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Review: Bermuda Triangle’s intimate performance brings laughs and love to Eugene

Alabama Shakes’ frontwoman Brittany Howard and her latest side project Bermuda Triangle performed a casual, intimate set at a packed WOW Hall on Saturday night in Eugene. The performance marked the eighth and final show in an eight-day period for the trio, which kicked off its brief West Coast tour in Hollywood, California, on Feb. 3.

Following a hypnotic Afro-soul performance from openers Bells Atlas, Howard took the stage with bandmates Becca Mancari and Jesse Lafser just after 9 p.m. The trio was greeted with a rambunctious applause and a healthy dose of hoots and hollers from the crowd. After finishing the band’s opening track “Tear Us Apart” with a bicep flex, Howard addressed the audience. “This is my first time here. This is all of our times here,” she said. “Can you show us what it’s like in Eugene, tonight?”

Becca Mancari of Bermuda Triangle ends the show by making a triangle with her hands. Bermuda Triangle performs at WOW Hall in Eugene on Feb. 10, 2018. (Sararosa Davies/Emerald)

Shouts of admiration for Howard rang through the hall during even the slightest of silences. One enthusiastic fan even held a sign that read “Brittany” in bold letters. But by no means did Howard’s fame outshine or overcast Mancari and Lafser’s impressive musical talent. Bermuda Triangle’s performance felt like a true collaboration, not a one-woman act.

The trio’s musical ability was on full display — each member took turns on lead vocals and rotated through a host of acoustic guitars, banjos, harmonicas, drum pads and an upright double bass. But Bermuda Triangle’s hallmark talent is its vocal harmonies. On some tracks, Howard’s powerful vocals took charge, with Mancari and Lafser’s twangy harmonics providing a rich supporting vocal layer. Songs such as “Rosie” and “Bermuda Triangle” familiarized the audience with Lafser and Mancari’s twangy timbre.

Despite an impressive musical performance, technical difficulties and lapses in instrumentation kept finding their way into the set. But Howard’s informal and relaxed stage demeanour made those moments, which can often be awkward and embarrassing, an opportunity to share a laugh with the audience.

While humor and humility served as themes for the night, there were also sincere moments of gratitude and reflection. “We started this band as a joke,” Mancari said. “[But] these are the most talented women I know and it’s a joy to be on the stage with each other.”

“We really are real-life best friends,” Howard said towards the end of the performance. “This is our last show and I just want to say: what a beautiful thing we’ve done. We started this band by just drinking rose. We did one show, then we did some more shows, then we were like ‘Let’s go to the West Coast’ and now we’re here.”

After wrapping up its set just after 10 p.m., Bermuda Triangle left the stage and exited the venue through the backstage door. But the absence was short-lived. The trio quickly returned for a one song encore in response to a thundering pulse of clapping and stomping.

“I love this crowd. Fuck yeah!” Mancari said following the group’s final performance. The trio then thanked the crowd and shared a bow.  

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Talk About Rock


Hey all, BJ here.

Another week zipped right past and its time for your fave column, BJ’s 3 W’s.

A couple weeks ago I got a chance to see a very young and very awesome band perform and by young I mean the oldest band member is 17 and the youngest of them 13. I wrote a little about them in the column a few weeks back and now was given the opportunity to do a little talking to the singer of the band for the youngest band signed to Roadrunner Records.

When they came out on stage I thought the same thing probably any one would have seeing them for the first time… they are just babies. Those babies Rocked!!

Francheska Pastor 17 (18 on Aug. 1st) vocals/guitar (the oldest member) along with the 16 year old bass player Louey Peraza, 14 year old guitar player Mason Gainer and 13 year old drummer Aiden Marceron, the band Bad Seed Rising.

Hey, this is Francheska!


Francheska…Bad SeedRising | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: How long have you been singing?

Francheska Pastor: I have been singing pretty much all my life just for fun and just started taking vocal lessons only about 3 months ago.

EDN: Have you known the boys for long?

Francheska Pastor: I’ve known Mason and Aiden for about 2-3 years and met Louey on the first day of band practice.

Bad Seed Rising | photoby Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: Where are you from?

Francheska Pastor: I’m from Frederick, MD. the boys live closer to Baltimore, Aiden is about to move like really close to me.

Bad seed Rising | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: How does your education fit in?

Francheska Pastor: I left school after my sophomore year and graduated a few months ago so I could focus on the band. The boys all do their schooling through online classes.

Bad Seed Rising | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: Francheska how does it feels to be on stage in front of all those people(the fans) and to be on tour with Adelitas Way and Red?

Francheska Pastor: It feels abosolutely surreal to be on stage with my boys playing for the people! It feels even greater to get a reaction out of a brand new crowd we have never played in front of before! It was great to tour with Adelitas Way and Red they are all great guys and crew members were great too. It was really awesome chillin’ with everyone before and after the sets.

As a matter of fact in a week we head back out to tour once again with Adelitas way.

Bad Seed Rising | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: Tell us something about your songs.

Francheska Pastor: We all write them together and they are mostly relationship/emotion based themes, not just lover relationship but platonic or people we have met before. Over time and maybe on the next album, I’m hoping for the themes to become more about personal struggles, I want people to be able to relate to my lyrics and realize there is someone out there that knows what they are going through. I would also love to write about more worldly things such as humanity and life itself.

END: Talking about relationships… do you have a significant other?

Francheska Pastor: I myself do not have a significant other at this time, when Im in a relationship I find myself to be too emotionally invested and become distracted with stress and the relationship itself that I can’t even focus on the band. I’d rather live in the moment with my friends and family, make memories, focus on my career, rather than spend time on my phone making meaningless conversations with someone I’m only infatuated with.

Louey of Bad Seed Rising pounding the bass at Wow Hall | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: How do all of your parents fit in and feel about the band and your touring?

Francheska Pastor: The are all extremely supportive, there isn’t a day I take it for granted. We wouldn’t be where we are without them. We actually have 2 dads on tour with us, Mason’s and Aiden’s dads. They tour manage and get us from city to city and all that.

END: What bands have you been inspired by?

Francheska Pastor: On a personal level Dance Gavin Dance, Being as an Ocean, Issues and our local mates Marmozets. So rad to see other women tearing it up out there! Suprisingly I also take and interest in the Rap and R&B genre like Kendrick Lamar, Tyler, The Creator and J. Cole.

Mason on Guitar with Bad Seed Rising at Wow Hall | photo by Billie-Jo miller

EDN: As a band what has been your biggest challenge?

Francheska Pastor: The “biggest” challenge we face and on a regular basis, I use the word biggest loosely is having people take us seriously with our young ages.

I hope we get back to Eugene real soon. We had a great time!

EDN: Eugene looks forward to seeing Bad Seed Rising again!

Thank you Francheska! You Rock!

Now it’s time to see what’s happening this weekend… here come the 3 W’s, Where, When, What’s Happening!

Rock out with Dragstrip Superstar at Bugsy’s on Sat. the 11th. (Guest drummer John Troute)

Embers Supper Club: Fri. and Sat. Coupe de Ville.

Hi-Fi Music Hall: Fri. Foreverland, tribute to Michael Jackson.

Old Nicks pub: Fri. Full Lush, Skemata and X Boyfriends.

Sat. The Haymarket Squares, Small Leaks Sink Ships and The Crossroads Exchange.

The River Stop Restaurant and Sports Bar: Sat. Helmet Pony.

The Mohawk: Fri. Jet Harris and The Hotrod Hellcats and Sat. Rad Rangers.

Three Rivers Casino: Rock-n-roll with Frown Squad.

Wow Hall: Shellac, Shannon Wright; 8:30pm $13 & $15.

Happy Hours: Fri. Party with Johnny Wilde Band, featuring Scott Johansen beating on drums.

In Cottage Grove at the Village Green: on Fri. Tonewood Trio, Jazz. Sat. Gumbo Groove; – Fungrass.

The Axe and Fiddle: Fri. Farmhouse Odyssey, Maw Band. Psychedelic, pro-rock. Sat. Krystine Kills, Ismay -9pm ; alt-rock, $5

The Black Forest: Fri. King Ghidora-10pm and Sat. Bent Knee and Era Coda-9pm.

Mac’s: The Tommy Hagan band. Blues/funk. $7 starts at 8pm

Have a great and rocking weekend, ta ta for now!

As always please don’t drink and drive.




Music: WOW Hall welcomes El Ten Eleven Saturday night

In light of their critically acclaimed new album, “Transitions,” El Ten Eleven arrives for their Eugene performance Saturday night at the WOW Hall. The Los Angeles/San Diego duo have been compared to the likes of Explosions in the Sky and other instrumental power houses.

While their studio productions are impressive, El Ten Eleven gets most praise for their live shows. Moreover, their unique style and sound set them apart from the production masses. Spin magazine, in describing the duo, wrote, “Their sound is just as ideal for basement dance parties and Sega Genesis video game soundtracks alike.” It’s a combination of loop mastery mixed together with live instrumentals — in turn, this results in the perfect atmosphere for extraordinary production quality and aesthetic.

In terms of their live shows, El Ten Eleven has been described as “phenomenal,” and a host of other buzz words. The acclaim comes from all over, and it doesn’t seem to end. Their stop in Eugene should be no different.

You can stream their entire new album now on Bandcamp. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to check these guys out this Saturday night, accompanied by Amp Live and Nude Pop. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door.

The Voice’s Vicci Martinez to Perform at the WOW Hall

This Thursday, September 20, Martinez will be performing her unique, powerful take on blues, rock, and pop at the WOW Hall.

During Season One of NBC’s The Voice, the show-stopping battle round between 26-year-old Vicci Martinez and 19-year-old Niki Dawson took viewers’ breaths away. The two ladies sang a duet of a Pink song that exploded with such intensity that it immediately charted on iTunes. Martinez won the round, with celebrity judge Cee Lo Green referring to her stage-jumping as her “war dance.” She would go on to become Green’s team’s finalist, tying for third place in the general competition with Christina Aguilera’s finalist Beverly McClellan.

Since competing on The Voice, Martinez — who hails from Tacoma, Washington — has signed a contract with Universal Republic, recorded a single with Cee Lo Green (“Come Along”),  earned praise from Billboard Magazine,  and released her first Universal Republic album “Vicci” this last June. As if that was not enough, she recently embarked on a West Coast tour to promote her music. In a review of a recent performance of hers in Seattle, the Seattle Music Insider said,

“After shaking the venue with a few great rock songs, the band cleared the stage, leaving Martinez alone with her guitar. The intimate setup was perfect for the emotional ‘Jolene’ which flaunted Martinez’s powerful voice and her ability to convey a range of feelings in just a couple minutes. Her flawless transition into Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ caused the crowd to erupt in excited shrieks and sing along.”

While she has proven that she can cover other artists’ songs with exceptional skill, Martinez’s connection with her audience has a significant link to the honesty of her own songwriting. In her new song “Let Go,” she remembers her deceased father. About the song, Martinez has said,

“I wanted to let go of the pain so I could remember the love. For everyone that leaves us, we have a responsibility to liver harder and live for them. I’m writing about really honest subjects.”

Next week Martinez’s West Coast tour will bring her right here to Eugene. This Thursday, September 20, she will perform her unique, powerful take on blues, rock, and pop at the WOW Hall — and with an entirely acoustic set. Her show, “An Acoustic Evening with Vicci Martinez,” begins at 8 pm, with doors opening at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door, and $20 for reserved seating.

For more information about Vicci Martinez, visit her website at To get tickets to the show, visit the WOW Hall’s website for options at

Portland Cello Project mixes it up at WOW Hall

Ever hear a Kanye West or Britney Spears song performed on the cello? Chances are you wouldn’t think pop music and classical instruments can go together. But that’s the magic of the Portland Cello Project, a musical group that plays music on the cello you wouldn’t normally hear. And it works beautifully.

You can hear it for yourself Thursday, Jan. 19 at WOW Hall, where the Portland Cello Project — or PCP to fans — will perform at 8 p.m. along with special musical guest Israel Nebeker, singer-songwriter in the Portland-based folk-rock band Blind Pilot.

The show will be the largest PCP has done in Eugene to date.

“It’s one of the best, one of the most beautiful collaborations we’ve ever done,” said Douglas Jenkins, a cellist, press contact and leader of the group through its last two CDs of original songs and covers. “It’ll be more of a PCP show than we’ve done in Eugene ever. The most genuine show we’ll have done in a while.”

The concert will last two to three hours and feature a variety of musical genres, including jazz, classical, indie rock, hip-hop and even heavy metal. The stage at WOW Hall will hold eight cellos, woodwind and brass sections, former Decemberists’ drummer Rachel Blumberg and Nebeker of Blind Pilot.

“Expect the unexpected,” Jenkins said. “We try to make something for everyone.”

The collaboration between PCP and Blind Pilot — both Portland groups — started, oddly enough, in Canada. At a festival in Calgary, the two musical groups jumped on stage and performed Blind Pilot and Kanye West songs on the fly.

“We thought, ‘This is so fun, why haven’t we done this in Portland?’” he said.

With planning a few months later, the two groups were able to schedule time together to rehearse and perform. The winter northwest shows in Seattle and Portland last month received rave reviews. PCP and Blind Pilot had such a great time collaborating that they decided to extend the concert and book dates in Astoria and Eugene this month.

The two will perform a set of Blind Pilot songs during the Eugene concert.

“We’ve transformed some songs,” Jenkins said. “People who know the songs will be able to recognize them.”

Though this concert will be similar to the December shows, scores have been altered. No two PCP shows are alike, and the only constant is the cello.

“We will often write all new arrangements for concerts to keep it fresh and keep it interesting,” he said.

In total, the PCP has about 800 pieces of music in its repertoire. It also has a revolving cast of cellists, full choirs, winds, horns, percussion players and featured Portland musicians, including Laura Gibson, The Dandy Warhols, Horse Feathers, Mirah and Loch Lomond.

“So we gotta change things up no matter what,” he said.

Change, variety and partnerships are some of the things that keep the PCP going. The group strives to perform the cello in new places (including sports bars and Portland Trailblazer games), play genre-bending music and build bridges across musical communities through collaboration. These three goals are central to the musical group.

“It helps keep me grounded and keep me true to the idea,” Jenkins said. “It keeps the project from becoming too much of a gimmick.”

For example, the group debuted a cover of Kanye West’s “All of the Lights” at a Portland concert in December 2010. Caught on video, the performance went slightly viral and received mainstream media buzz on Huffington Post and MTV blogs. But the hype didn’t change the group, and PCP still keeps to its mission of delivering genre-mixing and line-blurring music.

Ronnie Montrose Plays The WOW Hall

Shane Thornton – Guest Contributor

It’s not everyday you get to witness a rock legend.  But when you do, you cherish every second. Ronnie Montrose for me is a living legend. His 2011 tour with Michael Lee Firkins just happened to kick off here in the Emerald City @ the WOW Hall with full force.

Michael Lee Firkins Trio

Opening the show is Michael Lee Firkins from Omaha, Nebraska. His self-described brand of guitar playing is known as “self twang”. When you hear him play, you’d think he’s playing a slide guitar.  But when you watch him, you see that his action with the wang bar sounds just like a slide!  If you weren’t watching him, you’d never know. His style is everything from Albert Lee to Hendrix with some Angus Young and Ry Cooder.  Firkins’ band, a three-piece unit, Micheal Lee Firkins (guitar), Dave Rapa (bass) and Courtney DeAugustine (drums) brought their “A” game with such songs as Skynyrd’s I Know A Little opening the show.  Ripping through complex down-home originals that provided cheers and fist pumping from the crowd to excellent renditions of “Black Betty” (one of my all-time favorite songs). The trio played a mind shattering version of Sabbath’s “War Pigs”  done with bottle neck slide by Firkins. His rhythm section reminded me of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Double Trouble on steroids.

The Montrose Band

After their set, the focus now was all on Ronnie Montrose. Throughout the audience you could see fans with their old original vinyl albums of Montrose in hopes to get their record immortalized with an autograph from Ronnie himself.  He’s been playing for well over 40 plus years and apparently, there is no stopping this Montrose train. With guitar leads from the old school of “let it rip” to the soulful tones of his classic blues licks, Ronnie came out with a BANG and never stopped.  Screams and cheers from the audience shouting “We love you Ronnie” seemed to last the whole set!

Lead vocalist, Keith St. John, whose resume includes fronting such bands as the Neal Schon Band and Sweet, nailed every note with perfection and had a certain Robert Plant type charm that the crowd ate up.  St. John’s vocals is the perfect voice to all of Ronnie’s tunes…including songs from the Gamma days (Ronnie’s old band).

When you back up a guitar great like Ronnie, you better be good. Steve Crow, on the drums, was pure thunder and let me just say his meter had no waver. He built a solid foundation for the band and when he went into the drum intro “Rock Candy” I could feel it in my bones.  Dan McNay on bass guitar was riveting with his tight in the pocket approach on his “slap and pop” solo.

Michael Lee Firkens (g), Ronnie Montrose (g), Dan McNay (b)

Ronnie Montrose, by his actions off stage, is known for being a kind hearted man who loves music and is sympathetic to other musicians. He teamed up with MEMA (Musicians Emergency Medical Association)  for a Ronnie Montrose Charity Guitar RaffleAlso teaming up with local music organizations, he gives away a signed guitar after every show this tour.  Yes, I did put my name in for such a coveted guitar!

At one point in the show I screamed to Montrose “thanks for making Eugene your first stop opening the tour Ronnie!” In which he went to the front of the stage and gave me a fist pound and said “And it certainly won’t be the last!” The crowd roared as he blasted off into Bad Motor Scooter  which he invited Firkins to join him onstage to add extra psycho slide guitar. Montrose proved he truly is a guitar legend in his style, his performance and his obvious love of his craft.

Capturing The Afterglow: Floater


Floater – WoW Hall, July 22, 2011
Laurel Hayles, EDN

One thing you can honestly say about attending a Floater show – it is never dull!  And don’t make the mistake of equating “acoustic” with “quiet” or “dull.”  I don’t think it would be possible for these guys to be any of that.  As Floater’s soundman, Dan, says, “Even their acoustic shows become rock shows!”  As well, the fans attending exude their own raw, uncontained energy as they bounce, dance, and sing along with every song.  This Eugene-born band has a dedicated fanbase here that transcends the boundaries of age and style:  babies were held in the arms of the communal family alongside older folks, who followed their own unique groove to the music.  Every time I see this band it is fresh and new!

Of course, having the chance to catch them for a live video interview after the show was unforgettable. (We’ll post it soon)  While the entire interview was way too much fun , I especially enjoyed hearing Rob’s story about how they decided on the name “Floater” for the band, and his description of some of the weirdest things fans have tossed onto the stage during a live performance.  They agreed that the 14-page anonymous essay of one fan’s interpretations of the meanings of certain song lyrics topped their list as the strangest.

They played two sets (the last being a very extended set, ending well after midnight). For the first set, Rob made his entrance from the green room with bass guitar in hand, strumming his way through the crowd as they gawked and pointed and cheered.  Peter and Dave wove their own separate paths through the audience to where they all met on the stage.  It was a singular beginning to a unique show.

Rob’s vocals when he sings a low melody line are so haunting that, when the guitars break out into hard rock riffs it almost catches you by surprise… almost!  I’ve also always admired their time signature and tempo changes through the songs, which were superbly executed.  They have such an amazing rapport with the audience – you have seen them live, either acoustic or electric.

Their vocal harmonies (all three of them sing on many of the songs) are perfectly performed, and Dave’s dancing melody lines on lead guitar seem more inspired every time I see them play.

Of special note for me were the covers they did.  Each was chosen either because it worked especially well in an acoustic venue, or because they have so much fun sharing them with their audience.  Rob’s drumstick-tapping opening (joining with Dave on drums) for their cover of The Who’s “Magic Bus” was perfect, and it quickly became Floater’s own funk version:  reggae-popping, the audience bopping along with the guys on stage.  They segued from there to their original “Hollywood”.

Setlist – First Set:  Come See Everything, On The Table, Golden Age, Time Marches, Diamond, Magic Bus (cover), Hollywood, Strychnine, Exiled.

Peter opened the second set doing a solo mini-set on acoustic guitar.  An accomplished vocalist and guitarist in his own right, you probably want to look for some solo album work by him – it would be well worth your time.

An acoustic set venue gives them a chance to put a new spin on some old favorites – Rob’s acoustic guitar work sounded almost like a Spanish guitar on many of the pieces.  The second set included their cover of the Police’s “Walking On The Moon”, segueing into yet another original, “Bound For Glory.”  And of course they did Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” which is obviously an audience favorite as well as their own – Rob’s intro included mention of just how much fun they have playing it, with his hope that the audience would love it as much.  I don’t want to try to judge that competition – we’ll call it a draw, I think it was a mutual party!  Everyone was on the floor dancing and singing for that one.

I’ve mentioned in previous reviews how much I enjoy how they build layers.  While these are more distinct in a non-acoustic live performance, the layers are definitely still there when they play this type of venue.  Their energy is contained and concentrated.  I think Rob puts it best when he calls it “focused.”

I thought for sure they were going to close the second set with “Let It Go” and I suspect they considered that as well based on the set list copies they gave me, but you can’t close the party down in full swing (regardless of the time) – right?  They went on to play two additional songs, and finally brought the show to a climactic close.

Setlist – Second Set:  Weary Head, Endless I, Accepted, Walking On The Moon (cover), Bound For Glory, Personal Jesus (cover), Black Sheep, Alone, Let It Go, Seconds, Weightless.

They were gracious and amusing and astounding.  Again, an awesome performance by Eugene’s own Floater – find their webpage here for additional info on bio, discography, tour dates, and more:  And remember to mark your calendars for their next Eugene appearance!

Night on the Town


SATURDAY – Night on the Town

I had to sneak out of my tent to render today’s Night on the Town.  I was entered into a slave auction at the SeaDog Nights & Gypsy Carnival and I have to keep it quiet or my 300 lbs pirate master will awaken!  Shhh….  Thankfully, my ‘slave’ time expires at 7pm tonight….just in time for some estrogen affirming girl music tonight.

Since the whole town will be at Sam Bond’s tonight celebrating their 16th anniversary, which, technically was on Monday when a brand new brew was introduced;  Sam Bond’s Special Bitter, I’ll stop by there first.   This is a must try for any die-hard regular so I better get their early to avoid the long lines. Another drink special to not miss out on are the $2 Jameson’s and $2 featured micros over at Luckey’s where Growler, Nine Dice and The Last International are performing some distilled rock-n-roll.

Jessie Marquez

However, tonight is girl night… so while I break in a new driver by starting tonight with some Special Bitter and a scenic drive to Loloma Lodge (McKenzie Bridge, OR) to hear Jessie Marquez, a talented Cuban jazz singer perform with Clay Giberson, Mark Schneider, Charlie Doggett and Rafael Trujillo under the mountain sky.  Thankfully there will be free Cuban appetizers with a complimentary  Deschutes beer or wine with the $25 admission.  It will be very cool to be up there and see the stars and listen to some great jazz beside the McKenzie River. The lodge has been there since 1928 and will have lodging available either at the lodge or at their campsites.  Have to mark on my calendar to come back up here Wednesday, August 3rd to hear blues man Lloyd Jones.

The Eager Beavers

Over at the Oak Street Speakeasy, is Grrrlz Rock.  Tonight performing will be Bajuana Tea, an electric rock duo featuring Matrisha Armitage on drums and The Eager Beavers, an all female bluegrass act with Grrrlz Rock founder, Cindy Ingram on washboard and vocals.

Grrrlz Rock began last November with female artists marrying the concepts of music and art.  David Frank was instrumental in launching the project recording shows and performances for over a month last summer.  With six recordings mixed now and the art digitally filmed all that remains is to finish mixing, mastering design, print and distribution.  The CD is set to be released this November at the WOW Hall.

Well, I hear some grumbling going on over at the tent… time to go pretend I’m asleep again with my 1800’s French Flintlock black powder pistol in hand of course!

Will see you out there… I’ll be the one in the costume!

Want a pair of Tickets to Floater?


EDN has a pair of tickets for the Floater Concert at the WOW Hall on July 22nd to give away.  We’d like it to be you.  Post a comment on this story, or on our Facebook page under this entry and we’ll pick from among the comments.  Selection and notification will be Thursday July 21st at 3pm.

In case you are only passing familiar with Floater:

Floater, from Portland, Oregon, has received two preliminary Grammy nominations, toured the USA and Canada, and recently released their most critically acclaimed record to date, “Wake.”

With intense and unforgettable live performances, Floater continues to sell out some of the largest concert halls across the west. Both electric and acoustic performances have swollen their concert attendance over the past several years.

Their sound includes elements of rock, psychedelia, reggae, pop and even jazz and is wholly original.

They have been described in the press as “The nearest American thing to perfection” and “One of the greatest power trios in modern music.” Their fan base has grown over the years to a fever pitch and Floater fans are legendary for their dedication.


Night on the Town


Saturday – Night on the Town

This sunshine is so nice and warm, it’s too much fun laying out on the lake here in Cottage Grove piecing together tonight’s plan.  Today, I’m the girl with the plan, who now, sports a tan!

If last night was kickass bluegrass night, tonight is hard rock night in Ducktown.

But before diving into  metal, we first have to finish up with last night’s bluegrass wave by chillaxtion with Portland’s Tony Furtado at the Ax & Fiddle here in Cottage Grove.  In celebration of Furtado’s 15th Album “Golden” (which Furtado drew the cover art) tonight he plays with Scott Law as the Banjo Killers.  Having won two National Banjo Competitions in 1987 and 1991, Furtado has spent decades fusing bluegrass, country, rock, blues, jazz and folk music into riveting and engaging songs that grip any listener. In the song “Angles We Know” his relaxed vocals and melodic tempos speaks to those who have left this world.  Furtado’s musical acumen has been recognized by such first class musicians as Allison Krauss, Kelly Joe Phelps as well as Jerry Douglas all of whom he has recorded with in recent years.  I can’t wait to hear the contagious instrumental “Portlandia” inspired by the Raymond Kaskey sculpture adorning the entrance to the Portland Building in downtown Portland.  Show starts at 8:30pm cover is $10.  You won’t be disappointed.

Dano & Aaron

Heading back to Eugene finds us at the WOW Hall where the hard rock sounds of the The Procrastinators, Explode-A-Tron, The Low Men and Athiarchists will strum life into all who attend beginning at 8pm.  For the $5 cover you’ll want to make sure you bring your earplugs… you’re gonna need them!  In case you have been living in a cave for the past few years, Athiarchists is the two piece pandemonium stylings of drummer Dano and guitarist/vocalist Aaron Tunnell. Giving birth to their own breed of violent fusion of metal and punk, fans typically are infused with the infectious energy this duo emits that power outages may reign over Eugene tonight. Make sure you bring a flashlight, just in case.


By now I’ll be a bit nervous to take out the earplugs as I don’t want to know if the ears are bleeding, but our journey will take us out River Road way to the old McKay’s Market building now knows as Happy Hours to hear the metal magic known as FUNGI (Fun Guy).  If you’ve been around this town for any length of time, you know all these guys as they have been the fabric for rock music in this town for decades.  On lead guitar is master musician Stefan McConnell.  His guitar virtuoso brother, Roger McConnell often sits in with the band feeding off one another in such a guitar frenzy it makes you wonder why these boys aren’t yet playing in arenas.  Fronted by Shane Thornton on vocals (IB6 UB9) Dave Dickson on bass, and Scott Johansen on drums Fungi plays such killer songs as “Follow Me,” “I am Blind,” and my favorite “She’s So Tight.”  This band creates songs by crocheting pounding melodies with finely crafted lyrics that any hard rock fan can wrap themselves up in and rock.

With all this killer rock and roll going on tonight, I’m looking forward to soaking up some more sun while having a few more cold blended beverages before showering off this coconut smelling suntan oil and putting on some girl clothes for the evening.  My purse is complete with earplugs, flashlight and purfume.