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On April 19th around noon, Lane County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue and Marine Patrol deputies were dispatched to a report of a 59-year-old male in the water at Lookout Point Lake. The male had fallen out of his kayak but was wearing a lifejacket. He was unable to get back in the boat, however, and had been in the water for over 15 minutes. Deputies were able to get the male and his kayaking partner to shore. The male was transported to the hospital to be evaluated for hypothermia.

This call could have turned out tragically had the boaters not been wearing life jackets. Our many lakes and rivers are still frigid from snow melt and cold spring nights. It can take only minutes for even a strong swimmer submerged in the water to lose the ability to swim or even call for help.

Enjoy Lane County’s waterways, but please, ALWAYS wear a life jacket!