Russell Wilson

“Vernon Adams is just like Russell Wilson” NOT!

While there are definitely physical and ability similarities between Vernon Adams and Russell Wilson, when he played at Eastern Washington, Adams’ passing game was much more comparable to Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M. There were a lot of “What are…

Mariota — From Saint Louis to New Orleans?

We all know that NFL “experts” don’t like “gimmicky Oregon spread offense players” such as Marcus Mariota right? Well, if you didn’t, then let me be the one to tell you – they don’t. This can be clearly seen in the fact that...

Revisiting Mariota vs Winston

Before Oregon faced Florida State in the Rose Bowl, there was a lot of talk about Marcus Mariota vs Jameis Winston. This echoed the debate early in the year in reference to the Heisman Trophy. Now yet again, these two players are...

The Myths Behind Marcus Mariota

Just over a week ago Grantland Staff Writer, Ryan O’Hanlon, posted an article questioning just how far Marcus Mariota would slip in the draft. Here is an excerpt from that piece. “A report from an anonymous scout captures the general...

FCS Coaches Slam Oregon in Frustration Over Grad Transfer Rule

For Duck fans, Vernon Adams‘ decision to pursue graduate studies at the University of Oregon was met with open arms. But not everyone has remained enthusiastic about Adams’ arrangement to transfer. The monumental task of replacing Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Marcus Mariota was somewhat...

SportsDesk: Seahawks Will Restructure and Rebuild for 2015


The Super Bowl was one of the best games I have ever seen. Regardless of who won or lost. Hands down, the best. Many in Seahawks Nation were sad with the outcome, but let me be one of the first to say – Seattle WILL be back next season. There are plenty of reasons to point this out.

Contract extensions being the first. Key players are due for big paydays in the coming months including Quarterback Russell Wilson and Running Back Marshawn Lynch. Defensive Star Bobby Wagner is also on the list to get a raise. Seattle has also found another way to add to their talented roster.

Pete Carroll will have a ton of selections in the upcoming National Football League Draft. The team will have eleven selections. If you add the conditional picks they will have fifteen. Fifteen spots to add to a roster that does not need much to get back to the top.


Unfortunately the saying ‘One play does not make a season’ will no longer apply in the world of sports. I’m not sure why such a rookie move was made in the final minutes of the game on Sunday evening, considering the amazing play that Jermaine Kearse made off his chest just moments before in catching the ball before it hit the ground.

It was also clear to me that the Seattle Defense was not up to their usual speed and pace with injuries to star players including an elbow injury to Richard Sherman. With a bevy of draft picks in their back pocket Wilson will again lead the charge for the Seahawks, but the road will be tougher as each team looks to get better.


The home schedule in 2015 appears favorable with San Francisco, St Louis and Arizona joining Carolina, Chicago and Cleveland coming to the home of the 12’s. Also making an appearance a Qwest Field will be Pittsburgh and Detroit. The away games seem to be a bigger challenge.

The usual suspects of San Francisco, St. Louis and Arizona will be joined by trips to Green Bay, Dallas and Baltimore. Seattle will also visit Minnesota as they transition to face teams in the NFC Central next season. Dates for any of these games have yet to be announced but I would expect the game with Green Bay to be front and center as it has been the last several seasons.

Now that I have wet your appetite, all we have to do now is wait. The next event for the NFL is the Draft in late April and May.

FishDuck’s Super Bowl Drinking Game

*Disclaimer. This column, like all of my columns, is made in jest. (Except the stuff about the Beavers and Huskies. I mean all of that.) In this week’s installment, I suggest engaging in some activities that would KILL YOU DEAD if you...

Chip Kelly Update: Forget Seattle, Beat the Cowboys

The Philadelphia Eagles under Chip Kelly keep reaching for the stars. They encourage fans to hope for a Super Bowl run with unselfish teamwork, clever schemes on both sides of the ball, and emerging young talent. Then reality slaps them...

Where Did The Week Go…


The Empire Strikes Moguls

Remind me to watch Danish TV more often.  The Winter Olympics are in full swing and you know what would make them even more entertaining?  If Imperial AT-AT walkers invaded and made life a lot more difficult for the ski moguls competition.

This all-to-brief clip shows the lumbering robotic beasts from Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back firing on the Olympic skiers as they attempt to traverse the difficult courses in Sochi.

Olympics Freestyle Moguls - NBC
Olympics Freestyle Moguls. | (NBC)

You can thank “Natholdet,” a Danish television show for the video and hopefully they or someone else can come up with other creative and awesome Star Wars/Olympics mashup videos.  How about mixing in light sabers for the figure skaters to hold during competition or substitute boring rifles in the biathlon with Han Solo’s DL-44 pistol.  Probably not effective for long-distance shooting but who cares, it’s a freaking laser!

I usually watch a little bit of the Winter Olympics every four years, but you include these game-changing elements and I’m all in.  As for those poor skiers, one Internet commenter said it best.  “Freaking Darth Vader, he ruins everything.

Runner Eats It After On-Camera Interview

And now for our second outstanding video of the week, a couple in Portland decided to go for a run at night (because that’s what young white people in Portland do) following the massive snow storm that hit the Pacific Northwest.  KOIN 6 reporter Lisa Balick, who probably drew the short straw for standing in the terrible weather waiting for something exciting to happen, stopped the couple to interview them.  What followed was pure Portland joy that the people at Portlandia wish they had thought of first.

Portland runners - KOIN 6
The unfortunate running couple. | (KOIN 6)

When asked by Balick why they were running in such poor weather, Chelsea replied, “It’s the perfect texture for running, very low-impact and stress so your feet don’t get wet.”  Balick replied with an “ooooohhhh” as if she had any clue as to what they were talking about.  She obviously doesn’t speak “Runner.”

The clip continued with Chelsea and Michael talking about how they can’t believe how many bikers are out and that they have an advantage with running because they could just slide through a stop sign.

Chelsea gave the confident smile and thumbs-up as they ran away, but little did they know that they were about to become the punch line to a slow, steady burn with the ultimate payoff.

Within seconds of leaving the interview and the camera still trained on them, Chelsea ate it harder than the skiers in the previous story.  She then did what we all do when we fall in public: quickly get up as if nothing ever happened and check to see how many people saw it.  Unfortunately for Chelsea, millions have now seen it.

But she apparently was a good sport about the embarrassment.  When interviewed after the video went viral, Chelsea mentioned that even her parents were getting a kick out of the clip.

“When I called my parents last night, my mom and dad were apparently watching it on repeat and laughing hysterically to themselves.”  As were all of us.

Seth Meyers Chooses Former SNL Friend to Lead Band

Seth Meyers’ band leader for his new “Late Night” show will be … Fred Armisen?  The former Saturday Night Live castmember will curate and lead the band, and continue to run it even when he’s on the other side of the country shooting Portlandia, according to Meyers.

Seth Meyers and Fred Armisen - Jamie McCarthy:WireImage
Fred Armisen and Seth Meyers. | (Jamie McCarthy/WireImage)

Armisen is obviously known as a comedian and actor, but the multi-talented artist has also been a drummer for many years in the punk-rock band Trenchmouth.

Meyers will make his late-night debut at 12:35 a.m. starting February 24 and you can be sure there will be plenty of glorious sketches between the host and band leader.  I mean, if David Letterman and Paul Shaffer and Conan O’Brien and Max Weinberg can be comedy gold, just imagine two professional funny men at work.  It’s going to be great, probably a little bizarre knowing Armisen and yet another reason to get excited about NBC’s new late-night lineup.

Russell Wilson Finds Another Way to Endear Himself to Seattle

If leading the Seahawks to the first major championship in the city of Seattle since 1979 wasn’t great enough, starting quarterback Russell Wilson can now add dog searcher to the list of things he’s done for the Emerald City.

Russell Wilson - Twitter- @ConnorHutyler
Russell Wilson and some fans. | ([email protected])

The folks at the Facebook page “Lost & Found Pets Wa State” posted the story of the missing dog to spread the word.  Wilson and his wife just happened to be at a dog park in the Seattle area when they decided to assist in the search for a missing pooch named Panda.

The dog was eventually found at 2:30 a.m.

So in addition to never having to pay for a drink or meal in the city of Seattle anymore, Wilson can now add never having to pick up after his dog to that list.  It’s pretty good to be Russell Wilson right now, especially in the Pacific Northwest.