Pac-12 Championship

Oregon Softball: Ducks Dream Big with New Zealand Legend

After clinching its third consecutive Pac-12 Championship over the weekend, the No. 1 Oregon Ducks softball team (46-6) under New Zealand legend, coach Mike White, will continue its “spring reign” as the No. 2 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament. The Ducks will face BYU on...

A Look Inside Ducks’ 2015 Softball Season

College softball season has begun and I, personally, could not be more excited. I am a “retired” softball player due to some tough health diagnoses in high school but my love and appreciation for the game has yet to die...

Thanks For the Memories: Tribute to Our Skinny Hawaiian

With the upcoming departure of Marcus Mariota, I’d just like a moment to review and reflect on our beloved Skinny Hawaiian’s astounding career. In the coming days you will likely hear from ESPN how Mariota’s stock has fallen because of...

Good, Bad, Ugly, or All of the Above… I Love My Ducks.

“Someone was going to win and someone was going to lose.” After seeing how sad I was after last night’s game, these were the words a coworker spoke to me. It was such a simple thing to say, but it…

Five Memorable Oregon Moments of 2014

It’s a new year and a new level of excitement for Duck fans. The Oregon football program continues to rocket to astonishing new heights under second-year head coach Mark Helfrich, and the Ducks have assembled yet another excellent year, earning a chance to...

Ducks Get Back to Work

So, our Ducks have had a very successful winning season (12-1), have various players that have won credible awards in college football including Marcus Mariota winning the Heisman and hold the Pac-12 Championship title. What else is there to do?...

Pac 12 Championship Game – Pre-game Photos


Pac 12 Championship game at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara California.  This is the biggest game I have shot to date.  Being in the 49er’s home stadium was fantastic.  I like to spend time on the field prior to the game.  I usually find several players warming up and you see what they look like without helmets on.  I usually see the same players out but this time Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner were out going through some drills.  Once Marcus comes on the field, most cameras are pointing him.  He amazes me how focused he stays with so much attention pointing at him.  I also like shooting the receivers and defensive backfield players going out for passes.  I enjoyed every second of my time in Levi Stadium.

David Peaks – Pac 12 Championship 2014 – Photos


Being at the Pac 12 Championship football game was an amazing experience.  Being a photographer on the sideline was an even more amazing experience.  Being part of the media group on the field is something I won’t forget.  The facilities at Levi Stadium are great.  The photo work room has space for a lot of photographers.  In addition, they had a good food for the photographers which was available before the game, at halftime, and after the game.  The 49er crew run a tight ship.  Credentials checked numerous times, and you had to stay behind a certain line on the field or you were quickly reminded to get back.  Everyone was very cordial which only enhanced my experience.

The Oregon defense played an awesome first half.  They were flying to the ball and Arizona was not able to counteract and get any momentum going.  I was very impressed.  It was fun to watch.  The offense took a bit to get firing on all cylinders but when they did, it was all over.  Mariota is an elite football player and person.  This being my first year photographing sports, it has been a thrill to photograph the potential Heisman trophy winner.  Is this a dream or is this really happening?

My hope is the Ducks play in the Rose Bowl on New Years day…and that we play Florida State.  I hope people have liked the photos I’ve posted on the EDN website.  I try and include different players and exciting situations.  I hope this dream continues on into the future.

Oregon – Arizona at the Half

The first half in this one looked more like a South Eugene – North Eugene early December tilt, complete with sometimes driving rain, slippery turf, and the odd dollop of mud. The 23-0 halftime score hugely flattered Arizona, who did...

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