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March 2 – Evening Update


Here’s the evening wrap-up on todays local headlines:

Tim Chueys Updated Forecast (4pm)
Mostly cloudy with showers likely (60%) tonight (0.10 in. of rain possible), rain Thursday (0.25 in. of rain possible)
Avalanche warning issued for Cascades
Portions of the Oregon Cascades are under an avalanche warning after storms deposited up to 4 feet of snow this week.
Bill would remove citizenship rule for Oregon driver’s license
Lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow Oregon residents to apply for a driver’s license without proof of U.S. citizenship.
Nike’s Holy Grail: long-lost waffle iron found
In a box stuffed with mud-caked shoes a long lost rusty appliance is discovered.
Proposal would cap UO tuition increases at 5 percent
The University of Oregon has proposed a significant change in the way the school is funded and the way it’s governed.
Thousand Cankers Disease detected in Eugene tree
Sounding like a Chinese curse, a new disease called Thousand Cankers Disease is killing black walnut trees in eight western states.
‘Commit a crime in Springfield, you will go to jail’
Police Chief Jerry Smith calls the new city jail the “best investment” for criminal justice in Springfield.
Oregon may add ‘wine country’ license plates
Possible new license plate choice. Wonder if it will be like wearing a “officer please stop me” sign.
Donations Down for Project Homeless Connect Event
The fifth annual Project Homeless Connect for Lane County event is two weeks away, and organizers say donations are down this year.

March 1 Morning Headlines


Headlines for this first day of the last month of the quarter:

National Weather Service calls Rain.
Today: Rain. High near 52. South wind between 8 and 11 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%.
Tonight: Rain likely. Cloudy, with a low around 41. Light wind becoming southeast between 10 and 13 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%.

Landslide hits Highway 38
A large slide hit the highway east of Reedsport today.
Corvallis man clocked going 107mph on I-5
A little too much Top Gear: A Corvallis man was caught speeding 107 miles an hour on I-5.
Feds: Man coerced moms into sex assaults on own kids
A man posed as a therapist and used an online alias to talk to mothers in Oregon, Idaho and other states across the country to persuade them to sexually assault their young children and send him the images of the attacks.

Feb 24 – Evening Update


In addition to the current blizzard conditions, here are the headlines as of this evening:

According to the National Weather Service
Tonight: Snow showers likely, mainly before 10pm. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 19. West southwest wind 5 to 7 mph becoming east southeast. Chance of precipitation is 60%. Total nighttime snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible.

Driver crashes semi – then walks away
Truck Driver crashes rig, blocks I5 Interstate, triggers 3 other crashes, and leaves the scene.
River Road neighbors concerned about 100-foot cell tower plan
T-Mobile is hoping to install a monopole on River Road in Topsfield
FBI steps up role in search for missing Oregon boy
The FBI is increasing its role in the disappearance of Kyron Horman

Morning Update – FEB 22


Headlines from around Eugene this morning:

Plan would revise ‘kicker’ use
Far-reaching constitutional revision would implement significant changes to Oregon’s tax rebate “kicker” law.
Abuse victim: ‘This is why women don’t come out and tell the truth’
A victim of sex abuse in Albany the target of vandalism.
Thousands rally for Ore. schools: ‘This is a crisis’
Thousands of teachers, parents, students, and education advocates rallied in Salem Monday for more state education funding.
Eugene utility may tank new sewage system
Utility officials in Eugene are considering scrapping a half-million-dollar wastewater treatment system after the new maintenance facility is proving to be finicky.
Toxic leak leads to lawsuit
A waste oil storage facility in Goshen has been shut down because of contamination with toxic PCBs. The facility’s operator is suing a nearby Eugene metal recycling yard.
Researcher says cycle tracks could increase biking safety, worth the expense
Studies have shown bicyclists are safer in protected bike lanes than in regular lanes.

Evening Update – FEB 21

Here are the newest headlines from around our community as of this evening:

Average Price of Gas Up 10.5 Cents in Eugene
The average price of a gallon gas in Eugene is up 10.5 cents to $3.39 per gallon.
Spraying Begins Along Eugene Railroad Tracks
Union Pacific Railroad will begin spraying herbicides between Feb. 21 and March 7, weather and train movement permitting.
Springfield Sergeant Passes Away
Longtime Police Sergeant passed away from an apparent heart attack.
Credit Union Employees Volunteer During Holiday
Oregon Community Credit Union staff volunteered their time around Eugene and Springfield Today.
Victims names released in north Eugene shooting, investigation continues
The Lane County Sheriff’s Office has released the names of two people killed after a shooting on Howard Avenue , in north Eugene over the weekend.

New Scanners at Riverbend Give Better Look into Body

SPRINGFIELD- Peacehealth’s Riverbend Hospital has received a brand new type of body scanner that combines both PET and CT scanners in order to give doctors a better look at cancers and other illnesses.

“Putting those two things together can help us understand if a nodule is cancerous or perhaps non-cancerous,” Jeff Sharman, M.D., Cancer Physician at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute told the Register Guard.

The new technology is not only faster but it takes both scans together and reads them as a single image, giving health care providers the ability to diagnose cancer, heart disease, and neurological disorders at their earliest stages.

Patients lay on a supported cushion and only subjected to 25 minutes of scanning, whereas before the average time was around 70 minutes.

Investigators Serve Search Warrants in Local Poaching Ring

Game officials are investigating a Springfield man and his son for using identity theft to expand their local poaching scheme. Two search warrants have uncovered 106 sets of antlers, over half a ton of processed or frozen game meat, and hunting licenses for a collection of people, including neighbors and employees from the duo’s Springfield-based janitorial firm.

Rory Donoho, 59, and Shane Donoho, 37, have yet to  be formally charged, however officials cite charges of aggravated theft, racketeering, hunting for another person, conspiracy, and sharing in the proceeds of wildlife offense as reasons for the warrants.

Officers searched the Donoho’s homes and a Eugene meat company that they allegedly used to process and store their illegal game.  In the process of searching, officers came across two freshly killed elk that one affidavit claimed Shane Donoho had shot that morning using cow elk tags issued to two relatives, both female.

Despite years of complaints, officers had never been able to catch the duo committing a crime until last November when a woman who had dated an employee of the janitorial firm received a very strange package in the mail. What is commonly known as a “Tooth Envelope” had been sent to her with a letter asking her to donate a tooth from the big game she’d been harvesting in order to determine the animal’s age for statistical

purposes. The woman told agency members that she hadn’t hunted, and had never hunted in her life, yet someone giving her personal information had applied for multiple tags in 2010.

The licenses were tracked to a batch that was purchased- including one for Shane Donoho, one of his employees, and a relative- within a nine-minute period at the same Bi-Mart location. Since the woman never supplied her information, the men face identity theft charges, which is a Class C felony in Oregon, punishable by up to 13 months in prison.

Further investigation by the Department of Fish and Wildlife uncovered that someone using Shane Donoho’s phone number reported tags for eight different people, and a total of 12 deer over a 90-minute period in 2009.

One of the licenses was for a 59-year-old female neighbor of Shane Donoho who also has never before hunted big game. Another was an employee whose hunting report indicated he had killed a 2-point buck with a rifle, even though he is a convicted felon barred from possessing guns.

The Paris Hilton Burger: Hop Valley Brewing Co.


The Paris Hilton Burger: Hop Valley Brewing Co.
by Everett Meadows, The Eugene Burger Blog

One of the things that our culture invariably appreciates is a story outlining a successful journey from humble roots.  Everyone loves the stories of Henry Ford, Ray Croc, and Oprah Winfrey: people who started from nothing, and wound up conquering the world.  Conversely, we tend to have disdain for the Paris Hiltons of the world: folks who had the good life handed to them, and just don’t seem to have any appreciation it.

It is in between those two models that our dream, the ‘American Dream,’ lays.  It is a model that includes sundry middle variables, and two constants at its extremities: a paupers starting line, and a white picket finish line.

The cliché is present everywhere in our society: at the Oscars, in hip hop music, in some of our most celebrated films.

We have the same expectation for our restaurants.  Whether it’s a big chain of restaurants, or a single well-established restaurant, we want to see a big picture in the lobby showing the dinky little first iteration of the chain, or the old unpolished building that the restaurant used to reside in.  It’s a credibility thing.

Hop Valley Brewing is not that type of place; I hadn’t even heard of it the first time I went in.  It is like aliens dropped the place off in the middle of the night, all shiny, with an extensive menu, giant selection of microbrews and four big ol’ fermenters.

I have to admit, it doesn’t seem right to me.  It has no history, no background story detailing its ugly little shack where its college student owners brewed their first amber ale kit.  No doubt the owners have their own little humble beginning story, but as far as I know, Phil Knight anonymously funded the restaurant.  It lacks a feeling of authenticity.

Those of you who have been to HV, know exactly what I’m talking about.  When you walk in to the main lobby, the place feels distinctly like a chain.  There is no dusty decorations that are sitting around simply because they have been around for years and years.  All the servers are in uniform, and the tables and chairs all look the same as the other tables and chairs: no chance this place is a small town start-up.

That said, I heard the restaurant had an awesome happy-hour burger, so I decided to check it out.

The entire happy hour menu at HV, which is available every weekday from 3 – 6, is actually pretty awesome, at least on paper.  None of the food is more than four bucks, and all the HV brews are $3.25.

The happy hour burger is a 1/3 lb. burger with fries, and will cost you $3.95.  The beef was the thing that really intrigued me about the burger; they claim it is a house beef, “seasoned with bacon, smoked, & grilled to order.”

Did I mention that the burger comes with fries, and doesn’t even cost 4 bucks?  Did anyone hear the part about beef “seasoned with bacon”?  What could go wrong?

Upon ordering the burger, the server asked me how I wanted it cooked, and I asked for medium-rare.  At this point she

mentioned to me that because the burger was smoked, it typically comes out pink no matter how you order it.  I thought little  of the comment at the moment; first, I know smoked beef stays pink, and second… I didn’t order it well done, so how was the fact going to affect me?  Well, when the burger came out, it became clear why she said something; my burger was well-done, and, of course still pink.

So, what happened? Does the server mention the whole smoked-stays-pink thing to everyone, because she is going to just order it well-done, or does she mention it because no matter how she orders it the kitchen is going to cook it well-done?

Either way, someone screwed up, but hey, did I mention the burger doesn’t even cost 4 bucks?

even well done, the beef was tasty, the taste of bacon was subtle, but definitely there, and the smoking process makes the burger unique enough that it isn’t just any other pub burger.

The burger comes out with a steamy plate of handcut looking fries, that are according to the server not made in house, but still very tasty: the type of fries that you dip in ranch.  The bun is totally edible, but nothing special.

The bottom line is that for the cost this burger is amazing.  At eight bucks, I might be disappointed, but for $3.95 who could be upset?  I give Hop Valley my recommendation, even though there is no backstory.  It is clear that they have worked very hard to make a vision come true, and can you really fault them for making it happen with enough money to do it all polished and shiny?  Hop Valley still has an uphill battle to go to make its restaurant feel like a well oiled machine, but in the meantime they have cheap eats, decent beer and a pretty building.

Hop Valley Brewing
980 Kruse Lane
Springfield, OR 97477
(541) 744-3330

via The Eugene Burger Blog: The Paris Hilton Burger: Hop Valley Brewing Co.

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