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Potato Farls

52 weeks of baking – Irish I love unique museums; I seek them out every where I go. The surgical history museum in Chicago, cat art in Amsterdam, shoe museum in Toronto and the butter museum in Cork, Ireland. Who knew there was enough information […]

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52 weeks of baking – 5 ingredients or less On Bounty every watch had a chore to do, most of it was dishes, galley clean up, sweeping and mopping floors and cleaning the heads (toilets). The best chore of all was on the midnight to […]

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The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread.

The saying “The greatest thing since sliced bread” has been around a long time. I wondered how long has sliced bread been around and who came up with the idea to pre-slice a loaf of bread? I’ll explain.

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Italian Cuisine From A Family Team

If Eugene were a coat, I expect it would have upwards of a thousand pockets. An entire coat made of nothing but pockets holding an infinite variety of endearing oddities and worthwhile rabbit trails. One such pocket is at the mouth of the Southern Hills of Eugene.

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