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Occupy Eugene Protests Downtown Exclusion Zone

The American Civil Liberties Union, Community Alliance of Lane County and the Civil Liberties Defense Center all joined forces with Occupy Eugene.


They’re concerned about the Downtown Public Safety Zone and say the ordinance is discriminatory and confusing in nature.


“The burden is on the individual who is excluded to show why they shouldn’t be excluded. They’re not entitled to a lawyer,” said ACLU OR Executive Director David Fidanque.


Speakers and attendees say one of the biggest problems with exclusion zone is that in an effort to “sanitize” downtown. They say officers give out petty violations before offenders have even been to trial.


They also argue the exclusion zone targets the low-income, elderly and homeless populations.


“The council renewed it with the understanding that the police department would collect information about who was excluded and for what offenses. The police department didn’t do that,” Fidanque said.


Fidanque adds that police have had unbridled discretion when issuing exclusions.


Most said they hope the legislation will go away quietly at the end of April and not get renewed.


The ordinance has been in effect for more than three years.


If you’d like to give city councilors your two cents about the exclusion zone, there is a public hearing scheduled for Tuesday night.

February 4 – Morning Headlines



The start of a beautiful weekend...you'll just have to scrape the ice off the windshield.
  • Man Arrested for Attempted Murder in Veneta
    Police arrested a man for attempted murder after shots were fired during an argument at a Veneta home.   At about 1:30 a.m. Friday, deputies responded to a home on Territorial Highway, south of Highway 126.   Zachary Pope, 27, says th…
  • Body Found at Downtown Eugene Park Blocks
    A dead body was found early Friday afternoon inside a car.   According to the Eugene Police Department, the body was discovered by an acquaintance of the person outside of the D.A. Davidson & Co. building on South Park and Oak streets. …
  • South Eugene Home Burglary Suspect Name Released
    Eugene police have released the name of the man suspected of burglarizing a south Eugene home Thursday afternoon.   Darrin George Dubouch, 39, of Coburg is one of two people allegedly involved.   Dubouch is being held on two burglary …
  • Occupy Eugene setting up free medical-care tent
    Occupy Eugene’s evolution continues, with group members planning to set up a medical tent for a few hours this Sunday in the downtown Park Blocks. It’s a resurrection of sorts. Occupy Eugene — an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement that c…
  • High schools changing schedules
    The Eugene and Springfield school districts are changing their high school class schedules, as each district moves to create a common timetable for all its schools. The goal: to improve learning, encourage teacher collaboration, improve inter-school co…
  • Accused murderer opts for judge, not jury, to hear his case
    A judge on Friday granted a Springfield man’s request that the judge, rather than a jury, decide his guilty or innocence at a Feb. 14 murder trial. Robert Darnell Boyd, 29, was charged in connection with the Nov. 28, 2010 beating death of his former …
  • Colorado storm grounds Duck men
    The Oregon men’s basketball team will spend an extra night in Salt Lake City after its Friday morning flight to Denver was canceled because of a major snowstorm in Colorado. The Ducks, who are scheduled to play the University of Colorado in Boulder a…

Tim Chuey Weather:

Your weekend starts off today and ends tomorrow with pleasant weather for his time of the year.

High: 52
Low: 29
Rain: dry


high pressure ridge (“Arch” shape on the yellow line) is taking over bringing back the sunshine through the weekend into early next week. A weak frontal system (position Wednesday, dissipated) moves quickly through the Pacific Northwest and falls apart, but there could still be just barely a slight chance of showers through Friday.

Forecast for the Southern and lower Mid Willamette Valley including Eugene-Springfield and Albany-Corvallis: Mostly cloudy with patchy fog this AM, mostly sunny this afternoon, partly cloudy with patchy fog late tonight and Sunday AM, mostly sunny Sunday afternoon, mostly clear with patchy fog Sunday night and Monday AM, then partly cloudy in the afternoon and Monday night highs 48-52 lows 29-33. Cloudy with a (30%) chance of rain Tuesday, mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of showers Tuesday night, patchy fog and mostly cloudy Wednesday AM, a mix of clouds and sun with a slight (20%) chance of showers Wednesday afternoon, partly cloudy Wednesday night with a slight (20%) chance of showers, patchy fog and a mix of clouds and sun Thursday with a slight (20%) chance of showers, partly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of rain at night, then mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of rain Friday highs 50-55 lows near 35. (seasonal averages high 50 low 35)

Because weather forecasting is a combination of science, intuition, and timing there can be no absolute guarantees that individual forecasts will be 100% accurate. Nature is in a constant state of flux and sudden unexpected weather events can happen.

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January 21 – Morning Headlines



Pale Rider - Kyle Bushman illustrates making lemonade from the lemons of the recent flooding...with a little help from some accomplices..er, friends.
  • County tells residents in flood areas to test wells
    Lane County is urging residents who have any concerns about the quality of their well water following this week’s flooding to have their water tested before using it. Floodwater can contain all manner of pollutants, from bacteria to gasoline, to oil …
  • State defends public retirement rulings
    The state of Oregon is defending court rulings that have stymied legislative efforts to overhaul the pension system for public employees. A brief filed Thursday in the Oregon Court of Appeals argues that the “rule of necessity” allows Oregon Suprem…
  • Mapleton begins to dig out from under a layer of mud
    Flood waters from the Siuslaw River began receding Friday, leaving behind a coating of mud in communities along its banks. By 10 a.m., the water had fallen by 8 feet, to about 20 feet, at Mapleton although the Siuslaw remained above flood …
  • Storm victim alive but paralyzed
    A Florence man whose neck broke in several places when his truck got hit by a tree in a windstorm on Wednesday morning is paralyzed from the chest down.
  • Occupy Eugene event flier catches police attention
    Occupy Eugene organizers say promotional materials for an anti-bank protest on Monday aren’t intended to scare anyone into thinking property damage is part of their plan. But the event announcement and an associated flier that includes an image of a …
  • Test results still pending in Creswell teen’s death
    A state medical examiner said it may be several more weeks before the completion of toxicology reports that could shed light on circumstances that led to the death of a Creswell teen last month. Lane County sheriff’s officials are working with medica…
  • Jury selected in Swartout case
    Jurors will hear opening statements Monday morning from prosecution and defense lawyers in the aggravated murder trial of Angelica Swartout. Lane County Circuit Judge Suzanne Chanti swore in a jury of eight women and four men Friday afternoon. They and…
  • Lane County Flood, Evacuation and Road Closure Update
    Waters of the Mohawk, Siuslaw and Long Tom Rivers continue to recede after heavy rains decreased over the past 8 hours. Residents may start returning to their homes at this…

Tim Chuey Weather:

Rain and windy for your Saturday and it looks wet right through next week.

High: 48
Low: 35
Rain: 3/4″

An upper level low pressure trough (“U” shape on yellow line) will be moving closer to us then moving through. A frontal system pushed through Oregon and yet another storm is right on it’s heals to make sure we stay very wet over the weekend into next week when more frontal systems will roll through the Pacific Northwest. Mt. Ashland is open. Hoodoo is open (as usual closed Wednesdays). Willamette Pass  was oped today and will be open Saturday and Sunday. Please check the ski resort web sites for the latest details and updates as the new storms could improve the snowpack for skiing.

Forecast for the Southern and lower Mid Willamette Valley including Eugene-Springfield and Albany-Corvallis: Mostly cloudy and cooler with rain (0.25 in. of rain possible) Saturday and windy (wind: S 20-30 mph shifting W 10-15 mph in the afternoon), showers Saturday evening, rain (under 0.10 in. of rain possible) likely (60%) late Saturday night, rain Sunday (0.25 in. of rain possible) and Sunday night, showers Monday and Monday evening, then rain late Monday night lows 42-35 highs 45-48. Mostly cloudy with rain Tuesday through Wednesday night, showers likely (60%) Thursday and Thursday night, then mostly cloudy Friday AM, and a mix of clouds and sun with a good (50%) chance of showers Friday afternoon highs 49-55 cooling to 47 Friday lows 40-35. (seasonal averages high 48 low 35)

Because weather forecasting is a combination of science, intuition, and timing there can be no absolute guarantees that individual forecasts will be 100% accurate. Nature is in a constant state of flux and sudden unexpected weather events can happen.

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Occupy Eugene Meeting at Warehouse near Former Camp

Occupy Eugene might not have a camp anymore, but the group is still holding meetings at a warehouse near Washington-Jefferson Park.


Their headquarters are based at 7th Avenue and Polk Street in a warehouse connected to the Cornbread Cafe.


They were holding an Occupy meditation session at noon, but general consensus after their removal from the park seems to be media blackout.


Some said they were dissatisfied with media coverage regarding their previous stays out in the open. Now they’re occupying the warehouse.


They said no one is sleeping at the new location.


Inside there appeared to be a kitchen, and inside in the backroom appeared to be remnants of items from the Occupy camp.


In the back alley there were several pallets similar to those used at the old camp.


They’re still holding general assembly meetings to discuss their agenda against corporate greed.

Poling Protesters Plead Not Guilty

EUGENE, Ore. — Three people who were arrested for trespassing at Eugene City Councilor George Poling’s home on Christmas pleaded not guilty Tuesday.


Arthur Frank Bollman, Joshua Stephen Ober, and Jason Ozolins were also released from the Springfield Municipal Jail.  Their next scheduled court date is pending.  A teenager was also arrested.


Councilor George Poling says he was asleep Sunday night when nearly 25 protesters descended upon his front lawn.


Poling says he doesn’t know why he’s being targeted because the majority of the council voted to evict Occupy Eugene.


No one from the Occupy Eugene group claims responsibility or disavows themselves from Sunday night’s demonstration.


Police believe it was a “fractional occupy group.”


Photo courtesy of OccupyEugene X-Mass Special video.

Washington-Jefferson Park Closed Until Spring

The park under the Washington-Jefferson Bridge and former home for Occupy Eugene will most likely stay closed until spring.


Managers and volunteers are trying to do as much clean up there as possible before the rain starts to come down and really makes a muddy mess it where the ground can’t handle the heavy equipment.


On Tuesday, crews removed leaves and chips that Occupy members put down.


Occupy members have been out there cleaning up the last of their materials that park managers say have relieved them of some of the work.


But crews still need to regrade and aerate the soil, weather permitting.


“The middle of the winter is really not the right time to be doing this. So as you would do at your home, most of these things would be aerating or reseeding. That’s going to have to wait until spring,” said Parks and Open Space Director Johnny Medlin.


Hazmat contractors came in and found some needles and containers with unknown substances in them.


Crews will also be checking storm drains and catch basins for any sanitation problems.


Park managers say it’s too early to tell, but they estimate it will cost between $6,000 and $12,000 to clean this up.


Managers say they’ve been getting a lot of calls from volunteers willing to help get this site back to normal, and they say they’ll get back to those people next week when they have a better idea of what they need.

Wheeler Pavilion Will Not Open Again as Emergency Shelter

The Wheeler Pavilion will not be used as a shelter for homeless anymore.


This comes after the building at the Lane County Fairgrounds was used for two nights to help transition homeless Occupy Eugene members.


The city had the option to continue using the building as a shelter for the homeless.  But St. Vincent de Paul who helped organize this transition says if they did that their volunteers would be spread out too thin right now.


St. Vincent de Paul offered 80 beds there the two days before Christmas.


After a brief meeting Tuesday morning, managers decided not to open an emergency shelter like that again.  Instead they will work on providing full support for their Egan Warming Center Program that offers a warm place to stay overnight when temperatures drop below 30-degrees.


“We were really relying on Egan Warming Center volunteers to be able to staff those centers, because obviously if you are working with folks you are experiencing homelessness, you want to have volunteers working with them who are really experienced,” said St. Vincent De Paul Special Projects Manager Sophia Bennett.


St. Vincent de Paul managers say they have added four more sites to their car camping program, which now accepts campers in tents too.  That’s one of the solutions the city passed to help transition Occupy Eugene members.


St. Vincent de Paul managers say they’d like to use the Wheeler Pavilion as a shelter for the Egan Warming Center program if the county would allow it

Occupy Protesters Leave Socks of Coal at Eugene Banks

Some Occupy protesters delivered gifts they saw fitting to five Eugene banks.


The stockings hung on the doors of Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank and Umpqua Bank full of coal.


Next to each sock hung a chronicle of actions which put them on Santa’s naughty list.


Banks were not happy to find coal at their doors, but some of their customers say the action is appropriate.


“Banks are the ones they are protesting against and I’m behind them. They’re not standing here taking up room. They’re stating their opinion on the door,” said Bank of America customer Jennifer Fox.


Individuals responsible for the coal demonstration didn’t want to go on camera, but stated “it is an action that speaks for itself.”


They say the coal came from the Occupy Eugene campground.

Protesters Occupy the Trees Washington-Jefferson Park

Conditions at the Occupy Eugene camp changed dramatically over the past 24 hours.  Some protesters climbed up in the trees as police tried to block the park, which is now closed.


At least one person has actually chosen to occupy a tree at Washington-Jefferson Park.


Also, the Public Works Department essentially barricaded the park with a fence to keep out anyone who might try to enter.


Eugene police are only allowing in those who are actively moving property out of the park.


The tree sitter, Geneva, says she will stay perched in the tree as long as Occupy protesters will morally support her.


She says her house is about to fall into foreclosure and she has three children she’s fighting for.


“I don’t want to disappear in the cracks or under the bushes. I need to know that if I need to camp out with my friends to stay warm in a community to stay safe, that I am able to do that because that just makes common sense to me,” Geneva said.


On the other hand, Eugene police continue to patrol the site 24/7.  They say they’re working with Occupy protesters by allowing them to move their personal property out.


The EPD report claims many who are choosing to stay are protesters who have migrated down from Portland.


Many activists are still eyeing the Dec. 26 as their deadline to get out, but officers have made it clear there is no set deadline.