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Parks & Open Spaces Tear Down Occupy Eugene Camp

Crews from Eugene’s Parks and Open Spaces Department tore down much of the Occupy camp in Washington-Jefferson Park.


Crews threw tents, clothes, and essentially the building blocks of the camp into the dumpster.


Many there thought they had until Dec. 26 to clear out, but Eugene police say their time to clean the site out was after the city council voted to revoke the camping exemption.


Occupy protesters were busy packing up Thursday morning, but at noon many were shocked to find crews were clearing the space out.


“I say if we have today to get out, we should have until tomorrow to clean it up,” said protester Adam Smith.


“Nobody from the city has said you have to be out by such and such time.  We’re not drawing a definitive line in the sand because we know it’s going to take time,” said Rich Stronach with the Eugene Police Department.


Police say as long as they see people packing up and moving out of there, they won’t make any arrests.


Several social service representatives visited the camp, including White Bird Clinic and Lookingglass Services.


It’s all part of the city’s peaceful transitional plan.

City Revokes Occupy Eugene’s Camping Exemption

The Eugene City Council voted Tuesday to revoke the exemption that allowed the Occupy Eugene demonstrators to camp out under the Washington-Jefferson Street Bridge.


The council voted five to two in favor of revoking the camping ban exemption immediately.  But when Eugene police will enforce that rule hasn’t been announced.


An emergency meeting was called on Tuesday to discuss the exemption after a man went to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.


Police called it a “possible homicide”.


Some councilors said they are disappointed the closure of the camp has come about because of heightening health and safety concerns.


“As we try to be visionary with issues around the city on how we’d like to see things work out and this is one of those situations where I guess it didn’t go in the direction we’d hoped it would go,” said Eugene City Councilor Andrea Ortiz.


“I hope they will decide on a meeting place where they can meet regularly and continue to work together and try to solve problems,” said Eugene City Councilor Betty Taylor.


Betty Taylor and Councilor George Brown were the two who did not vote to revoke the camping exemption.


Police Chief Kerns says he has a general time frame in mind for when they’ll enforce this rule, but he said he didn’t want to tell us for the safety of the people in the camp and his officers.

Eugene City Council Calls Emergency Meeting to Discuss Occupy Camp Assault

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene City Council has called an emergency meeting at noon today to discuss last night’s assault at the Occupy camp.


Eugene Police responded to the Occupy encampment overnight after a police officer on patrol found a man who was unresponsive.


KEZI 9 News has confirmed officers found the victim, who was a 54-year-old white male.


Police say he sustained life-threatening injuries.  It’s unclear at this point if a weapon was involved.


Medics took the victim to Sacred Heart Medical Center University District.  There is no word on his condition.


Eugene Police say officers were called out on reports of four or five fights in a five-hour period.

Anti-Occupy Group Doesn’t Show Up for Protest

Nearly 75 people opposed to Occupy Eugene planned to protest the occupation at Washington-Jefferson Park Thursday afternoon, but they never showed up.


The group calls itself the Taxpayers Against Occupy Eugene.


Occupy Eugene protestors said they were ready for whatever the anti-Occupy group had planned.


They say they’ve heard similar threats before, but have never seen any follow-through.


When and if the anti-Occupy group does show, Occupy Eugene protesters say they’ll be ready.


“I haven’t seen them have much of a presence, but they’re entitled to their opinion as we’re entitled to ours and they’re allowed to protest as long as it’s non-violent and everybody’s being nice to each other. There’s no reason to be anymore than that,” said Occupy supporter James.


“To find out that there even was an anti-Occupy was shocking,” said Occupy supporter Mari.


“I’m concerned about wasting my tax dollars. I’m willing to do whatever I can to make sure our community, that my tax dollars and other people’s tax dollars are going to is effective, it works,” said resident  Robert Brown.


All of the communication by the anti-Occupy group was on Facebook.


While they didn’t show up this time, one of the most recent posts on the opposing group’s Facebook page says they will try again this weekend.

December 15 – Morning Headlines

This group from Occupy Eugene are participating in the Port Shutdown effort. Taxpayers will foot the bill for the Occupy Eugene base of operations - how would you have voted?


  • Occupy Eugene Can Stay Until Jan. 11, 2012
    The Eugene City Council voted Wednesday to allow Occupy Eugene to stay in their current location until at least Jan. 11, 2012. The council also voted to have the city spend up to $300,000 on associated costs.
  • Oregon AG Releases List of 20 Worst Charities
    Oregon Attorney General John Kroger released the annual list of Oregon’s 20 Worst Charities Wednesday. These organizations were chosen based on how they spend their funds. The Oregon Department of Justice says the groups spent more…
  • Anti-EmX Sign Vandal Caught
    “Our Money Our Transit” says they have caught the group responsible for vandalizing their anti-EmX signs. Early Wednesday morning, a small group of people returned to the West 11th area and began removing and destroying the “no buil…
  • ‘The BB or pellet went right through his ear’
    Residents in an east Creswell neighborhood fear someone is torturing and shooting their cats. Now concerned neighbors are starting a watch group to find who is responsible.
  • Clark confirms he’s running for North Eugene county seat
    Eugene City Councilor Mike Clark has filed to run for the North Eugene seat on the Lane County Board of Commissioners in the May election. The seat currently is held by Rob Handy.
  • Heating failure closes LCC campus
    The Lane Community College campus is closed Wednesday due to a heating system failure.
  • Peterson closing out her senior year with an awards haul
    After garnering all-American status in her final season with the Northwest Christian University women’s cross country team, senior Brittany Peterson was chosen as a Daktronics-NAIA Scholar Athlete last month. The 2008 Thurston graduate was honored wi…
  • Oregon running back LaMichael James denies he’s leaving for the NFL
    University of Oregon running back LaMichael James says a report by The Oregonian, and repeated by other news outlets, that he has decided to pass up his senior season and enter the 2012 NFL draft is unfounded. James responded to the report through a UO…

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Forecast for the Southern and lower Mid Willamette Valley including Eugene-Springfield and Albany-Corvallis: Mostly cloudy with showers likely (60%) this AM, a mix of clouds and sun with a good (50%) chance of showers in the afternoon (0.10 in. of rain possible), partly cloudy in the evening, mostly cloudy with areas of patchy fog late at night and Friday AM, a mix of clouds and sun in the afternoon, partly cloudy in the evening, mostly cloudy with patchy fog late Friday night, patchy AM fog, a mix of clouds and sun with areas of lingering fog Saturday afternoon, mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of rain Saturday night highs 43-38 warming to 42 Saturday lows 30-33. Mostly cloudy with a (30%) chance of rain Sunday, a slight (20%) chance of showers Sunday night, mostly cloudy Monday and Monday night, then mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of rain Tuesday through Wednesday highs 43-47 lows 34-37. (seasonal averages high 45 low 34)

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Occupy Eugene Can Stay Until Jan. 11, 2012

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene City Council voted Wednesday to allow Occupy Eugene to stay in their current location until at least Jan. 11, 2012.


The council also voted to have the city spend up to $300,000 on associated costs.


We will have details on the meeting tonight on KEZI 9 News at 5 and 6.

City Council postpones Occupy vote to Wednesday

The Eugene City Council voted Monday evening to postpone the decision on whether to allow the Occupy Eugene movement to stay in Washington Jefferson Park past its Dec. 15 deadline, opting to revisit the issue this Wednesday, Dec. 14.

Dozens of protesters held a candlelight vigil outside the council chambers, leading in to a crowded meeting hall. The council created the Dec. 15 deadline in a meeting last October, and since then Occupy Eugene has come under scrutiny as an unnecessary expense for the city, as well an alleged harbor for criminal activity with unsanitary conditions.

The decision to postpone the ruling came after over an hour of public input in a forum in which both sides were represented. Many people asked for the city council to agree to an extension of the deadline for reasons varying from the political work they are doing to the community support fostered in the camp.

“Not for one moment have the people of Occupy Eugene lost sight of the fact that this is a protest. It is not a homeless camp, we do not call it that,” said Jamal Jonna, a member of the camp.

Other presenters spoke about how the camp community is positively influencing its occupants.

“In the recent weeks I’ve seen real change in the eyes and faces of Occupy Eugene,” said Carol Caldwell, a supporter of the group. “I see purpose, a sense of belonging in our community. I see improved health, I see them serving thousands of meals thanks to generous donations.”

Yet many members of the audience also argued against extending the camping pass to allow the group to stay in the park. Many cited health and maintenance issues, in addition to the monetary burden on taxpayers.

“I am very concerned that over $115,000 of our taxpayer money has been paid as a result of allowing Occupy Eugene to stay in a public park. Camping is not free speech,” said Mark Callahan, a resident of south Eugene.

After the open forum session, the city councilors voiced their opinions on the issue before deciding to push back voting on it. Councilor Clark said he was nervous about accountability among the group’s members, and the ability of its leaders to speak for the rest of the group. Councilor Farr also cited water sanitation and other health issues as his problems with the camp.

“It’s just not a tenable situation, ” Farr said. “Looking at this camp, I’m not satisfied with the water run-off. There is a serious potential for an outbreak of disease, an outbreak of sickness.”

Councilors Zelenka and Brown voiced cautious support for a camping extension, but are happy for the extra time to look into the issue further.

Many speakers admitted the camp was not perfect, and asked for an extension to continue improving the camp from the inside out.

City councilors will meet this Wednesday in a work session. They will consider the possibility of a 45-day extension for the Occupy Eugene camp, and if so, the eventual transition to services that can replace the camp.

Occupy Eugene Hosting Community Conversations

EUGENE, Ore. — Occupy Eugene will hold a community conversation about its efforts Monday night.


Eugene City of Peace, Community Alliance of Lane County, Beyond War, Women’s Actions for New Directions, and Eugene-Springfield Solidarity Network/Jobs with Justice will also attend.


A team from Community Mediation Services will facilitate the discussion.


It will happen Monday, Dec. 5 and 12 from 7-9 p.m.


Both events will be held at Harris Hall, located in the Lane County Public Services Building at 8th and Oak in Eugene.

Occupy Eugene “Buy Nothing Day” results in one arrest

Early Friday morning, Occupy Eugene members staged demonstrations at the Valley River Center and two local Wal-Mart stores. One demonstrator was arrested for trespassing at the Wal-Mart store on West 11th Avenue in Eugene.

The event at Valley River Center began at around 12:30 a.m.

“I rode my bike to the occupation and then carpooled with some friends. We broke up into smaller groups and pretended to shop,” said Cooper Otte, a university junior and one of the demonstrators at the event.

The group then converged on the mall’s central atrium and began voicing their message by human-mic chants and singing Christmas carols infused with anti-corporate messages. At one a point, a bullhorn was employed, which mall officials did not seem to object to.

There was little or no individual engagement of shoppers or prevention of commerce. “The event transpired smoothly,” said Chris Looney, Business Development Manager for the mall, “Once they were done, they left the property and everything went fine.”

This Black Friday protest, called “Buy Nothing Day”, was aimed at “encouraging people to spend time with their families rather than spending money on material objects often produced in sweatshops overseas,” according to the movement’s website.

“We had a whole lot of fun and we came together as a group,” said Otte.  “It’s good to do something extremely high-energy with a bunch of other people that are on your side. It was a major morale building event.”

The same cannot be said of the Wal-Mart location in West Eugene, where within hours, the protest took an ugly turn.

Around 3:00 a.m., police arrested 18-year-old Eugene native Derek James Lewis for second-degree criminal trespassing. Lewis was operating a bullhorn and wearing a mask, but Eugene police maintain that this was not the reason for his arrest.

The demonstrators reportedly refused to disperse after reasonable requests by both store managers and EPD officers to cease their disruptive activities.

The consensus among the occupiers is that the authorities were serving corporate interests and making an example of the first person they could get their hands on.

Occupy Eugene Plans to Protest on Black Friday

Occupy Eugene plans to “occupy” the Valley River Center mall on Black Friday through a flash mob.


Group members have deemed this as part of Buy Nothing Day.


They say it’s and effort to break the chain of consumerism.


On Black Friday the group plans to dress up like “consumers” and unexpectedly break out in song and dance in the mall.


“I think Black Friday has become more of a negative than a positive, and I would like to share different alternatives and bring attention to the fact that consumerism has not made a positive impact on any of our lives,” said Occupy Eugene member Geneva Gill.


The Occupy camp is also holding a winter coat exchange on this Friday and encouraging anyone to drop off coats, gloves or hats for people in need.