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Eugene Police Property Crimes Unit is asking for your help to identify two men who stole a woman’s wallet as she was having lunch, then used her credit card at a nearby store to the tune of thousands of dollars. 

On September 20, the victim was in town having lunch at the Jazzy Ladies Café, at 560 Oak Street, and her wallet was stolen out of her purse while it was hanging on the back of her chair. The two suspects are reported to have gone to the Nike Store at 590 Pearl Street and purchased nearly $3,000 in merchandise and gift cards with her credit card. If you recognize either of these two men, please contact Detective Shawn Trotter at (541) 682-5168 or Case 23-14343

Suspect 1 from Jazzy Cafe inside Nike store

Suspect 2 from Jazzy Cafe inside Nike store

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