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ENTERPRISE — From their vantage point atop a wooden fence platform, Bob Stangel and his adult daughters, Marta and Theresa, watched as bison on the hills in front of them leapt with the playfulness of goat kids.

“There they go,” said Marta, 27. “They like to run.”

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sm stangel bison 20.jpg

Bob Stangel

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Theresa Stangel

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Bison stand next to a feeder on a muddy hillside on the Stangel family ranch near Enterprise. During the dry season, the bison graze on rangelands, and during the wet season they eat hay in paddocks such as this one.

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Marta Stangel

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Bob Stangel, left, walks beside daughter Theresa Stangel through the corrals on the family’s ranch near Enterprise. The corrals they have built are tall to keep bison from escaping.

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The Kokanee Inn in Joseph serves pineapple jalapeno bison tacos.

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Bob and Marta Stangel drive through a range where bison feed on hay as a light snow falls near Enterprise.

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