human & Guests : Top40 Electro : Cowfish – 9:30pm
DJ J-Will : Dance mix : Doc’s Pad – 8:00pm
DJ Crown : Hip hop, dance : Taylor’s Bar & Grille – 10:00pm

Friday Night on the Town


The holiday has officially started and we enter into the time of more family gatherings than is healthy for some of us.  None the less, there is no time like the day after the national turkey feast to get out and find some anonymous comfort in a dimly lit club filled with mind bending music.  Personally I’m going to head down to the Axe and Fiddle in Cottage Grove to help celebrate their fifth anniversary.  There’s a smattering of local delights this evening for those who can’t find a designated driver.  No excuses people, let’s find the party.

There’s a young man, Cliff Hines, making a surprise appearance at Cozmic Pizza tonight.  It’s an early show, 5:00 pm, so I’m thinking a great place to start.  Cliff comes from New Orleans where he and other band members studied music at the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (NOCCA).  With a pedigree like that, this could be a rare treat for modern jazz enthusiasts.  The sound is fresh, full of unexpected syncopation overlaid with oh so smooth guitar work by Cliff Hines that reminds me of one of his influences, Pat Metheny .  Sasha Masakowski provides ethereal vocals that dance around in the music, amazing.  I would hope that we in Eugene could give this talented quartet a warm welcome; there’s no cover, no excuses.

You could hang around Cozmic for Total Hip and a little so called boom rock, but I’m thinking the night is ready for some more action and a change of scenery.  Surprisingly, I’m not seeing anything in the metal department so we have to go for good old rock and roll.  A  Eugene favorite for a couple of decades, The Valley Boys, is kicking it up at Mac’s.  Yeah, they are a rock cover band, but probably the best in the area.  I think this is a good venue for them and it will be a great dance party, well worth the $6 cover

The hidden treasure lies waiting at Luckey’s with Poor Miner’s Union.  Billed as Jam Funk, I’d say they tend to cross genres at times with an overall funky electronic jazz sound. With tunes like “Spyro” ,  cuddle up with a brew, a few friends and let all the mental clutter drift away.   Show starts at 10:00, $5 cover.

Now, about that drive to Cottage Grove.  I’ll be going because I love the Axe & Fiddle as a music venue and hey, they are celebrating 5 years.  It doesn’t hurt that my good buddy Mike Last is playing with the Stagger and Sway along with a terrific line up of Americana and Indie musicians.  Lloyd Mitchell Canyon is on the bill, driving down from Portland to throw down a little country rock.  Female lead vocalist J Crow has a smokey smooth voice that makes me want to sneak a kiss.  Along with the Huckleberrys and Brandon Decker, this will be an awesome celebration for a surprising little club tucked away to the south.  Show starts at 7:30, but I’m going to get there early for a good spot and to have a bowl of their homemade salmon bisque.  Yummy.  $5 cover.

Axe & Fiddle

 LA Thompson, EDN

Night on the Town sponsored by:

Original Music

Black Delany, B-Line, Security In Numbers, and Kylan Johnson : Rock : Black Forest – 10:00pm
142nd Annual Mustache Rally, Eager Beavers : Fun : John Henry’s – 9:00pm
$5 – The Stagger & Sway : Americana : Axe & Fiddle – 7:30pm
$5 – Poor Miners Union, Dorado : Jam, Funk : Luckey’s – 10:00pm

Cover & Tribute Bands

The M80’s : Rock : Mohawk Tavern – 9:00pm
Satellite Jack : Rock : Village Green – 9:00pm
The Survivors : Rock : Yukon Jack’s – 9:00pm
Cheap Truck : Rock : Goodfellas – 9:00pm
$6 – The Valley Boys : Rock : Mac’s – 9:00pm

Blues, Jazz & Country

Cliff Hines : Jazz : Cozmic Pizza – 5pm
Molly Nord : Piano improv : Hidden Valley – 6:00pm
Aftermath, Greg Nathan, Mike Denny : Jazz : Hilton Hotel – 7:00pm
Jim Liberato : Acoustic : The Loft – 8:00pm
Skip Jones, Paul Biondi, Hank Shreve : Blues : Sam’s Place – 8:00pm
$5 – Total Hip : Boom rock : Cozmic Pizza – 8:00pm
$10 – Timothy Patrick : Acoustic humor : Saginaw Vineyards – 6:00pm
$5 – Green Mountain Bluegrass : Bluegrass : Sam Bond’s – 9:30pm

Dance, DJ, Hip Hop, Other

Freek-Nite Dance Party w/Audio Schizophrenic : DJ : Cowfish – 9:00pm
Michael Friedman, Social Alchemist : Electronica : Granary – 9:00pm
Rock-n-Roll : Jam : Quackers – 9:00pm

Saturday Night on the Town


Football fans will be gathering all over town to watch the Ducks kick some USC butt tonight.  Afterwards, like everyone else, I’ll be all revved and up and will need to blow out all that energy.   Oh yes, the music scene is ready to help with some select tidbits to channel the euphoria of a hometown win.  I have no intention of holding back.

How about meeting the tiger head-on with a little Digital Violence served up screaming loud?  It’s all metal at the Black Forest tonight. There will be no mercy nor downtime so go prepared for head banging, blood pumping rock designed to remove all doubt.  Also on the bill is a band from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) with the catchy name  Discontinuum.  I couldn’t preview the music for you, but I am intrigued they have one self-released album called “Inside the Discontinuum” that their manager Jeff Church describes as “mixing melodic death metal/black metal atmosphere, progressive off-beat rhythms, and acoustic/alternative rock choruses.”  Who wouldn’t want to sample that.  Hey, the boys have made it here all the way from Alberta so I say check them out.  The show starts late at 10:00 pm with no cover.


It’s time for LA Thompson to come clean and admit that white boy blues turns me on.  It doesn’t get any better than the Sultans of Slide as far as I am concerned.  I caught their New’s Year Eve party at Mac’s to bring in 2011.  Big Monti Amundson and company are absolute maestros on the slide guitar.  Right after I fell in love with them, the band took off to Amsterdam to tour behind their release Lightning Strikes.  They’re back at Mac’s tonight and you know I’ll have to be there.  When Big Monti belts out “Stupid Trouble” and I get goosebumps knowing that I was once the kind of girl that meant trouble by truck load.  

I sincerely hope the Sultans are playing upstairs where there’s plenty of room to dance because I’m going to have move, especially when they play “Drive All Night”, with Monti’s voice sounding like a dark angel in my head.  Do not stand in my way if you don’t want to get hurt.  Show starts at 9:00, $8 at the door.  You’ll get 3 solid hours of some of the best blues on the west coast.  I kid you not.

Finally, for those folks who have figured out that bluegrass can be a ton of fun, the Alder St. Allstars will be at the Granary tonight.  This authentic folk band is capable of filling a much larger venue than the bar at the Granary, so I’m thinking it could be a packed house even if it’s just their friends who show up.

Their tunes are rousing and the lyrics make me smile.  A little toned down from other recommendations, but well worth the $5 cover.  The show starts early (at 7:00) with Sorta Ultra, a punk rock band from Portland and Low Tide Drifters, a local bluegrass favorite. This is a great line-up and very good things will happen musically speaking.

I won’t be holding back, not at all.  And I’m not planning to let you.  Let it go folks, let’s party!

–LA Thompson

Night on the Town sponsored by:

Original Music

The Entity, Digital Violence, Still Fear, Discontinuum : Metal : Black Forest 10pm
The Kingpins, Rocktopia : Rock : Downtown Lounge 10pm
Rodent : Rock, 21+ : Wandering Goat 9pm
Vial Experiment, Gladhandler, Deadsetlife : Metal : Quackers 9pm
$5 – Grrrlz Rock : Rock : Cozmic Pizza 8pm
$5 – Klezmonauts, Klezmer : Folk : Axe & Fiddle 8:30pm
$5 – Lone Madrone, Pancake Breakfast, Kingdom County : Folk rock : Sam Bond’s 9:30pm

Cover & Tribute Bands

Coupe De Ville : Rock : Embers 8:30pm
Sonic Storm : Arena rock : Mohawk Tavern 9pm
Joybox : Rock : Spirits Bar 9pm
Dammit Jim : Rock : Village Green 9pm

Blues, Jazz & Country

Molly Nord : Piano improv : Hidden Valley 6pm
Carl Woideck Trio : Jazz : Downtown Athletic Club 8pm
$5 – Sorta Ultra, Lowtide Drifters, Alder St. Allstars : Bluegrass : Granary 7pm
$5 – Andrew Porkorny Quartet : Jazz : Jazz Station 8pm
$8 – Sultans of Slide : Blues : Mac’s at the Vets 9pm
$5 – Sammy Steele Band : Country : Whiskey River Ranch 9pm

Dance, DJ, Hip Hop, Other

“Sup!” w/Sassy Mouff, Michael Human & Guests : Top 40, electro : Cowfish 9:30pmpm
DJ J-Will : Dance mix : Doc’s Pad 8pm
Rock ‘n’ Roll Jam : jam : Quackers 9pm
DJ Crown : Hip hop, dance : Taylor’s Bar & Grille 10pm
$5 – G.L.A.M. : DJ Dance : John Henry’s 9:30pm
$5 – Blue Lotus, Jonzer : Jam : Luckey’s 10pm
$9 – Z-man, True Justice, 4 Trees, GB the Hustlah & Prop : Hip Hop : Oak St. Speakeasy 9pm
SOLD OUT – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Champagne Champagne, Xperience : Hip hop: WOW Hall 9pm

Friday Night On the Town


11/11/11 is numerical anomaly that has a few people taking notice. What with Veteran’s Day, the heralding of the “Age of Aquarius” on some calendars and a birthday party going on for the oldest bar in Eugene, there are plenty to choose from for a special “date” night.

Marv Ellis

Luckey’s is celebrating a centennial anniversary tonight; yes, the club has been around for 100 years, reinventing itself in various downtown locations.  During the prohibition years, Luckey’s was a cigar club and pool hall.  Today, indoor smoking is banned and the booze flows as fast as the bartenders can pull a tap.  What hasn’t changed is that Luckey’s is still a gathering place for folks looking to blow it out on a Friday night.

Often featuring local bands struggling to build an audience, Luckey’s is offering up the cream of the crop for their own birthday bash.  Matthew Hayward-Macdonald hales from Portland – just up the road a couple of hours.  A treat of a songwriter with a voice that draws you in to the original story lyrics, I imagine his laid back style has been selected for opening the show.  The harmonies are amazing, worth showing up early and sitting close to hear this emerging singer/songwriter.  Following up on the bill is Marv Ellis, an international hip-hop artist with three albums under his belt.

Reeble Jar

Ellis says he’s from Eugene, Portland and Mars.  I think he should pick one and go with it.  As the evening continues on, Eleven Eyes (Eugene Celebration and Whiteaker Block Party favorites) followed by Reeble Jar will keep the energy ratcheting up to an all out frenzy.  Expect a big crowd for this one.  Show starts at 9:00 with a $10 cover, next to nothing to get a dose of four great acts and a piece of the party.

Guitar lovers and aficionados are in for a treat with Willy Porter in town.  Appearing at Sam Bond’s tonight, Porter has been described as a guitar wizard.  After listening to “Available Light”, I simply want to hear more.  Ethereal and bluesy at the same time, I can see why Porter’s style is called “experimental”; he doesn’t follow the rules, he makes up his own.  “Hard Place” is a great tune for Veteran’s Day, a ballad about a Marine with the line “semper fi is not a slogan, but a living legacy.”   Show opens at 9:00, $15 at the door.

Willy Porter is in town

What is up with the 11/11/11 thing, anyway?  I guess the new age types think that something cosmic is being dished out by the universe astrologically and even thought the Age of Aquarius is supposed to start in December, 11/11/11 gets the ball rolling with great planetary vibes.  The Granary is getting in the spirit with Honey Vizer and Hansa El Din & His Happy Guitar.  Both of these performers specialize in that old-time Americana sound, but the show is billed as rock, go figure.

Finally, what better way to honor veterans and their special holiday than taking in a blues show at Mac’s at the Vet’s Club?  Featured at the 2011 Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, Kevin Selfe and the Tornadoes are offering up delicious slide guitar with gutsy vocals for a good time on one of the best dance floors in town.  Get out and get those feet moving, people.  See you there!

Original Music

Dave Norem, The Microbials: acousticWandering Goat – 9:00

Moondog Matinee, Giggle Party: Indie RockBlack Forest – 10:00

$1-11 Honey Vizer, Hansa El Din & His Happy Guitar: “11/11/11” Celebration; American folk; rockGranary – 10:00

$5 Betty & the Boy, Kendl Winter, Joe Capoccia: AmericanaAxe & Fiddle – 8:30

$10 One Hundredth Birthday Party! with Mathew Hayward-Macdonald, Eleven Eyes, Marv Ellis, Reeble Jar:  Rock, Fusion Luckey’s – 7:30

$15 Willy Porter: Singer/Song writer adult alternativeSam Bond’s – 9:00

Cover & Tribute Bands

Milepost, Downseekers: RockMulligan’s – 9:30
Coupe De Ville: Classic rock covers Embers – 8:30
Blazin’ Eddie: Party RockHappy Hours – 8:30
Rock ‘n Roll JamQuacker’s – 9:00
Manic Mechanics: ZZ Top cover bandVillage Green – 9:00
$3 Hemlock & the Entity: RockDowntown Lounge – 10:00

Blues, Jazz & Country

Gus Russell: Jazz, blues pianoLavelle’s – 6:00

Molly Nord: Piano Improv Hidden Valley – 6:00

Barbara Dzuro: Adult contemporary pianoGranary – 7:00

David Rogers: Classical guitarThe Beanery – 7:00

Christie & McCallum: Americana, Johnny Cash coversWest End Tavern – 8:00

The Essentials: Soul/R & BOak St. Speakeasy – 9:00

$5 Keith Anderson, Brian McComas, Aaron Benward, Bump in the Road: CountryWhiskey River Ranch – 9:00

$6 Kevin Selfe & the Tornadoes:  BluesMac’s – 9:00

$10 Matt Hayhall, Storm Nilson: JazzJazz Station – 8:00

Dance, DJ, Hip Hop, Other

Trivia Night: Interactive game with prizes – Rogue Public House – 8:00
Philly Phunkstra, The Longshots: Funk, SoulCozmic Pizza – 8:00
Freek-Nite Party with Audio Schizophrenic: DJ DanceCowfish – 9:00
Patrick & Girl: Acoustic O’Donnell’s – 9:30
DJ Crown: Raggae, hip hopDavis’ – 10:00

LA Thompson-EDN

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