About Us


Years ago, I used to love getting up in the morning, walking out to get the paper, then reading it while drinking my coffee. Back then, newspapers were a non searchable, one way “Internet” delivered on dead trees. They brought us Yesterday’s world, state, regional, local, and sports news, as well as interesting stories about Living, Business, and the Arts. While it was a blissful part of my day, the world has moved on. The real Internet has arrived.

Now, I love to get up in the morning, make my coffee (that hasn’t changed), open my computer and get instantaneous, up to date info and news from around the world. There are hundreds of thousands of sites covering World News, Living, Big Business, and the Arts. I have no problem getting more than enough news in any one of those areas. Any of those areas except Local Eugene Area news.

We round up all of the local area news and bring it to you on our site, to Facebook, and Twitter, and soon to mobile phones and pads. You will not be subject to ads popping up in your face, or worse yet, popping under your browser. You won’t be inundated with crappy ads about shrinking your belly or bopping the monkey.

Of course, we will have ads, but we think good ads that support local businesses are very nearly content. We feel that people want to know when their favorite restaurant is having a sale, or that a new area business has opened up. Check out the ads that we currently are running on our site. They are a small indication of where we are heading.

Lastly, we feel that there is no need to write without passion. We are not the New York Times, and we are not looking to win a Pulitzer. We just want to bring you up to date on the Eugene area news and interesting stories that take place in our community. Journalism in this century is going be free for all, more personal, more opinionated, and available anywhere you need it. It will also have much more community involvement.

We look forward to working with all of you in the community to make this happen.

– Kelly