FocusVape Delivers The Best Of Both Dab and Flower with Tourist

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In our endless quest to stay up to date with the best products out there, we have decided to ‘focus’ on a handy dual purpose unit from Focusvape, The Tourist.

Immediately upon assembling the parts in the sturdy packaging we see that indeed the Tourist is small enough to travel with although not as small as other similar devices. What sets it apart though is the solidness and quick interchangeability of its core parts to transform it from a dabbing unit to a flower burning unit.

To switch from flower to dab is equally easy as changing the top burners and then the topical switch from Herb to Wax. The base is solid as well because you never want your unit to fall over, unless that was your purpose!

To test out the flower portion, we used some Oregon garden homegrown Girl Scout Cookies grinded in the best grinder we have tried to date – the Zeus Bolt 2. The flower was heated up nice enough to really bring out the chocolate notes in the GSC herb.

Cleaning the unit was simple enough, albeit like just about all units produced today for vaping, the enclosed glass makes it just that much more difficult. For situations like this, we used 99% alcohol and some long included cleaners.

If you are looking for a good dual purpose unit for dabbing and flowers, The Tourist makes a sweet travel companion and the Zeus Bolt 2 is a welcome grinder in a world of cheap ones.

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Trump Tramples Israeli Cannabis Exports


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In a troubling move, US President Donald Trump has nixed Israel’s medical cannabis export hopes.

Israel has long been a leader in medical cannabis research and now stands poised to serve a huge export market. Yet this market will remain unserved and global medical cannabis production discouraged, as Prime Minister Netanyahu has caved to pressure from Donald Trump to quash a lucrative and health-promoting trade. As reported by The Jewish Telegraph Agency,

The prime minister made it clear that he did not want Israel to be a pioneer in the export of medical marijuana in order not to anger the U.S. president, according to the report.

While commonly ignoring any American request to stop building settlements on Palestine land, in this case, the Israeli Prime Minister was quick to comply.

Netanyahu told the heads of the ministries he ordered the freeze after receiving a call about the issue of exporting marijuana from Trump, who is against its legalization.

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of this development is Trump’s apparent active opposition to medical cannabis. Of course, Attorney General Jeff Sessions nourishes a great hatred for all things marijuana and the others in Trump’s cabinet are extreme in opposition to cannabis, the President himself has said little about the plant. During his campaign, Trump expressed support for medical marijuana and for the rights of states to choose. His comments about the drug war have been extreme, even praising the homicidal actions of foreign leaders, but has so far not demonized cannabis.

How did the notion come into Trump’s mind to request that Netanyahu stifle shipments of medical cannabis? It seems unlikely that he came up with the idea himself.

The fact that Trump apparently personally made a phone “call about the issue” would seem to indicate its importance to the President. Unfortunately. In any case, Trump’s actions, far more than any that have come before, show him to be actively opposed to cannabis, its medical uses, and its value to commerce. 

Image: Commons.Wikimedia.Org


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US Attorney Providing Price Support for Oregon Cannabis


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The state of Oregon has been producing high-quality cannabis for decades. The climate, especially in the southwest corner of the state, is nearly perfect for the plant’s needs and the state’s progressive cultural climate supported people experimenting with marijuana cultivation. Now, with full adult use legalization, prices have dropped substantially. The drop in price per pound has caused havoc for growers, but now Oregon’s US Attorney is poised to provide price support.

For many decades, Oregon has been a leader in cannabis interest, use, legislation, and cultivation. As an agricultural crop, cannabis has long reigned as the state’s leading earner. When most old growth forests disappeared, logging waned as a prosperous industry and was partially replaced by cannabis. Oregon was the first state to decriminalize possession of small amounts. Then, 20 years ago, the state’s voters legalized medical cannabis, creating retail markets and allowing legal home growing by those with a medical card. Finally, in 2014 Oregon voters chose to legalize all cannabis adult use and allowed for four plant cultivation and state-licensed adult use grows. The state does produce a lot of cannabis.

Enter Billy J. Williams, US Attorney for Oregon. Newly encouraged to prosecute pot by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Williams is about to do just that. Of all the 94 US Attorneys responding to Session’s ending the protective Cole Memo, the Oregon US Attorney seems the most hawkish. He invoked a widely publicized “marijuana summit,” whined about Oregon’s overproduction of cannabis, and vowed, “Make no mistake. We are going to do something about it.

Presumably, the Oregon US Attorney’s statement means some Oregonians will soon be charged with federal marijuana crimes. Current law makes possession of non-trivial amounts of cannabis one of the gravest federal crimes, punishable by the most severe penalties. Reversing a small measure of sanity from the previous administration, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has instructed his 94 US Attorneys, including Oregon’s Williams, to seek maximum harm against those charged with drug crimes. Sessions cheers mandatory minimums and asset forfeiture. Some Oregon entrepreneurs are likely soon to suffer both.

For the last half-century, Oregon has likely always produced more cannabis than it consumed. Doubtless, some was distributed to eager markets in other states. With nearly a thousand recreational grow licenses already awarded by the state, and hundreds more on the way, combined with the right to grow 4 plants by all Oregonians and 12 medical plants per household, it is difficult to see how legal Oregon production will not continue to outpace in-state consumption. And this is before considering production by non-legal growers. Oregon Governor Kate Brown, a great friend to the Oregon cannabis industry, somehow assures that legal grows will not be federally prosecuted.

So, what will be the effect of aggressive federal marijuana law enforcement by the US Attorney for Oregon?

  • Some Oregonians will have their lives ruined by federal prosecution. Mandatory minimums will be served, property will be seized.
  • US Attorney Billy J. Williams will get a pat on the back from marijuana-crazed Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
  • Oregon will continue to produce more cannabis than it consumes.
  • The price per pound of Oregon cannabis will stabilize, even rise as it has always done during periods of coercive federal enforcement.

The irony of any federal enforcement action by Williams against Oregonian growers will only serve to provide needed price support for others. The Oregon grow rush is already abating, discouraged by an ever-dropping the price per pound. Federal prosecutions will artificially prop up prices, encouraging increased production.

The true problem, of course, is not over-production of marijuana in Oregon. The problem is the idiotic federal inclusion of cannabis in the Controlled Substances Act, especially its bogus classification as a Schedule I drug. Delisting cannabis from the CSA would allow states their rightful role in marijuana policy and would allow Oregonians to sell their valuable cash crop in other states, just as is done now with wine and timber.

One set of true harms associated with a small percentage of Oregon marijuana grows are environmental crimes. Some pirate growers in woodlands divert streams, poison with pesticides, spew trash, and otherwise degrade the environment. If US Attorney Williams really wants to help his state with marijuana enforcement, this is where he should start. And end.







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What is the Best Temperature to Use for My Vape Pen?

MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Marisa Timko

Despite the advances in technology for the vaporizer market, there is still a cloud of uncertainty when it comes to the best temperature to vape your marijuana concentrates. Among the many cannabis users who vape concentrates, there seems to be a general consensus regarding the temperature range that you should be vaping at.

However, there are some things to consider including the quality of your vape pen and the consistency of your wax or oils. This is why it is crucial that you test the waters with a small dab of concentrate prior to fully vaping. For quality control, TheVape.Guide has an excellent resource that dictates the best vape pens that one can get their hands on.  

A Brief Overview of Vape Pen Functionality

Before we get into the juicy stuff, it is important to take a moment and briefly explain how most vape pens work. Unlike the traditional “roll up and light up” method which combusts your weed, vape pens operate with their own ovens that use air to heat up your concentrates – known as convection heating. The air inside the chamber is heated to temperatures ripe for extracting the THC from your wax or oils – avoiding combustion altogether.

However, many marijuana users struggle to find that sweet spot since it depends on hitting the right temperature in order to get the benefits of those cannabinoids and terpenes.

(One unit we tested here was the Dipper from Dipstick Vapes.  The removable ceramic heating element and portability made it an ideal choice for a handy multifunctional small unit – editor)

A Ballpark Figure on Temperature Range

Recent research states that the best temperature range for vaping weed is between 347 – 392°F. Setting your vape pen between this range does take longer, however, it ensures that your concentrates are evenly heated and that your wax doesn’t evaporate too fast. But, this range isn’t set in stone since this same professor also stated that 410°F is also a great temperature for extracting all the good stuff from your weed while keeping your wax at a decent consistency.

The Downside of Vaping at Low Temps

Vaping at temperatures below 356°F is perfect for getting the best of terpenes but not so many cannabinoids.

Many users stay behind the “tried and true” method of vaping at low temperatures and will do so to avoid combustion or their wax fading away. However, vaping at temperatures lower than 356°F only releases terpenes and not cannabinoids. Most people don’t know this and think that vaping at this temperature is most efficient but instead, they end up getting weaker psychoactive effects. This is usually perfect for medicinal marijuana users but for recreational vapers, not so much. At that point, cranking up the heat is your best bet.

vape temperature

How High is Too High?

Research done in 2004 attempted to show which temperatures are better for extracting cannabinoids. Their results showed that lower temperatures extracted less while higher temperatures extracted more resulting in the consensus that lower temps resulted in healthier hits while higher temps aided in getting you really high.

However, you should avoid temperatures higher than 455°F since combustion becomes inevitable and benzene becomes present in the vapor. With a vape pen, this can occur at temperatures as low as 365°F.

After reviewing such data, many weed users simply think that for more THC, crank up the heat and for CBD, bring it down a notch. But, the boiling points for both are only 50° and finding a vape pen that can precisely hit such marks can be difficult (unless you use the resource we mentioned earlier).  

Final Verdict

Taking all the above into consideration, it can be safely assumed that the best temperature to vape your concentrates would be at 410°F, as Dr. Ian Mitchell mentioned earlier. This ensures that you get the right balance of THC and CBD without sacrificing on the consistency of your concentrates and to avoid combustion.

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Cannabis Congress: Tulsi Gabbard is a Great Friend of Legalization


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Tulsi Gabbard legislates for Hawaii’s 2nd District in the House of Representatives. In Congress, she has proven to be an outspoken supporter of cannabis rights on all fronts and introduced a current proposal to completely deschedule marijuana. She will be speaking at the upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference in Kauai, December 2017.

Earlier in 2017 Tulsi introduced house bill HR 1227, the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act, with cosponsor Congressman Tom Garret, R-Virginia.

Tutsi has written thoughtfully on the issue. Her November 2017 statement, Tulsi Gabbard on Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition, should be required reading by all politicians. She makes great sense, mentioning the Schedule I stifling of research, dangerous cash practices with current banking restrictions, and the disastrous War on Drugs damages to the lives of tens of millions of Americans. She states,

Whether an individual chooses to use marijuana or not should be treated the same as whether they choose to use alcohol or tobacco.

The higher the elected office Tulsi attains, the better off America will be. She is an attractive candidate with her progressive views and veteran’s perspective. She served honorably in the Army National Guard, including a tour of duty in Iraq. She has strong and thoughtful opinions and actions to many of the country’s and planet’s key problems. Many of us would like to see her as President.

Hear Representative Tulsi Gabbard in Kauai December 1-3 at the ICBC conference. Support her political career at this link.

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Cannabis Fund PAC Now Online

MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Don Fitch

Congressman Earl Blumenauer’s Cannabis Fund political action committee is up and accepting donations. This is a great opportunity to directly fund messages and candidates against cannabigots and marijuana prohibitionists. The photo shows an early project targeting anti-marijuana, anti-veteran congressman Pete Sessions. Such messages should appear on a massive scale. But, up until now, no link for donating existed.

Earl Blumenauer is perhaps the greatest friend in congress of medical cannabis users, marijuana entrepreneurs, and all freedom fighters. He is a founding member of the congressional Cannabis Caucus and a frequent speaker at cannabis business and health conferences.

The Oregon congressman’s recent announcement of the PAC was widely publicised. Portland’s KOIN television announced,

Blumenauer to use PAC to target anti-pot legislators
Cannabis Fund to target those who oppose reforming marijuana laws

Nowhere in any announcement, though, was a link to actually donate money to the PAC.  This link is now available:

The Cannabis Fund PAC home is here and the donation page here.

The Cannabis Fund can become a powerful voice for everyone fighting for cannabis rights. Please contribute.


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Oregon Marijuana Business Conference Prices Increase at Midnight


MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Marijuana Politics Staff

The marijuana business in Oregon is going through rapid changes, including a December 1st deadline where all growers must declare whether they are producing products for the medical or recreational markets.

For growers wanting to be in compliance with ever-changing rules, Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) is your best resource for information. OMBC is the longest running cannabis B2B networking event in the state, with top notch exhibitors and select speakers specializing in all areas of cannabis business. The next event will be held Nov. 19 at Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites in the heart of Oregon’s cannabis country. Industry experts, cannabis law reform activists, and marijuana business attorneys will be on hand to present the latest information and answer your burning questions.

These days, no one can deny that the Oregon cannabis industry is booming, generating more than $85 million in tax revenue to the state and creating thousands of jobs. But the competition is fierce, forcing entrepreneurs and business owners to be creative with their branding strategies while producing top-notch products and services. Not only will the OMBC present you with important tools of the trade, but it will also provide you with excellent networking opportunities that can help you take your cannabis business to the next level.

While the OMBC is designed to help you survive and thrive in the legal cannabis market, advocating for social justice and sensible policies is always a top priority. Keeping people out of prison and providing safe access to patients remain of paramount importance to our community. State Senator Floyd Prozanski, a major champion of sensible cannabis and hemp regulations, will be on hand to present the latest legislative information and respond to your policy questions. This will be an important opportunity for advocates to continue the process of protecting and improving Oregon’s cannabis laws.

Early Bird Ticket prices end tonight at midnight – which means you have only a few hours left to save $100 on conference registration! VIP tickets will include an After Party at Brickroom with Hip Hop artists Hieroglyphics/Souls of Mischief, and a keynote speech by the iconic Henry Rollins. You know you want to be there, so get your tickets now!

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Does Social Media Love or Hate the Cannabis Community?


MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Amber Iris Langston

To say that cannabis entrepreneurs face unique changes in the marketplace could be an understatement. (It definitely is an understatement.) But the truth is, until we fix federal prohibition cannabis businesses are going to subject to arbitrary decisions from major companies in the “legal” marketplace.

Btw, “legal” is not a meaningful term in this context.

If the name of your organization has letters that fit together like so (“c-a-n-n-a-b-i-s” or “m-a-r-i-j-u-a-n-a”) you might be a non-specific threat to the gentle sensibilities of this great nation, not to mention the minds and hearts of our innocent children.

For years, activists have battled the moral ethical codes of various social media platforms to advertise about political activities that support legalization including Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Sometimes our ads will go for weeks unnoticed. Sometimes they get shut down immediately. While there may  have been some base of reasoning behind this censorship five or ten years ago, with nearly 90% of the country in support of medical cannabis and a majority of states with some kind of legal cannabis, this really makes no sense. It’s a very unfriendly variable for social change agents in the middle of a campaign, or for entrepreneurs in the middle of a business launch.

Apparently, last week my good friends at MJToday Daily had a run-in with the mail service provider Mailchimp, when their content was flagged and shut down. Shea Gunther, a co-founder of my own advocacy alma mater, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, heads up that project, and pointed to the ridiculous nature of Mailchimp’s action in an interview last week with Forbes:

“As the marijuana industry continues to grow, the federal-state conflict in cannabis laws is causing marketing problems for companies within the industry. Marijuana businesses routinely have their Facebook ads rejected and their Instagram accounts shut down ― ostensibly for violating the services’ policies against promoting illicit drugs.

“But the marketing headaches affect even businesses that don’t deal directly with the drug. ‘We don’t do illegal stuff,’ said Gunther, whose newsletter features marijuana-related headlines from around the web. ‘It sounds like their system … is not tuned to handle marijuana content. Everything we do is in compliance.’

“Perhaps one of the most aggravating aspects of the industry’s social media challenges is the arbitrary nature of how such policies are enforced. It can be particularly frustrating for companies that spend resources on building up their social media followers, only to have their accounts shut down. Meanwhile, they watch their competitors continue to use the platforms with no consequences.”

Unfortunately, this happens over and over in the cannabis space will little consistency across companies, and I am afraid that it will continue to happen until we can see some significant national-level policy change.

How do we make national-level policy change happen? I am so glad you asked! The answer is GET INVOLVED. If you are a business, become a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association which is working in Washington, DC to repeal federal prohibition. If you are a student or have young people in your life, support Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

And of course, if you want to be informed of the latest political, technological, and other challenges for businesses in the cannabis industry, go to the International Cannabis Business Conference! Our next stop is paradise on December 1-3 in Kauai, Hawaii, followed by San Francisco in February, Berlin in April and Vancouver, BC, set for next June. Tickets are on sale now!

Photo courtesy of Blogtrepreneur via flikr

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Legalization Supporting NYC Mayoral Candidate Goes “Homeless”

MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Anthony Johnson

I didn’t know what to expect when interviewing New York City mayoral candidate Mike Tolkin. Some third-party candidates can be very eccentric and New York has had it’s fair share; it is home to the Rent is Too Damn High Party after all. After talking to Mr. Tolkin, I can attest that this cannabis legalization supporter, who is currently living as a homeless person to publicize income inequality, is an extremely smart and thoughtful candidate that is running for office for the right reasons.

Tolkin has received quite a bit of media attention by spending a week homeless in front of New York City Hall. He has relied upon the kindness of others and he has been pleasantly surprised by the support that he has received from well-wishers passing by. Tolkin will end his homeless occupation on Tuesday, October 10th.

Below is the conversation I had with the the third-party NYC mayoral candidate.

Anthony Johnson: Why go homeless?
Mike Tolkin: Homelessness is one of our biggest challenges. The fact that New York City has 60,000 homeless people speaks to a larger epidemic of economic injustice. People are being displaced with rising rent costs. Looking at the economy, 5 to 10 years from now, our economy will drastically change. Automation and e-commerce are hurting small businesses. We need to be investing and preparing our kids for the economy of the future. We need to put in place policies like a universal income. I went homeless before, without any media attention, to learn about what people are going through and to learn about solutions.

I want people to see the human side of homelessness. Many times, people look the other away, because it is too painful to see people living on the streets. There will be more political action if people have sympathy. We need, for starters, more rehabilitation centers and mental health services.

Do you see a relation between the stigma of drug use, the lack of drug treatment services, and the homeless population?
100%. There are a variety of reasons why people end up on the streets. People exhaust every single option to avoid becoming homeless, calling up every friend and family member. Substance abuse problems, mental health issues, PTSD, LGBT runaways, are just some of the reasons people become homeless. My proposal, NYC Life, would provide safe housing, job training and mental health and substance abuse treatment. Today’s shelters are unsafe, a big reason why people choose to be on the streets instead of in shelters.

What about marijuana legalization?
I am 100% in support of marijuana legalization. I was nervous to be public about this at first, but I decided to be authentic. I don’t drink, but I’ve vaped cannabis and it has helped improve my life. People have access to marijuana already, so we can make money off of the market, or we can waste money on arrests, imprisonment and ruining lives.

It has turned into a plus for my campaign. Other primary candidates then jumped on board after I was outspoken on the issue.

Not only does marijuana provide health benefits, but it also can help promote job opportunities. There are a multitude of jobs that can be created, that can benefit people, not to mention the many innovations that can benefit society and create jobs as well.

We have too many politicians that don’t have the strength of their convictions. They don’t even have the strength of being on the right side of history, even though they see where history is going. Many personally support legalization and can see that marijuana is likely to be legal in 5 to 10 years, and yet they are still afraid. Don’t you want to be on the right side of history?

Mayor de Blasio has touted that marijuana possession arrests have decreased in NYC, but they actually increased in 2016 from 2015. Is there a disconnect between de Blasio’s rhetoric and the reality on the ground?

The disconnect between Mayor de Blasio’s rhetoric and the facts on the ground are across the board. There have been a number of reports that he is a user himself. How can you use it yourself and not support legalization?

What should people do to learn more about your campaign?
Go to TolkinForMayor.com to learn more and check out our videos, including one we’ve made about the need for marijuana reform.

Be sure to join other cannabis legalization activists and entrepreneurs at the International Cannabis Business Conference in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii, December 1st thru the 3rd. After Kauai, the ICBC travels to San Francisco, February 1st-2nd, just one month after California is scheduled to legalize cannabis commerce for all adults. 

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Prohibitionists Sputter to Final Defeat in Alaska

MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Amber Iris Langston

Take note America – cannabis is here to stay.

Last night Alaskan voters in small communities reaffirmed at the ballot box a number of strong American values – civil liberties, social justice, economic pragmatism, and plain old common sense. Citizens in the city of Fairbanks, its neighbor Fairbanks North Star Borough and areas on the Kanai Peninsula voted down measures which would have banned adult-use cannabis businesses within their local political boundaries. In the Kanai Peninsula, 64% rejected the ban, with the number rising to 70% for the Fairbanks’ communities, making prohibitionists now only a limp 36% and 30% of the population.

Much like other medical and adult-use legalization laws across the country, the 2014 law passed in Alaska allows localities to ban cannabis business from their communities. Had these bans passed, companies already operating would have been forced to close within 90 days, though personal use and home-growing would still have been allowed, cutting jobs and significant tax revenues.

From the Times Colonist:

“The election was held the same day the Alaska Department of Revenue released its monthly marijuana tax receipts from cultivators. The state collected nearly $700,000 in August, which was the highest monthly amount since collections began last October. Ten new cultivators began paying taxes in August, and half are from areas where votes were being held Tuesday.

“Since October 2016, cultivators in the greater Fairbanks area have paid nearly $1.2 million in taxes, while those on the Kenai Peninsula have paid more than $655,000. The state doesn’t have tax figures for retails stores since those taxes are paid to local governments only.”

James Ostend, who represented the antiquated ideologues in the Fairbanks region, did his best to save face on the loss. “We’re disappointed, but at the same time our purpose for these initiatives on the ballot was to give the voters a chance to make this decision and not have it made by our local government. So in that sense, it’s a success,” he said.

Ostend continued his Reefer Madness insanity, stating, “If the marijuana industry starts to cause more damage to a community than they do good, then people will stand up and they’ll want to do something about it.”

Sorry, Mr. Ostend. Cannabis legalization is here to stay. The people have already stood up, and we are not sitting back down. Prohibition and the lies it has perpetuated over the decades has reaped far more damage than this plant or its industry ever will.

Stay informed on politics local, national and international at the International Cannabis Business Conference! Our next events will be happening on December 1-3, 2017, in Kauai, Hawaii, and on February 1-2, 2018, in San Francisco, California. Tickets are on sale now!

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