Sam Bonds Brewery

Songsmith Sunday – A New Addition


Sam Bond’s Brewery, 540 E. 8th Ave., will be host to a bright new addition for the ground roots songwriters in the region.  Every 3rd Sunday of each  month, three singer/songwriters will be showcased.  Each performer will be presenting 30 minutes of their original music. It is exciting any time the areas songwriters can bring their music to an audience that might not have heard their material.  Some music is fantastic, some not so much.  This decision is left up to the audience as to how each performer is received. Audience members are smart and know what they like and then are not shy about providing feedback good or bad.  All of this information is important to a songwriter so that their craft can be honed and then evolve.

Coming up July 17th, 6:00 to 8:00 pm, three of our local singer/songwriters will be presenting their works.

Scott Austin, and Oregon native has been connecting with audiences in coffee shops, wineries, and clubs. Singing thought provoking lyrics mixed with heartfelt music;  this combination makes him a person to watch. He loves sharing his music and does so as often as possible, whether on line or on stage.

Scott Austin

B.W. Krehbiel, is a self described singer/songwriter, guitarist and troublemaker. He is a product of the rural heartland with all the images that brings to mind.    Americana, folk, country with a little R & B mixed in, is a good description of his music style.  Vocally he adds a rich, raspy, sound that along with his percussive guitar style makes his music ‘real’.

K.W. Krehbiel


The third artist in this group is Gary Reed. As an accomplished guitarist, adding the songwriting to his repertoire makes him a force to be reckoned with. Americana mixed with a little country and a touch of blues describes his writing style. His songs are engaging, sometimes humorous, but all from the heart. Long fingers, perfect for flat picking, hit the strings with precision blending techniques with style making his performances easy to listen to.  He makes what is difficult look very easy.

Be at Sam Bond’s Brewery, Sunday July 17th, 6pm to  8pm for a one of a kind show!