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47-year-old Timothy Wayne Emra is in custody this afternoon after attempting to flee from Lane County Sheriff’s deputies. Emra, wanted out of the Lane County Circuit Court for multiple prior offenses, was spotted by deputies in the River Road area driving a silver Dodge Avenger. 

As deputies attempted a traffic stop, Emra began driving recklessly and running stop signs. Deputies discontinued pursuit when Emra turned onto Beltline Hwy. going the wrong direction. Emra then turned his vehicle around and began driving westbound on Beltline Hwy. in the westbound lanes at which time deputies re-engaged in the pursuit.

Emra took the Barger exit and rear-ended a vehicle that had been at the traffic signal. He fled that crash scene and tried to merge back onto Beltline Hwy. westbound at which time an LCSO Sergeant was able to use his patrol vehicle to forcibly stop Emra’s vehicle. Emra was then taken into custody.

Emra will be lodged at the Lane County Jail on the outstanding warrant and new charges of Elude by Vehicle, Hit and Run, Reckless Driving, and Reckless Endangering. 

No one was reported to have been seriously injured in this incident.