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Years ago, I used to love getting up in the morning, walking out to get the paper, then reading it while drinking my coffee. Back then, newspapers were a non searchable, one way “Internet” delivered on dead trees. They brought us Yesterday’s world, state, regional, local, and sports news, as well as interesting stories about Living, Business, and the Arts. While it was a blissful part of my day, the world has moved on. The real Internet has arrived.

Now, I love to get up in the morning, make my coffee (that hasn’t changed), open my computer and get instantaneous, up to date info and news from around the world. There are hundreds of thousands of sites covering World News, Living, Big Business, and the Arts. I have no problem getting more than enough news in any one of those areas. Any of those areas except Local Eugene Area news.

We round up all of the local area news and bring it to you on our site, to Facebook, and Twitter, and soon to mobile phones and pads. You will not be subject to ads popping up in your face, or worse yet, popping under your browser. You won’t be inundated with crappy ads about shrinking your belly or bopping the monkey.

Of course, we will have ads, but we think good ads that support local businesses are very nearly content. We feel that people want to know when their favorite restaurant is having a sale, or that a new area business has opened up. Check out the ads that we currently are running on our site. They are a small indication of where we are heading.

Lastly, we feel that there is no need to write without passion. We are not the New York Times, and we are not looking to win a Pulitzer. We just want to bring you up to date on the Eugene area news and interesting stories that take place in our community. Journalism in this century is going be free for all, more personal, more opinionated, and available anywhere you need it. It will also have much more community involvement.

We look forward to working with all of you in the community to make this happen.

– Kelly

EDN Contributors

  • salpinoandnowsalpino@gmail.comhttp://andnowsalpino.blogspot.com/https://www.facebook.com/pages/And-now/194626063949535?sk=wall 

    About And now... This welcoming forum invites an endless variety of ideas to step up on stage and perform. Funny, weird, cute, bad, bizarre – you’ll find them all here. Enjoy the show! Salpino broadcasts for 96.1 KZEL and is the featured cartoonist right here on EDN.

  • Franklin Bainsbains@uoregon.eduFTBains 
    Franklin Bains

    Franklin Bains, contributing sports writer for EDN, writes about Ducks volleyball, Eugene prep sports and Pac-12 football, as well as some odds and ends in Oregon sports. Previously wrote for the Oregon Daily Emerald. Bains writes a weekly Pac-12 recap, and his favorite place in the spring might just be the PK Park press box.

  • Corey Buchanancoreyb@uoregon.educbuch232 
    Corey Buchanan

    I am a journalism major and political science minor at University of Oregon. I graduated from Central Catholic High School in Portland, Oregon in 2010. I am interested in many aspects of journalism such as feature writing, hard news and multimedia. I like to write stories on music, politics, sports and fascinating stories which expand my mind.

  • Gary Breedlovegary.breedlove@eugenedailynews.comhttp://www.sportsshooter.com/members.html?id=10288 
    Gary Breedlove

    Graduated from University of Oregon in 1987 with a degree in Journalism. I have been shooting sports for more than 25 years. Currently shoot for Eugene Daily news, Mighty Oregon magazine and Fishduck.com.

  • Sam J. Finleysports@eugenedailynews.com 
    Sam J. Finley

    Sam Finley is a local sports writer and enthusiast. He is a feature writer for Eugene Magazine and a for hire freelance writer. Sam can be reached at samjfinley@yahoo.com

  • Kevin Bairdkevin.baird@eugenedailynews.com@kevininthewoods 
    Kevin Baird

    Kevin enjoys traveling, playing outside, reading, and writing. Alice in Chains is his favorite band. He is an Eagle Scout. He grew up in Beaverton.

  • Isaac Rosenthalirosenthaledn@gmail.comisaacmrosenthal 
    Isaac Rosenthal

    I am a journalist, a dog person, a sports fan and a cynic, in no particular order. I'm originally from Los Angeles. I enjoy covering baseball, football, hockey, basketball, soccer and just about everything else. The Stanley Cup is the greatest trophy in sports.

  • Nate Gartrellngartrell89@yahoo.com 
    Nate Gartrell

    Nate is a senior at the University of Oregon, studying journalism. Since joining EDN last year, he's covered a variety of local topics--baseball, foot fungus, murder, and a lot of stuff in between.

  • CrimeBosscrimeboss@lanecountymugshots.comhttp://lanecountymugshots.com 

  • Mark Floresmark-flores@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Mark Flores

  • Kim Hastingskim-hastings@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Kim Hastings

  • Chris Brooklierchrisb@uoregon.edu@chrisbrooklier 
    Chris Brooklier

    Chris covers Oregon basketball for Eugene Daily News. In his Senior year at Oregon, Chris aspires to be one of the top sports journalists of the future. Follow him on Twitter Follow @ChrisBrooklier

  • Mark Saltveitmark-saltveit@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Mark Saltveit

  • Nathan Roholtnathan-roholt@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Nathan Roholt

  • Lana O'Brienlana.obrien@eugenedailynews.comhttps://www.facebook.com/lanadobrienlanaobrien 
    Lana O'Brien

    EDN's Beer Writer, Lana O'Brien, loves talking about beer as much as she loves drinking it. From bartending to home-brewing and now writing for EDN, she's on a mission to discover the best local craft beers. Follow along in her weekly column, Hopped Up, every Wednesday. Connect @lanaobrien.

  • Shea Carlsonscarlson1818@yahoo.com 
    Shea Carlson

    Shea is a journalism major at the University of Oregon and is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska. He is a proud supporter of the Portland Timbers, Arsenal FC and the Chicago Cubs. He can be reached at sheac@uoregon.edu and follow him on twitter @SheaCaringle

  • Austen E. MarshellunlimitedcreationzLLC@gmail.com 
    Austen E. Marshell

    Austen is a freelance sports and literary writer from southern California who also contributes regularly to the Bleacher Report. A sales and mortgage professional with a collegiate background in sports and journalism. In life, creativity is limitless. Follow on Twitter @unlimitedcrtnz

  • Jenna Forstromj4strom@gmail.comhttp://bitesizebrews.com 
    Jenna Forstrom

    Hi! I’m Jenna. I got the nickname bitesize in high school and I have a beer blog named bitesizebrews.com. I’m lucky enough to live in the microbrewery capital of the world, and home brewing is a hobby I love. With a focus on home brewing, reviewing local breweries and locally crafted beers, I'm excited about sharing my beer experiences with the readers of Eugene Daily News.

  • Elisha Shumakermoses.b.anthony@gmail.comhttp://eugenedailynews.com 
    Elisha Shumaker

    EDN's Community Editor and sometimes embedded reporter is a graduate of Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania with a degree in elementary education. She has instructed students from Lock Haven, to Elmira New York, to Incheon South Korea, to Springfield Oregon.

  • Josh Whitejosh-white@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Josh White

  • Dene Eller, PHDdene.eller@eugenedailynews.comhttp://drsuccesscoach.comhttp://facebook.com/deneeller@DrSuccessCoach 
    Dene Eller, PHD

    Dene is the Mom of two active children who are both sports enthusiasts. Dr Dene has been an educator and coached a variety of sports for various ages for over 30 years. She is an active volunteer Kidsports Coach here in Eugene and has served as an Executive Director for local day & overnight camps and mentoring programs for boys & girls. You can find her at drsuccesscoach.com or send an email to drsuccesscoach@gmail.com ~ follow me on Twitter @DrSuccessCoach

  • theclubcircuittheclubcircuit@yahoo.comhttp://eugenedailynews.kapost.com/users/theclubcircuit 

  • Don Gilmandon-gilman@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Don Gilman

  • Joey Hollandjoey-holland@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Joey Holland

  • scottiezscottiez@clearwire.nethttp://eugenedailynews.kapost.com/users/scottiez 

  • Rachel Jensenrachelm.jensen1@gmail.com 
    Rachel Jensen

    Rachel Jensen is a tracktown native and running enthustiast. After getting two years of collegiate running under her belt at Lane Community College, she decided to stay in Eugene to pursue a degree in Public Relations at the University of Oregon.

  • Jason Fowlerjason-fowler@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Jason Fowler

  • Jack Heffernanjack-heffernan@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Jack Heffernan

  • Craig Lopercloper@uoregon.edu 
    Craig Loper

  • Scott Reedscott-reed@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Scott Reed

  • Brandon Sandbergsandberg@uoregon.edu@SandbergBrandon 
    Brandon Sandberg

    A burning passion for all-things sports, combined with crafty penmanship has led Brandon Sandberg to pursue a career in sports journalism - ideally ESPN. Originally from San Diego, the fourth-year student at the University of Oregon plans on graduating Winter '14 with a degree in Journalism and minor in Business Administrations. "It's never considered 'work' if you love what you do" - Anonymous

  • Bronwynn Deanmbronwynn@gmail.com 
    Bronwynn Dean

    Bronwynn Dean is a writer, graphic designer and mother of three. When she isn't dragging her kids along on a new adventure to write about, Bronwynn freelances for local publications and is a member of local fiction writers'/readers' group The StoneCutters Union. She welcomes comments, criticism, and invitations to your next event.

  • Alex Kirbyalex-kirby@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Alex Kirby

  • Rob Ligginsrob-liggins@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Rob Liggins

  • Beckie Jonesrlj@uoregon.eduhttp://eugenedailynews.kapost.com/users/rlj 
    Beckie Jones

  • Kimberly Carverkimmycarver@gmail.comhttp://thehightechsociety.com/www.facebook.com/kcshaldawww.twitter.com/kimberlycarver 
    Kimberly Carver

    Kimberly has a degree in journalism and enjoys writing for a variety of different websites on topics such as current news, technology and the art of freelance writing online. She has her own blog that she enjoys working on at http://TheHighTechSociety.com, and also loves spending time with her husband and two grown children that also live in the Eugene area.

  • Nick Odermannodermann@uoregon.edu@nicko503 
    Nick Odermann

    Nick Odermann is a journalism major at University of Oregon. His interest are skiing, sports and country music.

  • Casey Flueggecasey-fluegge@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Casey Fluegge

  • Joe Kearnsjoe-kearns@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Joe Kearns

  • Rosalie Ruffrosalier@dishcrawl.com 
    Rosalie Ruff

    As an epicurean extraordinaire, Rosalie is involved in all things food related in Eugene. As the Dishcrawl Ambassador for Eugene, she organizes food tasting events and builds relationships and culture around local food and restaurants.

  • Mike Bullingtonwriter1171@gmail.comhttp://eugenedailynews.kapost.com/users/writer1171 
    Mike Bullington

  • Jeff Krauskrausj1@gmail.com 
    Jeff Kraus

    I'm a recent University of Oregon Journalism graduate, and sports fanatic, who also has a gentler side.

  • rubyresourceressrubyresourceress@gmail.com 

  • Kelly Heckmankdheckman@yahoo.com 
    Kelly Heckman

    Kelly is a mom of two perfect special needs kids who lives in southeast Eugene. A native Californian, she has taken to her adopted home with abandon and looks forward to infusing her family-centric slant on life in every word she writes.

  • bucheraanne.abbott.bucher@gmail.comhttp://eugenedailynews.kapost.com/users/buchera 

  • Levi Steierlevi-steier@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Levi Steier

  • NeuroDocDuckneurodocduck@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 

  • Rory Davidsonrory-davidson@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Rory Davidson

  • Rory Davidsonrory-davidson@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Rory Davidson

  • andyvalentine2andyvalentine2@gmail.comhttp://eugenedailynews.kapost.com/users/andyvalentine2 

  • Josh Halljosh-hall@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Josh Hall

  • Don Smalleydon@ducknews.comhttp://eugenedailynews.kapost.com/users/don-smalley 
    Don Smalley

  • Michael Kimmichael-kim@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Michael Kim

  • Joel Gundersonjoel-gunderson@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Joel Gunderson

  • haskinmhaskinm@gmail.comhttp://eugenedailynews.kapost.com/users/haskinm 

  • Justin Purcelljustin.p.purcell@gmail.com 
    Justin Purcell

    I was born in California and moved to Arizona with my family at the age of 11. I have participated in sports for my entire life. My favorite sport was always football, but I also participated in baseball, and wrestling. From 2008-2011 I competed in Mixed Martial Arts at the Amateur Level. In 2010 I was the AZ State Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion and the Southwest Champion at 194.5lbs and 207lbs. I have always been an avid San Francisco 49er fan.

  • Jade Helmtastingpour@gmail.comhttp://tastingpour.blogspot.comhttps://www.facebook.com/tastingpourTastingPourhttps://plus.google.com/u/0/102230180888480117510 
    Jade Helm

    Jade Helm is the primary author of Tasting Pour (tastingpour.blogspot.com). She enjoys helping people explore wines from simply tasty and affordable to cellar worthy. Jade is credentialed by the Society of Wine Educators and the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. Jade lives in the Willamette Valley.

  • Gaye Lee Russellglrcaleb@yahoo.com 
    Gaye Lee Russell

  • Eric Sloateric-sloat@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Eric Sloat

  • Caleb Couturiecaleb-couturie@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Caleb Couturie

  • jakegariepyjakegariepy@yahoo.comhttp://eugenedailynews.kapost.com/users/jakegariepy 

  • Logan Rauloganrau22@gmail.com 
    Logan Rau

  • Ally Braytonabrayton@uoregon.eduhttp://blogs.uoregon.edu/abraytonportfolio/ 
    Ally Brayton

    I'm from a small town outside of Portland. I'm currently a Junior at the University of Oregon. I'm a Journalism major with a Media Studies Minor and a focus in News Editing and Reporting. I've always had a passion for writing and look forward to what the future brings me.

  • Erinn Streckfussrigardforyou@hotmail.com 
    Erinn Streckfuss

    Erinn received a B.S. in Journalism from Corban University. She has since written for the Eugene Weekly, Salem Weekly, McKenzie River Project, Pulse News Relay, and several other publications. Erinn lives Springfield, OR and also enjoys writing and performing slam poetry.

  • Courtney Crossfieldcourtneybrooke193@hotmail.com 
    Courtney Crossfield

  • Tim Hessdunehopper24@gmail.com 
    Tim Hess

  • Owen Murrayowen-murray@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Owen Murray

  • Charles Glenncharles-glenn@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Charles Glenn

  • Brian Libbybrian-libby@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Brian Libby

  • Todd Gebowt.gebow42@gmail.comt.gebow42@gmail.com 
    Todd Gebow

    Yoga instructor, personal trainer, Exercise therapist......... guitar owner......

  • Pat Henrynativefootprints@yahoo.com 
    Pat Henry

  • Mikael Krummelmeta444@gmail.com 
    Mikael Krummel

    Mikael is attracted to big ideas, small details, clever people and stupid pet tricks. Clues to his questionable talents can be found in his office stacked with milk crates overflowing with personal photo and video projects, poetry, children's stories, unproduced screenplays and dozens of magazine features.

  • David Cramerdavid@digilab.co.za 
    David Cramer

  • Alex Shoemakeralex.shoemaker@eugenedailynews.comhttp://alexshoemaker.orghttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Alex-Shoemaker/418102894890655MrAlexShoemaker 
    Alex Shoemaker

    Alex's passion is writing about NW sports, and as a native Eugenian and Churchill High School alumni, he understands how important sports are to the Eugene community. He also received his degree from the University of Oregon in 2013. After a year as Sports Editor at EDN, Alex is now the Sports Editor at the Buffalo Bulletin in Buffalo, Wyoming. You can reach Alex on Twitter @MrAlexShoemaker

  • Chris Andersonchris.anderson@eugenedailynews.comhttp://twitter.com/anderso3 
    Chris Anderson

    Chris is a graduate of the University of Oregon who is lucky enough to be pursuing his passion for writing with Eugene Daily News. Trying to help document the unique and interesting stories behind the lives of everybody. Follow him on twitter at @anderso3

  • Mike Webermike-weber@lanecountymugshots.comhttp://lanecountymugshots.com 
    Mike Weber

  • Sean Larsonsean.larson@eugenedailynews.com 
    Sean Larson

    Sean is a senior at the University of Oregon majoring in journalism. He has lived in every region of the country, most recently in San Francisco before coming to Eugene for school. He can be reached via email (larson3@uoregon.edu) and you can follow him on Twitter. (@SeanALarson)

  • R.L. Stollarryan.stollar@eugenedailynews.comhttp://rlstollar.wordpress.com/ 
    R.L. Stollar

    R.L. Stollar writes the Local Nation segment at EDN. He has a B.A. in Western philosophy and literature from Gutenberg College in Oregon and a M.A. in Eastern religions from St. John’s College in New Mexico. Follow him on WordPress (rlstollar.wordpress.com/), Twitter, (@RLStollar), or Facebook (facebook.com/rlstollarjournalist).

  • Charles Fischercharles@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Charles Fischer

    Charles Fischer has been an intense fan of the Ducks for thirty years and has written reports about the football team on numerous internet football boards/blogs for over a dozen years. Known as “FishDuck” on those boards, and now on his popular Oregon football site, FishDuck.com, he is acknowledged for providing intense detail in his Xs and Os play analyses. His site is the first to provide over 50 instructional videos about the Oregon offense and defense. In the summer of 2010, he was the first of any Oregon Sports Media to correctly and precisely identify and announce the new Oregon Hybrid 3-4 Phillips One-Gap Defense. He and his wife Lois, a daughter, Christine, and their dog (Abbie) reside in Eugene, Oregon, where he has been a financial advisor for 30 years serving clients in seven different states. He does not profess to be a coach or analyst, but simply a “hack” that enjoys sharing what he has learned and invites others to correct or add to this body of Oregon Football.

  • Conor Armorconor.armor@eugenedailynews.com 
    Conor Armor

    A junior in the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon, Conor Armor hails from Santa Cruz, California. When not covering sports, he enjoys filmmaking, sports talk radio, and hanging out with his two dogs. Conor can be reached at conora@uoregon.edu and on twitter @ConorArmorUO.

  • David Saezdavid.saez@eugenedailynews.com@Saez_David_OR 
    David Saez

    David has been a sports reporter for five of his 10 years as a professional journalist. Before moving to Eugene in 2010, he worked as a reporter with daily newspapers in Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, Minnesota and Florida. He is a journalism instructor at the University of Oregon and believes that strong reporting and compelling story telling will keep them reading.

  • Rick Dancerrick@rickdancer.comhttp://rickdancer.tvhttp://facebook.com/RickDancerTvrickdancer 
    Rick Dancer

    Yes there is an actual person named Rick Dancer. For more than 20 years I worked in the Television News Industry as a main anchor/reporter for commercial television stations in Western Oregon. I’ve received numerous awards over the years for my story telling and received “Best Writing Awards” fifteen years consecutively. You'll find me now at rickdancer.tv

  • Rick Morganrick@ducknews.comhttp://eugenedailynews.kapost.com/users/rick-1 
    Rick Morgan

  • Jeff Hostetlerjeff-hostetler@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Jeff Hostetler

  • Matthew Heuettmatthew.heuett@eugenedailynews.com 
    Matthew Heuett

    A native of East Wenatchee, Washington, Matthew Heuett now lives in Eugene, mainly because that’s where he keeps his wife and kids and books. When he isn’t covering sports and reviewing books for EDN or composing short bios in the third person, Matthew writes articles for SeahawkAddicts.com.

  • Lindsey Asayassume2758@gmail.comhttp://eugenedailynews.kapost.com/users/lindsey-asay 
    Lindsey Asay

  • Pat Pannupat-pannu@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Pat Pannu

  • Dean Davisdean-davis@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Dean Davis

  • Mike Denevimjd470@yahoo.com 
    Mike Denevi

    Mike Denevi is a Bay Area native finishing his senior year at the University of Oregon. He believes in the Church of Baseball and frowns upon lollygagging. If he's not writing a story, he's either checking his fantasy team or playing FIFA. Follow him on Twitter @dognevi

  • Mark Apkermark.apker@eugenedailynews.comhttps://www.facebook.com/mark.a.apker?ref=tn_tnmn@markapker 
    Mark Apker

    Mark is a graduate of Brigham Young University and Lewis and Clark School of Law and an MBA candidate at the Marriott School of Business. His career has focused on the intersection of politics, law and business. He brings a unique insider perspective to each article he writes.

  • Taylor Gelbrichtaylorgelbrich@gmail.com 
    Taylor Gelbrich

    I am a 23-year-old former college baseball player and a Los Angeles native. I currently write for CollegeBaseballInsider.com, PAC 12 and EugeneDailyNews.com. I love my Padres, Ducks, Clippers, and Cardinals. Follow me on Twitter at @According2Gelby.

  • Lee Thompsonlathompson2010@gmail.com 
    Lee Thompson

  • Diana Glasserdianaglasser@gmail.comhttp://kitchen-rag.blogspot.com/ 
    Diana Glasser

    Diana Glasser is a food and nutrition writer at Eugene Daily News. Glasser is a European turned Northwesterner, currently earning her M.S. in Holistic Nutrition. Follow her blog The Kitchen Rag at http://kitchen-rag.blogspot.com/.

  • Lawrence Hastingslawrence-hastings@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Lawrence Hastings

  • Steven Holstadsteven-holstad@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Steven Holstad

  • Bryan Holtbryan-holt@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Bryan Holt

  • Sarah Nicholsonsknicho@gmail.com 
    Sarah Nicholson

  • Andrew Bantlyabantly@uoregon.eduabant3 
    Andrew Bantly

    Andrew is a student of the University of Oregon who is pursing his love for sports through journalism with the Eugene Daily News. He strives to give a unique persecutive on each and every game. Follow Andrew on Twitter at @abant3 Trying to help document the unique and interesting stories behind the lives of everybody. Follow him on twitter at @abant3

  • slightlydistractedslightlydistracted@hotmail.comhttp://eugenedailynews.kapost.com/users/slightlydistracted 

    Michael Hulter spent his formative years in the Santa Cruz Mountains enjoying the serene redwood forest setting of the San Lorenzo Valley. He recieved his Bacheoler of Arts in English at UC Berkeley after which he quickly immersed himself in the culture and community of Berkeley's Caffe Med, the diner where Ginsberg wrote Howl. An avid writer and musician, Michael hopes to soon finish his "Premature Memoirs" and start playing music under the moniker Monkeyhands. When he's old he hopes to tour Junior Colleges teaching creative expression therapy.

  • Will Dennerwill-denner@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Will Denner

  • Gar Pearsongar-pearson@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Gar Pearson

  • Ashley Youngashley-young@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Ashley Young

  • Mike Merrellmike-merrell@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Mike Merrell

  • Scott Reedscott-reed@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Scott Reed

  • Dante Zuniga-Westdante.zuniga-west@eugenedailynews.comhttp://www.backwoodsblaxican.com@BackwoodsBlaxi 
    Dante Zuniga-West

    Dante Zúñiga-West is an Afro-Latino writer and outdoorsman known to some as “The Backwoods Blaxican.” He escaped Los Angeles and now makes his home in Oregon. His fiction has been published in various literary journals. His novel Rumble Young Man Rumble: How I Fought to Stay Alive is awaiting publication in 2014, on Black Coffee Press. For more adventures, check out his weekly column at www.backwoodsblaxican.com or follow him on twitter @BackwoodsBlaxi

  • Rob Ligginsrob-liggins@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Rob Liggins

  • Laura Brehmlaura-brehm@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Laura Brehm

  • Alex Legarzaalex-legarza@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Alex Legarza

  • Chris Charbonnierchris-charbonnier@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Chris Charbonnier

  • Kerry Merrillkerry-merrill@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Kerry Merrill

  • Ben Maudehardtimesdistillery@gmail.comhttp://hardtimesdistillery.com 
    Ben Maude

    Growing up in the Napa Valley meant that Ben was surrounded by food and wine culture from a very young age. It began a life long love of food, and all of the wonderful libations that go along with the perfect meal. Ben attended the Napa Valley Cooking School, in St. Helena, California. Under the tutelage of Chef Barbara Alexander, and other renowned chefs such as Master Chef Dieter Doppelfeld, Ben honed his skills in the kitchen. He was fortunate enough to spend time in some of the best restaurants in the country, including a stage at The French Laundry. After working his way through the kitchen ranks, Ben decided it was time to try a new challenge. That is when the opportunity to become a partner at Hard Times Distillery was seized, and the rest of the story remains to be seen. Being an owner of a distillery has helped him bring together the love of food, and drink. Since one is never complete without the other, it only makes sense to write about them both. Ben lives in Eugene with his partner, Dr. Beth Washak, and two year old son, Jaxson. When they are not busy working and chasing a baby, they enjoy nothing more than relaxing with a local brew and friends.

  • Glenn Hannaglenn-hanna@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Glenn Hanna

  • Dave Melodave-melo@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Dave Melo

  • Joe Kearnsjoe-kearns@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Joe Kearns

  • Craig StrobeckStrobeck@gmail.comhttp://www.craigstrobeck.comhttps://www.facebook.com/craig.strobeckcstrobeck 
    Craig Strobeck

    Craig is a local Eugene native who has been shooting sports for over 10 years. As a freelance photographer, Craig has specialized in Event, Action, Sporting and portraiture. A graduate of North Eugene High School, and available for freelance assignments, contact Craig via his website or follow Craig on twitter @cstrobeck.

  • Curtis Petersoncurtis-peterson@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Curtis Peterson

  • Krysta Albertfestivalofeugene@gmail.comhttp://festivalofeugene.comhttps://www.facebook.com/ImagineWeddingsandEvents?ref=hl 
    Krysta Albert

  • Jim Maloneyjim-maloney@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Jim Maloney

  • Alex Townealex-towne@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Alex Towne

  • Brian Flinnbrian-flinn@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Brian Flinn

  • Randy Morserandy-morse@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Randy Morse

  • Joe Danieljoe-daniel@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Joe Daniel

  • Joe Danieljoe-daniel@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Joe Daniel

  • Blake Hutchinshexabolic@gmail.comhttp://eugenedailynews.kapost.com/users/hexabolic 
    Blake Hutchins

  • Adopt Eugenelhayles1960@yahoo.comhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Pay-It-Forward-Eugene/497393676954861 
    Adopt Eugene

    Adopt Eugene is an optimist's response to the "Occupy Eugene" movement. Rather than focusing on the problem(s) or blaming others, Adopt Eugene identifies solutions and then makes them happen. As part of the Pay It Forward ~ Eugene movement, working with local agencies to develop the talents, skills, and resources for people who want to succeed, this is the chronicle of how the people of Eugene became the owners and leaders of their city.. For more information go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pay-It-Forward-Eugene/497393676954861 or email pic.eugene@gmail.com.

  • tracysydortracysydor@gmail.comhttp://eugenedailynews.kapost.com/users/tracysydor 

  • Dirk Knudsendirkknudsen@gmail.comhttp://NorthWestPrepReport.com 
    Dirk Knudsen

    Dirk Knudsen is the premier NW Prep Analyst and writes for Rivals.com. Dirk has dedicated himself to writing the story of the Northwest Prep Kids to the National Audience that is Rivals.com authoring 3500 stories in the past decade. His work has helped to elevate NW Prep Sports to the Highest levels ever. Email him anytime at dirkknudsen@gmail.com.

  • Luc Hancockluc-hancock@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Luc Hancock

  • Adam Chimeoadam.chimeo@gmail.com 
    Adam Chimeo

    Adam Chimeo recently graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.A. in Cinema Studies. He enjoys writing and live music.

  • Hannah Hawkinshannah-hawkins@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Hannah Hawkins

  • Riley Bushnellriley-bushnell@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Riley Bushnell

  • Robert Paul Hudsonhudson-robert@comcast.net 
    Robert Paul Hudson

  • Caleb Couturiecaleb-couturie@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Caleb Couturie

  • Terry McKayterry@rokz.comhttp://rokz.comhttps://www.facebook.com/rokzdesignrokzflavors 
    Terry McKay

    Terry and Charissa share a home and love for all that is Eugene. On a typical day you can find them playing in the yard with their beagle, gardening, heading out to a local farm to get ingredients for dinner and coming home to cook up a meal to share together. They bring their love of food and gatherings to their business, rokz design group, where they manufacture a range of cocktail additions, www.rokz.com.

  • Evan Gilgesevan-gilges@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Evan Gilges

  • Dano Dunndano-dunn@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Dano Dunn

  • Evan Gilgesevan-gilges@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Evan Gilges

  • Chris Parkchris-park@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Chris Park

  • Rob Laffertyrob@moonvalleypress.comhttp://www.moonvalleypress.com 
    Rob Lafferty

    Rob Lafferty lists 'former newspaper reporter and editor' as just one of many items in a strangely diverse resume. He works from home in the Coast Range near Triangle Lake, doing print production for local publications, writing political commentary for Allvoices.com, and generally hanging out in the woods with his wife Karen and their family of dogs.

  • Chris Parkchris-park@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Chris Park

  • Max Blumenthalmax-blumenthal@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Max Blumenthal

  • Walt Grondonawalt.grondona@gmail.com 
    Walt Grondona

    Walt is an enthusiastic photographer with a unique artistic vision. He attended Brooks Institute of Photography and has owned his own photography business for over 30 years. He has taught two apprentice students, and he teaches photography classes for all skill levels. When he isn't hard at work in his studio, he likes and take photo walks and play with his two precious kitties, Bepe and Pepe.

  • Sam Arneysam-arney@fishduck.comhttp://fishduck.com 
    Sam Arney

  • Gary Hutchingsxinfo@eugenedailynews.comhttp://society6.com/GaryHutchings 
    Gary Hutchings

    Coos Bay is where I was born but Eugene is my home, over half my life spent as a Eugenian. I have been a musican since age 11 but have but have done tech work to support my two boys as a single father for the past 14 years(David 21, Tommy 16). Had not touched serious photography since Jr.High School, but playing music with one of the bands I have been in(Vial...experiment) sparked the interest again. I am attempting to transition to doing nothing but Music and Photography. Find me at http://www.facebook.com/garyleehutchingsphotography

  • Alejandra Guitierrezalesofia6985@gmail.com 
    Alejandra Guitierrez

  • Will Warrenforestww4@gmail.comhttp://thelonetrees.com 
    Will Warren

Eugene Daily News

Kelly Asay, Publisher 
Eugene, OR 97408 
EDN is a locally owned Eugene business.

The EDN Team

Ryan Beltram ryan.beltram@eugenedailynews.com https://www.facebook.com/ryan.beltram @RyanBeltram

Ryan Beltram

Passionate about movies, sports and writing, Ryan hails from Bend but lives in Springfield now. He earned his college degree in journalism from the University of Oregon and hopes to one day write a novel. He also enjoys sunsets and long walks on the beach.

Sandy Harris sanhar13@yahoo.com twiiiterpated

Sandy Harris

Sandy Harris is a writer for Eugene Daily News. Sandy grew up on an island in the Alexander Archipelago in the southeastern region of Alaska. Her life's passions include writing and photography. Follow her on (http://sandralynnsphotography.blogspot.com/).

Tim Chuey chuey@teleport.com http://timchueyweather4u.com https://www.facebook.com/tim.chuey weatherlion

Tim Chuey

Tim Chuey is a Member of the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association and has been Awarded Seals of Approval for television weathercasting from both organizations.

David Peaks dpeaks@comcast.net

David Peaks

I am a photographer that loves to shoot action. I have been a wildlife photographer for many years and recently decided to become a sports photographer. I love sports and to be able to capture the height of the action and the expressions on the players faces. It's a work in progress. I hope to shoot many sporting events in the years to come.

Justin Phillips jp@eugenedailynews.com https://www.facebook.com/jus10phillips JustinPhillips

Justin Phillips

News/Sports Reporter for Newsradio 1120 KPNW and Lead Editor for Fansided's AutzenZoo.com - Originally from Philadelphia(Penn State Graduate). I write about Oregon Athletics and Occasionally the Pac 12. Proud to be a voice on EDN!

Ncy Glass mightyncy@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/nancy.glass https://twitter.com/MightyNcy Nancy Glass

Ncy Glass

Nancy grew up in Eugene, graduating from Churchill before heading off to the big city of Portland, and later on to Los Angeles, CA where she pursued her interests in event coordination. After 5 years she returned to Portland where she began her career as a music journalist. After writing for local and national publications Nancy started her own music magazine, Only Local Music, highlighting and promoting local musicians. In 2008 she was the master mind behind the online music magazine, Oregon Music News, Oregon's Only Online Music Magazine. Cultivating several alliances with organizations such as Music Millennium, The Portland Jazz Festival, the Waterfront Blues Association, The Mississippi Street Fair, and like groups, Nancy quickly grew the fresh start up from a mere idea to fruition within the scope of two years. Concurrently she sought out and pursued business management consulting and continued her own business, Navigation Consulting. With over 20 years experience managing every kind of business imaginable Nancy has been fortunate enough to further engage her purpose of helping others to helping business owners actually grow their business. Returning to her other passion, promoting music as well as musicians, Nancy continues to write about music and band across the state.

Matt Toomb mtoomb@gmail.com http://toomblog.com/

Matt Toomb

Matt Toomb is a blogger, professional writer and game reviewer. Matt currently lives in Eugene, Oregon.

Lacey Harrison lacey@curedconfection.com http://www.hophunting.com https://www.facebook.com/hophunteror https://twitter.com/hophunteror https://plus.google.com/+laceyharrison

Lacey Harrison

As a purveyor of fine foods and excellent beers, I seek out both in my travels. From scoping out breweries in tiny little Utah towns, to charming cheese shops in Paris, I find morsels of goodness in all parts of the world. However, the Pacific Northwest will always be my home, and I love nothing more than spending an hour here and there sampling what this amazing corner of the earth has to offer. My husband and I like to say we have a mini farm, and are wannabe urban farmers. Two cats, two dogs, four chickens, a seven year old girl, a stack of rain boots and a garden plot or four. If I could, I’d have an enormous green house, a cow and pig, so that I can really get down to literally making my food for dinner. Until then, we do what we can. We also like to think we are raising our kid right. On Star Wars, rock music and a huge appreciation for good quality food. Trade beer with us at www.hophunting.com!

Grant Madden pioneer@grantmadden.com http://blog.grantmadden.com/ https://www.facebook.com/grant.madden.1?ref=tn_tnmn pioneerxi

Grant Madden

Australian born author Grant Madden, achieved National and State Sailing honors while still in high school, before going on to win a record 7 State Titles. In 2005 he immigrated to the United States. He has been published in a number of international magazines, and within the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Timecinq wallace.poulter@gmail.com http://timecinq.com/ timecinq


Timecinq is a sports and media producer providing insightful and timely content for discriminating media sites.

Rosa Mariotti darlingdearest@msn.com https://www.facebook.com/rosa.mariotti.18

Rosa Mariotti

Hello all. I live in between two worlds (USA and Italy) but I'm really grounded. I believe it's a luxury to be able to pick and choose the best of both. I've been given that gift. I love my job; I believe in positive thinking, and dream of a better future for all. Until then, Mangia! Ciao!

Eugene Johnson ewjohnsonphotography@gmail.com Eugene Wesley @ewjphoto

Eugene Johnson

I am a passionate photojournalist looking to discover new people, places and the planet's wonders. I was the Photo Editor for The Torch at Lane Community College for three-plus years, earning over a dozen awards in photography in both state and national contests. I'm always looking to do better and learn more, as you could never know it all. “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” Sir Edmund Hillary

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