EUGENE DAILY NEWS was launched in February of 2011 with one goal in mind – bring some new perspective to local news while decreasing our reliance on mainstream only media messaging.  Along the way we focused on being a launchpad for new up and comers like Wine Julia, Alex Shoemaker, Sandy Harris and Ryan Beltram.  We connected with familiar faces like Tim Chuey & Rick Dancer – discarded by their former stations as no-longer relevant, we proved how wrong the mainstream bosses were.

As daily news was more an more controlled, and frankly completely focused on politics and negative news, we shifted directions and began to focus on LifeStyle in Lane County (and Oregon). With curation partners like Jessie Gill (Marijuana Mommy), Urban Bliss Life, Prairie Rose and many others, we began showing an entire different side, a very positive side of not just Lane County, but all of Oregon.

After 11 years serving Lane County, we are moving into the next phase of EDN – One that doesn’t just serve Lane County, but that empowers and enables Lane County (and soon all of Oregon) to show what’s really going on in their parts of the State.  From Klamath to Malhuer to Hubbard and Gold Beach – we will be bringing you a “locals only” look around Oregon.  This means the arts, the lives, the movers and shakers, the farmers and the bakers.  There is no place like Oregon and we look forward to helping you discover all of it.


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If you would like to publish an article featuring your business or organization, please contact: kelly.asay@eugenedailynews.com



AOMLOCAL is a brand new take on hyper-local news.  Give your town, city, county or state  a voice that doesn’t require the approval of mainstream media. 

Your Neighborhood – Your News – Your Way.

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AOMLIVE is the next piece of our globally connected local news network.  Citizen Reporters & Dedicated Professionals bring a locals look at everything going on in their neighborhood.  There’s a lot going on.

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VSTREAM combines the immediacy of livestreaming with top quality video production and brings it directly to your venue, event or party.  Entertainment you can’t afford, performances you can’t miss are now available to anyone.  This groundbreaking program is built around state-of-the-art systems, equipment and affordable options to help you increase your revenue without breaking the bank.

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