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Eugene Police Department was notified of an event at Old Nick’s Pub, 211 Washington Street, that had drawn polarized attention and that was being publicized on social media not only locally, but across the state. Because opposing groups were communicating plans to attend, possibly armed, Eugene Police created security plans to allow for a safe environment for everyone in the community to exercise their constitutional rights and freedoms, to protect the lives and property of all involved, and prevent safety disruption to uninvolved community members.

Around 9:45 a.m. people began arriving in groups. Firearms were reported present in both groups. Shortly after 11:00 a.m., the roadway at Washington between 1st Avenue and 3rd Avenue was shut down due to the groups’ presence. 

Later, one of the groups began leaving and projectiles were thrown, ultimately both groups were lobbing projectiles at each other and around12:50 p.m., EPD had to restrict traffic on 2nd and Lawrence. A woman appeared to have been exposed to pepper spray. Eugene Springfield Fire medics were called to respond to a man who was reported down with an unknown condition. He was transported by ESF. 

Throughout the event, Eugene Police had assigned Patrol, Drone Team,911, Community Service Officers to monitoring for safety. EPD had other units on standby.  

Incident 22-281001 

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