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A bear decided to visit near the River Road area’s West Bank Bike path this morning.  The bear, estimated to be young, was spotted at around 11:13 a.m. in a complainant’s back yard near Skip Court/Carolyn Drive. The bear was last spotted near the Owasso Bike Bridge. Oregon State Police have been notified.  

This is a reminder for people in that area to be observant and keep their children and pets close.  Eugene has many natural areas and parks that are home to a wide variety of wildlife.  These natural areas are one of the many attractive aspects of Eugene. Deer, squirrels, and birds live in these areas, but there may also be occasional, stray visits from cougars and other predators.  Eugene has areas that are close to forested and rural areas where bears and cougars reside.  People should always be respectful of the fact that all wildlife is in fact “wild” and should be given a wide berth. 

For more information about bears and other wildlife, please contact Oregon State Police and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

 Here is a link to ODFW pages with information/tips about “Living with Wildlife” (black bears).

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