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At 7:17, on March 20, Eugene Police officers were dispatched to a call at 3333 W. 11th where a BMW’s passenger reported that the vehicle he was in was being chased by a driver in a Toyota Rav 4. The BMW driver reported a suspect in the Rav 4 had shot at their vehicle, and his car had flat tires. The caller stopped responding to dispatch, and dispatch kept an open line and was able to track the call to a vehicle driving on W. 18th Avenue. Officers located the Rav 4 in front of Churchill High School when they arrived in the area. Officers contacted the occupants of the Rav 4 and also responded to the BMW, where a female and male were reported to have exited and then walked away from the vehicle. Officers searched for the pair. 
 The driver in the Rav 4 advised he had a handgun in the vehicle, and it was located. The driver was later identified as Simon Capone Badolato, age 27. 
 Officers located the BMW occupants and found that the male victim, age 35, had been in the BMW passenger seat. He reported he had been sleeping at Maury Jacobs Park and was awakened by Badolato, who had a gun in his hand. Badolato reportedly ordered the victim out, but the victim thought the suspect was trying to steal the vehicle and told the female who was in the driver’s seat to drive, and she fled. They were chased and heard a gunshot. After the investigation, the driver was arrested on a warrant and transported to Lane County Jail. When conducting a consent search of the BMW, detectives found user amounts of methamphetamine and fentanyl powder. Both passenger-side tires were flattened and shredded, and it appeared the vehicle had been driven on the rims. There were no bullet holes found in the vehicle.
 Badolato was transported to the Lane County Jail for Robbery in the First Degree. Case 23-04039


At 7:19 a.m. today, March 20, Eugene Police were called to a report of a person shooting a firearm at another person’s vehicle tires. This occurred at 3333 W. 11th Avenue. Eugene Police responded and detained the involved individuals near 18th and Peppertree at approximately 7:32 a.m.. The incident is not related to nearby Churchill High School and there is no ongoing threat from the incident to the public. Police are continuing to investigate the incident 23-070938

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