Norm Van Brocklin

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Pleased To Meet You…


Pleased To Meet You…
– Sam Finley, EDN

EDN Sports Editor

Greetings!  You may have read a handfull of my pieces I’ve done for EDN or other publications in town.  Or you may want to know one question: Who the heck is this guy?

So with the latter in mind, let me formally introduce myself.  My name is Sam Finley and I am now your humble sports editor for the Eugene Daily News.  I’ve covered U of O athletics on and off since 2000, and I’m looking forward to the challenge of developing the EDN sports page into something no one else has seen in this area.

But rather than blather on with a lengthy introduction, why don’t I give you a few random thoughts about the sporting scene (both local and not-so-local) at the moment?

First off, somebody asked me what I thought about the MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday.  Here’s the answer?  I didn’t watch it.  My feeling was, with all the big name players like Derek Jeter that didn’t care enough to show up for it, that it just isn’t the big deal it was 10-20 years ago.  Apparently, many across the country felt the same way, as this one drew the worst TV ratings in the All-Star Game’s history.  Thus, why waste my time?

Cory Spangenberg has swung his last bat for the Emeralds.

Staying on baseball, if you haven’t been following the Eugene Emeralds this season, you’re missing out.  Currently, the Ems have a 21-6 record, and these young Padres’ prospects have been fun to watch so far.  It’ll be interesting to see how they do now without Cory Spangenberg (who was promoted up to San Diego’s Fort Wayne affiliate two days ago), but that’s the beauty of the Class A level:  You really never know what, aside from funny mascots like Sluggo, you’re going to get.

Switching gears a bit, with all of the great quarterbacks that Oregon has had over the years, it can be hard to pick just who is the greatest in the Ducks’ history.  Norm Van Brocklin comes to mind, as does Dan Fouts.  An honorable nod must also be made to guys like Bill Musgrave, Akilli Smith, Kellen Clemens, and Dennis Dixon, who could’ve brought the U of O to much greater heights if injuries (to themselves or others) hadn’t got in the way.

But here’s my pick for the best ever: Joey Harrington.  The guy only lost three games as a starter during his two-and-a-half years.  He also led the Ducks to two Pac-10 championships, as well as their highest overall national ranking (at number two) in 2001.  No, he didn’t rewrite the Oregon record books like Musgrave or Smith, and he certainly didn’t have the greatest arm in the world.

Joey simply knew how to do one thing: win.  To this day, I still believe that he should’ve finished higher than fourth in the 2001 Heisman Trophy vote.  Having said all that, if Darron Thomas has another couple of outstanding seasons as the main signal caller, I may have to reconsider my position.

Speaking of current Oregon football players, I’m sure a lot of you are excited for the upcoming season.  Coming off a BCS game appearance last year, and opening this one against a loaded team like LSU will certainly do that.  However, I also know a lot of you are troubled by some of the alleged recruiting violations being investigated by the NCAA right now.

It doesn’t help matters when a few people in the local media have quickly rushed to judgement that head coach Chip Kelly is hiding something.

Sluggo is hoping the Ems' winning ways can continue.

How can they know about his guilt?  No one should assume any innocence or guilt until all the facts are in.  We don’t know what Chip said to the NCAA, and won’t until this information is released.  

In light of this, some have suggested that Oregon should release all the documents now to prove they’ve done nothing wrong .  But as Lee Corso likes to say: Not so fast, my friend.

Contrary to the pontifications of some out there, the best thing that the U of O can do at the moment is remain silent until the investigations cover an actual grey area. Why?  Well, I’m running out of word space, so a more definitive explanation will be provided in next week’s column.  In the meantime, support your local athletics programs and we’ll see you in the bleachers.