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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain In Coffee, Part 2: At Origin


In the specialty coffee industry, maintaining traceability and integrity throughout the supply chain can be an uphill battle. This is true not necessarily because of flaws in character, but because…

The Bosses Behind Boss Barista: Smashing Coffee’s Patriarchy One Episode at a Time

Boss Barista podcast

Ashley Rodriguez and Jasper Wilde launched the Boss Barista podcast in February of last year after becoming increasingly fed up with the level of discourse available to coffee professionals —…

Net neutrality bill passes Oregon Legislature


SALEM — The Oregon Legislature sent a net neutrality bill to Gov. Kate Brown, a response to moves by federal regulators aimed at forcing internet service providers in the state to treat all types of content equally.

Oregon effort to declare health care a right falters


SALEM — An effort to insert an amendment in Oregon’s Constitution making health care a right died amid concerns by lawmakers that it would expose the state to lawsuits.

Oregon meth-related deaths higher than ever


SALEM — Meth-related deaths are higher now than they’ve ever been in Oregon, far surpassing the rates seen at the height of the meth crisis in the mid-2000s.

Gun control bill OK’d by Oregon; 1st since Florida shooting


SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Fueled by anguished voices in the aftermath of the Florida high school shooting, Oregon’s Legislature on Thursday banned people convicted of stalking and domestic violence or under restraining orders from buying or owning firearms and ammunition.

Oregon House advances measure to bargain class sizes


SALEM — A proposal to include class sizes as required bargaining items during negotiations between teachers and school districts is moving ahead in the Oregon Legislature.

Oregon governor cites Florida shooting in local gun control


SALEM — Oregon’s governor, backing gun-control legislation on Tuesday before a panel of state senators, said anguished voices in the wake of the school shooting in Florida must be heard.

1 climber dies, rescuers reach others on Oregon peak

GOVERNMENT CAMP (AP) — Rescuers reached more than a half-dozen climbers stranded by tumbling rocks and falling ice on Oregon’s tallest peak before expected heavy snow makes conditions even more treacherous. One climber fell to his death earlier Tuesday.

Oregon House OKs health care as a right, funding questioned

SALEM — Oregon’s Legislature took a step Tuesday toward enshrining the right to health care in the state Constitution, a move that would be unprecedented in the United States but raises serious funding questions.