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We Put the [S]Ass in Sassafras!


AK: Hello, Professor. It’s been a long time.

G-LO: Indeed it has, Doctor!

AK: Went out for burgers with the 17 year old daughter last night. Had a pretty boring soft drink to go with. I hate boring soft drinks.

G-LO: Define boring. 7-up? Seltzer? Grape Ne-HI? Orange Fanta?

AK: Root beer from a machine. Let’s say it was A&W. Doesn’t really matter. I have no idea what it was. Could have been Barq’s for all I know.

G-LO: I kinda like A&W, though it’s certainly not a craft root beer. Absolution makes a fine root beer! And on nitro! Soooooo pretty!

AK: Very! I like the craft root beers. Reason enough for me to visit a brewery! It’s an old art in this here country. Big in your part of the country.

G-LO: True! I believe Hire’s was the first commercially available root beer. Brewed for the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. That sounds about right! Right?

AK: You’re asking me? I barely know the five presidents on Mount Rushmore.

G-LO: Five? Presidents? I was thinking Larry, Moe, Curly, Curly Joe, and Shemp.

AK: Dr. Howard? Dr. Fein? Dr. Howard?

G-LO: YES! Dig this, Methuselah! Larry Fine (aka Louis Feinberg) was born in Philadelphia. Guess where he died?

AK: Niagara Falls?

G-LO: Nope. Slowly he turned when he reached Niagara Falls. Step by step. Inch by inch. Guess again, Bluebeard!

AK: Anaheim, Azusa, or Rancho Cucamonga?

G-LO: You’re getting very, very warm, Doc. You’re in the vicinity. I’ll just tell you before everyone gets bored and clicks through to another website. He died in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles.

AK: Woodland Hills! The Valley! Home of malls and porn. Larry is in heaven.

G-LO: There are worse places to die.

AK: True enough as we’ve proven with these ramblings. Wonder how the root beer is in heaven?

G-LO: Perfect pours. Rich. Creamy. Refreshing! And you can have it as a float with the BEST vanilla ice cream ever.

AK: Mmmmm… Mama, I’m coming home!

G-LO: You sound like you’re one of them there root beer aficionados.

AK: I do like trying new ones when they come to the shelves or at shady beef jerky stops on the highways and byways of this great country. Every try any of these “hard” root beers?

G-LO: I have, indeed!

AKTell me more… Tell me more…. Did you get very far?

G-LO: Take it easy, Rizzo! I don’t kiss and tell. Ok, so maybe I do. I may or may not have reviewed it. Personally, I like my root beer soft. That being said, the one I tried was pretty good and VERY easy drinking. In other words, it goes down like candy and will get you pretty shnockered if you have too much of it.

AK: Yowza! I hear we have a new root beer concoction in our midst.

G-LO: I’m not up on the latest news. Tell me more, Mr. Cronkite!

AK: Well, we have in front of us something called Root Out. These folks at Root Out think they are onto something. Root Beer flavored… Wait for it… Whisky!

G-LO: Boozy Root Beer?! Brilliant!

AK: That’s what they say too!

G-LO: What’s not to love?

AK: Sounds like it’s sort of like that chocolate-peanut butter thing.

G-LO: I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! Mashups are so fun.

AK: Those brainiacs at Reese’s did pretty well for themselves.

G-LO: Yep! They got me hooked.

AK: We should see if this boozy mashup will do the same.

G-LO: Have you any details about this intriguing elixir, Dr. Octopus? Did they make whisky out of the stuff they make root beer out of? Did they take whisky and add Art in the Age Root to the barrel?

AK: Info I got. Money, not so much. It’s Canadian Whisky from an unknown source and natural root beer flavor is added to it. I’m not sure what natural root beer flavor is. Is there a root beer flower grown in Kansas? Rootus Beeris Sepia?

G-LO: I don’t know, but I do know that we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore, Toto!

AK: Nope. That dog won’t hunt no more. Four year old Canadian Whisky. 70 proof. Hmmm. Thought Canadian whisky has to be 80 proof.

G-LO: I’m guessing they watered it down some. Actually, I thought all whisky had to be at least 80 proof.

AK: Odd indeed. Playing a little fast and loose with the definition? Should we take a whiff? Sure looks like whisky.

G-LO: Let’s do the Jimmy Durante and get our first-class shnozzes into the glass! Ahhhhhh-cha-cha…. It sure does look like whisky.

AK: Definitely get sassafras which is possibly the giggliest word in the English language.  They do add vanilla and sassafras to this, by the way.

G-LO: Did ya check out the gams on this dram? Totally getting that root beer vibe on the nose!

AK: Yep! Legs as long as the road from Saskatoon to Winnipeg.  No rest stops on the way so hit the potty before you leave.

G-LO: Sassafras. Vanilla.

AK: A cough drop but I can’t remember the brand. Remember those root beer barrel candies? I’m getting that.

G-LO: Yep! Like the kind in the Cracker Barrel Gift Shoppe! My boys love Root Beer and Root Beer Barrel Candy!

AK: I’m guessing you should keep the kids away from this stuff. I had a root beer flavored cough drop one time. Tasted horrible. But the smell was like this. Maybe burnt butterscotch?

G-LO: There’s a good bit of sweetness on the nose. Like powdered sugar.

AK: I need to make butterscotch pudding. Mental note!

G-LO: Love butterscotch pudding! And regarding the legs on this here hooch, I’m thinking Charlize Theron.

AK: She’s from South Africa. Which is Canada without the hockey. I have no idea what that means. Lots of sweetness. Kinda scared to taste it. The Root Out, not Charlize. Wait… Forget I said that! I’m sipping the Root Out but my head could explode!  My pancreas better stay in tact.

G-LO: Speaking of tact, you have none. I think you mean intact. I’m sure your pancreas will be fine. You’re a tough customer. I’m goin in! Chewing…

AK: Lots to chew. Really syrupy. Might be good on pancakes.

G-LO: Syrupy indeed! Kinda sweet yet bitey. That root beery spice tingles a wee bit. Very gently I might add.

AK: There is a bite! It’s kinda mediciney. Like cough syrup. Little salty too which is pretty weird. My sodium level does need some upping. Mediciney. Not Talisker or Laphroaig mediciney. CVS/Walgreens mediciney. The generic brand.

G-LO: Exactly! Robitussin mediciney. With a little bitterness in the aftertaste. Not awful by any stretch, just a little odd. Starts off sweet and kinda yummy, but then the whisky kicks in and finishes a little mediciney. Not getting the salt.

AK: Definitely has that Robitussin coating.

G-LO: Flavored whisky is definitely a thing, though usually not for me. At least not straight up. What do we think of it on its own?

AK: Not sure. I like the concept better than the product. I love root beer but the whole flavored whisky thing hasn’t taken me by storm.

G-LO: I feel the same way. I’ve had a couple legit good ones, but most are pretty meh.  Crown Royal Vanilla is quite good. Especially with a slice of Wegman’s Ultimate Cheesecake!

Instagram Photo

AK: If you’re going to go the flavored route, I hope it’s with natural flavors, Mr. Dessert.

G-LO: I can see this being good on the rocks. The chill might take away that bitter aftertaste thing. Lemme get an ice cube!

AK: Great idea!  The pharmacist always says “keep the stuff in the fridge; it will taste better”.

G-LO: I’m full of ideas. Few are great. Many are illegal.

AK: Legal is a fine line waiting to be crossed.

G-LO: What the pharmacy really wants to say is keep a glass of whisky handy. It will taste better. But drugs and alcohol generally don’t mix. Though alcohol is TECHNICALLY a drug, soooooo….

AK: Bizarre about those Charlize legs on this thing! Ice cube has entered the Root Out zone here. Not Ice Cube. He’s unavailable.

G-LO: I was crazy about Charlize in general, but then Sean Penn happened. He ruins everything. Ice helps with the aftertaste by the way.

AK: OMG! I’m watching the ice cube diffuse, melt, transform in the Whisky! It’s bizarre!! Never seen that before.

G-LO: Is it like watching paint dry?

AK: Way better. It’s crazy! The Satellite Engineer is fascinated!

G-LO: That’s saying something! Lord knows, what she finds fascinating about you.

AK: The universe is full of mystery. The cube is actually moving on the surface. The Engineer says it has something to do with density. I know of dense rather well.

G-LO: Indeed. As do I. We’re simpatico. I love that word.

AK: It’s so simple. You can see the oils gathering on the surface. I assume those are oils. I hope those are oils!

G-LO: Video! We need video!

AK: I’m trying!

G-LO: There is no try.

AK: Only do-do! Here’s your video, Pal…

G-LO: Hey now! No do-do here here. Use the facility for that! Liking this much better chilled. Kinda soothing like an Amaro.  Would probably make a nice highball with club soda. Highball = Whisky Spritzer!  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

AK: Charlize Theron should be our personal bartender?

G-LO: Yes! Wait… YES! No. I got desserts on the brain. I have a chemical imbalance.

AK: First step is admitting it. What’s your idea, Professor?

G-LO: We do loves us some ice cream.

AK: Sahara, Gobi, Ice Cream. And?

G-LO: And we’re positively smitten with ice cream and booze combinations!

AK: We are!

G-LO: Head over heels smitten. Triple Lindy Smitten!

AK: That’s pretty smitten! Go on…

G-LO: Abso-forkin-lutely! So what I was thinking was Haagen Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Root Out.

AK: I LOVE dessert science!

G-LO: Thanks! Long and tan and dark and lovely…..

AK: Get Charlize off the brain! Here‘s my two bit idea. Two of them actually. Bump up the booze on the Root Out with more Canadian Whisky. And separately, add root beer soda to some Canadian whisky. I just pulled out some Forty Creek Barrel Select for said experiments. Lab coat is at the cleaners so I’m going with the worn out t-shirt from the ‘90’s. John Hall at Forty Creek would kill me if he knew about this mad science.

G-LO: Bah! He got his buyout. You bought a bottle. All he cares about.  You’re a friggin’ witch doctor! We love that about you.

AK: Dr.Bombay! Dr.Bombay!

G-LO: Limpd is here!

AK: Always late! But always welcome. Not exactly the witch doctor I was thinking of, but he’ll do.

G-LO: That’s how he rolls! Or limps in his case. Shrunken heads and a flask. An old fashioned witch doctor who makes  house calls.

AK: I’d love to hear his thoughts on the Root Out.

Limpd: Very medicinal. Brings me back to my childhood. And the croop!

AK: *Cough* *Cough* Not the consumption, wee lad?

Limpd: Dad’s Root Beer going in. Formula 44D (watch it!) on the back end.

AK: Whoa! Formula 44D!

G-LO: Can I get a 44 Double D?

AK: Formula 44D is high octane. Illegal in some states, pending in others. Rocket fuel in Kazakhstan.

G-LO: Can your sciencey wife confirm that last bit? FYI, Root Out is killer in Vanilla Ice cream!

AK: She says “No comment.” Root Out fortified with Forty Creek is yummy. Lots of vanilla and the medicine notes go away. The sherry influence helps a lot.

G-LO: Excellent! We’re the Beaker and Bunsen Honeydew of Booze!

AK: But MUCH better looking! This combo would be good on ice cream too. Hints of root beer instead of wallops of it.

G-LO: Thanks. You’re cute too, Doc!

AK: The root beer and sherry is interesting. Almost gets a little bitter. Or oaky.

G-LO: Bitter Root!

AK: Yes! Time for Experimente Numero Dos: Forty Creek with a bit of Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer. Wow! Carmel and vanilla sweetness, still rich Forty Creek.

G-LO: Sounds delicious!

AK: What was that Forty Creek sample you gave me long ago? I tried it on pancakes.

G-LO: Hmmm. Confederation Oak? The one from Whisky Lassie?

AK: I think so. I kind of recall this flavor. So yummy for breakfast!

G-LO: That was a few years back.

AK: What? Your memory isn’t perfect?

G-LO: Hi! My name is Dory. What’s yours?

AK: 42 Wallaby Way. I really love Henry’s even with it’s artificial flavors. Never experimented with it aside from seeing how many bottles I could drink in a setting.

G-LO: Sydney! Limpd wants to know if you speak whale.

AK: Only Welsh after a few Pendryns.

G-LO: Ha! You’re like Tom Jones! It’s not unusual, but you sure are!

AK: Pussycat, pussycat…

G-LO: Meow meow meow.

AK: Tell me about that ice cream experiment.

G-LO: It was delicious! Though I may have watered it down a bit too much. Got really subtle hints of root beer. Really nice.

AK: Curious how the ice cream reacted with Root Out but I bet you ate right through that science project.

G-LO: Indeed I did! I may have licked the bowl too.

AK: Licking up science like Einstein.

G-LO: He had awesome hair. I hear he was smart too.

AK: Made a fortune in physics. Liked root beer too.

G-LO: And lived 40 minutes away from me!

AK: And did you ever invite him over for a soda pop or whisky? Noooooo. What kind of neighbor are you?

G-LO: He was an Ivy Leaguer. You know how they roll. Plus, I’m not of the Tribe. And Limpd has never been a Cleveland Indians fan. Whatever that means.

AK: You both are members of the Hekawi Tribe.

G-LO: Watch your back, Corporal Agarn!

AK: I’ve got three Glencairns full of nothing great. Should we wrap this up and do some real drinking?

G-LO: Indeed we should! Final thoughts?

AK: Root Out is an interesting add to the growing flavored whisky market. Maybe good for cocktails. But the syrupy medicine texture was a bit much for me. But fun to experiment with.

Limpd: I vote for using it as a rinse for cocktails. But I’m not as creative as you two dorks.

G-LO: I thought it was ok on its own. Better with ice. Even better with vanilla ice cream!

AK: Interesting idea. I could see that. Definitely a good bump for desserts. I could see it added into a reduction for a topping to something.

G-LO: Pancakes! Maybe a BBQ sauce? Victory Brewing makes short ribs with a Root Beer based BBQ sauce.

AK: Sounds yummy! Has to be added to something that doesn’t already have a high sugar content.

G-LO: Totally!

AK: I could see it used in a bbq as a browning agent. Baste a brisket with it.

G-LO: You mean that brisket you didn’t save for me when I flew out last time? Bastard.

AK: Same one

G-LO: I say again. Bastard.

AK: That’s me!

G-LO: Have we moved on to the Celebrity Roast portion of the evening?

AK: Where’s Dean Martin?

G-LO: He’s dead.

AK: Where’s Rickles?

G-LO: Dead. Rich Little?

AKe: Not dead. But all the celebrities that he impersonates are. Go figure.

G-LO: So he can do the voiceover for the dead celebrity holograms?

AK: He can do Prince, Tupac, Biggie. Oh, wait…

G-LO: LOL! I think we’re done here.


Many thanks to Van Huynh-Leap of D & S Beverages for sending us this very generous sample!

Get Ready for Brewer’s Plate 2018!


Below is some muy importante information about one of our favorite Philly Food and Craft Beer events of the year, The Brewer’s Plate. This time around, they’ve moved the event to a Friday night which makes those of us that work Monday through Friday / 9 to 5 jobs VERY happy! Here are the details…

On Friday, March 30, 2018 from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m., Fair Food will host the 14th Annual Brewer’s Plate, Philadelphia’s pioneer party of local food and drink, at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. Brewer’s Plate brings together the most celebrated local breweries, distilleries, chefs, and food artisans all at one stunning location. Don’t miss your opportunity to snag VIP or General Admission tickets to the definitive food and beverage festival of the Mid-Atlantic region.

This is the first time Brewer’s Plate will be held on a Friday, making room for more libations, food, and entertainment than ever before. Brewer’s Plate is also excited to welcome this year’s newcomers Bud & Marilyn’s, Dim Sum House, Pistola’s Del Sur, and SouthGate, along with Second District Brewing, La Cabra Brewing, and Locust Lane Craft Brewing. Among the returning favorites include Revolution Taco, Hungry Pigeon, Weckerly’s Ice Cream, Dogfish Head, Philadelphia Distilling, Manatawny Still Works, and Troegs Brewing .

Not only is Brewer’s Plate a fantastic culinary experience, but the proceeds will benefit Fair Food and their mission to bring locally grown food to the marketplace and to promoting a humane, sustainable agriculture system for the Greater Philadelphia region.

“The Brewer’s Plate, benefiting Fair Food, showcases some of the finest local food and beverages in the region through top restaurants, breweries, and distilleries. It’s a celebration of the industry’s commitment to local sourcing, expressed in one incredible night of eating, drinking, and meaningful connections ,” said Emily Whitted, Development Coordinator for Fair Food

This event is for anyone who enjoys exploring new food and drink trends, or just looking to sample the best of Philadelphia’s kitchens and bars all in one night. Brewer’s Plate is also an amazing opportunity for any passionate industry employee looking to build relationships with the talented craftsmen and women who work tirelessly to produce the best possible products in the Tri-State area.

Ticket Information**:

  • VIP $99, entrance time 6:30 p.m.
  • GA $77, entrance time 7:30 p.m.

As a VIP ticket holder for 2018, you will have a full hour prior to General Admission with access to all 90+ participants and exclusive VIP-only beers, plus a special edition Brewer’s Plate VIP glass . For more information about the Brewer’s Plate visit: and on Instagram: @thebrewersplate .

** Must be 21 years of age or older to attend event with valid ID. All tickets for The Brewer’s Plate are non-refundable .


FAIR FOOD: Fair Food has been uniting local farmers with businesses and consumers for over 15 years, promoting the importance of family farms and creating a year-round marketplace for fresh, local food products in the Greater Philadelphia region at their Reading Terminal Market Farmstand (51 N. 12th Street, (215) 386-5211 ext. 120, open 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Saturday and 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sundays). Fair Food builds connections in the wholesale food marketplace in order to help local farmers and producers bring their product to the marketplace. This benefits the farmer, the land, and the consumer in increasing access to fresh, healthy, local food. Fair Food’s suite of programs support the mission to promote sustainable agriculture and access to fresh, healthy food by building markets for local growers and producers. For more information, visit ; become a fan on Facebook ; and follow on Twitter ( @FairFoodStand ) and Instagram ( @FairFoodFarmstand ).

ROLLING BARREL EVENTS: Rolling Barrel Events is a full service event planning and management firm that helps individuals and organizations create memorable experiences that focus on local beer, wine, and food. For more information, visit

Two Moscow Mules for Mrs. G-LO


Awhile back, our friends at The Baddish Group asked if we’d be interested in trying two Vodka expressions from their latest client, Nemiroff Vodka. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned in previous posts, since I’m not much of a Vodka drinker, I was a bit hesitant to accept the samples at first, but then I remembered that I most definitely enjoy the occasional Moscow Mule, so I decided to accept their kind offer.

As you can see from the photo up above, I received samples of Nemiroff Premium Vodka (unflavored) and Nemiroff Honey Pepper Vodka. My plan, try them on their own to see how they smell and taste, then try them in the aforementioned Moscow Mule.

For the cocktail portion of the post, I begged and pleaded to My Better Half for some assistance, i.e. a second opinion as to which Vodka makes a better Moscow Mule. It took a little convincing, but she eventually gave in (kinda like the night that I proposed to her) and agreed to help me out.

Now that we have the backstory out of the way, let’s get on with the reviews. First up, the Vodkas on their own…

Nemiroff Premium Vodka

  • Appearance: Crystal clear.
  • Aroma: Rubbing alcohol at first, then lemon oil, white pepper, and a hint of anise.
  • Taste: Lightly oily mouthfeel. Mild pepperiness. Very crisp and clean with a mild heat from start to finish. Some lemon zest and anise flavor in the aftertaste.
  • ABV: 40%

The Verdict

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I’m not much of a straight Vodka drinker, so I’m not sure how it compares to other brands. That being said, this stuff was pretty nice and easy drinking, with way more flavor than I was expecting. This would work well over ice with some citrus and sparkling water, which would make for a lovely summer refresher.

Nemiroff Honey Pepper Vodka

  • Appearance: Pale honey color which makes perfect sense to me.
  • Aroma: Much less of that rubbing alcohol scent. Again, lightly peppery. Less lemony with definite honey notes coming through.
  • Taste: The mouthfeel is less oily than the Premium expression. It more of a lightly syrupy mouthfeel this time around. Less spicy with definite honey flavors coming through. The finish gets more peppery with lingering mild honey sweetness.
  • ABV: 40%

The Verdict

Much more interesting than I was expecting and quite enjoyable on its own thanks to that honey goodness. The cocktailing possibilities for this are endless!


For the cocktail portion of this review, I used the following Moscow Mule recipe:

  • .5 ounce of fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 1.5 ounces of Nemiroff Premium Vodka or Nemiroff Honey Pepper Vodka
  • Crushed ice
  • 3.5 ounces of Fever Tree Ginger Beer
  • Wedge of lime

Method: Pour lime juice and Vodka into a Collins glass. Add crushed ice to fill 2/3 of the glass. Using a bar spoon, stir the lime juice and Vodka as you add the Ginger Beer. Garnish with the wedge of lime.

In addition to being a spicy, refreshing and delicious drink, the Moscow Mule is ridiculously easy to make (provided that you have all of the ingredients on hand). Here’s what Mrs. G-LO thought of them…

Moscow Mule – The Nemiroff Honey Pepper Vodka Variation

Mrs. G-LO says, “Kickier. Sweeter. Lingers a little longer on the tongue and in the back of the throat. Brings out the punch of the Ginger Beer. We need to add this to our Summer Cocktail Menu!”

Moscow Mule – The Classic

Mrs. G-LO says, “Quite good but much less kick than the Honey Pepper Vodka version. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll definitely drink this again, but the Honey Pepper version is just a bit better thanks to that Honey Pepper goodness!”


As far as what I thought of how these Vodkas performed in the Moscow Mule, I’m in complete agreement with Mrs. G-LO. While both versions were very tasty and refreshing, the Honey Pepper Vodka version added something special to this cocktail which kicked it up a notch or two.


Many thanks to The Baddish Group for sending along these very generous samples!

Wooldridge Creek Winery & CrushPad Creamery in Oregon’s Applegate Valley


Wooldridge Creek Winery Grants Pass, Oregon Applegate Valley wine tasting and tour, on UrbanBlissLIfe.comWooldridge Creek Winery is about more than just wine – they are also a creamery and charcuterie, set in the midst of Oregon’s beautiful Applegate Valley. For as long as I have lived in Oregon, I still find Oregonians who manage to out-Oregon even the most Pacific Northwest resident I’ve met. And I love it….

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Pineapple Ginger Sparkler #WhatsInYourValdo Contest


Do this booze blogger a solid and vote here, please!

Since moving to Los Angeles from New York City, my relationship to the seasons has become…complicated. I still crave all of the things you would during the colder months  – cozy fires inside, hot cider, crunchy leaves underfoot. But because this place is so head trippy with its perfectly warm sunshine-filled days EVERY DAY, you often forget what time of the year it really is. The upside is that I get to indulge in cozy fires outside all year-long, when it’s chilly at night, a casual poncho can still do the trick, and most importantly, sparkling wine can be sipped ALL year round.

Well, I suppose it did when I lived on the east coast too. But I just feel like I drink it so much more out here.

Valdo Prosecco has easily become one of my go-to bottles of bubbly. It’s priced well, extremely effervescent and dry with a toasty finish. There’s a reason it’s the number one selling Prosecco sold in Italy. It’s classic and tastes much more expensive than it is.

When wine importer, Esprit Du Vin announced that they were having a cocktail contest on Instagram called #WhatsInYourValdo, with the winner getting a trip for two to Venice, I couldn’t help but throw my hat in the ring!

I’m still getting used to the lack of extreme season changes, but I wanted this drink to be inspired by the slightly cooler months in Los Angeles! While pineapple and tequila feel like vacation, which is very much LA, ginger always makes me think of fall and winter. Topping this mixture with a crisp, dry Prosecco like Valdo keeps the sweetness at bay and makes it extra festive! The contest ends today, but if you haven’t already voted for your favorite booze blogger 😉 here’s your chance!

Pineapple Ginger Sparkler
1 ounce Pineapple Juice
1 ounce Blanco Tequila
1/2 ounce Ginger Liqueur
3 ounces Valdo Prosecco.

Shake juice, tequila and liqueur over ice until well chilled. Strain into a chilled coupe glass. Top with bubbly!



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Wine Bliss: Rain Dance Vineyards in Newberg, Oregon


Rain Dance Vineyards wine review on UrbanBlissLife.comLlamas, an artisan shop, and wonderful wines… if you’re visiting the Willamette Valley in Oregon, be sure to stop by Rain Dance Vineyards for a truly unique wine tasting experience! When headed out toward the heart of Oregon Wine Country along my favorite main back road, Bell Road, you can’t miss the big red barn…

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WINE BLISS: Woven Wineworks Pop-Up Series & Events


Woven Wineworks Pop-Up Series on UrbanBlissLife.comFamily-owned and operated Woven Wineworks offers delightful Oregon wines at several pop-up series events and tastings throughout the summer.  Summer in Portland, Oregon is magical. Every week and weekend is filled with food and beverage festivals, pop-up series events, cellar series events, concerts in the vineyards, movies in the vineyards… Oregon wine country blooms with…

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Wine Country Thanksgiving


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Thanksgiving Wine Tasting Open House at Spindrift Cellars


November 27, 2015 (Fri): November 27th- 29th Noon to 5pm.
Tis the Season of sharing! Come enjoy New Release Wines, Over Ten Award Winning Wines Poured, Sweet Wine Flight, Light Food, Local Food Sampling, Holiday Shopping, Case Specials, and Live Music by Jim Martinez.
$10 tasting fee, Free to Club M[…]

Broadley Vineyards Open House II – After Thanksgiving


November 27, 2015 (Fri):

Our Open Houses will be on November, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd as well as the weekend after Thanksgiving – November, Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th, 11am to 4pm each day.Please join us for the 2014 new releases and barrel tasting the 2015s as well as pickin[…]