Police Log (Feb. 21)


This log includes incidents in which there might have been a public disturbance or a risk to the public. Information comes from the Corvallis Police Department and the Benton County Sheriff’s Office. It does not include all calls for service. The status of incidents might change after further investigation. Locations are approximate. People arrested or suspected in crimes are considered innocent until proven otherwise.

Eugene Police Blotter: Aug 3-5, 2015


Eugene Police Blotter. Stories from the men and women of the Eugene Police Department. This edition covers several such stories.



EPD on the Beat – August 2015

On August 4 at 1:14 a.m., police were dispatched to the Black Forest Tavern at 30 E. 11th Ave. CAHOOTS was requesting emergency response by police, as they spotted a male, later

Cody Saville

identified as Cody Angel Saville, age 37, of Eugene, point a firearm at another male, age 22, in front of the tavern. He is reported to have said he was a volunteer public safety officer, then left the tavern, then come back in with a pack, and left again without it.

Police took Saville into custody as he was crossing Oak Street. Saville appeared intoxicated. He was searched with his consent and there were no weapons found. He was detained while the pack was searched for, but it was not located. He was released until police could investigate further. A firearm was subsequently located by the Black Forest management. Saville has been taken into custody on charges of Carrying Concealed/Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Criminal Impersonation of a Peace Officer, Disorderly Conduct. Case 1513142



On August 5 at 12:54, an officer stopped a vehicle driving the wrong way, eastbound on W. 6th Avenue. He conducted a DUII investigation and arrested Connor Jon Springer, age 23, of Eugene for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants. He was also cited for driving the wrong way. Case 15-13190



August 4, around 3:30 a.m., a police officer on bike attempted to contact a subject for

Mykel Black

improper lighting near the Washington Jefferson skate park. When the officer announced himself, the subject accelerated north on Washington Street. The officer yelled commands for the subject to stop, but the subject continued to accelerate away from the officer toward Clark Street, however, the suspect was not able to negotiate the turn onto Clark Street, and crashed into the sidewalk on the north side of the street, fell off his bicycle and hit a wooden fence. The suspect then stood up and attempted to run, but was caught by the officer and placed under arrest. During contact with the suspect, Mykel Gregory Jacoby Black, age 29, of Eugene, the officer found that he was in possession of heroin. The suspect was transported to the Lane County Jail for Possession of a Controlled Substance – Heroin, Interfering with a Peace Officer – Disorderly Conduct, and two warrants. Black was also cited for Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device, for not stopping at the stop sign at Washington and W. 1st Avenue.



Delta Hwy fire
Delta Fire

August 3, at approximately 5:34 p.m., Police and Fire responded to the northbound Delta Highway off ramp at Goodpasture Island Rd. regarding a motor vehicle crash. When officers arrived, they observed a Chevrolet Cobalt engulfed in flames, with a portion of the grass in the median also on fire. Police contacted the driver and registered owner of the vehicle, William Earl Steiner, age 44, and found that he had been driving his vehicle at a high-rate of speed and failed to negotiate the exit onto Goodpature. He was cited for Careless Driving.




Eugene Police Blotter: Aug 1-2, 2015


Eugene Police Blotter. Stories from the men and women of the Eugene Police Department. This edition covers several such stories.



EPD on the Beat – August 2015

On August 2 at 12:49 a.m., police were dispatched to W. 6th and Lincoln, where witnesses reported a stabbing with the suspect still on scene and standing in the middle of the road. When they arrived, Jeremy William Leishman, age 30, of Eugene, was in the middle of Lincoln Street holding a knife. He was held at gunpoint and eventually complied after being admonished when told to get to his knees. He was taken into custody without incident. He Leishman and Burke mugshotswas transported to Jail after declining medical attention for a cut above his eye. The incident was reported to have started when a group of friends was coming back from the Whiteaker Block Party and walking on W. 5th Avenue near Lawrence and Lincoln. As they walked, they came across Leishman and a female, Sophia Natalia Burke, age 29, of Eugene. Leishman and Burke were reported to have become verbally hostile toward the group. Burke is reported to have walked up to one of the group, a 32-year-old Eugene woman and punched her in the face. The group told the pair to leave them alone, then a 35-year-old Eugene male, who was in the group, tried to intervene between Leishman and another male member of the group and reports being stabbed by Leishman. The male was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Jeremy William Leishman, age 30, of Eugene, was arrested on charges of Assault in the First Degree, and Harassment. Burke was charged with Harassment.

UPDATE 8/11/15 – On Aug. 10, 2015 Leishman was indicted on the following charges: UNLAWFUL USE OF A WEAPON (felony) and INTIMIDATION IN THE 1ST DEGREE (felony).

Jeremy Leishman indictment mugshot
Leishman Indictment



On August 2 at about 12:15 p.m., officers were dispatched to the 7-Eleven at 590James heroin DUII East Broadway for a subject reported down. While enroute, dispatch told officers it was being reported that there was a Red, 1994 Ford Explorer with his engine running and the male driver, later identified as Ryan Christopher James, age 21, of Junction City, slumped over behind the wheel. Police were unable to wake him and called medics. Medics were able to wake him. He had heroin in his possession inside the vehicle. He was arrested for DUII and Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance Heroin.



Powers robberyOn August 1, at 8:50 a.m., Police were dispatched to 3333 W. 11th Avenue (Fred Meyers) regarding a subject, later identified as Leslie Carroll Powers, age 56, no address, who self-reported trying to rob Bob’s Donuts, 977 Garfield. Bob’s Donuts reported having an attempted robbery at about 7 a.m. in which Powers handed over a note threatening use of a weapon. When the shop’s owner told him ‘no,’ Powers reportedly left and headed westbound on W. 11th Avenue. Powers waited outside Fred Meyers for police to arrive and was taken into custody without incident and charged with Robbery in the Second Degree.





Citizen Police Commendations for 2015


The Eugene Police Department received hundreds of thank you comments from citizens in 2015. Below is a sample of those commendations.



April 2015

A citizen commended an officer for the guidance that the officer gave them in removing two large trees along Seventh Avenue near Blair Blvd. The citizen commented, “Guided by your advice, our advance preparation helped reach a positive outcome with no protests or interference from concerned citizens. Thank you for your time, support and readiness to step in had it been needed.”
An officer was commended by a citizen for the interaction the officer had with their daughter after the citizen’s daughter had been mauled by a dog. About three weeks after the citizen’s daughter had been hospitalized, the family met with the Animal Control Division to go through their statement and view photographs related to the case. The family did not want their daughter to see any of the photos. The officer took their daughter for a tour around the department to assist in occupying her time. The citizen commented, “Before we left, however, (officer’s name) did something that still brings tears to my eyes as a mother. He took his personal flashlight off his belt and he presented it to her as a gift and as a memory of her special visit that day. She has TREASURED that little black flashlight ever since, and keeps it next to her bed every night. She is so proud of it and the experience at the Police Department is the one good memory tied to a miserable chapter of her young life.”

A citizen commended an officer for his sincerity and professionalism that was displayed while assisting the citizen with a Criminal Mischief complaint. The citizen was very appreciative of the officer and the discussion they had concerning the citizen’s issue. The citizen commented, “He was very forthright how this whole thing would work and I really appreciated his presence.”

An officer was commended by a citizen for their prompt response when the citizen’s car stalled on the on-ramp of River Road and Beltline, putting the citizen’s vehicle in a precarious position with traffic entering the freeway. The citizen commented that the officer did a “tremendous job” and kept her and her daughter safe, by preventing a possible accident. The citizen also stated, “I’m amazed at the fast response time.”

A citizen submitted a letter of commendation to an officer for their awareness and advice during a recent traffic accident involving the citizen. The officer identified signs and symptoms that things were not right with the citizen and advised the citizen to seek medical treatment. These actions potentially saved the citizen’s life, as it was determined that the citizen was suffering from a minor stroke. The citizen commented, “I just wanted to say thank you for your fair treatment.”

A citizen commended an officer for their assistance during a traffic accident that involved the citizen. The citizen was in the passing lane on I-105 when the driver in front of him slowed down suddenly. When the citizen applied their brakes it was like black ice and the citizen spun out of control. The citizen commented that the officer did a “fantastic, wonderful job”. The citizen appreciated the officer’s “demeanor” and “approach” during the entire interaction with the officer.

A citizen called to commend officers for their assistance and response time in dealing with illegal camping issues over the last couple of months at Skinner Butte Park. The citizen stated that “response has been really fast.” Once the call has been made to dispatch, the campers have been dispersed by the following day.

Officers were commended by a citizen for their professionalism and thoroughness in ensuring the citizen’s daughter and friend’s well-being were alright when it was reported that an unfamiliar subject was walking around the apartment complex in a strange manner. The citizen stated that the officers searched the apartment and “checked every room.” The citizen also commented that they “greatly appreciated the extra steps” the officers took to ensure the safety of their daughter and her friend.

A detective was commended by a citizen for their efforts in handling a case involving a possible stolen vehicle. The citizen stated that the detective “was extremely professional and handled this case with 100 percent expertise.”

A citizen commended an officer that assisted a motorist with a disabled vehicle. The officer helped push the disabled vehicle after using his vehicle lights to make sure that traffic was aware of the situation and keeping clear. The citizen commented, “It’s a little thing that probably happens all the time, but this is the first time I’ve seen it happen in Eugene and I noticed. Though I wasn’t the one being assisted, I just wanted to say thanks. Everyone wants to feel like the police are there to help and this one little thing shows people that EPD is.”

A citizen commended officers that assisted in a car wreck that the citizen and her grandmother were involved in. The citizen commented that officers were “very helpful and understanding” when dealing with the citizen’s elderly grandmother who suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

An officer was commended by a citizen for their actions and support during a recent bank robbery. The citizen commented, “Your whole group was great, but I will never forget how I was treated by (officer’s name). My husband would like to shake his hand someday for the way he was with me.” The citizen also stated, “I wanted to thank the Eugene Police Department and (officer’s name) for making a bad day a little better.

A Fire Chief from a neighboring city commended 9-1-1 call takers for the job they did during a fire that the Fire Chief’s team responded to. The Fire Chief commented, “It is my belief their poise, calm and professionalism in the face of a hectic situation for the District directly contributed to the successful outcome.” The Fire Chief also stated the call takers “immediately and decisively initiated the action, and handled the numerous resource requests and radio traffic extremely well”.
March 2015
The Eugene Police Department received 37 commendations from citizens in March, 2015. Below is a sample of those commendations.

A citizen called a Eugene Police Department supervisor to praise officers regarding an incident involving a recovered stolen vehicle. The citizen stated that the officers were “professional” and “exceptional.”
A citizen commended an officer that showed up to his father’s home on the morning his father passed away. The citizen commented, “Please pass on my sincere thanks to the officer who showed up that morning. He showed real compassion and patience in his demeanor, and that was really appreciated.”
The Albany Police Department, Chief of Police, submitted a letter of appreciation to an officer, for their assistance in identifying a suspect known to have been linked to numerous business burglaries in Linn, Benton and Lane Counties. This identification enhanced Albany Police Department’s effectiveness in solving the case. The Albany Police Department, Chief of Police, commented, “We extend our most sincere appreciation for (officer’s name) assistance in this case and ask that you convey that to him!”
A citizen contacted the Auditor’s office to commend an officer for their professionalism when dealing with the officer during a recent call to their home. The citizen was very impressed with the interaction they had with the officer and stated it was the “most professional thing I have ever been through in my entire life!” The citizen also commented, “This officer was so well trained.”
An officer was commended by a citizen for their professionalism and courtesy during recent interactions with the officer. The citizen was recently cited for a traffic violation and appeared in municipal court, accordingly. The citizen stated that on both of his interactions with the officer, the officer was “very polite, courteous”. He also commented that the officer was a “pretty nice guy”.
The Chief of Police for the Springfield Police Department submitted a letter to commend officers for their efforts and assistance that was provided to Springfield Police during a major crash incident. The Chief commented, “Their assistance has been invaluable and enhanced our ability to focus our resources on other aspects of the investigation… During times of crisis and trauma, Springfield Police Department appreciates knowing we can count on the Eugene Police Department for assistance and support.”
An Animal Welfare Officer was commended by a citizen for their assistance on a complaint that involved their Labrador’s barking. The citizen commented, “I am sure you probably don’t receive many thank you notes, but I appreciated your kindness.”
A citizen called the auditor’s office to commend officers for their sensitivity during an arrest of a woman that had a small child with her at the time of the incident. The citizen stated, “It moved me to tears how sweet the officers were with the child.” During the incident, the officers let the child say goodbye to the mother. The citizen commented that it was “sort of heart wrenching” and made the citizen “realize how hard their job is.” The citizen also commented, “Thank you for being sensitive with that child and handling it so well.”
A citizen submitted a commendation to the Eugene Police Department via Facebook by writing, “Kudos to the Eugene Police Department for the help with the little old lady who was facing the wrong way on the 105 this afternoon. Your quick response most likely saved lives. Thank you on behalf of the Little Old Lady and unknown people who could have hit her.”
A Communications Specialist was commended by a citizen that expressed their thanks and gratitude for the assistance the call-taker provided while monitoring the non-emergency line. The citizen had called in to report illegal camping that was taking place at Skinner Butte Park. The following day, the tents had been removed. The citizen was very impressed with the response time.
A citizen commended officers for their professionalism and tactfulness during an arrest of a subject at a local park due to park rules violations. During the arrest, the subject became uncooperative and verbally hostile. The citizen commented that the officers “did a really good job.” The citizen stated that the officers “showed a lot of restraint,” especially with the level of resistance from the subject.
A citizen submitted a commendation to the Eugene Police Department and commented, “To all involved with the condemning of (location address) last Thursday, we wanted to thank you all so much for making this happen. We can all breathe a little easier and sleep more peacefully knowing the constant drug trafficking will come to an end. We appreciate your concern and due diligence to make the once quiet neighborhood a safer one.”
Officers were commended by a citizen when they had responded to a call for assistance with a student who had become physically aggressive and was engaging in purposeful property destruction. The officers took control of the situation with their presence and firm direction. The citizen stated that the officers were “professional in their work and offered perspective regarding accessing police support.” The citizen also commented that they “appreciated both officers and the Eugene Police Department’s continued solid and positive partnership towards educating youth socially and behaviorally, youth who struggle with more challenges than many.”
A citizen sent a thank-you card to commend officers for their professionalism and assistance during a recent traffic accident the citizen was involved in. The citizen commented, “Thank you so much for the care and concern you expressed when I had my accident…It’s been a trying experience, but I’m getting better. Thank you for helping me through it.”

February 2015
The Eugene Police Department received 25 commendations from citizens in January, 2015. Below is a sample of those commendations.

A citizen wrote a letter to commend an officer for their compassion, courtesy and caring that they displayed during a 9-1-1 call involving their son’s threatened suicide. The citizen commented, “What ’officer’s name’ did in the next half hour or so was, to us, a miraculous job of talking with our son, patiently, listening to him…” The citizen also stated, “The compassion and patience of ‘officer’s name’ defused our son, calmed him.”
A citizen commended two employees for their work and production on EPD’s Public Service Announcements. The citizen commented, “I think those are fantastic!”
An officer was commended for the professionalism they displayed during a recent call for service on a dispute that a citizen was involved in. The citizen was very appreciative of the officer and the time the officer took to listen and follow through to ensure everything was under control. The citizen commented, “He was exceptional…very good with people…very helpful.”
A citizen wrote a letter commending a Communications Specialist for their support and assistance during a 9-1-1 call involving the citizen’s grandfather that was in cardiac arrest. The citizen commented, “The man that answered my call was calm, polite and very kind. He walked me through giving my Grandpa CPR and patiently stayed on the phone counting right along with me. He was so helpful and it meant so much to me that he would stay on the phone, encourage me and tell me I was doing a good job.”
An officer was commended for their actions during a call involving a subject that had committed suicide. The citizen stated that the officer was “considerate and compassionate” and “went above and beyond” during the course of the investigation. In the area of the home where the suicide took place, the officer rolled up the carpet, cleaned the floor, and spoke with the spouse to ensure her well-being was okay. The citizen felt that with the limited time that officers have, this was very kind of the officer in taking the extra effort displayed on that day.
Officers were commended for the recent ALICE Training provided to a local high school. The staff at the high school thanked the Eugene Police Department for the training they received. The Principal of the school commented, “Our staff experienced a significant paradigm shift on what we should do if we have an armed intruder in our school. They now feel empowered to keep our kids and themselves safe, and truly enjoyed the training.”
A citizen commended an officer for their “professional and caring demeanor” during a recent vehicle/pedestrian crash that the citizen was involved in. The citizen explained that the officer was “quick to the scene and conducted a thorough and careful investigation”. The citizen was very grateful for the officer’s help through a stressful situation. The citizen commented that the officer “held up the hero status” for both he and his daughter during the event.
An officer was commended for their alertness and guidance during a recent traffic stop that led to determining a medical condition that existed with a citizen. The citizen was pulled over by the officer for running stop signs and red lights. During the officer’s interaction with the citizen, it was determined that citizen wasn’t feeling well and something may be wrong. At that point, the officer recommended that the citizen and their spouse go directly to a hospital to receive treatment. It was discovered there that the citizen was suffering from a stroke. If it wouldn’t have been discovered at that point, the citizen’s health could have been a lot worse, as doctors were able to reverse the side effects. The citizen stated that the officer was “very efficient” and did a “phenomenal job and probably saved my life”.
January 2015
The Eugene Police Department received 40 commendations from citizens in January, 2015. Below is a sample of those commendations.
A citizen commended officers for their assistance when the person was alone for the evening and heard loud, strange noises in their home. The citizen called 911 and three officers responded within minutes and searched the premises of the home. The officers were “thorough, courteous, and reassuring” as one officer followed the citizen from room to room making sure the home was safe. The citizen stated that the officers are a “positive presence in our community.”

An officer was commended for their stellar performance while assigned to the Airport. The citizen commented that the officer, “serves as a regular member of the airport detail and the positive influence he has had on our operation is significant.” The citizen also stated the officer, “wears the Eugene Police Department uniform with pride and dignity; embodying the essence of public servitude.”
A citizen commended officers for their display of courtesy and professionalism during a recent Motor Vehicle Accident that the citizen was involved in, when their vehicle became high-centered on the median and could have become a danger to the citizen and traffic in the area. The citizen acknowledged that the accident was “poor judgment” on their part and that the officers made them feel “protected” during the incident and had suggested options to help guide the citizen. The citizen stated they were “really grateful” for the officers and how they helped them feel “comfortable in an awkward situation.”

A citizen commended a Eugene Police Department employee for their leadership in coordinating and monitoring the Vacation Check Service Program. The citizen expressed their gratitude and appreciation with the program, which they had used during the winter break. The citizen commented, “We were impressed with the user-friendly nature of the on-line application, and also appreciated the helpful suggestions to make our house look lived-in.” The citizen also stated, “The selfless service of the Senior Patrol Team, and the outstanding professionalism of the Eugene Police Department, is a distinct credit to the City of Eugene!”
After a recent incident, a citizen had called back to 9-1-1 to thank EPD for their timely response to check on their mother. The citizen was very happy with the service and wanted to make sure everyone knew how much they appreciated EPD’s hard work.
An officer was commended for his “professionalism and excellent work” in solving a check fraud case. The citizen commented that the officer “diligently and persistently investigated the case and was able to successfully charge the subject…” The citizen also stated, “I appreciated ‘officer’s name’ keeping me apprised of the status of the investigation and the successful resolution…’officer’s name’ is a credit to the Eugene Police Department.”
A citizen sent a Thank You card to the Eugene Police Department. In the card, the citizen stated, “I want to deeply THANK YOU SO MUCH for ALL you do each and every day. You are the best and I support you 100 percent”
A citizen sent a Thank You card for the actions of an officer during a recent event at a local high school involving an armed subject. The citizen commented that the officer was “amazing and acted professionally.” The citizen also thanked the officer for being “so courageous.”
An officer was commended by a local Boy Scout organization for the tour of the police facility they had received. The citizen commented that the officer was “very patient with the kids, very informative, and really helped the kids know all that a police officer does to protect and care for our community.”
An officer was commended for their professionalism and the compassion they showed in assisting a citizen who was the victim of a Robbery. The citizen stated that the officer was “extra kind and considerate” in understanding and listening to the events that led to their unfortunate circumstances. The citizen felt that the officer heard what they were saying and was a “nice policeman.”
A citizen commended an officer and a department employee for speaking to their classes. The citizen stated that the students “really enjoyed” the discussion and the stories provided were “very interesting and very valuable life lessons” for the students. The citizen also stated, “They also learn about another completely different kind of business world they would probably never get to know about if it wasn’t for you two!!”
A citizen commended a 9-1-1 Communications Specialist for their calm and reassurance during a stressful moment when the citizen had to perform CPR on their spouse. The citizen’s spouse did survive, but felt that it may have not been possible without the coaching and support provided to help guide them. The citizen was very thankful and appreciative of the call-taker’s assistance.
A citizen’s spouse recently slipped out of bed and required emergency assistance from EMT. The citizen commented that when they called 9-1-1, the call-taker “asked all the right questions, sounded cheerful and encouraged me to call back if things deteriorated before the EMT’s got there…We are so lucky to have such good people working for us.”
A citizen sent a card to EPD thanking officers for “putting your lives on the line for me, and all citizens in Eugene/Springfield area.”

To read more commendations: https://www.eugene-or.gov/index.aspx?nid=2763 

Eugene Police Make Arrest with Help of K-9


Friday, May 1st, at approximately 12:37 p.m., Eugene Police K-9 unit responded to a report of an Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle in the area of Royal and Echo Hollow. The suspect returned the vehicle to the residence a short time later and fled on foot.

Police officers located the suspect concealing himself near N. Bertelsen and Wood, and he was uncompliant with officer’s commands to come out and the K-9 was sent in after warnings.

 Natividad Valencia Contreras
Natividad Valencia Contreras

The suspect was subsequently bitten by the K-9 and taken into custody. The suspect, Natividad Contreras, Jr., age 19, of Eugene, was arrested for Unauthorized Use of Vehicle and transported to the hospital with minor injuries

Theft Suspects Remain Unidentified


Please take a look at these suspects and let Eugene Police know if you recognize the individuals. The two suspects remain unidentified.

This is a surveillance photo from March 18, where suspects are using a victim’s credit card at a 7-11 to purchase items.

Eugene theft suspects
Photo: EPD

The victim had items stolen from their vehicle when it was parked in the West University neighborhood.

If anyone has information, or tips, they are asked to call Eugene Police at 541.682.5111 and reference Case 15-4620.

Multiple Drunk Driving Incidents

4-29 police lights 3MEDFORD, Ore. — The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says Saturday night was full of accidents and incidents involving drunk driving.

Three of those drunk driving incidents resulted in crashes, including one where a car was completely totaled and the driver attempted to elude deputies.

The Sheriff’s Office says the single-vehicle crash happened along Butte Falls Highway near Mile Marker 2 around 9:40 p.m. They say the driver, 36-year-old Ronald Ragsdale crashed on the side of the road and ran off into the woods. The Sheriff’s Office says it didn’t take them long to finally apprehend him.

Ragsdale was taken to the hospital for minor injuries, then cited for a DUI.

Gang-Related Shooting in Front of Police Center


On Saturday March 14, 2015, at 11:53 p.m., Portland Police officers responded to the report of a large party of teens letting out of the East Portland Community Center, located at 740 SE 106th Avenue. The Community Center is across the street from the Police Center.

Officers inside East Precinct Police Center could hear people pounding on the front doors and windows of the precinct. Two officers went to the front doors of the precinct to see what was happening outside and just as they opened the doors, they heard gunshots and a 17-year-old male ran inside asking for help, saying he’d been shot at by someone.

Seconds later, the officers saw an armed teen fire another shot towards the South (not towards police) as he walked by the front doors of the precinct. The suspect was walking with a large group of teens as he walked northbound towards Stark Street. Officers shared suspect information via radio and followed at a distance until cover officers could arrive and take the suspect into custody after he got rid of the gun. Officers located and seized the gun as evidence.

Officers from Central and North Precincts and the Gang Enforcement Team (GET) responded to assist with preserving the crime scene and managing the crowd of unruly teens. Officers located one suspected bullet strike on the front of the precinct.

The suspect, 16-year-old Dontae Eugene Mathis Jr., was arrested and lodged at the Donald E. Long Juvenile Detention Hall on charges of Attempted Murder (Measure 11 crime), Attempted Assault in the First Degree, Unlawful Use of a Weapon, and Discharging a Firearm in the City.

GET investigators believe both the suspect and intended victim are involved with rival gangs.

Investigators believe that many eyewitnesses may have left the scene without talking to police.

Anyone with information about this shooting is asked to contact Detective Todd Gradwahl at (503) 823-2056, [email protected]; or, Detective Meghan Burkeen at (503) 823-2092,[email protected].

This is the 30th gang-related shooting of 2015, compared to 12 at the same time in 2014.

A photo of the crime scene at East Precinct is being released publicly.

The Portland Police Bureau Gang Enforcement Team and Gun Task Force are continuing to actively investigate gang and gun crimes in the City of Portland.

Anyone with information about gang and/or gun crimes in the City of Portland is encouraged to provide information to the Portland Police Bureau’s Tactical Operations Division at (503) 823-4106.

Tips on gun crimes can be emailed to [email protected].

If you see a gun crime in progress, call 9-1-1.

Crime Stoppers of Oregon is offering a minimum $250 cash reward to anyone who reports a convicted felon or a juvenile in possession of a firearm and tipsters can remain anonymous.

Leave a Crime Stoppers tip online at http://www.crimestoppersoforegon.comtext CRIMES (274637) and in the subject line put 823HELP, followed by your tip, or call 503-823-HELP (4357) and leave your tip information.

Visit http://www.tipsoft.com to download the Crime Stoppers App for the iPhone or Droid.

Videotaping Police: EPD Drafts Policy

EUGENE, Ore. — As videotaping of police officers gains national attention, the Eugene Police Commission is addressing its own policy.3-12 POLICE RECORDING POLICY

Thursday night it discussed its draft “Recording Police Activities by the Community.”

Police want to make sure the public knows it’s their right to record police activities.

But, there are reasonable restrictions.

“You can’t trespass on somebody else’s property. You can’t commit a crime. You can’t incite others to not cooperate with the police while trying to capture video,” said Sgt. Matt Lowen, Eugene Police Department.

Lowen says police do have the right to ask people to step back while recording if it’s interfering with police activity.

Armed Turner Man Surrenders to Crisis Response Team


Feb. 28, 2015 at about 5:30 p.m., the Turner Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to the reports of shots fired inside of a residence, near the 5400 block of Val View Road SE in Turner.

When officers and deputies arrived family members informed them that Jared Holm, age 22, of Turner was inside of his bedroom, intoxicated, suicidal and armed with two handguns and one shotgun. Prior to police and deputies arriving Mr. Holm had fired at least one round inside of his bedroom, prompting his family to call 911. Hearing the call, members of our Mobile Crisis Response Team responded to the scene.

Jared Holm arrest
Photo credit: Marion County Sheriff’s Office

The Mobile Crisis Response Team is a deputy and mental health professional who are trained to respond to incidents when people are in crisis. After arriving on scene deputies, officers and MCRT were able to successfully negotiate Mr. Holm’s surrender without using force.

Mr. Holm has been transported to the Salem Hospital where his mental health can be evaluated and treated. Mr. Holm could face criminal charges for his discharging of a weapon inside of the city limits of Turner. All criminal charges are being handled by the Turner Police Department.

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