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Make a slightly sweetened black currant juice concentrate to can (or freeze) that you can use to make delicious and healthy Italian Sodas. You can also use the juice in other drinks or to sooth a sore throat. This is good stuff.

Canned Black Currant Juice Concentrate (For Italian Sodas & More)

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When I made this canned black currant juice concentrate for the first time as a way to use up the ton of black currants my two bushes were suddenly providing, we LOVED it mixed with sparkling water as Italian sodas.

I also made black currant jam and a syrup, but we enjoyed (or mainly I did!) this juice a lot more than those.

I’d never grown currants before planting them in our ranch-cottage garden, and for the first years I don’t think I pruned them correctly (if “not at all” means incorrectly…), because after the glut in their second year, they only produced a handful over the next couple of years.

Which made our few remaining jars of juice become like Italian soda gold that we would bring out only for special occasions.

Sort of like our version of 50-year-old scotch or something.

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