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From Chief Chris Skinner:

It was hard to hear the news about the mass shooting on Lunar New Year’s Eve in a largely Asian American suburb of Los Angeles. We don’t know yet the motives of the shooter but something like this should never happen. When it does, our hearts break not only for those involved and their families, but also for what this does to damage that community’s peace and sense of safety, and the ripple effect in our own AAPI community. What I’d like you to know is we have our eyes on this, we are committed to learning what we can about what happened, and we will take any steps needed to ensure our community is safe.

This city has zero tolerance for hate crimes and will act on any reports received. No threats to our local AAPI community have been reported to EPD at this time, but our Special Investigations Unit is aware of the incident that occurred in Los Angeles and will continue to monitor our local area along with the federal government’s Fusion Center.

Please report any suspicious activities or bias crimes. If the tip does not have immediate life and safety or property concerns, the best number to call is 541.682.5111. If it is an immediate life and safety or property concern, please call 911 and we will respond.

Report online: Report hate and bias activity and concerns at

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