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Police Car Crashes Into Home

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A man is taken into custody, accused of leading officers on a chase that ended with a police officer’s car crashing into a Springfield home.

By early Wednesday afternoon, it’s a much different scene at a home on the corner of 19th and Hayden Bridge Road than just a few hours earlier. The glass is cleared and the window is boarded up, but there are definitely still signs of when a Springfield Police car attempted to enter the house without an invitation.

Officers say they were pursuing a stolen City of Eugene vehicle, driven by suspect Jack Caudy, not too far away on Lawnridge Avenue.

Springfield resident Alena Connolly says, “It’s just unsafe. I’m not surprised he wrecked into that house. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.”

Springfield Police Sgt. Dick Jones says, “Officers are taught to be able to drive their vehicle at different speeds and in different weather conditions and stuff and in this case, it just happened that he ended up off the road and into this house.”

Neighbors say this might be the first time they’ve seen an officer do it, but it’s not the first time they’ve witnessed an unexpected visit.

Neighbor Brad Baker says, “About a month ago, a guy came around that corner, hit the neighbor’s curb here, popped a tire off and tried to get away and ended up in their driveway.”

The homeowners say the damage is bad, but it could be a lot worse and they’re hoping this latest incident will finally drive the city to take some preventative measures.

The amount of time and money it will take to repair the damage to the home and yard is unknown. The homeowners think the entire wall might need to be replaced. They are still waiting to hear from the insurance companies.

Man Sentenced For Child Sex Abuse

Jeffrey WoodsEUGENE, Ore. — A former Springfield resident is sentenced to more than 23 years in prison for child sex abuse. A judge handed down the sentence to 44-year-old Jeffrey Woods Tuesday morning.

Woods was convicted last month on several charges including sodomy. Springfield Police detectives say each of his victims was under the age of ten. They say while they’re glad to see a resolution this case, the consequences of these sorts of crimes are often difficult to determine.

Sgt. David Lewis says, “The damage to that child is really unknown. In a way, they’ve taken a lot of their life away from them. The amount of mistrust and everything else they put into that child… So, measuring that with time is really difficult for me, but under this system, I’m happy with this sentence.”

Woods was living in Texas when the first crimes were reported back in 2011. He was brought back to Oregon this past september.

Mugshots Preview Feb. 01, 2015

Every day this week it looks like the long arm of Law Enforcement has been keeping busy. Here are six out of the many bookings/mugshots from today, Feb. 1st, 2015.





Charges: assault in the 4th degree -1

Name: Jami Jay Leary
Booking: 02-01-15 – 00:11
Facility: Lane County Jail
Arresting Agency: Springfield Police Department





Charges: DUII -1, reckless endangering, reckless driving, and unlawful possession of heroin

Name: Tyler James Teed
Booking: 02-01-15 – 02:58
Facility: Lane County Jail
Arresting Agency: Eugene Police Department





Charges: DUII

Name: Devin Vincent Ellis
Booking: 02-01-15 – 07:14
Facility: Springfield Municipal Jail
Arresting Agency: Eugene Police Department





Charges: DUII

Name: Brad Lambert Wiegand
Booking: 02-01-15 – 09:14
Facility: Springfield Municipal Jail
Arresting Agency: Eugene Police Department





Charges: failure to appear in the 2nd degree – Harrisburg Municipal Court, contempt of court – Harrisburg Municipal Court

Name: Kodie Skyler Bixby
Booking: 02-01-15 – 00:48
Facility: Lane County Jail
Arresting Agency: Springfield Area Command





Charges: DUII -1

Name: Christopher Michael Urban
Booking: 02-01-15 – 03:44
Facility: Lane County Jail
Arresting Agency: Springfield Police Department




As always, all the people presented here in their booking photos are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Lane County Mugshots is in no way liable for the accuracy of the charges or information here as it was gleaned from the websites of the Lane County Sheriff’s Office, and/or the Springfield Municipal Jail. Plus we are just human. Please contact the Sheriff’s Office if there is a question concerning the accuracy thereof.

Don’t drink and drive people……


For more mugshots: http://eugenedailynews.com/c/news/news-mugshots/

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Sex Abuse Suspect Arrested in Texas

LOPEZ, JIMMYSPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield police are investigating a man wanted for sex abuse in several states.

Jimmy Lopez was arrested in Texas on Tuesday. He was living in Springfield until last month. Police say he left the state after their investigation began.

He’s accused of sexually abusing a female minor.

Officers used a money order to track him down in Texas, and they’re working to bring him back to Oregon.

Pedestrian Dies Following Crash

1-26 CAR VS PEDSPRINGFIELD, Ore. —  A pedestrian hit in Springfield died from his injuries Monday night.

At 9:30 a.m. Monday Springfield Police and Eugene-Springfield Fire responded to a pedestrian versus motor vehicle accident on Gateway St. at the southern entrance to the Gateway Mall. Initial investigation determined that a 23-year-old woman was turning onto Gateway St. from an apartment complex in the 2500 block when she hit Michael Moore who was crossing the southbound lanes.

It is too early in the investigation to determine if there will be any charges or citations for the driver. Police are still very interested in hearing from anyone who witnessed the accident, just call 541-726-3714.



BREAKING: House Fire in Springfield

video preview image

SPRINGFIELD, Ore.– One person is hospitalized after an early morning house fire on Monday. It happened on the 500 block of North 39th Street in Springfield at about 4:10am.

Firefighters say the fire started in one of the bedrooms and smoke quickly filled the home. Two men were inside at the time of the fire and they tried to put the flames out with blankets and water. Captain Chris Paskett credits working smoke detectors for saving the men’s lives.

Fire Marshals are investigating the cause of the fire. They estimate the damage up to $50,000. The man who is hospitalized has non-life threatening injuries.

Local Wendy’s Restaurants Close

WENDYS PICEUGENE, Ore. — Wendy’s confirmed restaurants in the Eugene and Springfield area are closing for good, leaving dozens without jobs.

Employees we spoke with say the announcement was unexpected and they only found out Saturday about the plans to close.

In a statement sent to KEZI, the company says it has chosen to end its relationship with the local franchisee. A media spokesperson says the decision was made because the franchisee wasn’t meeting the obligations of his agreement.

“It’s surprising to me that a big chain like that will close down, but really I just feel bad for the employees because apparently they don’t have a job after today,” said Michael McAllister, a Wendy’s customer.

There are five restaurants in Eugene-Springfield area, some which have already closed. The spokesperson says the company hopes to open restaurants in the area again in the future.

Flag at Springfield School Burned

video preview image

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield early learning center is on the search for answers after finding the American flag hanging in front of the school burned.

Springfield police says a person from the Brattain Early Learning Center reported the crime early Friday. Investigators believe it happened sometime between Thursday evening and the early hours of Friday.

Police say it was found on the front steps at the historic school on 10th and C.

Neighbors say they aren’t surprised to hear of the vandalism because of the heavy foot traffic in the area, but a burned flag is a first for the neighborhood.

“You’re targeting a symbol and if you’re caught doing it, I could imagine that whoever did that, knew that if anyone even saw them doing that, it might get them in some trouble,” said Chris Chandler, who lives near the school.

There is no flag hanging in front of the school, but a KEZI 9 News viewer has offered to donate a new flag to the school.

Springfield police says they do not have a suspect in the case but if there is an arrest made, they say the person could face criminal charges.

Crews Investigate Apartment Fire

FIRE                [a]SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Crews are investigating an apartment fire on the 100 block of S 41st in Springfield from around 9 Saturday morning. Firefighters located an extinguished a fire in an upstairs bedroom closet of a two-story townhouse unit. The two occupants, an adult male and his 9-year-old son were home at the time of the fire but were out of the structure upon firefighter’s arrival.

The son was evaluated by fire medics for smoke inhalation. Fire damage is estimated at $25,000. No other units were involved.

The cause is under investigation at this time.

Early AM pursuit nets one in Springfield

Curtis Glen Dehaven, 41
Curtis Glen Dehaven, 41

A 41 year old Springfield man lead Springfield Police on an early morning high speed police pursuit through eastern Springfield early Tuesday morning, Springfield Police said.

Dehaven was spotted by police near the Albertson’s Store on Main Street in East Springfield around one a.m., this morning driving erratically, through the store’s parking lot and a gas station across the street before turning on 58th and Main and leading police on vehicle pursuit reaching speeds as high as 90 mph, Springfield Police Sgt. Richard Charboneau said.

Dehaven is a familiar face to Springfield Police and has been arrested by SPD in the past, Police believe he was under the influence of a drugs at the time of his arrest.

Charboneau says, during the course of the pursuit the suspect rolled his vehicle down an embankment on Jasper-Lowell Road and led officers on a short foot pursuit before surrendering to police near some train tracks, the Sergeant said.

Dehaven was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and than lodged in the Lane County Jail and booked with a variety of charges including, attempting to elude police by vehicle and on foot, reckless driving, first degree trespassing and possession of Methamphetamine and a wide range of other charges, police said.

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