BBaF Podcast Episode 24: LGBTQ Club Culture in the 70s & 80s with Emily Colucci


Episode 24: LGBTQ Club Culture in the 70s & 80s w/ Emily Colucci” 

Last week we kicked off a Gay Pride Month series for the Bit by a Fox Podcast. We’re devoting the rest of the month to LGBTQ stories – the importance of gay bars and clubs through history, the cultural impact of the movements that came out of those important spaces, and the renegades, revolutionaries and icons behind it all. It’s such a big subject, we’ve created our first podcast series for #PrideMonth. In this second episode in this series, we touch on the gay club culture in the 70s and 80s – the music, dancing, drag, sex, and drugs involved in the queer club scene, and how it crossed over and influenced straight/mainstream culture through the years.

Our guest this week is Emily Colucci, a writer and arts curator based in New York City. Emily is co-founder of Filthy Dreams, a blog analyzing art and culture through a queer lens and a touch of camp.

This week’s featured cocktail happens to be one of the most popular cocktails of the disco era. The Harvey Wallbanger. This drink was heavily advertised all throughout the 70s to promote sales of Galliano Liqueur which, in turn, became the most popular liqueur in America during the decade. Below is a traditional Harvey Wallbanger cocktail recipe, however, I highly recommend a slushy version that I created a few years ago. Click on the pic for that icy take.

Harvey Wallbanger
2 oz Vodka
4 oz Fresh orange juice
3/4 oz Galliano

Add vodka and orange juice to a tall, ice-filled highball glass. Float the Galliano on top and stir. Garnish with orange wheel and enjoy.

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Review: Bermuda Triangle’s intimate performance brings laughs and love to Eugene

Alabama Shakes’ frontwoman Brittany Howard and her latest side project Bermuda Triangle performed a casual, intimate set at a packed WOW Hall on Saturday night in Eugene. The performance marked the eighth and final show in an eight-day period for the trio, which kicked off its brief West Coast tour in Hollywood, California, on Feb. 3.

Following a hypnotic Afro-soul performance from openers Bells Atlas, Howard took the stage with bandmates Becca Mancari and Jesse Lafser just after 9 p.m. The trio was greeted with a rambunctious applause and a healthy dose of hoots and hollers from the crowd. After finishing the band’s opening track “Tear Us Apart” with a bicep flex, Howard addressed the audience. “This is my first time here. This is all of our times here,” she said. “Can you show us what it’s like in Eugene, tonight?”

Becca Mancari of Bermuda Triangle ends the show by making a triangle with her hands. Bermuda Triangle performs at WOW Hall in Eugene on Feb. 10, 2018. (Sararosa Davies/Emerald)

Shouts of admiration for Howard rang through the hall during even the slightest of silences. One enthusiastic fan even held a sign that read “Brittany” in bold letters. But by no means did Howard’s fame outshine or overcast Mancari and Lafser’s impressive musical talent. Bermuda Triangle’s performance felt like a true collaboration, not a one-woman act.

The trio’s musical ability was on full display — each member took turns on lead vocals and rotated through a host of acoustic guitars, banjos, harmonicas, drum pads and an upright double bass. But Bermuda Triangle’s hallmark talent is its vocal harmonies. On some tracks, Howard’s powerful vocals took charge, with Mancari and Lafser’s twangy harmonics providing a rich supporting vocal layer. Songs such as “Rosie” and “Bermuda Triangle” familiarized the audience with Lafser and Mancari’s twangy timbre.

Despite an impressive musical performance, technical difficulties and lapses in instrumentation kept finding their way into the set. But Howard’s informal and relaxed stage demeanour made those moments, which can often be awkward and embarrassing, an opportunity to share a laugh with the audience.

While humor and humility served as themes for the night, there were also sincere moments of gratitude and reflection. “We started this band as a joke,” Mancari said. “[But] these are the most talented women I know and it’s a joy to be on the stage with each other.”

“We really are real-life best friends,” Howard said towards the end of the performance. “This is our last show and I just want to say: what a beautiful thing we’ve done. We started this band by just drinking rose. We did one show, then we did some more shows, then we were like ‘Let’s go to the West Coast’ and now we’re here.”

After wrapping up its set just after 10 p.m., Bermuda Triangle left the stage and exited the venue through the backstage door. But the absence was short-lived. The trio quickly returned for a one song encore in response to a thundering pulse of clapping and stomping.

“I love this crowd. Fuck yeah!” Mancari said following the group’s final performance. The trio then thanked the crowd and shared a bow.  

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Review: Portugal. The Man lights up McDonald Theatre in first performance since winning Grammy

Guitarist and lead singer John Gourley. Portugal. The Man sells out McDonald Theatre in Eugene, Ore. on Feb. 1, 2018. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

Portugal. The Man lit-up the sold-out McDonald Theatre Thursday night for the group’s first stop on its 2018 winter tour in support of its most recent record, “Woodstock.” It was also the band’s first performance since winning a Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. 

The Portland-based indie rockers took the stage just after 10 p.m., shortly after Canadian indie-rock group Hollerado finished its opening set. Portugal took the stage and started a jam session that quickly led into the group’s cover of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall” — perhaps a nod to Eugene’s large population of college students. Either way, audience members of all ages joined the band in chanting, “Teachers, leave those kids alone!”

After riding the cover out for a few verses, the band decided to work its way into its own material, seamlessly transitioning into the upbeat “Purple Yellow Red and Blue.” Before moving into some of its older hits, the band performed a few of its most popular songs such as “Modern Jesus,” “Live In The Moment” and “Feel It Still.”

While much of Portugal. The Man’s recorded material is upbeat and poppy, the band’s live performance took on a different life entirely. The band featured a heavy dose of distorted rock accompanied by flashing strobes and rotating lights in the dimly-lit room.  

Bassist Zachary Scott Carothers. Portugal. The Man sells out McDonald Theatre in Eugene, Ore. on Feb. 1, 2018. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

Throughout the show, psychedelic projections of distorted human forms and blobs of moving color were shown on a large screen behind the band. Occasionally, the projector would feature a few words from Portugal. The Man, including the opening credits in which the band admitted to having poor stage banter and that the projector would replace that aspect of the show. Later, the projector checked to make sure everyone in the audience was doing alright and asked if anyone was “smoking some weed?” 

The night reached its peak when the band decided to interlude “The Nightman Cometh” from FX’s hit-series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” — a crass comedy popular among college-aged viewers. Audience members immediately joined the band in chanting “Dayman, fighter of the Nightman, champion of the sun, you’re a Master of Karate and friendship for everyone” as soon as they realized what the band was doing. 

Many students and Eugene community members who were in attendance had work or school the following day, but it didn’t affect the loud, lively atmosphere at the McDonald Theatre for Portugal. The Man made it clear that this week, the weekend started on a Thursday.

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Friday playlist: You’re drunk, go home

Pregame. House show. Party. 21’er. Bars. Bars. More Bars. After party. Kickback. Then the brutal walk back home. If the type of night described above sounds familiar to you, then you know that sometimes nothing sounds better than belting songs aloud with friends after a long night of raging. But the problem is everyone is usually too drunk to find the right song. So here’s a playlist for those nights in which your morning has already been surrendered to a heavy hangover and it’s time to go home.

Check out the full playlist at the bottom of this post.

Here are a few playlist highlights:

Take Me Home, Country Roads” — John Denver

This song might be a bit slower tempo-wise, but with the help of your blacked-out friends, it can easily turn into a perfect walk back from the bars anthem. Denver’s bellowing vocals are full of reminiscence and a longing for home — similar to one’s longing for bed at this point in the night. So throw your arms around your friends’ shoulders, throw your head back and let John Denver lead the way home.

Mr. Brightside” — The Killers

Everyone knows this song. Well maybe not everyone, but everyone who is anyone knows it. The Killer’s 2004 hit has lasted the test of time, and it can still be heard blaring from fraternity house basements as the night starts to wind down. Though you might have to come out of your cage a little to sing this song, but hopefully you’ve been feeling just fine and want to be down ‘cause you want it all. Okay, that’s enough lyrical puns, but it made my point.

Drunk Drivers / Killer Whales” — Car Seat Headrest

To be clear, this is not a suggestion to drink and drive. In fact, it’s quite the opposite as lead singer/songwriter Will Toledo’s lyrics state: “If you want to go home, you can call a taxi.” Regardless, Car Seat Headrest’s 2016 breakout hit makes for the perfect late night sing-a-long. At heart, its content is quite dark and nihilistic, but its catchy chorus caters to a drunk group that can quickly pick up the lyrics.

Goosebumps” — Travis Scott

No lyrics fit the mood of a late night jam session better than Travis Scott’s “Goosebumps” second verse: “Oh no I can’t fuck with y’all, yea when I’m with my squad I can’t do no wrong.” Though not 100 percent accurate, the feeling of invincibility does increase with the size of your squad. And even for those who don’t know every word to this track, its chorus is so simple yet catchy that anyone can learn, no matter how long they have been under a rock.

God’s Plan” — Drake

Drake’s most recent the single broke the record for Spotify’s most streamed song in the U.S. upon its release day, according to The fact that a song is popular doesn’t usually mean it’s the best song, but this time it does. Drake implores all the hit-making techniques on this track. A catchy intro with a bass drop halfway through the verse, lyrical innuendos hint that Drake is the G.O.A.T. and a sudden cutout where everyone listening can shout: “She say, ‘Do you love me?’ I tell her, ‘Only partly.’ I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry.”

Listen to the full playlist below:


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A Little Finger Pointing: The Beer Loves Eugene Event


“Beer Loves Eugene”, part of the marketing firm uHaps Media based in Kentucky, has had a significant presence in the local bar scene. The company planned an event for today at Taylor’s Bar and Grill near the University of Oregon, featuring 25 cent beers. The event was promoted through the social media website Facebook. A Facebook event was created a few weeks ago to spread the word about the happening.

Hundreds of people had been invited via Facebook, and well over a hundred people had RSVP’ed for the event.

But a few days ago, it was announced on the Facebook event page that the event had been cancelled due to “OLCC regulations.” The OLCC is the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, created in 1933 by the Oregon Legislative Assembly in order to provide control over the distribution, sales, and consumption of alcoholic beverages in the state.

A number of Facebook users spoke out against this move, speaking negatively of the OLCC. When asked about the event, though, the OLCC denied any such cancellation on their end. Joy Spencer, from the OLCC’s Communications Division, said that both she and the Eugene OLCC office knew nothing of this cancellation.

“Our Eugene office does not know anything about it. They [Taylor’s] were good on their licenses. They have not been told to cancel anything.”

Today the event was completely deleted from Facebook.

Spencer said that the OLCC talked to neither Beer Loves Eugene nor Taylor’s. While it is against Oregon law to advertise a specific price for drinks outside of an establishment (on an outside sign, for example, or in a newspaper advertisement), normally a violation of this law — especially by an outside group holding an event at a bar, rather than the bar itself — would be met with a verbal warning. On their Facebook event page, Beer Loves Eugene mentioned 25 cent beers. However, according to Spencer, that was not even an issue.

“There was no discussion of any fine because we didn’t even know about the Facebook event. The monitoring of the social media by the OLCC is not frequent. We don’t do that. That would appear overreaching.

And had the OLCC been aware of the public mention of 25 cent beers, Spencer says the OLCC would not have made Beer Loves Eugene or Taylor’s cancel the event.

“Usually they just give a verbal warning.”

Pete O’Rourke, regional director of the OLCC Eugene office, talked to the bar manager at Taylor’s this afternoon after EDN’s inquiry. The bar manager told O’Rourke that the cancellation was not due to the OLCC, as the Facebook event page stated. Rather, he cancelled the event because he had disagreements with Beer Loves Eugene.

O’Rourke said,

“From what I hear the 25 cent beers would have caused consternation but other than that we let the bars use their best judgement.”

Neither uHaps Media nor Taylor’s Bar and Grill could be reached for comment by the time of publication.

Night on the Town


Night on the Town  -Saturday –

Keegan Smith & The Fam

Lovely day for some sunshine, even if October is six days away. If you aren’t watching the game tonight, there is so much to do and hear.  I’m a bit tuckered out from last night truthfully.  Long night for this princess. Fun, exciting and well, nothing a lady would care to discuss in print.

Tonight Whiskey River has the game on the big screen, complete with some good cold beer and some very cold air conditioning.  Keegan Smith & The Fam is performing directly after the Ducks win.  Keegan Smith & The Fam took home, last year, the prestigious honor of BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE at the 2011 Portland Music Awards.  This band emanates funky soul grooves and palpable vibes that makes one want to get up and dance.  This Portland band is bad-ass in that they were asked to provide an original movie sound track for a movie/documentary Green Light: The Sustainable Oroville Project.    As mentioned on the band’s website, “Kelsey Smith, Keegan’s sister, manages the band. Kelsey is very close to her brother and she considers the band to be part of a close-knit family.  “Keegan is an amazing story-teller,” said Kelsey. “He connects with people by walking and dancing through the crowd. It energizes his audience and perpetuates a sense of familiarity that makes them feel at home.”  Should be an interesting night for the Whiskey River crowd.

We Have Guns

If you’re in the mood for some fine acoustic guitar and smartly written songs, Tyler Fortier, is playing at Cornucopia at 10pm.  If you’re into something a little low-key, in an intimate setting, this would be the ticket.   But again, if you’re up for a cool tribute type show, The Grateful Dead tribute band,  Cast of Clowns is at Luckey’s tonight.   However, if you get the itch for something a little new, a little different, check out what’s happening over at Mulligans.  With such names as Electric Howie &  the Roadrunners, Bobby Six Crows… could be an interesting night?  The WOW Hall has the We Have Guns CD release party tonight as well.  If you missed their acoustic set at CD world today at 2pm (acoustic metal???) then you need to see these guys live in full metal instrumentation.  Of course, metal heads, Crimson Guardian are on tap over at (of all places???) Quackers.  Intimate place for metal.  Not quite sure how they worked it out, but tonight’s show will be  broadcast live at If you’re into metal, these guys put on a killer show.  I saw them at The Black Forest last weekend, and I’m not a die-hard metal fan, but I liked their songs.  So, it would be worth the effort to head out that way to hear them.

As for this gal, tonight is going to be pretty low-key.  I am going to see Tyler Fortier, have a couple of beers, and enjoy some rather fabulous company.  After, I get my mani and pedi, that is.  I’m certainly happy my “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” ban is still in effect where my personal life is concerned.  But then, really, who IS going to ask anyway?  And as for my last night… my lips are sealed!

I will see you out there!


Original Music

FREE: Black Forest Baby Beast & Special Guest—10; Rock
FREE: Cornucopia Tyler Fortier—10; Folk
FREE: Quackers Audiophobia, The Entity, Crimson Guardian—9; Metal
FREE: Wandering Goat Chorduroyys—9; Electic
$10.00 WOW Hall We Have Guns, I Am Ruin, Lidless Eye, Hero Explains The Ghost, Gusher—8; Hard rock
FREE: Mulligan’s Electric Howie & the Roadrunners, Bobby Six Crows & The Riggin’ Warriors w/ Bobby Jones & the Wild Buffalos—9
$5.00 Axe & Fiddle Trio Zazi—9:30; Folk, pop, jazz
$7.00 Sam Bond’s Marv Ellis & the Platform w/ Element & DJ DV8—9:30; Hip hop

Cover & Tribute Bands

FREE: Happy Hours Coupe De Ville—8:30
FREE: Mohawk Tavern “Just Another Day” ft. Monolith—9; Rock
FREE: O’Donnells Mixed Blood—9
FREE: Spirits Joybox—9; R&B, jazz, country
FREE: Village Green Razor Road—9; Rock
$15.00 Luckey’s Cast of Clowns—10; Grateful Dead tribute

Blues, Jazz & Country

FREE: B2 Wine Bar Taste—8
FREE: Yukon Jack’s Blazin’ Eddie—9; Rock
$7.00 Whiskey River Ranch:   Ducks football game screening w/Sol Shakedown, Keegan Smith & The Fam—7:15; Various

Hip Hop, DJ, Dance, Other

FREE: Conways Ladies Night—9
FREE: Cowfish “Sup!” w/Sassy Mouff, Michael Human & Guests—9:30; Top 40, electro
FREE: Doc’s Pad DJ J-Will—8; Dance mix
FREE: Embers Retro—9
FREE: Taylor’s Bar and Grille DJ Crown—10; Hip hop, dance
FREE: Two Friends Pub Ladies Night—9
$5.00 Downtown Lounge Comedy Showcase—8; Comedy
$6.00 Mac’s Soulicious—9; Funk, R&B, soul
$12.00 Red Lion Salsa Night w/El Combo de la Salsa—9:30; Salsa