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Party Downtown restaurant & catering in Eugene, Oregon


Party Downtown restaurant in Eugene, Oregon. Food Travel Bliss on UrbanBlissLife.comTraveling to Eugene, Oregon? Check out Party Downtown, a cute restaurant and catering company serving fresh local cuisine.    Party Downtown Like many college towns, food carts are popular in Eugene, Oregon. Eugene is the second largest city in Oregon, and is located about two hours south of Portland. In 2011, Tiffany Norton and Mark…

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Quick Hits: Women’s basketball ranked No. 6, Bamford returns to acro and tumbling

To kick off its final month of regular season play, Oregon women’s basketball is preparing to face the Cal Golden Bears, as well as the Stanford Cardinal. The Ducks currently hold the No. 6 spot in the most recent AP poll shown on ESPN.com.

Men’s basketball face the same matchup on the road against Cal and Stanford. The Ducks may be on to something, having come off back-to-back wins in the teams most recent games facing UCLA and Oregon State.

Oregon acro and tumbling welcomed back two of its former athletes, Keenyn Won and Megan Bamford, to the coaching staff. The Ducks are scheduled to start the season off against Concordia in Wisconsin Feb. 5.

Oregon softball heads into its 2018 season ranked third in a preseason poll released by USA Today. The Ducks first game is scheduled for Feb. 8 against No. 25 Georgia, to be played in the Kajikawa Classic in Tempe, Arizona.

Men’s tennis got off to a rocky start in its first road trip of the season, losing to both No.12 Stanford and No. 19 Cal in the ITA Kick-Off in Berkeley, California. Thomas Laurent and Cormac Clissold are on track to challenge the universities program record for most doubles wins.

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BBaF Podcast Episode 4: The Dark Ages of Cocktails


Soooo, my life has clearly been taken over by this weekly podcast and I PROMISE to post other content on the blog besides these podcast posts, buuuut in the meantime…It’s FriYAY! And that means there’s another Bit by a Fox Podcast heading right towards your earholes! I hope you’re having as much fun as I am. If you ARE, then please write a snappy review, give it all the stars, and share with your frennnz. Self producing is a hustle!

This week we’re talking about The Dark Ages of Cocktails – that ill-fated time period between the late 1960s all the way through the late 1990s. When people happily drank garbage drinks like the ones pictured below.

Since launching the podcast, we’ve already talked a lot about the craft cocktail resurgence over the last 20 years, and we’ve touched on what it was like to come out of the sour-mix-drenched 90s where vodka was king and everyone’s palates were deadened by preservatives and sugar. But how did we get there in the first place?

In this week’s podcast, I go all the way back to prohibition and the following years that made it possible for drinks with names like Sex on the Beach, The Fuzzy Navel and Slippery Nipple to…become a thing. Hoo boy, it was a sexy and gross time.

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For this episode, I thought I’d feature a cocktail that has a special place in my heart. One of the first drinks I’d order on the regular when I first started drinking cocktails, and at the time, was never NOT made with sour mix: The Amaretto Sour. But I wanted to share a better version – with fresh juice and more of a kick. This creation is from Jeffrey Morgenthaler, the famed Portland, Oregon bartender of Clyde Common and Pepe Le Moko. Jeffrey is considered to be one of the best bartenders out there, and I love the fact that he has made it a point these last few years to bring back the cocktails from the dark ages and improve upon them. I love his explanation for this version of his Amaretto Sour.

Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s Amaretto Sour
1½ oz amaretto
¾ oz cask-proof bourbon
1 oz lemon juice
1 tsp. 2:1 simple syrup
½ oz egg white, beaten

Dry shake ingredients to combine, then shake well with cracked ice. Strain over fresh ice in an old fashioned glass. Garnish with lemon peel and brandied cherries, if desired.

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Recreational Marijuana Sales (Graph of the Week)


The big news this morning is that the federal government, led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions is set to rescind the so-called Cole memo, or memos as the case may be. For those who don’t know, the New York Times describes it as “an Obama-era policy of discouraging federal prosecutors from bringing charges of marijuana-related crimes in states that had legalized sales of the drug.” In practice this allowed Colorado and Washington first, followed by Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, and now California to establish recreational marijuana markets and not worry too heavily about federal prosecutors cracking down on these operations which were legal at the state level, but never legal at the federal level.

Last year, our office was tasked with forecasting recreational marijuana tax revenues for the state. You can read our summary here. Included in our work, and discussed with our advisory group was the possibility of changes in federal policy, or direction. This was especially salient given the changes in the executive branch. Our forecast summarizes it as a risk (PDF pg 38):

Finally, the one risk that looms large over the entire forecast is the federal government. While there has been no clear warning or action taken, there is a non-zero chance the federal government could step in and eliminate, or severely restrict recreational marijuana sales. In this event, taxes collected would be considerably less than forecasted.

Well, now there does appear to some action taken. Ultimately it will likely come down to enforcement, and the choices prosecutors make. We will be meeting with our advisory group again this month, and will discuss the implications of these changes, along with other issues and trends in the recreational marijuana market. More on this after our meeting and as we get closer to the Feb 16th forecast.

All of this brings us to this edition of the Graph of the Week, which shows monthly recreational marijuana sales for Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Nevada. These sales figures are estimates based on reported tax collections, and do not include medical marijuana sales. In total across the four states, they are seeing around $250 million in recreational marijuana sales per month. Additionally, all states continue to see growth in this newly legalized world. However the exact level of sales is also determined by the size of the population, usage rates, and tax policy, among other factors.

In fact, in my preferred chart in comparing sales trends, Oregon’s first year and a half of sales are nearly identical to Colorado’s first year and a half of sales, after you control for population size. Let’s call this the Bonus Graph of the Week. Also note that Nevada is seeing strong sales in their first few months. Nevada is currently selling about the same amount of recreational marijuana as Oregon is today, however with a much smaller population. Their initial adjusted sales data is the highest we’ve seen among the legalized states. Nevada and Las Vegas in particular are also a tourism hub, and thus are seeing larger sales than the resident population alone would suggest. I don’t have a huge reason to believe cannabis tourism is a big factor in Oregon’s sales, but I think it clearly is in Nevada.

As we write in our forecasts, there are a lot of risks to the recreational marijuana outlook. In particular, usage rates, prices, harvest levels, regulations and the like both have upside and downside implications for the forecast. However, none of those loom as large as changes in federal policy. Today’s actions may end up mattering substantially, or not so much, but we don’t know the answer yet. Our office will continue to work with our advisors, and to adjust the tax revenue outlook accordingly.

Wooldridge Creek Winery & CrushPad Creamery in Oregon’s Applegate Valley


Wooldridge Creek Winery Grants Pass, Oregon Applegate Valley wine tasting and tour, on UrbanBlissLIfe.comWooldridge Creek Winery is about more than just wine – they are also a creamery and charcuterie, set in the midst of Oregon’s beautiful Applegate Valley. For as long as I have lived in Oregon, I still find Oregonians who manage to out-Oregon even the most Pacific Northwest resident I’ve met. And I love it….

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A Retro-Modern Marvel: Ashland Hills Hotel and Suites


Ashland Hills Hotel and Suites Luna Cafe, hotel review and travel tips on UrbanBlissLife.comComfort meets retro-modern in the stylish Ashland Hills Hotel and Suites in Ashland, Oregon. As soon as I stepped into Ashland Hills Hotel and Suites, I knew I was home. This hotel, conveniently located right off of I-5 at the edge of the Oregon/California border, is the ideal road trip stop for travelers looking for…

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Where to Eat, Stay, and Play in Jacksonville, Oregon


Where to Eat, Stay, Play in Jacksonville, Oregon: McCully House. Travel tips on UrbanBlissLife.comHeading to Southern Oregon? Here’s Where to Eat, Stay, and Play in Jacksonville, Oregon. Southern Oregon is full of charming small towns, where life moves at a gentler pace. There are no large urban cities, no towering skyscrapers, no major traffic. In this warmer part of Oregon where quaint towns pepper the Rogue Valley and…

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French-inspired Pacific Northwest Cuisine at Marché Restaurant (Eugene, Oregon)


French-inspired Pacific Northwest cuisine at Marche restaurant Eugene Oregon, restaurant review on UrbanBlissLife.comEnjoy French-inspired Pacific Northwest cuisine at Marche restaurant in Eugene, Oregon. When I travel, I love trying new restaurants. Yet I also always try to set aside time to revisit some of my old favorites. These are the restaurants I will go back to time and time again – and also the ones I regularly recommend…

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Beers, Barges, and Bridges: An Afternoon on the BrewBarge PDX


Beers, Boats, and Bridges: An Afternoon on BrewBarge PDX on UrbanBlissLife.comLooking for a fun river adventure in Portland, Oregon? Book a trip on the BrewBarge PDX, where adventure means beers, barges, and bridges! Portland, Oregon is one of the craft beer capitals of the world and it’s also an outdoor enthusiast’s dream playground. So it’s no surprise that visitors and locals have so many entertainment…

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FOOD WINE BLISS: Feast Portland 2017 Best Bites and Sips


Feast Portland 2017 Best Bites and Sips Brunch VillageFeast Portland 2017 was a whirlwind of nonstop food, libations, and fun. This was my fifth year attending the 6-year-old, four-day food & beverage festival, and I can honestly say it was one of my favorites yet! Be sure to read my past Feast Portland posts in the Urban Bliss Life Feast Portland Guide. Best…

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