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ON SCENE CONTENT from the locals that live there. 
Stock content, livestream content and on-demand content.

The Network

Sourcing relevant content

It takes a village...a lot of villages.

Sharing is Caring

Field News Teams

Revenue participation for our Field News Teams, Content Sharing with our Affiliate sites, a Cost Effective Content Library, we like to share.

Stock Footage

Places, People & Events

We source and offer royalty free still photos and video footage from all around Oregon

Budget Conscious

With High Quality Standards

Why use creative commons or random internet images when you can find, or request exactly what you are looking for on AOMLIVE


Pre-Recorded or As-It-Happens

Our Field News Gathering teams are placed all over Oregon - if they are capturing it while it happens, so can you.

LiveStream Monitoring

What's Live Right Now?

The AOMLIVE monitor interface will show you just what we are capturing at any time from all over Oregon.


Request The Coverage

Future Events, breaking stories, hot topics - we'll put a camera on it. You can even make it an Exclusive

Your Coverage Team

Place Your Request

Even if you have a news truck and team, you can't always get there, or get there soon enough. BTW, what does that cost to send a truck and team?


STRINGR is probably the very best example of a Citizen News & Weather gathering service, particularly if you cover National or Global News.  Lots of others have tried it, most of them simply quit.  The benefits sometimes just don’t outweigh the overhead of setting up and managing the network and recruiting training and wrangling the news gatherers.

We use the same technologies that STRINGR does and many of the same software packages.  We have already created the network infrastructure, we have the provider and customer portals and we are adding citizen news gatherers daily.

Now think about the power of tapping into the benefits without all the overhead and personnel management.  Makes sense doesn’t it.


Still stock content and on-demand content from some truly gifted photographers.


On-site purpose driven content, livestream as-it-happens content and lots of really good b-roll footage.


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PODCASTS, Custom Music Track creation, Audio only clips, we can even provide transcripts of video and audio in multiple languages.

Anyone who publishes any kind of news has considered the advantages of a citizen news gathering network.  Now you can access it without the heavy capital and time committment that it takes to build your own.  Here’s some of our frequently asked questions:

    • With rare exception – YES.
  • Does this require a long term commitment?
    • No.  We do offer long term options for clients that want to use the service while managing their expenses.
  • How much technical expertise does this require?
    • Next to none.  If you have ever created an Amazon account and managed to login, maybe buy something, then you are good.
  • Can we count on always getting what we need?
    • Nope.  At least not yet.  We are growing daily, but it’s a big state and we don’t bring on just anyone – we grow deliberately, carefully and with a very high standard for participants.
  • How many events can we get covered at any one time?
    • More than you can afford to put teams in the field for, but less than you may want.  We can currently handle up to 12 concurrent livestreams with expansion plans in place to increase that to 36 in the near future.
  • Is the video footage available raw?
    • Yes.  Taking a livestream is always raw.  Pre-Recorded LiveStreams and Stock Footage is available raw, or edited.  Edited content can optionally include a station sign-off for field reporting content.
  • Is the footage branding free?
    • This depends on your account option selections.  It is very cost effective if you choose to allow AOM watermarking on footage/images.  Note:  If you block it, it counts as branding free content with the accompanying cost difference.
  • Can we brand footage that we license?
    • Yes you can.  You do need to include AOmniMedia with a link in your about page or other atrribution section.
  • Can we contribute to AOMLIVE?
    • Yes, you can be setup as an AOM Provider.
  • Do you revenue share with your content teams?
    • Yes we do.  In fact we have some of the best revenue sharing plans in the industry.
  • Can we request Exclusive Coverage Content?
    • Yes you can.
  • What does footage cost?
    • We have a rate card available for the different content types so the cost would depend on what footage type you are looking for.
  • Is the content broadcast quality and broadcast ready?
    • Yes.  Images are 2560×1440 minimum resolution.  Video is made available in both HD (1080) and 4k resolutions in all current encoding protocols including full-frame raw.

If you have questions, but are not quite ready to take the next step, please email us at 



We'd like to learn a little more about you.  We'll then schedule a conversation and answer your questions and see how we can best help.

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