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Have you ever tried to open a window and found yourself unable to, fearing too much force may break it? Have you experienced frustration when opening windows that seem stuck open or you feel that applying too much pressure might break them permanently?

Replacing your problem windows with products like Canadian Choice house windows can help solve these problems while offering numerous other advantages – including energy efficiency, increased curb appeal, easy maintenance, and more.

Reduced Energy Bills

By installing energy efficient windows in your home, replacing old ones with energy efficient models can bring instantaneous cost savings on utility bills. Thanks to improved seals, gas fills, and multiple panes of glass, new windows reduce air infiltration while keeping heat inside during winter and out during scorching summers, lessening strain on both heating and cooling systems in your home.

Highly insulated replacement windows can help block outside noise from entering your home, which is especially useful if you live close to a busy road or have noisy neighbors.

Sunlight flooding your home during the summer can produce unwanted heat, while long-term exposure to UV rays can damage carpeting, furniture and curtains. Modern replacement windows come equipped with protective layers designed to filter out harmful rays while still permitting natural light into the room.

Increased Home Value

New windows add value to your home by offering prospective buyers various advantages that they’ll find attractive, such as being energy efficient, having lower utility bills and offering a pleasing aesthetic.

Newer window designs such as casements with double or triple paned glass panels are more energy efficient than their sliding window predecessors, reducing heat transfer while helping maintain consistent temperatures within your house during both warm summers and icy winters. This helps maintain consistent indoor temperatures all year long.

Replacement windows come in various styles and colors that can add aesthetic value to both the interior and exterior of your home, increasing curb appeal. They may even sway potential buyers to make an offer – especially if their old windows are difficult to open and close.

More Natural Light

If you want brighter, more comfortable living spaces, consider having your windows professionally replaced. It can revitalize both the interior design of your home and improve family health.

Gaining more natural lighting into your home will reduce reliance on artificial sources for daytime illumination, saving money on electricity bills and energy usage throughout the year.

Sunshine can boost Vitamin D levels in your body, improving both mood and productivity. Furthermore, natural light helps reduce noise pollution caused by neighborhood dogs, construction workers, and trains, thus making sleeping better at night possible as well as feeling refreshed during the day – something you will quickly experience once installing replacement windows.

Increased Comfort and Quiet

Replace old, leaky windows that cause drafts, waste energy and allow moisture to seep in through cracks in their frames with modern replacement units with insulated frames and triple-paned glass for more comfortable living environments. Replacement windows offer numerous benefits over their predecessors – draft prevention, energy savings and mold prevention are just a few examples of their many benefits in today’s homes.

Modern replacement windows use advanced insulation materials and opening styles that block harmful UV rays that cause organic fabrics and window treatments to fade over time, prolonging their lifespan while saving money by avoiding replacement costs.

Tom installed sash kits or insert replacements at the Newton home as another quick and simple way of upgrading older windows, fitting seamlessly into existing frame openings for maximum return on investment when selling the home in the future.

Increased Safety

Upgrade to safety glass when selecting replacement windows can enhance the aesthetic of your home, improve air quality and energy efficiency, reduce noise pollution and provide peace of mind. Modern windows include laminated and tempered glass which minimize injuries in case of breakage.

Older windows often struggle to open and close properly, creating a safety risk in an emergency situation like a fire. Today’s replacement windows offer easy opening features as well as enhanced security features to keep you and your family protected.

Older windows allow ultraviolet rays into your home that can fade your carpet, furniture and window treatments over time. With new replacement windows that block UV rays while letting in natural light, your items could last much longer! Canadian Choice house windows are a great example of an all in one solution for your Newmarket replacement windows needs.