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BOARDMAN — Six of seven Boardman city council members are under investigation by the Oregon Government Ethics Commission for violations of executive session provisions of Public Meetings law. The commission voted to conduct the investigation pursuant to a complaint by Boardman businessman Jonathan Tallman on July 8.

“City hall is not following all procedures and protocols,” Tallman charged. “Councilors need to be held accountable.”

Ethics commission staff are investigating the matter and will prepare a report for consideration in a public meeting for Dec. 16, according to a letter Tallman provided from Ronald Bersin, OGEC executive director.

Council members under investigation are Paul Beagle, Roy Drago, Paul Keefer, Katy Norton, Leslie Pierson and Brenda Profitt.

Karen Pettigrew, Boardman city manager, did not respond to a request for comments by publication time.

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