Oregon Blossom

What’s In My Glass? Oregon Blossom


There are few significant wines that I’ve encountered in my wine journey. Boedecker Cellars Grenache was the first one I fell in love with, and Oregon Blossom was a close second. Produced by the amazing Willamette Valley Vineyards, this is a wine that is not only consistently delicious but also perfect for any occasion. It is a bit on the sweeter side of Rosé wines, but I absolutely love this wine. It is decadent, feminine, and very fruit forward. The residual sugar is really balanced by a nice acidity that creates a very smooth but refreshing experience.

On the nose of this wine I got flavors of crisp raspberry and citrus. Once it hit my palette though, it tasted like summer. Ripe strawberries, sweet watermelon, and honey suckle filled my senses. After the first sip I was thinking to myself, when is the next time I can have a barbeque and soak up some sunshine? Anything grilled, or with a hint of spice would be the perfect pairing for this Rosé. Along with great company and some sunshine, of course!


The good news about this wine is that it is available everywhere! I usually can pick this wine up for around the $10 – $11 dollar range at most retailers that sell Oregon wines. Pick this up for yourself, get it nice and chilled, and pop it open during your next get together. It’ll be a great hit. Cheers!