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Five easy DIY ways to add welcoming cottage curb appeal to your house and landscaping, no matter when your home was built! Includes before and after photos from a 1970s ranch-to-cottage remodel for cottage exterior ideas.

5 Easy Ways To Add Cottage Curb Appeal – No Matter How Old Your Home

As you’ve probably figured out, I like a bit of cottage around here – or farmhouse cottage as I call it since moving to a 1900’s farmhouse.

To me a cottage isn’t necessarily a certain style, but more a mixture of a lot of styles – a place where everything you love lives together beautifully.

It usually includes at least some classic, vintage, and time-honored decor and architecture, both inside and out.

And most importantly, the outside of a farmhouse cottage should be welcoming, cheerful, and, yes, even a bit imperfect (which is perfect for me…).

But what if you don’t have a cute, old house?

What if it’s a 1970’s or 80’s ranch? Or a plain white builder’s special?There are a few key things you can do yourself to add cottage curb appeal to your home no matter when it was built and increase the value while you’re at it!

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