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Local Cinema Watch


Ryan Beltram, EDN

It’s Thanksgiving week so not a whole lot of new stuff debuting at your local cinemas. The Bijou has a French drama opening, while David Minor debuts a summer blockbuster on Friday.

At the Bijou this week.

The Hedgehog: Drama – 2009 – 100 Min. – Not Rated. Starts Friday, Nov. 25 at 2:15, 2:45 and 7 pm through Sunday.

The Hedgehog

Paloma is a serious but deeply bored 11-year-old who has decided to kill herself on her 12th birthday. She views everyone and everything around her with a pessimistic and hypocritical view and decides her future won’t get any better. Using her father’s old camcorder to chronicle her view on the world, Paloma begins to learn about the rest of life from the grumpy building concierge, Renee Michel, and discovers that maybe her trivial complaints about life are not as bad as she thought.

Still Playing at the Bijou:

Take Shelter: Showing at 7:30 pm Wednesday and Thursday. Shows at 2:45 and 7:45 pm Friday-Sunday.

Midnight in Paris: Showing at 5 pm Wednesday and Thursday. Friday – Sunday showing at 5:30 pm.

The Skin I Live In: Showing at 5:25 and 8 pm Wednesday and Thursday. Showing at 9:15 pm Friday – Sunday.

At David Minor this week, one new film debuts.

Super 8: Sci-Fi/Thriller – 2011 – 112 Min. – Rated PG-13. Debuts on Friday, Nov. 25 at 5:25 and 9:40 pm.

In Super 8, during the summer of 1979, a group of friends set out to make a zombie movie using a Super 8 camera. While filming at a train station, they witness the cause and aftermath of a train derailment. Shortly after, unusual disappearances and strange events begin to happen due to something that escaped from the train. The local deputy tries to uncover the truth while dealing with the government’s attempt to hide what’s really going on.

Super 8

Super 8 is a nostalgic trip back to early Steven Spielberg films including Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The director of E.T., J.J. Abrams, attempts to make an old-fashioned summer blockbuster focusing on characters over spectacle. While the film was better than most blockbusters this summer, it still felt disappointing. Abrams seemed to focus more on making the film remind us of an old Spielberg classic than making his own original movie.

The film features good performances by the child actors and a couple of spectacular action sequences. But the father-son relationship at the heart of the story could have been developed more, and the alien creature didn’t seem interesting or original.

Still Playing at David Minor:

Beginners: Showing at 5:30 pm Wednesday, and at 7:35 pm Friday, Nov. 25-30.

Horrible Bosses: Showing at 5:30 pm Wednesday, and at 9:40 pm Friday, Nov. 25-30.

Crazy, Stupid, Love: Showing at 9:30 pm Wednesday, and at 7:35 pm Friday, Nov. 25-30.

Water For Elephants: Showing at 7:25 pm Wednesday, and at 5:25 pm Friday, Nov. 25-30.

Edward Scissorhands: Final showing is on Wednesday, Nov. 23 at 7:25 pm.

David Minor Theater will be closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving.

Toomb’s New Releases for Friday 4/22


Whew, well hello Eugene! I’m recuperating from the laugh-tacular Doug Benson show last night, so I apologize for the late release… but there’s really not much going on in the theaters this Easter weekend. Hollywood is on autopilot in anticipation of Fast and the Furious Five next Friday, and the official summer movie season starts the weekend after with Thor.

There IS an amazing documentary at the Bijou this weekend called Queen of the Sun, I personally believe this is one of those “every kid should see it in school” movies. It’s very informative, thoughtful, and absolutely beautifully filmed. Highest marks for Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees Telling Us? See it soon!

However in the meantime, we’re stuck with African Cats, a nature documentary centered on two lion families and their effort to teach their cubs the ways of the wild. African Cats is a Disney production, so I’m sure it’s a top-notch hard-hitting documentary. Go to the Bijou and see Queen of the Sun instead. Sorry Disney. African Cats is rated G for everyone.

Next up we’ve got the very demographic-oriented Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family. I’ve never seen a Tyler Perry movie, they aren’t aimed at me, however he was great in Star Trek for the few speaking lines he had. In this episode in the Madea films, she jumps into action when her niece, Shirley, receives distressing news from the doctor. Hilarity ensues. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family is rated PG-13 for drug content, language and some mature thematic material.

Lastly we have the chick-flick Water for Elephants. (I don’t want to be inundated with “That’s so not a chick flick!” Cause anything that has Katy Perry shrieking about “Fireworks” in the preview is a chick flick…) and it’s Reese Witherspoon and that Twilight kid... so you do the math. Reese is a circus girl who falls for a veterinarian student who joins the circus after his parents die. Based on a beloved novel, Water for Elephants is rated  PG-13 for (IMDB doesnt say, hmmm I’ll guess) some language, adult situations, and a scene of sensuality. ($10 says I’m right).

That’s it for this weekend folks, I’m personally going to head outdoors, and down to the Saturday Market, then some Earth Day celebrations (where I can litter freely, haha), then the big E-Day on Sunday. Make sure to stock up on Mylanta before the Easter Baskets come out!