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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is very simple.  We don’t share your information with anyone, anytime, period.   All data is saved in encrypted form, we don’t share emails and access is only granted on an as needed basis to authorized staff members.

What Is Eugene Daily News?

All we wanted was local news for free, any where, any time. Oh, and we didn’t want to kill any trees to get it.

EDN Staff and Contact Information

Eugene Daily News Eugene, OR 97408 541-414-3429 eugenedailynews@gmail.com EDN is a locally owned Eugene business.

EDN Announces Blogging Launch Partners

EDN loves its blogging partners! Eugene Burger Blog, Eugene On the Cheap, and Beer and Coding

Open Mics

  • 02/27/17 Open Mic in Eugene, Oregon at First National Taphouse
  • 02/28/17 Open Mic in Eugene, Oregon at Hot Mama’s Wings
  • 03/02/17 Open Mic in Eugene at McShane’s
  • 03/04/17 Open Mic in Springfiled, Oregon at Rasta Plus
  • 03/09/17 Open Mic in Eugene at McShane’s

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