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Doug Benson Cracks up the WOW Hall


EUGENE– When Doug Benson hit the WOW Hall stage at 7:30 pm Thursday night, the crowd was “prepared” for him. Celebrating his signature stoner-comedy, there wasn’t a clear eye in the house that night as the man behind Super High Me thanked the crowd for showing up.

“It’s funny when I play shows, because two things always happen. First off, the venue always calls my agent and says, ‘Oh my god there’s NO advance ticket sales!’ and my agent has to say, ‘Relax, relax, they will come!’ Secondly, at the end of the night the venue always says, ‘Holy crap, we sold a shit ton of food!'” Benson told the standing-room-only crowd.

Sure enough the WOW Hall was packed with bodies, and Benson had them eating from his hand all night. Hitting topics from pot, to movies, to video games, to women, Doug Benson was completely on.

“For those of you who didn’t see the movie, it’s basically just like Super Size Me, except with pot, and we proved that smoking it is much better for you than McDonald’s…” He joked about his movie, Super High Me, in which he abstained from smoking marijuana for 30 days, took the SATs- then smoked for 30 days straight, and took them again. He actually got a better score in Math on the SATs he took while stoned.

Benson also hosts a podcast called Doug Loves Movies and hosts a stand-up show on Comedy Central, The Doug Benson Interruption, in which he interjects his own comedy into other’s stand-up trying to “make it funny.” Doug Benson is also an avid Tweeter, and often incorporates Tweets into his shows.

As far as another movie goes, “I’m just going to copy whatever Morgan Spurlock is doing. His new movie about product placement paid for itself with the product placement in the movie. So I’m going to make a movie about stand-up, and to pay for it I’ll tour. It’s going to be great, it’ll be called The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled and it’ll pay for itself with the shows it films.”

On his podcast, Benson has told fans to bring nicely decorated nametag/signs to his shows in order to “play the Leonard Maltin game” in which they are quizzed about movies based on reviews by film critic Leonard Maltin. Thursday’s crowd came prepared glittery, lit-up signs in hand, and the end of the show featured a rousing round of “The Leonard Maltin Game.” I even managed to get a shout-out question… well… half-right (I should’ve said Nightmare on Elm St).

After the show, well let’s just say the signs weren’t the only thing lit up and covered in glitter. A rather large crowd dared the bitter cold (and state and federal law) in order to brave a “circle” behind the WOW Hall. The cloud was big enough to put the whole neighborhood to sleep… I should know… I saw it while I was driving home- it was way too cold to hang! All-in-all Doug Benson’s comedic stylings were perfect for this 4/21 crowd, “A holiday so much fun that Eugene does it for two days! Tell you what Eugene, I’ll be back here next 4/21 and we’ll do it again, sound good?”

Sounds good to me. Check out Doug Benson’s podcast and/or Super High Me, he’s a comic with one of the funniest deliveries I’ve ever seen… so even when his jokes are misfires, he keeps you laughing the entire time. Benson rocked the WOW Hall, and if all goes well, he’ll be doing it again next year.
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Doug Benson is Coming to the WOW Hall April 21st

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EUGENE– I’m not the only one who thinks Eugene has a lot to laugh about. Last month Brian Posehn brought the funny to the WOW Hall, and there is a slate of comedians coming to the Emerald City to brighten up our winter-spring transition. Next up is Doug Benson, who will be performing at the WOW Hall on April 21st at 7:30.

Doug Benson, a stand-up from LA, was a contestant on Last Comic Standing, has made multiple comedy albums, and is a common sight on Comedy Central. He also co-created and performed the hit comedy stage show The Marijuana-Logues as well as being featured in the 2008 documentary Super High Me, in which he documented abstaining from marijuana for 30 days- and consuming massive amounts for the following 30 days (similar to the format of Super-Size Me).

Doug Benson comes to the WOW Hall in Eugene,  7:30 – April 21st, brought to you by Square Peg. Tickets are $20 in advance, and $23 the day of the show.