Strange Dichotomy

Night on the Town



Waking up in an unfamiliar place must be a lot like reincarnation… if you believe in that kinda stuff.  Trying to get your bearings… desperately searching out anything remotely familiar in sight, sound or touch. Anything that will help explain how it is you are where you are when you wake up.  Waking up from after a car accident is like this feeling. So is waking up after a surgery.  But truth be told… waking up after too much to drink in a house that isn’t yours… well, that’s just plain exciting and a story for another time!

I’m blaming it all on the excessive drinking!  But sometimes the hands of fate have a strange way of making things happen that work out for the best.  What do I say to all this?  BRING IT ON.

Crimson Guardian

Tonight will find me a little outside my comfort level and listening to some unbelievably loud bands tonight at The Black Forest. Crimson Guardian is headlining tonight.  Fresh from the band’s Facebook page: “Crimson Guardian is bringing in NEW and OLD friends to give the Black Forest a heavy dose of old and NEW school meta!l  Unfortunately, CG lead walked away from the band a little less than 24 hrs ago, the band’s rhythm player is out-of-town, but the band still goes on. Alex, Dave, and Flames will be ripping CG up all over the Black Forest with versions of some of their more lively tunes. This will be their “I’m not Fken Dead Yet” Show, and will kick off their pre 2012 I’m Not Fken Dead yet Tour!!!!!!  The show must go on. This will be Caducus first BF show, and Brudos ALWAYS brings it, so Eugene come on out and give them a huge HELL YA!!!!! w/ special guest Sons of Confusion opening the night.”

Thankfully I have some good “metal” friends who will help me enjoy the evening and make sure tonight I,at least, eat something before I begin drinking!

Since we’ll be near The Cluster, or what one of my Facebook friends affectionately calls the “BARmuda triangle” (thanks Marty!) will :-)stop in and see the band Strange Dichotomy… just have to check something that me and another writer are arguing about.

Oddly enough, however, with the metal going on there is also punk going on tonight. The Wandering Goat has the Elected Officials and Quackers has the band Highwater. Good night to hear some loud music. Bring the earplugs!

JC Rico

Gotta make certain I get to bed sometime tonight as tomorrow is a big day. One of Eugene’s great musicians passed away Sunday, September 4, 2011, JC Rico. There will be a celebration of his life tomorrow, September 18th, from 4:00 – 7:00 pm. Steve Ibach is putting together a jam. Pat is opening up Mac’s Restaurant and Nightclub (Mac’s at the Vet’s) at 1626 Willamette St, Eugene. If you have any other questions please contact Kim Almasie by email [email protected]

I hope, JC, wherever he now may be, gets his attention focused on familiar surrounding and things he recognizes soon!

I will see you out THERE!


Original Music

FREE: Cornucopia: The Same Old Used to Be’s—10pm
FREE: Downtown Lounge: Trailer Trash Ball—9pm
FREE: Oak Street Speakeasy: Hi-Fi Ramblers—9pm; rockabilly
FREE: Quackers: Highwater—9pm; rockabilly
FREE: Wandering Goat: The Elected Officials—9pm; punk
$3 Axe & Fiddle: Mick Croon—8:30, R&B, soul
$8 Cozmic Pizza: SambaDa—9; World Beat, $8
$5 Luckey’s: John Craig & the Weekend, Strange Dichotomy—10pm; indie, pop
$6 Sam Bond’s: Jackstraw—9:30pm; bluegrass
$5 WOW Hall: The Athiarchists, Better Left Unsaid, Don’t Ask Alice, Zebrana Bastard—9pm; hard rock

Cover & Tribute Bands

FREE: Happy Hours: The Valley Boys—9pm; classic rock
FREE: O’Donnells: Malice Cooper—9pm; rock
FREE: Porky’s Palace: Earnest Borg9s—9pm; classic rock
FREE: Tiny Tavern: WindRider—10pm; classic rock

Blues, Jazz, Country

FREE: Mulligan’s: Eddie Bodine & the Drifting Pines—9; folk, blues
FREE: The Loft: Inner Limits—7:30pm; Jazz, funk
$6 Mac’s: Michael Tracey & The Hi-Tones—9pm; blues, rock, soul
$5 Whiskey River Ranch Jonathan Harris—9pm; country

DJ – Dance – HipHop- Other

$5 Astoria: The Koozies—9; Country, variety, fundraiser
FREE: The Bridge: DJ Crown—10pm; Hip hop, funk, soul
FREE: Conways: Ladies Night—9pm
FREE: Cowfish: “Sup!” w/Sassy Mouff, Michael Human & Guests—9:30pm; Top 40, electro
FREE: Doc’s Pad: DJ J-Will—8pm; Dance mix
FREE: Embers: Retro—9pm
FREE: Two Friends Pub Ladies Night—9pm
FREE: Village Green DJ Nick—9pm; Requests

Strange Dichotomy

Strange Dichotomy

Tribal Acoustic Rock

Greg Gillispie – guitar, vocals
Luke Martyn – bass, vocals
Jason Rowe – drums, vocals
Kyle Brewster – guitar, vocals

Strange Dichotomy

This Eugene band was the brain child of Greg Gillispie, who writes most all of the music acoustically.  With a different type of drum set up, this band has a distinctly tribal sound. The band is made up of seasoned local musicians.

The lead singer sounds a lot like David Byrne (Talking Heads), and the band has a sound much like an acoustic version of The Cars with tribal drums.

Strange Dichotomy



Eugene RAW


Eugene RAW
– The Club Scene

Saturday Night saw The Club Circuit at Cozmic Pizza for the June 2011 Eugene RAW show, featuring newcomer Justice Beagle and hosted by Strange Dichotomy.  I’d been to Cozmic Pizza before and always love the open, airy, and casual atmosphere of this venue.  With a nicely-appointed stage, and seating for those drinking alcohol separated from sections for folks under 21, this all-ages venue boasts a nice selection of beers and wines, with a (shall we say “cosmic”) menu of pizza, salads, and other yummy victuals.

But of course, the reason we were here was to meet and be astounded by the bands performing.  Eugene RAW is hosted by Strange Dichotomy, featuring local up-and-coming young musicians and/or bands, sharing the stage and entertaining the folks.  With a $3 door, the bands don’t get a lot of money for doing this, it is purely for the opportunity to play in a very different kind of venue from that available in most of Eugene’s club scene.

Opening the set was Justice Beagle, just 16 years old and stepdaughter to Eugene’s own Mitch Chamberlain of Gladhander, this promising young lady serenaded  her way into our hearts with covers of singles from Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Lady Gaga, amongst others.  Her opening of John Lennon’s “Imagine” was soulful, and the closing (shared with her cousin Jay) of “Lucky” were all very well received by the audience.  She has a great vocal range and potential.

I had a chance to chat with her after her set, where she told me that her primary focus (for now) is on finishing school.  She will be doing some shows with “Girls Rock” at the Axe & Fiddle, and has some youtube videos, including “Beauty In the Breakdown” which I highly recommend. We hope to see more of Justice in the future!

Hosting the show was, of course, by Strange Dichotomy.  These guys are truly a hidden jewel in Eugene’s band scene.  Comprised of Greg on acoustic guitar and vocals, Luke on bass and vocals, Kyle on electric guitar, and Jason on hand drums, this set caught us completely by surprise.

In talking briefly with Greg before the set, I learned that he has actually been involved in the local Eugene music scene for some time, working previously with Hyde & Jekyll.  Eugene RAW really is his passion at this time, trying to give local bands the opportunity to play together in a unique “acoustic” venue.  In his own words, Greg says “[I] have always believed that playing unplugged is a testament to a band’s true ability… the bands we play with jam acoustically. Kinda make them play outside their comfort zone. It means every show should be unique and memorable.”  It was all that and more!

Strange Dichotomy

This is a group of formidable musicians, who all have their own unique strengths but are still able to blend this into an amazing single entity.  The group’s sound as a whole reminds me very much of one of my favorite all time bands, “Days Of The New” (when I mentioned this to Greg after the set he told me he has heard this often).  They have an interesting mix of blues-rock with a definite tribal feel.  Luke’s backup vocals blend perfectly with Greg’s lead vocals, and he plays some awesome bass runs (while dancing!) simultaneously.  Kyle’s electric guitar work simply shines, providing a sweet partner to Greg’s acoustic guitar.

The closing band that was scheduled to play did not show up (their loss!) – so we had a chance to get a couple extra songs from Greg and crew which was definitely a bonus.    I especially liked their closing cover of The Police’s “Walking On The Moon” – done completely reggae!  This band has an amazing stage presence and energy as well – we will definitely be back to catch these guys again!

Night on the Town – Friday


Night On The Town – Friday May 27

Day 2 of the Memorial Week End Mardi-Gras opens with a full plate of choices. Spirits unfazed by todays unpredictable downpours, we suspect this is a good night to make sure you’ve got a designated driver, cab, or party bus to shuttle you safely around Eugene’s distributed party.  By now you know that the big hype shows barely make it onto the radar, let alone the the picklist.  Fortunately there’s none of that to deal with tonight unless the idea of heading to Coos Bay to see Taylor Hicks resonates.  After perusing the EOTC Happy Hours list, we’ve picked where we’re starting the evening, find us and say hey and there’s a shirt in it for you.  In fact, catch us at one of tonights picks and say “I love EDN” and there’s a shirt in it for you.

Marshall Tuckers Progeny: Rose’s Pawn Shop – Axe & Fiddle (Cottage Grove), 9pm – $5.  Normally the enthusiasm for nuevo hillbilly requires a reason, or a hellacious sound and musicianship.  In this case the name started it, the website carried it, and the music sealed it.  This is next level rockin’ hillbilly/sorta country.  When Paul Givant starts singing your conversation is going to pause, your focus is going to shift, and you’ll be looking round for the Nashville bus that brought them in (there’s no bus and they’re from L.A.).  Ok, to let the cat all the way out of the bag, these guys have enjoyed many awards, were hand-picked by Jack White to open for the Raconteurs at the Henry Fonda…whoa…sound like a fan all of a sudden.  Go early, like right after happy hour.

Hip Loop Hoppin: Loop Whole – Sam Bonds, 9pm – $5.  They call themselves “Feel Good Fusion” with songs like The Limit that will put you musically in either the ‘A’ Team, or an unreleased TV episode of Shaft.  In other words feels good, ooohhh yeaaaah.  Unless you are a local zombie, you’ll dance, I think even the zombies would dance.   Sounds like “Rice Krispies after you add the milk.”

Special Mention: Eugene Raw – Cozmic Pizza, 8pm – $3.  If you haven’t caught one of the Eugene Raw Session you need to either turn in your insider card, or catch tonights show. One to watch is Strange Dichotomy.


The music is even better than the website.







Saturday – Night on the Town


This area has so much to offer it can be daunting trying to decide what to do.  Here’s what we suggest:

FIRST STOP: Arcimoto RED:5 release party – 5:30pm at “A Big Warehouse at 990 W 1st Ave in Eugene” (990 W 1st Ave. Eugene, OR). Pizza, stars, goodies and of course, Red 5.

MAINLINE: Strange Dichotomy – Cosmic Pizza, 8pm – $3. Hand drums, acoustic guitars, 4 vocalists and a strong tribal vein, you haven’t heard a band like these guys.

SIDELINE: Furniture Girls – Luckeys, 9pm – $3 cover. Out of Seattle, WA. the Furniture Girls are urban, edgy, smooth and casually cerebral. Digging “Riviera” as I’m writing this.

END OF THE LINE: Downtown Food Cart: – If you can find Albee’s, grab a hot dog, Uly’s – a taco. We’ve not had a bad choice from any of the downtown carts. Note: The later it gets the fewer your choices.