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Incident: Armed Suspect Apprehended After Threatening Bystanders
Location: Guest House Inn & Suites | 3350 Gateway Street
Case Number: 22-9038
Date/Time: 12/07/2022 | 1621 Hours
More Information: Public Information Coordinator |
Completed By: Sgt. Brian Humphreys

Leata, Vaea John 30 Year-Old Male | Eugene, Oregon

On 12/07/22 at 1621hrs the Springfield Police Department dispatched officers to the Guest House Inn and Suites, 3350 Gateway, regarding an armed disorderly individual. The involved suspect was reportedly threatening people with a firearm and bear mace as he was walking the halls of the hotel trying to enter occupied hotel rooms.

At one point the suspect male made inappropriate comments toward an 8-year-old female and when confronted by her parents, he pointed the firearm (described as a black handgun with a laser) at the parents making the comment “head shot, head shot.”

When officers arrived on scene the male was confronted in the parking lot of the Guest House Inn & Suites. The suspect was non-compliant and refused commands while holding a large canister of bear mace. The suspect angled his stance away from officers and would not show his hands. An officer attempted to utilize a taser to subdue the suspect, which was ineffective. The suspect ran from the location while being pursued by officers.

The suspect continued to reach in his pockets and waistband. Officers were able to take the suspect to the ground in the center lane of Gateway Street. The suspect continued to resist arrest while reaching towards his waistband. The suspect and one of the officers were exposed to a chemical variant similar to pepper spray. Once the suspect was handcuffed, he was removed from the roadway and medical personnel were immediately summoned to render aid.

Disorderly Conduct, Menacing (x4), Obstructing Governmental Administration, Resisting Arrest

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